Summary: No longer a one shot. A multi chapter story where Kakashi and Hinata find themselves underestimating their enemy and falling prey to a little trick he plays on them. The trick come with consequences and feelings that neither are really sure they want to explore.

Disclaimer: Kishimoto is my surrogate father so I mean, that pretty much means that I own Naruto right? Right?! *cries in a corner* No, I do not own Naruto.

A/N: Jaggarte? Write a lemon? Whoever heard of such a thing? Well, pretty much everyone... So yes, lemon which includes swearing and things of a sexual nature...

Also: This was written by the request of 'kakashi's paparazzi', they asked for BDSM but unfortunately - though I tried - I could not write it. A little bit of tieing up but that's pretty much it. I tried KP! I tried!


Chapter One: Catalyst

They had been tracking their quarry for two full days and were just reaching the end of the second night when the two found themselves surrounded by civilisation. Gesturing with his fingers for his companion to go ahead of him, Kakashi turned his back to scope behind them making sure that they weren't followed. He then proceeded to enter the village from the opposite end so as not to draw attention to two shinobi entering at once. This mission was all about stealth, hence his partner's particular talent.

Kakashi quickly changed into civilian clothes once inside the village and started to think more intensely about his partner. She was good, that much was certain. She always did what he asked and knew what to say at the right times and when to be quiet, she was also smart and had worked hard to be counted worthy to be his teammate in this operation. It had also been bittersweet for him these last few days - being so near to her and trying not to think too heavily about her. Seems he had less than professional thoughts about his partner and he just couldn't stop. Sometimes he caught himself staring at her but knowing her, she would never attribute his looks to mean anything like what he was thinking; she would be more prone to think that he was judging her moves, looking for weaknesses.

And thank Kami for that, it made him feel a little less like a teenage boy.

Shaking himself from his thoughts he dropped to his knees behind a bush as he heard a rustling to his left. Wasting no time he shot out, grabbing the assailants hand in his and quickly wrapping his arm round their throat. The person did not fight back; they simply went limp, dragging him to the ground, making him land on top of a very female body.


"Uh, K-Kakashi-s-san"

Looking down Kakashi trailed the blush from Hinata's cheeks down to the top of her shirt and couldn't help but wonder how far it actually went.


"Oh, right," Kakashi quickly got off his partner holding out a hand for her to grab, "sorry."

"N-no, I'm sorry," She took his hand and quickly got up, brushing herself off in the process, while blushing the whole time, "I-I sh-should have said something."

"Its fine Hinata-san just be more careful."

Kakashi looked out to the village to see if anyone had seen him leap into the bushes while Hinata tightened the strap around her forehead to give the illusion that she had the curse seal. An unmarked Hyuuga would only make them that much more noticeable. Kakashi turned back to Hinata when he was sure that no one had seen him.

"Have you organised a place for us to stay?"

The arrangements were to be made by Hinata as she was the less discernible of the two. A one-eyed, silver haired ninja was much more conspicuous than a shy, marked, Hyuuga woman as they weren't too far out of the Fire Country.

She would be the perfect spy he knew, the wallflowers always were.

"Yes Kakashi-san," She replied, breaking his thoughts away from her for the second time in the same hour, "There was plenty of accommodation, so I have secured two separate rooms for us to stay in."

Kakashi gestured for her to walk ahead of him, "Well that's great Hinata-san. We can go and rest and then rendezvous back here at day break. My contact told me that our target looked very weary and was making preparations at an inn so I think we should take a little rest tonight and then organise a plan of attack tomorrow morning."

"Hai, Kakashi-san," Hinata bowed quickly and left after telling Kakashi which inn they were staying in and the directions, as well as passing him the key to his room.

Watching her walk away, Kakashi gave himself a few minutes before walking sedately down the path his partner had just taken, unaware of the eyes that followed him walk away.

"Oh this is good, oh yes," said a soft, weak voice, "looks like I don't have to kill the shinobi after all, good thing too, wouldn't want the whole of Konoha after me for killing one of their own."

Skulking away, their target ran back into the village, ready to spot Kakashi and give a little pick me up, laughing all the way.


"Excuse me sir but do you have a key?"

Kakashi quickly flashed his key to the receptionist before smiling at her, making her blush.

"Uh, no-no worries then sir," a huge smile graced her countenance as she looked at Kakashi's profile up and down, re-evaluating her first thought of him. "Go on ahead; I'll be here till late if you need me for anything."

Kakashi just nodded, ignoring her flirtatious comment and continued on to his room. Once inside he rolled his neck and stretched his tired muscles, while looking over at his bed. It was massive with long, wide scarves of dark, deep colours surrounding the four poles at each corner of the bed, they were so long that he would have to lift them up to get in to sleep. The iron headboard was strong and had large spaces in between each iron pole, perfect for grabbing on to. He accurately guessed that the bedside table was filled with all sorts of complimentary birth control and different lotions.

