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Epilogue: Promise.


The darkness in the forest was all consuming, nearly. Yet, that was the adventure in it. He trudged on with his team, intent on discovering the secret habitat for the wood nymphs in this area. It was paramount that they discover the place before poachers after all…they must secure it!

Of course, once they arrived in a clearing, a place that had obviously once been their home, their leader paled. They were too late…not from poachers, no…the bodies of nymphs and poachers alike were tossed aside, blood decorating the forest floor, the trees torn apart, their bark ripped into chips, the insides torn asunder.

In the middle of the trampled grass, feeding off the body of a man, sat the most terrifying sight he had ever seen. Dark, pitch black skin, deep claws of off white, dark fur smelling of blood. Eyes, piercing eyes of darkness, irises of deep red, like the blood on his claws.

Growling, the creature stood…it must have ripped apart those bodies so viciously, for bits of cloth stuck it it's body…it took a few seconds to realize that it was actually wearing those pants…heavily ripped, but not bulky, it was a thin, lithe animal. Growling…it was growling…one of his fellows rose a gun…

It was the last mistake he, or the rest of the party, ever made. Roaring, the creature lunged forth, darkness swirling about its entire form. Each man and woman that stood; died, save for one woman in the back, who ran as fast as she could.

She never got far. Turning around, through the trees, she could hear the rustling. Fear, high upon the sweat and blood, the scent was delectable…she twisted between the trees, but it landed heavily from above, in front of her, growling softly.


Her pleas fell upon deaf ears. Its laws shone through the shafting light in the dim forest, spurting blood, there was no sound. No sound as a heart ceased to beat, and another continued, it's mind screaming obscenities…hate, crime, murder, fear, anger, lost love, grief….death. Above all, one word whispered, one name.

The cause of this all, this darkness, their web of anger, the one he must destroy…it grumbled in a low call, an affirmation, tasting the word upon it's tongue…


Growling this once, it leapt into the trees once more, leaving the broken remains of those it had mindlessly slaughtered bare for all to see. It's sin, like all others, would soon have to be payed...but for now, the tab simply grew larger for this beast...

Scientists were at a loss to explain the sudden incredible light that had engulfed the sky, completely consuming and destroying Mars in one fell swoop. They also failed to understand how the planet managed to pull itself back together and go under an incredible Terra-forming blast right in front of their telescoped eyes.

Neither could they explain the sudden, inexplicable water and life on the planet. Sentient life. Humans among them. While all of these poor educated fools tried to understand the whole situation, amidst the claims that they, these people, had always been here, some mages just shook their heads. Other mage scientists tried valiantly to provide some kind of viable cover up, but in the end some fool came up with aliens, another hopeful with a miracle from god, and countless others.

In the end, most just pulled their heads in and let the credits roll. Others just laughed at the insanity of it all, but made a point to stay far away from the epicenter. All in all, Mars was getting a whole lot more attention these days.

In a brilliant move by one Takahata T. Takamitchi, notes from a professor that had mysteriously vanished "resurfaced" Describing the Hellas as a race that had existed for eons, as they claimed. Their technology and race were similar to us, but until now, their planet, Mars, had been blanketed by a cloaking device left by an ancient civilization.

Negi Springfield, the author of these papers, was nowhere to be found, although extensive research into the subject indicated that the professor had been totting this theory at least two years of his very short life.

The boy genius's last records showed him trying to find a way to access the surface of mars in a revolutionary way in an attempt to disable the "shielding" placed on the planet, for the civilization underneath was most likely as isolated as they were, and he had found reason to believe the existence of the human race.

His work went on to state the true purpose of Stonehenge, which, upon the dissolving of the shield, would be realized. It was a portal from one planet to the other.

It was assumed Springfield had succeeded. Especially as Hellas began appearing in the Old World for "visits", bringing with them their Queen…as well as the Royalty representing humans for…well, one could suppose it would be some kind of political excuse for a vacation…

Others, those who knew better, shook their heads in wonder at the gall of it all, and the ability a little computer work could do. Chisame had outdone herself, and with Takahata's work, the whole thing was quieted, even when this… "Mars Queen" assured them of it…value.

They managed to botch together some video of Negi on Mars, some false thing claiming he was still studying the area. Nonsense, but it was lapped up like wildfire. Again, mages just shook their heads at the sheep they were leading around like donkeys.

Asuna came back to the Old world, and decided she might as well live out her live as a student in Mahora, there was no room for a third imperial princess. Even amongst Arika's protests, the other was adamant.

