Hi everyone,

I just realised that I'd continued right through into the Return of the King, so I've started a new story: The Return of the Friend Requests. Thank you all so much for the wonderful and overly generous feedback this story has received! Here's the start of the first chapter of the ROTFQ


Elrond: is feeling both depressed and doom-laden. Time to spread it around!

Gimli Sonofgloin: does not like these ghosts...

Awesome Merry: is off to war!

Aweosme Merry: is off to war all alone

Awesome Merry: misses his friends :(

Arwen changed her name to Arwen Undomiel

Arwen Undomiel changed her name to Arwen Evenstar

Arwen Evenstar found a lost warg cub wandering around. Adopt the warg cub! Play Arda Farms today!

Pippin Took: the pipweed Merry gave me has already run out! I've hardly had time to smoke! I suspect That Wizard have subtly meddled in my affairs

Pippin Took: LOL I spelt pipeweed Pipweed.

Awesome Merry: Oh no, Pip. I thought you'd grown out of that. Where?

Gandalf wrote on Pippin Took's wall: Now, Pippin... it may be better if you don't say anything at all when we visit him. Let me break the news..

Pippin Took wrote on Gandalf's wall. Do you mean Denethor? What news? Oooh you mean about Boromir dying? I won't say anything. Not a word. And I'll remember this time. I promise!

Denethor commented on Pippin Took's wall post: Interesting. Very interesting.

Pippin Took: oops

Pippin Took became the Steward of Gondor's Impertinent Hobbit and Singing Entertainment.

Faramir: crap, we lost Osgiliath.

Faramir: Osgiliath? This never would have happened if Boromir was still alive! I wish you were dead instead blah blah blah. Blah favourite son blah... tidy your room, blah blah blah why haven't you got a girlfriend blah blah just not Manly enough blah Osgiliath blah blah try harder...

Denethor: What are you talking about this time, you useless failure and wizard's pupil?

Faramir: just getting in first, dad.

Denethor: I always knew you were crazy.

Arwen Evenstar: Yay, Glee is on tonight! But got to finish this book first. My life is so hectic.

Aragorn!: Ghosts. Curse. Destiny. Oath. Armies of the Dead. I'm on it.

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