Kakashi put his hands to his eyes in frustration and resignation.

He was in the honeymoon suite.

If it was organised by anyone else but Hinata he would have sworn that it was done on purpose but it must have been the only room available. But if Hinata had known then...

Well that line of thought wasn't getting him anywhere; he couldn't entertain romantic thoughts about his pure, virginal, teammate right now. They had a mission and he needed to rest so that he would be up to his usual standard and...

...That bed was not helping matters at all.

Sighing he started to strip off his clothes as he made the way to the bathroom and had to stop a groan from escaping his lips as he saw the huge spa bath with the variety of different powders and salts. Favouring the shower to the spa, not trusting himself with the distractions prevalent from that place, Kakashi got in and washed away the dirt and fatigue of the day.

After his wonderful shower, the Jounin put on a new shirt from his pack and lifted the neck of his shirt so it would fit as a mask over his lower face. After he had fitted a black scarf over his head, angling it over his eye, covering his sharingan, Kakashi took one look at the bed, shook his head and headed out.

There was no way he could sleep in that bed tonight, not when a certain kunoichi kept entering his thoughts.

It was time to go to the bar anyway.


The target of the two Konoha nin watched carefully as Kakashi exited the inn he was staying at and walked down the street to the nearest bar. Before the Jounin entered, the man had to duck and pretend to converse with a group of young ladies as Kakashi – ever attentive – spun around to see who was watching him.

Cursing his luck the man kept making small talk with the girls who had stopped and started to converse with him, when he realised that the silver-haired Jounin was going to be on his guard even more so then before.

Excusing himself from the women and bidding them a good night, the small man made his way to the back entrance of the disreputable bar, keeping to the shadows as he slunk inside. His greasy hair and 5 o'clock shadow lent him a place much better than his cleaner victim.

Watching the Jounin clear a space for himself at the bar and ordering a drink, he saw his chance and charged over to Kakashi. Holding a small vial of liquid in his hand, he pushed hard into the ninja, roughly landing him on the ground giving the small man a chance to pour the liquid into the drink Kakashi had ordered. Apologising profusely to the silver haired man, he made a convincing act of being drunk and he felt himself get picked up by the two muscle bound men he had paid an hour before and found himself flying through the open door.

Picking himself up and stumbling down the street singing some ancient drinking song the man made his way out of the village and down to the horses he had organised a day ago. The fact that one of the two who were charged with tracking and taking him down was already attracted to the other made his getaway almost too easy.

Never a man to look a gift horse in the mouth, he took one look at the village and hoped that the young woman liked her partner or at least would be open to what was going to happen, otherwise she was going to be in for a fair amount of pain. She looked nice so he felt a twinge of something unpleasant at how he had set them up but he shrugged it off. Guilt wasn't a befitting emotion for one such as him.

He needed to leave immediately so he took the reins of his two horses and rode off into the night unaware of the bug nestled carefully into the lining of his jacket.

Meanwhile in the bar, Kakashi smiled to himself as he finished his drink congratulating himself on a job well done. It had been a while since he had purposefully fallen down and he had worried himself that he might not do it right but apparently there was no wrong way of doing it.

Looking down to the bottom of his glass his eyes widened as he caught the dregs of a white substance. Cursing himself for underestimating the enemy and being so cocksure, Kakashi quickly left the bar and made his way to his medic-nin for her to see what the white dregs were and to heal him. Hinata was no Tsunade but she was more than qualified to help him on a short term basis.

Grabbing the glass, Kakashi sped out into the night ignoring the indignant cry of the bartender and ran up the street to his teammate.


Hinata was brushing her hair in front of the mirror when she heard sharp tapping at her front door. Grabbing the kunai on her stand, she quickly activated her blood line and deactivated it just as quickly, dropping her kunai back on the dresser when she recognised Kakashi's chakra at her door.

A little concerned as to why he was at her door, she didn't even grab her yukata, leaving her in her mesh top with her bindings underneath it and her Capri pants.

Upon opening the door she was almost mowed down by a grey blur. Gathering herself, Hinata whirled around to follow her teammate's agitated pacing while closing the door to any eavesdroppers. Pushing her back to the door she waited for him to say something, anything.

Stopping abruptly, Kakashi turned around sharply to face her, almost pushing a glass into her face.

"You've, you've got to find out," his visible eye was wild and his glass-free hand was manically tapping against his leg, "you've got to find out, what the fuck that bastard put in my drink!"

"Ok, ok," Hinata lifted her hands, pleading with whatever remained of Kakashi's logic and reason, "you've got to calm down Kakashi-san."

