A series of oneshots about a holiday taken at Zala Beach 5 years after Veros was defeated. All characters will get a look in, they will not be in order, and will flash from character to character as my mood dictates. The first is Rico and Vic, and a little Rucha and Dominica on the side. Fluff, pure fluff.

Confessions at the Beach

"Uh... I... Um..." Rico stammered and stuttered, shifting nervously from foot to foot as he stood in front of the now 17 year old Vic, casting angry glances back to his sister and blushing every time he looked at Vic.

Vic, who had only recently started taking Dominica's advice and showing her femininity proudly, was still a little nervous about leaving the relative safety of her boys clothes and wearing dresses; so the way Rico was acting did not make her feel any better about it. "What? You got something to say then say it." she snapped, crossing her arms and glaring at the younger boy.

Rico blushed deeper and looked a little unsure of himself, which was worrying for one as arrogant as Rico tried to be. "I... Well, it's just that... I..."

"Oh Rico!" Rucha giggled behind him. "Do you want me to tell her?"

"Shut up Rucha!" Rico growled, taking a deep breath and straightening up, a blush evident on his cheeks, he looked straight at Vic, almost her height now and said. "I just wanted to tell you that you look really pretty... In that dress... and... and I... Um... I err... I was wondering if I could... Um..."

"Rico wants to know if you'll let him kiss you?" Rucha giggled, breaking out into a full round of laughing when Rico turned his worst glare on her and almost snarled, "Shut UP Rucha!", his mortified expression sending her into a further round of hysterics.

"You want to--?" Vic asked, a shocked look on her face.

Rico's head snapped round and his blush deepened. "No! Well... I mean... Yes... But I... You... Only if you..." he took a step back and away from her, shot another glare at Rucha before turning his head away completely. "Sorry!" and he took off running.

Rucha stopped laughing, her face growing concerned and she smiled slightly at Vic before taking off after her brother..

"Well well kid. Didn't I tell you a change of wardrobe was just what you needed?"

Vic looked up at Dominica, her eyes wide and confused. "He wanted to kiss... me?" she asked, bewildered.

Dominica smiled. "Don't look so shocked. Your a pretty young woman, and he's old enough to notice that."

"But he--I? Dominica what do I do?"

"Do you like him? As a friend or something more? Would it be so awful to kiss him do you think?"

"I... I uh... don't know..."

"Well why don't you spend some time with him and find out. It's not like you have to marry the guy." The older woman suggested, glad when Vic did not just dismiss the idea out of hand, she had watched the girl turn down many boys her own age because she thought they were making fun of her.

Vic looked unsure. "But what if he's just making-?"

Dominica cut her off, pressing a finger to her lips and smiling. "You know Rico, if he was making fun of you would he do it like this?"

"Well, I don't think so." Vic answered slowly, looking down the beach at where the twins had stopped. Rucha was waving her arms, pointing in Vic's direction, while Rico looked like he was ready to sink into the sand to cover his embarrassment.

"Then go spend some time with him. Just see what happens. If it doesn't work it doesn't work." Dominica suggested. "No, go and save the poor boy from his sister." she gave Vic a small push forward and thankfully Vic took the hint and made her way slowly towards the twins.

Dominica smiled proudly, and reminded herself to thank Capell for pointing out Rico's little crush on Vic, it was past time that girl started noticing boys, and Rico was looking set to become a very handsome and capable young man.

The idea was just too sweet to let pass. The idea of a fifteen year old Rico crushing over Vic, and Vic, at 17 not knowing what to do with herself at the confession is adorable.