Chapter 3: Stand Down

"Where are they? Why did they leave?!" was all the female scientist could say and she sobbed into her hands. Maria Dansha sat in her office, unable to file and submit reports. It had been a month since her daughters left, and it hurt her deeply. How they managed to slip out without tripping alarms was simply amazing. Maria lifted her face from her hands and wiped away her tears, staring a picture of her girls. It was from when they were only 7 and 6, but she treasured it like it was all she had left of them. They girls grew up in the same environment that X-23 had, who is now known as Laura, but never went through the Extreme training that she had. Maria had partnered up with Doctor Debra Ristmann in X-23's creation and vice versa with Debra for Maria. Although the girls were Maria's own flesh and blood, she had decided that they would go through training as Laura did to become weapons of war. The training wasn't as intense, but enough to give them the brains and agility needed for a weapon.

"Doctor Dansha, You are needed main floor immediately" a voice over her intercom says.

"I'm on my way." She replies, pressing a small red button on her phone. Maria wiped away her remaining tears with the back of her hand and quickly exited her office. She made her way over to the nearest elevator and began her descent to the main floor. Maria worked for H.Y.D.R.A as Debra did, but Maria's work was not as great. The lower she went, the louder the security alarms sounded. The doors of the elevator opened and Maria saw several H.Y.D.R.A guards running to the main entrance. Nick Fury's voice was heard down the hall.

"You two are in big trouble! How dare you leave!" he shouted. Maria hurried towards his voice and the sounds of guns being loaded.

"Fury! What is going on?!" Maria shouted, pushing her way through the many guards. It was only when she saw Fury is when she saw what he was yelling at….it was her daughters.

"You think you can just leave? Huh? Is that it?" Fury growled, getting extremely close to the younger girl's face.

"Nick, Leave them alone!!" Maria snapped, pulling him away from the girls. "I will deal with my daughters, thank you very much!"

"You need to stand down, Dansha. These girls are weapons of war and are the property of the H.Y.D.R.A and S.H.E.I.L.D contract. Don't be telling me to leave them alone." Fury snarled, pointing at the girls and staring at Maria.

"They are my daughters first, weapons and property second. So I do believe it is you who needs to stand down. Besides, the contract expired a month ago. You can't do anything to them." Maria coldly says. The angry expression on Fury's face calmed, and he called off his men. He stepped aside and allowed Maria to pass to her daughters.

"This will be put in my report, Dansha. You can count on it." Nick says. Maria ignored him and threw her arms around the two girls, holding them close.

"Where were you?! I've been worried sick!" she cried, daring not to release her grip on them. "You should have known better, Katrina!!"

"It was my idea, mom." The younger girl states. "I wanted to leave and Katrina tried to stop me, but only ended up getting caught in the crossfire."

"Andrea, darling, as proud as I am of the escape you made, You had me so worried. When I found your room empty, I feared the worst." Maria says, pulling away to look at her daughters.

"We're back now, mother. I highly doubt we'll be leaving anytime soon." Katrina says, hiding the sadness in her voice by speaking monotone. Maria pulled them both back into another embrace and she sighed happily when they returned it.

'I hope your adventures satisfied your desire for freedom, my darlings.' Maria says, connecting to her daughter's minds.

'Yes mother.' They reply. Maria had Level 1 telepathic abilities. This enabled her to speak with her daughters without physically speaking words. But little did she know….her daughters were hiding their sadness and anger from her….and their meeting with a man named Logan.

-At the Institute-

Professor Charles Xavier roams the gardens of the Institute, quietly moving about the roses, lilacs and hedges. The laughter of children is heard nearby as they run about the front yard without a care in the world. He stops to watch them, pride swelling up within to see them so happy.

"Hello Professor. How are you today?" Rogue asks, coming up behind the Professor.

"I am doing quite well, Rogue. Thank you. How are you?" and he turned to see the young woman behind him.

"Fine, I guess." She replies. "Did you speak with Logan at all recently? Is he coming back soon?"

"I spoke with him, but I do not know when he is returning. Are you sure you're alright, Rogue?"