She didn't belong here. There was an uncomfortable air still...and she wasn't quite ready to accept all she knew yet. She would spend some time away…distance made the heart grow fonder, didn't it? The other official students, like Yue and Nodoka, also had an obligation to go back, but Jasnin and Issac decided it was time to go back home…they had been through enough…and as dilapidated as it was…

Jasnin longed to throw herself on her own bed in her Brooklyn apartment, just to hear it creak in protest, and stare up at the shoddy ceiling, relishing the sight. Enough of the fancy castles and royalty...no matter how soft the bed, there still was no place like home.

Of course, Issac could do nothing else but agree. Not that it made much of a difference, considering it would have been what he would have said anyway. Over time, he gained a semblance of independance, a way of acting like a seperate entity from his sister...progess she appreciated greatly...

Alma and Anya returned to Mahora with the others…but not for too long. As the time passed, they grew restless, and one day, they simply disappeared. No one knew where they had gone, but no one had the heart to bring them back to Mahora…there was no real life for them here…and they could well take care of themselves.

Just like in Mahora, a large tree grew quickly over where the titanic battle of Negi Versus Fate had taken place, right near the new, or should one say old, Ostian palace, a tree pulsing with just as much energy as the other…it grew so quickly, it was literally the same size as its counterpart within a year of it's beginning.

Those who saw it called it all kinds of names, but the one that stuck the most…was The Cosmos Tree.

It radiated a brilliant power, but it was not connected to any portal, like it's counter part. No, it's power seemed to stem from something else...and for every day that passed, it grew slightly. Not always in power, but in stature, until the queen, and those who had fought in that war, still so fresh in their minds...would feel comfort from it.

It felt familiar, it's aura shining bright, tinged with just a hint of teasing darkness. It felt...well, according to Arika...it felt like Negi. As for Eva, without fail, every time she would visit the palace...she would sit by it, muttering. Once, when asked why she did this, she simply claimed the tree was stupid.

Arika told her Negi would have probably told her that tree's didn't have minds anyway, and thus could not be stupid.

She told her this one did...and that Negi would have probably told her to forget about the f*cking tree instead.

The man himself? Those who believed him alive just thought he was a diligent study…those who knew he had died for their sakes rose his banner high, sung of his titanic battles…those who knew him well however, those who were close…the gave him his title.

The called him the Cipher Mage...and with that title he stepped unto the platform that would be known as legend. No longer would he be the Son of the Thousand Master. He was his own figure, shadowed by none, basking in his own light...

... ... ...

In the depths of the forests, there grew a foreboding power…It's call was fear itself, it's claws were death. Eyes that were pitch black and a body that resembled a pitch black wolves...soon, some began to give reports, those who survived, of it, in anger, bringing up symbols, strange runes all along it's body of red...those who knew battle would raise their blades, only to fall, sundered to the ground... Soon, the heroes would have to come face to face with their fears…and an old hero would be called back…to fight once more.

That fight would gain new meaning as the forces of the world struggled to take control of this force, or chain it. Others only sought to use it's presence as an advantage, and still more only looked for a way to make a name for themselves.

No, he never does get that rest…our hero soldiers on.

Hey! That demon still owed him twenty bucks! You didn't die just like that and leave when people owed you!

One faithful summer night, all of this would come to pass...

This story however, does not tell of these adventures…this chapter in life is closed. Thank you.

~The Chronicler.


Like I said, after this, all the stuff left is simply technical information you may or may not be interested in. Ignore it if you like. Ehh? Now...as for what I'm going to do now, I do have a schedule I am trying to follow. Look around for the sequel in a typical Finalage style. I might just publish it on the one year anniversary of this story...or at least, I thought I should, but seeing that I have some time, I might just publish it earlier than that.

If you want to see it, be warned…I'm getting rid of my leash for that story…it will be "M" Rated…and if they still allowed the "MA"…well, I would put it under that. Yet, I cannot, so I suppose a tiny bit of restraint is still there. It centers around Anya, just as a heads up.

It shall be called….

"Alternate Blossoms."

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Here, I will "define" specific things, people and artifacts that are in the Young Negi series...There is no particular order to the items here...actually, scratch that... I'll try for alphabetical…believe it or not, all the stuff here still doesn't make a complete list.

AFRAM – The Association For the Rights of Accused Mages. An organization developed to uphold prisoner and suspect rights in court cases and other legal problems pertaining to magic in the case of a mage. They also act as a witness protection program.

Alma Yoshi - Nearly five hundred years old, this illusion specialist has spent most of her life being bred as a perfect servant, but in years past, her simple slave life was disrupted, and she found that her existence seemed to depend on the semblance of having a master. Once an innocent girl of low birth living in a farmer's village in Japan, her life changed when she was offered as a sacrifice for a mountain god and, using her "cursed" powers, escaped, burning her village to the ground. She altered her appearance and abilities in the process, and forever changed her view of life.

