One thing I hate having to do is repeat myself. Yet I find I must do that in order to get things right. This is an attempt to get things right..This is a re-try of an old friend..I have kept the original for comparison reasons. Young Negi. It was the story that, like all my others, went wrong, but it was the strongest one I had...It's time to take another shot, this one, if not done properly, just might be my last...

Okay, basically put, this story is the opposite of what most Negima fanfics have, my Negi is younger, not older, at the time he comes to Mahora, but for all of his continence, he might as well be older. The reason for this will be explained in the story, so doesn't bug me here about it. For sanities sake, I have places the time at which Negi arrives at Mahora as follows : Fall of 2002.

I do not, in any way at all, own Negima or any of its affiliates.

Note: I did not use spell check. I don't have it, so if there are any typos, sorry, I have however, improved greatly I think, in that direction of typos.

Prologue One: The wrong footed start.


Winter, 1997, is where our story starts....


A biting breeze nips at a young girl's nose. The night is so peaceful, it hurts. It's hard to believe that half the village is on fire...

But it is.

Nekane hears a yell, then a scuffle behind her, and she turns around sharply, little kiddie wand coming forward to point at whatever kind of threat might pop up, a sickly mocking tool of child's play against the demons of the deep.

It was only Stan however, holding a bundle of blankets, which he tosses to her. Something inside it wriggles.

"Take that…it's all that's left of that house. Little thing is squirming to hard for me to hold and keep back those..things."

Nekane looked down at the bundle and instantly realized it was a now orphaned child..


"How the heck should I know? Just take it away before…shoot!"

Stan jumped aside just in time to avoid a smashing blow from a demon. The wall behind him however, was not so lucky. The creature just laughed and turned to Stan's new position.

"Playing whack a mole is fun this way…"

"Kane…get outta here!"

Looking up, she pointed her wand.

"I said get outta here now!"



Reluctantly stuffing her wand in her sleeve, she turned and, after another shoo movement by Stan, ran off with the bundle in tow. When she did take a glance back, it was to see one of Stan's spells bounce of the demons forehead...


((I need to do better than that..come on!))


Snow, snow and more bloody snow. It was as if mother nature was trying to cover up what was happening here, the fire, the demons, the people screaming...snow muffled the sound..swallowed it up inside it's white prison, just like the people being burned alive in their own homes..

Get out of the melodramatic mood Nekane!

She shook her head to shake off some of the aforementioned snow from her hair. She also stopped walking to fix the blanket over her passenger. who really should not have been in a blanket, for they were a bit to big for it... She saw a lock of brilliant auburn hair which made her stop. There was only one red-headed baby she knew of in her village..and that was her cousin, Negi...which meant...that house...

She unfolded the blanket a bit to look at the boy's face, not realizing she had allowed her self to sink to the knees. It was no doubt, that face stuck out anywhere...

Her family had just been reduced to two people in the whole world...and one was a toddler who was with her here in the snow...

Her revere was interrupted by squirming. The kid was waking up, and he did NOT like finding himself in a blanket when he could walk by least for a little bit..

She had to smile at that, no matter how much she wanted to cry for her dead family. This one had life in him, and he was not gonna let someone carry him around when he could walk himself. Even in the snow, which he was staring up at now in interest. One of her aunts had said the boy had a gift of understanding from birth, even though he had yet to talk..pretty late with that..seeing him stare up at the snow like that, and look at her soberly, she think she understood what she had meant..

"Not far now buddy..but I don't think you'll be walking there with me just yet.."

A muffled, heavy stomping interrupted her. She picked up the boy and covered his back with the blanket. She started to walk again, with a decidedly quicker pace. The boy, surprisingly, did not squirm and fuss.. He seemed to understand the need for quiet and speed. Nekane hardly notices his consideration though. She was holding him almost like one her age would a big teddy bear.

They can't have followed me, they can't have....they would not care about two escaping villagers, about a girl and a baby...that kind of thing is not enough fun for them to match the trouble..

Oh but how wrong she was...the baby and she were their main target, it was the rest of the villagers that was for fun...

Eventually Nekane could hear her pursuer's heavy breathing, and she could, if she looked back, see the large shadow of his form.

This was not good...not good at all...

When she saw a couple cottages, she gave silent thanks, especially since the pursuer seemed to have disappeared from behind her.

Imagine her surprise when he appeared in front of her.

"Nice day for a night time stroll no? Good exercise...hehe.."

Nekane meant to say something sharp and biting back at him, but her tongue was caught. She took a step back.

"What's the got your tongue?"