She held out her hand for the glass, "Let me see the glass, Kakashi-san, let me see so I can help you."

Kakashi all but threw the glass at her and took a step towards her before growling and vaulting to the opposite side of the room.

Holding the glass to her chest, her wide Hyuuga eyes followed Kakashi, concerned and a little bit frightened at his behaviour. If Kakashi, the renowned Copy-Nin, lost control or was controlled by someone else because of what she held in her hand, Hinata knew she would be dead very soon. Gathering together her wits she ran to her medical kit and spooned the white drug onto some plastic and sorted through it trying to find something characteristic of a poison. Using some other fluids, she quickly placed a small amount of the substance in each vial checking the reaction.

"Hurry up Hinata."

The sound of Kakashi growling her name sent shivers up her spine; she put it to fear and went back to her results. Breathing a sigh of relief she turned to Kakashi to tell him of her scant findings. Biting back a cry of shock she quickly ran over to the Jounin who was now curled up in a ball in the corner of her room.

Falling to her knees beside him she touched his arm and was knocked to the ground by his arm as a feral cry came from his lips.

"Don't touch me!" He snarled, the words only slightly muffled but the intent clear.

"I-it's not a-a p-poison." She cursed her stutter which came out at the most inopportune times. With age she had gradually lost her it but in times like this it came back in full force.

Kakashi looked at her and she could tell that the words were spat through clenched teeth beneath his mask, "are you sure?"

Not trusting her voice she merely nodded emphatically, hair falling over her face.

Jumping up, Kakashi ran out of her room and into the hall. Following him, Hinata watched from her door as he ran into his own room down the hall and slammed the door shut.

Concerned for her teammate, Hinata closed her own door and went to her vials trying to find what was slipped into his drink and what the cure for it was. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long, he seemed like he was in so much pain.

Before she could get started though, she attached her pre-written message addressed to Shino - who was waiting outside the village - to the bird in her cage.

Letting the bird out the window, her mind was now free of all distractions and she turned back to the drug.


Kakashi couldn't stop pacing because he knew that if he stopped pacing he was going to walk out of his room, right into hers and nothing would be able to stop him from taking her. There were so many symptoms that he was going through that he should tell her but if he smelt her, if she touched him, Kami, and if she spoke to him in that soft, feminine voice he would lose all control.

He grabbed his hair, pulling on the roots, trying to make the pain lessen this lack of control he was experiencing but it was no use. There was nothing he could do, it was only getting worse.

Shit he should have told her to run.

He heard a knock on his door and paused in his pacing. Please, he thought, don't let it be her.

From the middle of the room he called out.

"Who is it?"

"A-ano, Kakashi-san, its H-Hinata."

Groaning at the feeling of temptation so close, Kakashi took two steps to the door and hit his head on the wood with his hands on either side of the door.

"You should leave Hinata."

The drop of suffix at the end of her name should have been a big enough clue for Hinata but she kept pressing on.

"But K-Kakashi-san, I know what the c-cure is. I-I h-have it right h-here."

He swore he could smell her, causing him to tighten his grip on the wooden slats surrounding the door. He closed his eyes as the wood splintered in his hands.

He ground out the next words, trying to convey to her that she needed to leave.

"You really, really, should leave Hinata."

"If, if you c-could just open the, the door K-Kakashi-s-san I could p-pass it to you and th-then you could shut the door and I'll l-leave y-you."

Sensing his hesitation she spoke up again, "it'll only t-take a s-second. P-please Kakashi-san, y-you n-need this."

Cursing her name in several different languages he wrenched open the door to see her eyes widen exponentially.

"Y-your f-f-fa-face."

Looking down at himself he realised that he had ripped his shirt off and was clothed in only his black pants and the scarf around his head. When the hell had that happened?

Suddenly his skin seemed to shrink itself over his bones and his senses overloaded. If only she had gotten there sooner and maybe if he hadn't overestimated himself, this wouldn't be about to happen. Hinata didn't deserve this but all thoughts left him when he realised that the drug wasn't going to be cured with what she held in her hand. He wanted her, needed her and nothing was going to get in his way.


His eye turned to a slit and Hinata gasped. She took one step back when she realised that she was too late. Turning her back to him she went to run when his hand wrapped around her forearm and his other arm wrapped itself around her middle, trapping her free arm, pulling her back into his chest and, to her astonishment, his arousal.

"Where are you going Hinata-chan?" He asked; his voice, gravelly and deep, deeper than she'd ever heard it before, "Weren't you here to give me something?"

Hinata tried to wriggle out of his grasp but his grip only tightened. He pushed his nose into her hair at her neck and breathed in deeply bringing a groan to his lips. Moving his arm down to her hips he roughly pulled her into him so that she could feel what was happening to him even more.

