Sakura awoke gently, stretching and shielding her eyes from the sun rays that just happen to peek through the tree tops and shine on her face. She yawned then reached for her pack to grab some food. They were still a day away from home; she would need her energy.

Quietly, she munched on a granola bar and some dried fruit.

The others were still sleeping. She saw no reason to wake them yet; they were ahead of schedule and could afford a little extra sleep.

Her munching came to a halt though when she realized Naruto was not in his sleeping bag.

A quick survey of her surroundings yielded nothing. She immediately reached for a kunai. They wouldn't get the drop on her.

Finally, she spotted him descending from a tree top most languidly. She watched, perplexed, as he walked towards her, extreme concentration etched into his face.

"Is everything alright, Naruto?" she asked, concerned. He was never up before her.

"Yeah," he answered slowly. "I had a really strange dream. I was just thinking about it."

Sakura's interest was piqued. "A dream? About what?"

"Nothing, it was just really confusing."

It was an obvious attempt to deflect. The dream had more than likely been personal in nature, but Sakura is nothing if not nosey–which she cleverly disguises as concern. She would not be hindered.

"Well, maybe I can help you figure it out."

Naruto took a moment to consider, giving Sakura an appraising stare before responding.

"Alright, but you better take it seriously."

"Of course."

Naruto breathed deeply, then continued. "So, I'm standing outside an apartment building and for some reason I'm aiding in retrieving a kidnapped woman. Suddenly, someone screams, 'we have to blow them up,' and throws explosives into the building. We all jump into a bunker outside the building and discover that the explosives are inside the bunker. We all jump out and out of nowhere we have the woman and the apartment building is on fire.

"Then, we're attacked by what I can only describe as," he raised his hands up to signify quotes, "bad guys. We have to escape and the guys opt to run into the burning building. So, I start screaming, 'you don't run into a burning building. You never run into a burning building.' I end up following them anyway and once we're inside we run into a man in a foam dinosaur costume with a band set up behind him. The band starts playing and the dinosaur man starts singing, 'I am wrecking up your place,' and then breaks everything within arms reach.

"That's it. What do you think?"

Sakura sat there fighting against the urge to laugh. "A man," a giggle escaped. "A man in a foam dinosaur costume?" Naruto nodded.

That was the last straw as Sakura burst out into laughter.

"You said you would take it seriously. I think it really means something," he whined indignantly.

"Okay...okay, what think it means," she forced while trying to control her laughter.

Naruto remained silent for about a minute before pouting in resignation. " It...could be the future." Sakura's laughter rose.

Sai woke from Sakura's fit. "What's wrong with Sakura-san? Is she ill?"

"Yeah, she's real fucking sick."

A/N: Came to me in a dream, and I just had to write it down. So, this is the last one for a while.