Dillon was steadfastly ignoring Dr. K. He busied himself under his car, despite having actually finished checking his belts. She'd been talking for days about a new prototype weapon. It was supposed to reduce enemies to non-threatening, non-dangerous beings. He hadn't understood even a word of the science, but she'd been excited. He'd never seen her quite so animated. And it was finally finished, apparently, because she had emerged and was asking for volunteer testers. He did not want to be her guinea pig any more than he already was, and so he stayed on his back underneath his car. She would protect him. She always did.

He didn't have to wait long, at least. After a moment of silence from the entire rest of the team, he heard Ziggy jump off the couch and agree to help. He didn't have to see her face to know Dr. K was frowning and, if it wouldn't have revealed his location, he would have laughed when she asked for anybody other than Ranger Green. Scott begged off with a training session. Flynn said he had to go visit his dad. Summer claimed she had to wash her hair. Gem and Gemma were in the middle of making explosive putty and they couldn't abandon it now or it could blow up the entire garage. He was not about to volunteer, no matter how much Dr. K didn't want to work with Ziggy, and so, out of options, she consented and he heard the doors to her lab hiss shut behind them.

Not ten minutes later, they all stopped what they were doing. There was an awful lot of yelling coming from the lab. This wasn't entirely unusual when Ziggy was helping out in there, but it seemed a bit more worried than frustrated this time. Dillon stood up to listen closely, the others following his lead. He took off at a run when Dr. K yelled out, quite desperately, Ziggy's name. She didn't call him Ranger Green. She had called him Ziggy. The other rangers were right on his heels.

The door slid open and Dillon stopped in his tracks, the others skidding to a halt at his side. Dr. K was standing behind her computers. There was a large bubble of bright blue light in the middle of the room. They could just make out the outline of the green ranger in the middle. There were three piles of dust in front of him and he held a small gun in front of him as if frozen in place. The blue light emanated from the back of the gun and encased him like a bubble. Dillon couldn't look away.

"Dr. K, what is it?" he asked.

"I don't know! This shouldn't be happening!" She was typing furiously, glancing up at the monitors every so often. Summer inched forward and reached out as if to touch Ziggy, but Dillon grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He shook his head.

"What should it be doing?" Gemma asked, circling Ziggy slowly while Gem peered closely at the gun.

"The weapon is designed to change the molecular composition of the enemy, to reduce it to it's core components. There were three successful fires before the fourth try. Instead of firing outward, the weapon locked and energy discharged backwards onto… Ziggy." His name sounded odd and forced coming from her, but Dillon supposed it was better than nothing. She'd get used to it.

"Can you stop it?" Gem asked, cautiously touching the barrel of the gun. It did nothing. Dr. K tapped some more on the keyboard and her eyes scanned the monitor.

"Attempt to remove the weapon, Gem," she whispered. Gem took a step to the side and wrapped his hand around the barrel. With Scott's help, they were able to tug it out of the bubble. It came out with a satisfying pop. In doing so, the blue bubble of light began to bend and twist radically. Dillon put his hands out and shoved Summer and Flynn back towards the door while Dr. K ducked and Gemma, Gem, and Scott jumped out of the way, hitting the floor. The light flashed and the bubble dissipated back into the gun. Ziggy collapsed to the floor and everybody rushed towards him.

"Oh my god," Summer exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hand.

They stared down at the prone figure on the floor. He was quite a bit smaller than Ziggy. Dillon gently turned the tiny body over so he was lying on his back. He was still breathing, but he didn't wake up. The soft brown curls were shorter, but long enough to frame the cherubic face of the small child lying where only moments ago, the adult Ziggy had stood. Flynn was the first to speak, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Doc, what did you do?"