Sensing distraction, Hinata managed to rip one of her arms out from him and turned on her Byuukagan. Before she could even pinpoint the tenkutsen on Kakashi's forearm, he had whipped her around and grabbed both wrists, staring straight into her eyes. His words came out differently now that his mask was gone.

"You know who I am Hinata. Though we both know that you have improved, do you really think that you could beat me?"

"I-I c-could try" Hinata managed to spit out, never one to give up so easily.

"Don't you want to give in?" Kakashi asked her, pulling her wrists towards him sharply, causing her to stumble into his grasp, his mouth at her ear, "I could do such wonderful things to you if you'd let me."

He chuckled then, the sound giving her goosebumps, "I'll do them whether or not you want me to, make no mistake, this will happen but it would be so much sweeter if you wanted it too."

Trying to get through to him, though she couldn't help but become a little aroused at what he was suggesting and promising, Hinata moved her head from his neck and looked up as she spoke to him, "You'll regret this Kakashi-san," seeing him scoff at her words, her throat tightened, "You will! You'll feel so bad tomorrow and you'll never want to see me again because of the guilt. It's just the drug that's making you like this. It's meant to lower all inhibitions related to your sex-drive!"

Kakashi just shook his head his lips curving into a small smile but she had one last weapon in her arsenal. She didn't think it would get through to him in his drugged state but she had to try.

"You'll have to marry me."

Kakashi leant down to whisper against her lips, his breath washing over her mouth, "If that means I get to make love to you, fuck you every day, then that could never be a bad thing."

Kakashi felt that talking was becoming redundant now and she knew it. There was nothing she could say that would sway him.

So she wasn't surprised when he kissed her.


Kakashi felt his body give its congratulations when his lips finally met hers. Ever since he had given in to this elixir – no more was it a 'poison' – the agony of going against it had faded away to a deep throb but he felt it start to come back with all the conversing he had done with Hinata. With a kiss he felt the pressure fade somewhat but he knew it would come back with greater force in a moment.

Pressing his lips harder to hers he felt the moment when she started to kiss back. Biting back a chuckle of triumph, he pressed his tongue into the seam of her lips and felt her give way to him. Grabbing both of her wrists in one hand and pulling them to the side, he moved his free hand to the small of her back dragging her in tighter to the confines of his body, trying to overtake her senses.

Sensing movement from the stairs, Kakashi knew that he had to bring her back into the room and out of the hallway. He was really past the point of caring where they did it but a big part of him really did want her to like this as well, so a bed seemed practical.

Wrenching his mouth away from hers much to his disappointment and, much to his amusement, hers as well, the Copy-Nin pulled on her wrists, dragging her into the room before slamming the door shut.

Throwing her on the bed, he watched for a second as she was caught in the low hanging material that surrounded the bed. Her clothes were in the way and he quickly went to her before she could have found any rational part of her mind to object to what was occurring.

Unwrapping her from the material that had fallen from the bed with her struggles, Kakashi ripped off her mesh top and, ever so subtly, took off her bindings with the material, causing her to not notice the lack of any clothing on her upper body till it was too late.

Kakashi smiled a feral kind of smile when he saw her take stock of her situation and gasp, blush and try to stutter out a sentence.

Being in a place past caring of what she was trying to say, Kakashi pushed Hinata back down onto the bed, straddled her hips and licked her neck, just below her ear. Hearing a gasp and feeling the shudder that ran through her body, he filed that place away for further use.

Trailing his tongue slowly up her neck to her lips, he started to kiss her, taste her again.

Kami, he didn't think he could ever get enough of her.

Her taste was so delicious, such an aphrodisiac. It was even better when she started to kiss him back again; maybe she assumed that this was the extent of the effects of the drug so thought to give in, but if she thought that she was severely mistaken.

The silver haired Jounin moved his hands away from the side of her body, tracing her figure till he made it to her wrists where he tied the material he had taken from the bed around her skin. Wrapping both wrists individually, he then tightened them around two iron poles in the headboard of the bed before she could comprehend what was happening.

Satisfied that the bindings would secure her, Kakashi leant back off her body and looked at her.

She was gorgeous. Chest heaving from her laboured breaths, eyes big, dazed and otherworldly, cheeks dusted with a slight blush, lips swollen and bruised from his attention and hair wild and untamed, spilling down over her elegant neck and arms which were tightened above her head.

Seeing the one imperfection Kakashi scowled but was soon smiling again as he held her, now ripped and torn, Capri pants and underwear in one hand.

That was more like it.


Hinata finally came out of her lust induced haze and came up with a word to describe her current situation.


No pun intended.