It was that over-used and beyond corny line that unstuck her tongue. Yet she only managed to come back with a squeak and a weak one at that.

"Are you the cat?"

The creature smiled.

"Ahh, finally a sense of humor on this one! How would you like to see my claws ehh? I sharpen them twice a day!"

He extended his "hand" in order for her to see the wicked blackish claws he had.

"Nice, no?"

Nekane saw someone step out of their cottage, thank god it was a magic user, he had his wand out and looked like hell was on his heels. She only needed to stall...

"Er..very nice..."

"Haha..shine like a gem they do...they are my gems for ripping and tearing and crushing and mashing...yaddah yaddah. Anyway. You have a baby there. You know who that kid is?"


"He's my target! Now, I'm not a bad guy...I'll let you go if you give me the kiddie...just my boss wants the kiddie you see? I think he's picked up a maternal instinct..yah know? Ha..ha! "

Nekane saw the man was almost here, and he was muttering under his breath. She only had to deal with this demons breath, which was putrid, and his comments, which were, if possible, even more so, for a little bit longer...but it seemed that the demon was smarted than he looked.

"Give it, or I kill you too, I know you're part of the family..I was told to slaughter the whole damn tree."

She took another step back and pulled out her wand.

"Oh ho ho...a kiddie wand! Lookie it has a heart..aww...cute. Too bad I have to crush it...but first, I'll make you a..GARDEN STATUE!"

It was as if his whole body had been hooked up to an electrical current and someone flipped the switch. He lit up with symbols all over as something that looked like a third eye opened up.

"Here we go. Good bye!"

At that exact moment, three things happened. One, Nekane froze and her grip on Negi loosened. Two, A spell hit the demon in the back, launching him forward and making him misfire, only heading to hit Nekane on the legs now. Meanwhile, the boy, in her arm, had spun around in the loosened grip and said his first word after so long, and perhaps the most useful first word a person can say at this time. That word was Deflexio.. It did not quite work out well though, as the little boy had never been taught how to do magic or even held a wand. It did however, somehow work...but not completely. It deflected some of it, and a small portion hit Nekane on the feet, sending her sprawling. The rest headed right back at a surprised demon, who only had time to say :

"What?! Thats impossibl-"

Poor fool. Now he makes a good greeting staue for those who visit the village...

Nekane though, was hit, and was ever so slowly turning to stone ground up. The stone was not of very good quality was cracking as it was coming up..The mysterious man came up, looked at Nekane and saw her condition and grimaced...

"Damnit..hold on, I'll get a healer...Hope I'm fast enough for it..."

He took off as fast as his legs would take him.

He was not fast enough....


"Now, can someone tell me, if you double the radius of this circle, does the distance around it also double?"

The entire class remained silent.

"Oh come on…I know it's 8:00 in the morning, but you should be able to at least give me an answer. How many of you college MA 114 students say yes? I see one hand..two hands. Well guess what, two out of twenty eight are correct. Pay attention more.."

The professor turned back to the board and then spun back around.

"Someone tell me quickly, what's three divided by a half?"




The professor looked up at that answer.

"Who said six?!"

"I did."

"Thank god, you're not all dunces. Six people, six!!"


"He'll never make it. Not as a professor of those students he won't…"

"It's why we still need you."

"Can't I'm resigning, and I'm not even really a professor here. I only tutor part time as a hobby."

"Damn Japs get everything good, including people."

"Don't damn them, It's not like I'm going to go live there for good."

"You stay flipping British when you're over there then, give um hell."

"I'm not going to give old acquaintances and my student's hell Professor Carmant."

"Still give um bloody hell. I don't care."

The addressee looked up, and up…and up…until his eyes met Professor Carmant, who stood an impressive five foot eight when compared to him.

"Have it your way then…"


An airport is a huge, confusing and noisy place…and like many huge, confusing and noisy things, small, sensible and quiet things normally get lost in the fray of the former. Such was the case now, and Negi only could roll his eyes at his "guide's" confusion.

"Gate thirty five is that way."

"Oh shut your pie. I've been here a million times, I know where I'm going.."

"Then why does it say food court instead of bag check?"

The woman blushed a deep blood red.

"Shut your pie little boy!"

Negi could only shake his head and sigh.

"Do you need to be here?"

'No, I don't, I'm only doing this as a favor to your acquaintances."

Negi smiled then.

"Then do me a favor."

She narrowed her eyes and looked down at him, that smile was a bit creepy…


"Give me the map, leave, and call your contact telling them you completed your task. I'll confirm it for them when I get where I'm going. Just get out of my way, because last time I checked, restrooms are not metal detectors and x-rays."