She was a little sister. To all of them. She was a light, lively little thing, and slowly, she would worm her way into all of their hearts. Even if it was as simple as grinning brightly as soon as someone came into the room, or hugging sporadically when she was bored, which nearly caused her to be killed by Belarus, or begging for beef noodles along with Italy, who begged for pasta.

That's why…on that day…

They all rushed to her side. Because she was their little one. They could not abandon her.

She was crying, her head bent in despair, her heart breaking. Crying for her people. Crying for the lost ones, the ones who couldn't make it out in time. She knelt, trying to dig through the rubble. She was surrounded by rain, and her smile was extinguished by the winds and the water.

Her tears fell and fell, never stopping, dousing her hands in sadness. Her sorrow was as deep as the oceans, her love for her people as palpable as her bamboo forests. She slowed in her search more and more, until finally she collapsed.

Japan got there first, picking her up, running to a sheltered place, making sure that she was okay. America was second, giving her warm blankets, being a hero. The others flooded in, England, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and others, providing food, liquids. Helping the survivors save others. Mourning those who couldn't be saved. Even Italy helped out. Even Russia.

They comforted her, their little sister. Everyone pitched in. And while they did, she was watched by Japan, who was still recovering from the earthquake, but had rushed over anyway. By China, who had had Morakot hit him hard as well. She felt like her soul was slowly warming, her suffering eased, her people were being saved. She could feel her land slowly rebuild itself, Morakot fading away like a horrible dream, and she felt something tugging at her lips.

Taiwan smiled.

For the survivors of Typhoon Morakot; it was the biggest natural disaster in a hundred years for Taiwan; a quarter of Taiwan was underwater. There were mudslides, and flooding, and even now the roads to Kaohsiung are still being repaired.