She couldn't lie to herself and say that she didn't want to be kissed, she wasn't sure there were any females in Konoha, or indeed Fire Country that hadn't entertained the thought of Hatake Kakashi kissing them, but she wasn't sure she wanted this.

The Hyuuga heiress now lay naked before the renowned Konoha nin and it seemed that there was only one way that this would end.

But did she want this to happen?

After that first kiss she would have said yes and after the second one she would have said hell yes but now, when she had no option, with her hands tied to the headboard of the bed and her legs trapped by his own strong ones she wasn't completely sure she wanted to hand over the last vestiges of her innocence to this man - her teammate and before that, the sensei of her long term crush Naruto.

Did she really want this to happen?

Oh Kami! What did he just do?

Trying to keep her thoughts on what was happening, Hinata realised that Kakashi had gotten tired of looking and had wrapped his hand around her breasts, flicking his thumb over her nipples intermittently, giving her no real warning when he was going to try it again. Her nipples peaked and she felt a rush of warmth head straight for the lower reaches of her body giving her all kinds of thoughts about where his hands really should be.

Her embarrassment about her body's reaction to his touch was not made any less when Kakashi lowered his head to her neck whispering in her ear in that ominous tone he had adopted since the drug had started to take effect, "It must be cold in here Hinata-chan."

Smothering a groan by biting her lip, Hinata tightened her hands around the bonds attached to her wrists as Kakashi laved her neck with his tongue, pausing here and there to rest on a particular place leaving – she had no doubts about it – love bites all over her.

When he had made his way to the spot under her chin he slowly made his way down her cleavage and then on to her chest. Moving one of his hands away from her globes to her waist, keeping her still, she found that it was quickly replaced by his teeth as he nibbled at her tender flesh on the underside of her breast.

His other hand was not idle as it gripped once more, almost painfully, before it made its journey south of her body. Feeling out of her depth when his hand started to reach her pelvis, Hinata started to jerk out of his touch.

Kakashi simply tsked at her, his eye looking into hers, managing to exude his displeasure with her action.

Whimpering, the Hyuuga was completely unaware of his next move as he lowered his mouth to her breast again and bit at her nipple. Crying out, Hinata could only focus on the pain at her nipple, which the Jounin was trying to soothe with his tongue, before she even registered that his hand had found its way between her legs.

"No!" Was all she could say as she realised what was to happen now that he had her legs open.

As soon as she said it she wish she hadn't because something happened straight away.

Kakashi stopped.

He got up off the bed and walked to the side of the room, leaning his back on the wall and stood in the shadows just staring at her.

Whimpering at the loss of body heat that he had unwittingly invested in her, Hinata was confused by her emotions.

She wanted him off and he was off.

Here's a happy ending if she ever did see one, except for the small, tiny problem of that it not being what she wanted.


Why? Well, it was a good question. Why did she want him to stop?

"Because this isn't right."

Kakashi shook his head.

"Try again."

"Because I'm not the kind of girl who you can do this to."

Putting his fist underneath his chin the ninja spoke again.

"Maybe, but I don't think that's the reason." She saw his teeth glint as he smiled, "Plus I could tell by your body that you weren't not liking it."

Hinata felt her blush encompass her whole face and didn't see the way that Kakashi curiously followed it. She was losing any ground she thought she had, she needed reasons quickly.

"Because you're not attracted to me."

Kakashi actually laughed at this one.

"Dear Kami, Hinata, try again."

Refusing to think too long about what that meant Hinata searched desperately for an answer that would make him stop.

Giving up on getting a good reason Hinata gave one last shot.

"Because, this isn't you." She sighed as he simply cocked his head to side and waved his hand, letting her continue. She lifted her head to look into his face, turning her body so that she could plead with him, "Tomorrow you'll try to forget this happened after you've realised I'm not hurt. Tomorrow I'll just go back to being Hinata-san or, or m-maybe even Hyuuga-san. Tomorrow I'll just be a bad memory. But the thing is Kakashi, I don't want to be a bad memory. I want my first time to be with someone who loves me or at least cares for me and won't regret me." The Jounin was slowly making his way to her side at the bed as she breathed out the last words left to her, thanking the gods that her stutter had not returned yet, "Tomorrow I'll just be me and you'll be you."

She closed her eyes at the last words, not wanting to see the dawning comprehension in his gaze, not able to see the clear rejection or even worse the lust filled gaze with no meaning.

Feeling the bed move under his weight as he sat beside her, Hinata held her breath as she waited for something to happen.

"Hinata," He spoke in a soft voice, "Look at me."

Slowly she raised her head and opened her eyes to meet both of his eyes.

Turning away from her, Kakashi quickly threw his scarf that hid is sharingan to the corner of the room before facing her again.

"This is me, all of me. No one has ever seen my face in a very, very long time."

