The Story

Sonic sat there at his computer bored to death. Hmph sonic said ive been to nearly all the websites possible and there all stupid. He sighed and decided to call his girlfriend, amy rose.

Sonic picked up the phone and started dialing. It only took two rings until amy answered. HI SONIC! Amy yelled. Hi ames… sonic began do you know any good websites I could visit?

There was a short pause until amy finally answered. Howz a bout that sonic fanfiction site. I love it. It has soooooo many sonamy stories that just brings tears to your eye. Sounds cool sonic replyed are there any other types? Mmhmm amy said there are all sorts of couples and adventure stories plus there are truth or dares and so much more. K thanks amy love ya sonic said as he hang up. BYE MY DARLING SONIC!!!!amy repleyed.

Sonic walked to his computer and went to the website amy suggested. He scrolled through the stories. p-lease sonic sighed

These stories are so lame. But look at these couples! Tails and eggman! HA! Like thatts ever gonna happin…wait whats this?

Sonic came across a story that said sonicxrouge. Me….and rouge?

That's weird…. Whos it by? Sonic looked across from the title and saw it was by jewel queen. WHAT! Sonic screamed b but that's rouges username for everything! She wrote a sonouge story? I gotta find her…

And with that sonic ran at top speed out of his house.

Rouge was sitting in the park relaxing. Sonic ran up to her and sat down beside her. Rouge looked beside her and saw sojic staring at her. What? Said rouge curisly . well….said sonic I was on the fanfiction website today and I saw a story by jewel queen.

I know that's your username for everything rouge.

We…well I write lots on that fanfiction site. Wich one did ya see?

Well said sonic sounding shy. I saw the sonouge one.

Rouge sat there shocked and blushing madly. Oh that

Rouge sighed. I wrote that because…..because I love you.

Now it was sonics turn to be shocked. sonic managed to stutter. Rouge nodded iv loved you since the first day I met ya blue boy. I just never told you since you loved amy. So I pretended to like knuckles…..thats why I never kissed him.

Sonic was blushing a bit know to. Tell anyone and you die hedgehog rouge said suddently. Uh huh….sonic said but rouge

Why on earth do you like me? Rouge smiled and kissed him that's for me to know and for you to find out.