"I just miss somebody." Rogue says, knowing she couldn't keep a secret from the Professor for too long. "It's been too long."

"I see. If it offers any console, I will let you know when Logan speaks with me again."

"Thanks Professor. I appreciate that." And she walked away, arms wrapped around herself. Charles watched her go, and a momentary sadness came over him. Rogue had a tough life. Not being able to touch someone without hurting them, Mystique's betrayal, and Logan's time away all hurt her deeply and he knew it. Sighing, He turned back again to continue his journey through the gardens. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, the kids were happy, and….there's a motorcycle coming up the drive. The Professor began to make his way over to the man on the motorcycle…It was Logan.

"Hello, Logan. I'm glad to see you back. "

"Hey Chuck." Logan muttered, putting the kick-stand down and getting off his bike. "How were things while I was away?"

"Other than minor misbehavior, Everything went well. I trust your trip was satisfying?" Charles asks, moving his wheelchair forward to keep up with Logan's fast pace.

"Yeah, more or less. Did you find anything about the two girls? Like who they are?"

"I had trouble finding them at first, but it came easier once I knew where to look." The Professor says. "They're here in New York, Logan."

"So they're in our state? That doesn't do much, Chuck. I want to know who they are." Logan scowled, stopping his walk.

"I wasn't able to fully decipher who they were, Logan. But I was able to find out where they are in the state….and it's not a place you would want to be either."

"The only place I wouldn't want to be is with S.H.I.E.L.D and……oh no…." Logan grumbled, suddenly realizing what the Professor was talking about. Charles nodded sadly and sighed.

"They are not like Laura. You may want to contact S.H.I.E.L.D. or even H.Y.D.R.A. They have refused to answer my own calls concerning the girls."

"I can try, but if they wanted to talk to me then they would have come to get me."

"If you would Logan, the effort would be much appreciated."

"Ya….I'm on it Chuck…..Thanks."

---Nick Fury's Office---

"Nick Fury!! I don't know what goes on in that brainless head of your, But what makes you think that you can treat my daughters that way!?!" Maria shouts, seeing Katrina and Andrea fighting against some of Fury's top hand-to-hand combat men.

"It's for training purposes, Dansha. You of all people should know that by now!"

"Fury, I. DON'T. CARE!!!!!!"

"Maria, please Maria, CALM DOWN!!!" and so the shouting match between Nick Fury and Maria Dansha continues, the phone rings and neither of them hear it. A voice breaks over their fight through the inter-comm.

"Mr. Fury, sir? There's a man on line one that wishes to speak with you. He says its urgent." The female voice says. Fury stopped shouting and told Maria to leave. She glared at him as she left, saying that this wasn't over. He picked up phone after she closed the door.

"Nick Fury speaking"

"Alright, Fury! Spill the guts! What are you doing to two mutant girls, huh?!" the male voice growled.

"First of all, Who is this?!" Fury demanded

"Who do you think it is, dimwit?!?!"

"Logan! What do you want? I don't have time for this." Nick spat.

"I want to know what you are doing with two girls. They go by the aliases 'Stealth' and 'Mimic'. I want to know who they are, Fury, and I want to know now!!"

"I don't know who in the world you are talking about, Logan."

"Yes you do, Nicholas Fury!! Now tell the man who they are!!" Maria demands, opening the door and slamming it against the wall.

"Dansha, I am on the phone!!! Get out!!"

"I know…I've been listening to your conversation…I want to speak with Logan." Maria coldly says. Logan's loud growling could be heard from the phone. "Please, Nick….This is extremely important…." She pleaded. Fury looked suspiciously at her, almost not believing that this really was important….at least for her it was.

"Fine…but make it fast. You need to quiz the girls…" He growled. He roughly handed her the phone and stalked out of his office. Maria took a deep breath and spoke quietly into the phone.

"Hello Logan." She says.

"Who the heck is this?!?!" Logan shouted on the other end. Maria winced at the volume of his voice.

"My name is Maria….Maria Dansha…." She replies softly. The line went silent and stayed that way for what seemed like ages, but only being a few seconds. Logan heavy breathing was heard from the other end. "Logan….You may or may not remember, but….we were married…."

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