His hand slowly moved up from her hip to her cheek, caressing her the whole way.

"Drugged or not, do you think I would have let anyone see me?"

Hinata was curious now. She knew that Kakashi was more skilled than many other ninja, surely some of what he was saying must be true.

Unconsciously, she leant into his touch and couldn't help but smile as he grinned at her fondly.

"The effects of this substance has lessened over time because I have given in to it so don't think for a moment that I wish you to be anyone else. The fact that it is you and not someone else is what I think your cousin would call destiny."

She had to giggle softly at that.

His fingers ghosted over her lips as he spoke the last few words, "I'm in control of myself right now Hinata, about eighty-five percent of my brain is rational now but make no mistake..." He leaned down and pressed a hard kiss to her lips before breaking away and looking straight into her eyes, "I need and want you and plan on having you."

Leaning back off of her, he quickly divesting himself of his pants and started to crawl up the bed languidly, muscles and sinews stretching and moving like some kind of big cat.

Hinata couldn't help but let out a little gasp at the sight of him, almost missing his words of reparation.

"No matter what happens now Hinata, we'll deal with it together," Hinata watched as Kakashi looked up from her body slowly, taking in each contour of her body, as Hinata did the same to him, before looking into her eyes. She had never known of anyone to look at her like Kakashi was now looking at her, like she was something worth looking at, a goddess before a worshiper but at the same time a deer before a predator. Without taking his dark, mismatched eyes from her he moved one of his hands back down at her pelvic bone, lightly touching her skin.

Gods he was beautiful. His body was hard and lean, his hair was still spiked, though haphazardly as she imagined he had been pulling on it before in agitation. She was still exceptionally untried in this matter but she felt a recklessness arise in her. Kakashi obviously needed this and was going to take it and yes she was going to feel dirty and whorish when the morning came because deep down inside she knew he couldn't want this, want her but it felt good for someone to think this about her and damn it, it just felt good.

Pulling on her restraints one last time, Hinata decided to face the facts, her eyes never leaving his form: She was bound and trapped by a powerful and deadly ninja; He obviously didn't want to hurt her if he could help it and; She didn't know what the consequences were for going against the compulsion of the drug, he could very well hurt himself.

Not able to break away from his gaze, Hinata felt herself become more and more open to the idea of Kakashi being her first, suddenly feeling slightly off centre from her own thoughts she opened her mouth to pant slightly before licking her dry lips.

Kakashi's eyes darkened even more so, lowering and now focused on her lips making Hinata feel more the prey than the all powerful goddess at that moment. It was at that moment that she accepted her fate, it was her duty if nothing else and to hell with the consequences.

Tomorrow was tomorrow, it could wait.

She hissed when he suddenly cupped her sex.

"Tomorrow, we'll deal with it tomorrow"


To say that Kakashi was shocked at her words would be an understatement, much the same as saying that in his current condition he thought Hinata was nice looking. Entirely too pleased, the Copy-Nin had to hold in any shout of mirth and glee in case he offended her, he'd just gotten her approval, now was not the time to laugh in her face, no matter how well intentioned.

Blinking away his pleased shock, he cocked his head to the side watching her face as he moved his hand that was cupping her sex, causing her mouth to open slightly more. At the same time he wrapped his fingers of his other hand around her left thigh, inching it open so he could touch her there.

Slowly he slid his middle finger between her lips, causing him to close his eyes tightly as he felt her warmth and wetness coat his finger. He tried desperately to control himself again but his cock was not listening to him and started to throb torturously.

Not trusting himself to open his eyes yet he moved his middle finger deeper down her and found her entrance. Tightening his hold on his body, he gradually pushed his finger into her hearing her gasp and moan in that breathy tremor he always loved to hear, which almost undid him.

Biting down on his lip, Kakashi put his thumb on her clit; lightly stroking her while he started to move his finger in and out of her, trying to ease her body into accepting him and trying to make it as pleasurable as he could in the state he was in. Letting go of her thigh, his other hand moved to his painful erection trying to find some release before he hurt his beautiful teammate.

As soon as he touched it though, a searing bolt ran through him and he felt his teeth bite into his lip hard in reaction to the pain.

Opening his eyes slightly trying to see through the hurt, he instantly let go of himself and finally looked at Hinata and wished he hadn't.

If before she looked beautiful she looked gorgeous now. Her face was relaxed, which the Jounin took particular pride in, and he body was spread before him, ready for him. She looked to him and he could tell she was ready to ask a question.

"Are you ok Kakashi-san?"

He would have laughed if he wasn't still feeling the pain from touching himself. She was the one tied up and she was asking if he was all right, and weren't they past honorific's? What would he have to do to be Kakashi, or maybe baby or, kami help him, even Kashi?

Not able to let go of his lips in his teeth's grip, Kakashi simply looked down at himself and winced, trying to get through to her what had happened.

"Oh Kakashi-san, I should have told you. The the pain and a-agitation only grows if you try to t-t-touch yourself. This isn't a drug that is used by married people for pleasure, it's m-meant to either make the victim insane from going against their d-desires or make them insane from taking someone against their w-will." She noted a different, mildly put out look on his face, "A-ano, m-maybe I shouldn't have said victim."

She looked away for a moment, her trademark blush darkening and covering her face and neck. Coming to some kind of decision she turned back to him, "You, a-ano, you have to satiate your thirst." Hearing what she was saying but not believing it he remained silent.

"You have to h-have m-me Kakashi-san."

Still not confident enough and really hoping she was saying what she was saying because the pain was lessening and his control was snapping, Kakashi pushed two of his fingers into her quickly and muffled her gasp with his mouth.

Kissing her hard and the tenderly as he began to piston his fingers in and out of her he whispered in her ear, "Do you want this Hinata? Do you want me? Tell me you want me."

Looking straight in his eyes, without a backward glance she told him.

"Have me Kakashi."


Hinata had never felt so full.

Upon hearing her words and the truth behind them, Kakashi had kissed her again, deeper then she'd ever been kissed, and quickly sat up, his knees pushing her legs apart making way from him.

Pulling his fingers out, she moaned at the feeling of loss within her, she wanted him to keep going, to keep making her feel this wonderful. Opening her eyes and about to ask him to keep going, dignity be damned, she blanched when she saw him positioning himself at her entrance.

"I'm sorry but I can't wait anymore Hinata." Kakashi spoke when he saw the look on her face, "After this I'll do such incredible things to you, make you feel so good but right now I have to have this."

His eyes pleaded with hers to understand, and she did, she understood the effects of the drugs and nodded to him.

"What I said I mean Kakashi. Have me."

Hinata knew that if her wrists weren't tied to the bed she would be trying to escape again. Not from Kakashi and what he was about to do but from the emotions she knew she would be feeling long after this happened. A little piece of her was going to be with Kakashi forever now and he didn't even know it, which made it all the worse.

Gathering together the last vestiges of courage that remained with her, the Hyuuga tightened her grip on the material, scrunched her eyes and waited for the pain.

After a while, she slowly inched one eye open a crack to see Kakashi grinning at her.

"What are you doing Hinata?"

Waiting for the onslaught?


"If you clench so tightly and fight this whole thing it will only end up hurting us both, I don't want to rape you Hinata, I want to make love to you."

Rubbing the head of his length up and down her slit, tapping her clit and then prodding at her opening, Kakashi closed his eyes slightly and whispered through clenched teeth, "Can you feel that Hinata, do you like that? Give in to what I'm making you feel."

Sighing, Hinata slowly uncurled her fingers from the material on her wrists, enjoying the feeling he was giving her. Slowly the ache from her shoulder joints was fading and going to the background while she groaned at the feeling of Kakashi slowly entering her.


"This is going to hurt."

Suddenly he was in. She watched him through her lust filled gaze as he arched his back and threw his head back in ecstasy, crying out because of her. He was gorgeous.

Waiting for the pain, she only felt a large amount of discomfort being quickly swept away when she tilted her hips a fraction.

A harsh "Don't!" filled the room when she experimented and did it again.

Looking up at this man who was now inside her, she couldn't quite contain a small smile of mischief. Kakashi looked helpless, or as helpless as an ex-ANBU, leaf Jounin, fabled ninja could look, with his head hanging now above his chest and his hands crushing the material beneath him in some gesture of self-control as his muscles in his thighs, stomach and arms trembled.

Hinata wanted to break his control, like he had broken hers.

Trying to get him to lift his head, Hinata gently started to rock her body, making her groan in delicious agony as she felt his length slide in and out of her slowly.

Hearing a hiss escape through Kakashi's teeth, Hinata started to go harder, trying to create more friction to satisfy that deep ache that had started to build in her.

"Oh...." Kakashi groaned, "Please Hinata, I don't think you're ready for me to go hard on you yet."

Seeing his head raise slowly but surely, the Hyuuga gave her best impish smile and spoke up, "Why don't you try me?"

Squealing in delight, Hinata wasn't prepared when Kakashi growled and smacked her hard on the side of her thigh.

Chuckling, Kakashi's eyes glinted dangerously before he almost slipped out of her all the way.

With just the head inside of her Hinata tried to move her body harder into him, forcing him to go back where he belonged. Tutting at her, the Jounin held her body down with his hand and moved his head back to her neck where he had first marked her, under her ear.

"Remember, when all is said and done, you asked for it."

Before she could have a chance to respond Kakashi embedded his full length deep within her and started to pound her into the bed. The springs in the mattress and the wood of the posts started to creak and move but all Hinata could think was that she wished that her wrists were free so she could hold on to him and mark him in some way like he was marking her.

Instead she used her mouth as she licked and sucked at his neck. It did something to her when she heard him moan from her attentions to him, it made her feel more in control and alive. Turning his head to look at her, Hinata took full advantage and drew his lips to hers as she pushed her tongue into his mouth and explored. She had never felt so adventurous or so brazen and so pleased.

It was made all the better when his head fell to her shoulder as he still moved within her calling out her name, "Kami, Hinata, oh, fuck"

Feeling the exquisite pleasure run through her blood, Hinata almost got it confused with something her cousin might have attacked her with. She felt no pain where Kakashi was entering and withdrawing from her but the pain sang in her veins along with the pleasure and it was a heady mix.

That deep ache that was within her now grew to something ferocious but Hinata didn't know what to do she simply called out for Kakashi, knowing that he would know what to do.

"K-Kakashi, oh, p-please, Kami, p-please"

Kakashi didn't stop but he all but growled in her ear as he started to bite and kiss at her neck, "What do you want me to do to you Hinata," He breathed in harshly then, his next words coming out as a groan, "Hinata, oh you good, so tight."

"More, p-please, m-more," she whimpered into his ear. She could feel tears start to emerge from her eyes at all these new and different feelings erupting from her body.

Not really understanding how he could know what she wanted when she didn't, she merely keened in pleasure as her lover attacked her bundle of nerves, making her body start to tremble and quake.

Hinata wasn't sure what was about to happen but she felt something rise deep within her.

Kakashi started to pant, his lips at her shoulder and Hinata could see the muscles in his neck tense.

"Hinata, I'm going to come, oh Kami, I want you to come with me baby. Come for me Hinata."

Feeling herself start to give way she cried out as she felt her body almost explode. Feeling incredible, Hinata cried out a second time as a more powerful orgasm rushed through her as she felt Kakashi come inside of her, filling her up and biting hard into her shoulder, muffling his screams of ecstasy.

The combination of pain and pleasure was too much and Hinata found herself comforted by the weight of her lover and the feeling he had given her as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Hinata had never felt so full.


Kakashi felt like coals in a fire. The flame was gone now, doused brilliantly by his gorgeous lover and her most generous gift, but he still needed Hinata. He felt he would always need her.

Feeling the weight of sleep hang over him heavily, he rolled off his teammate, sparing her from his weight and took up position beside her body.

Glancing up at her arms, he realised that he might have tightened the material a little too tightly as her wrists looked chafed and her hands were turning a nasty shade of blue.

Quickly untying them, he rubbed them in his calloused hands and placed them on her stomach. Ever so carefully he leant down to the bottom of the bed and grabbed the comforter to put over them so she wouldn't get cold and laid her on her side as he spooned her from behind.

Sighing in utter completion and satisfaction, Kakashi knew that he would have to convince Hinata that he did want her and that it wasn't just the drug. He knew that if it wasn't for the drug that he would never have gathered the sheer idiocy needed to make a move on a Hyuuga heiress but it was done now and Kakashi found that he was more than happy to face the consequences.

He had a good name, he had good genes, he had enough money to support them both and he had the Sharingan – which above all, he knew, the Hyuuga's would be interested in.

Yes, he knew that Hinata was saying the truth that he would have to marry her now that he had taken her innocence and he found himself adaptable to the idea.

He stroked the hair from her face and wiped the last drops of her tears with his hand as he continued thinking about how their life could now be. He could save her from her family and she could save him from his perpetual loneliness.

Kissing her neck and nipping with just a touch of possessiveness at one of her many love bites, Kakashi tied her wrist to his with one of the pieces of fabric that had tied her to the bed.

He was falling deeper and deeper into sleep and he knew that if she woke before him, she would run away to her room, or even back to Konoha and act like it never happened. She had given in tonight but he knew it would take a while for her to accept that he did want her, needed her.

Settling down for some much needed rest Kakashi smiled into her hair as he breathed in her sweet scent.

He would face it all and he would prove himself to her and to her family.

He would be very careful not to trap her like how he had before and how - he looked guiltily to the material binding her to him - he was now.

He would fix it and they would be happy but that would happen later. He cringed lightly at all the things that he had to do to make it right.

Sighing he looked at his lover's sleeping face. He would face it later. Right now she was here and there was nothing better that he could have traded her for. The problems weren't going away so he needed to appreciate what he had today.

Kakashi settled in to sleep, holding close to his little piece of heaven.

Hopefully she would still be there tomorrow.

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