Alpha Class Spells – The higher-arch to the end of the world class, this is also known as Elemental or Primal Destruction/End class. There is only one level higher after the Alpha class, at least according to all current magical knowledge. This class, known as the Cardinal class, is said to only contain the six pure elements. The Alpha class is the last highest range spell for any subsidiary element such as Lightning or Ice and Stone.

AltraCrolacri - The result of Negi sharing a little piece of his soul and weaving his magic about the broken remains of HeartBreaker, changing its purpose for vengeance into a more straight forward weapon. It has the ability to take the darkness in one's soul and turn it into raw energy, purifying the soul, but ripping the body apart with the former sin.

Cardinal Class Spells – Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Earth and Wind. It is said that the incantations for these spells were long lost. Legend has it that calling upon the "true name" of each of these primal elements is all one needs to bring forth the spell…that and the concentration, the incredible power. Legend continues to say that many gods met their demise trying to call upon these spells against each other, and those that survived still wait, wraiths of what they once were, trying to regain their lost strength while they cry the raindrops that fall over the destruction they wreaked on their fellows.

Catalyst - An individual with the ability to convert calories into magic, and whom houses a secondary magical storage to place this storage. Energetic and often sickly due to magical overdoses they are not usually a natural born mage. These individuals tend to lead short, violent lives, sacrificing themselves for some greater cause almost every time.

Cora Zanadre - A girl whom fell into dark ways and evil deeds as a child, she was cast from heaven and spent much of her life rotting in an abyss not quite unlike hell, until she feasted her eyes upon her savior. She now lives as a docile Succubae filling in the shoes of a student in Negi's class, playing her life out as the deceased Sakurako Shinna to alleviate the burden from the class. Content to help out when she can, she acts as an occasional night guard for the school's barrier.

Eagle MX Mark Thirty Four S - The model of hand gun Negi favors the most. A quick loading, single slug per shot revolver. This gun has the power to throw fifty millimeter caliber bullets at speeds reaching up to 3.4 kilometers per second, and has an accurate range up to .0025 degrees from a 400 meter distance. Its barrel customarily houses ten to fifteen bullets, but Negi's is customized to fit twenty five. (In a tight squeeze revolutionary way I might add. Sardines anyone?) It is very adaptable and has yet to fail him. (See a Desert Eagle for a good comparison...that's one big gun for a kiddie!)

Elemental Form - The magical form induced by absorbing one instance of each ice, fire and lightning end of the world spells, along with the one of earth. This form boosts speed, strength, defense and provides an enhanced natural barrier, all of which are increased exponentially. The users body seems to be wrapped in all of the four elements, a combination of all. Causes incredible magical drain.

Enthoalis Complexio - The magical form induced by enacting the entropy form and then absorbing the spells needed for the elemental form. However, this form can be achieved without any one of the four needed elements...however, it will not be a "perfect" transition. When done in perfect harmony, this form grants all the powers from all forms combined, however, as expected, the emotional and magical drain is unprecedented.

Entropy/Chaos Form - The magical form induced by enacting one instance of Magica Erebia in perfect harmony with one instance of Kanka. Considered an impossible dream for Negi, this cancels the negative, poisonous effects of Magica Erebia, and frees his mind from the plaguing voices, all the while, the extreme concentration required from Kanka is canceled by Magica Erebia's chaos. This form gives both the absorbing effects of Magica Erebia and the endurance effects of Kanka, while offering the pure physical boosts of both. Causes immense emotional drain.

Frigerans/Ice Form (Complexio)"Sukuna Specter/Eternal Glacier" - The magical form induced by absorbing two instances of Eternal Glacier into oneself. Boosts defense immensely and give the user a body of frigid ice. (Used with Magica Erebia, the added ability to absorb an opponent's power and use it against them, along with a slight boost of other attributes besides defense alone.)

Fulgurans/Lightning Form (Complexio)"Thor God/Perpetual Lightning" - The magical form induced by absorbing two instances of Thousand Thunder bolts into oneself. Boosts speed immensely and gives the caster a body of perpetual "lightning that sticks.", lightning. (Used with Magica Erebia, the added ability to absorb an opponent's power and use it against them, along with a slight boost of other attributes besides speed alone.)

Gramyre- Written in the old tongue, Norse, this seal of binding has been added unto twice before, giving Greek and then Latin the ability to access magic. This spell gives all spells structure, allowing for mages to keep their minds free while they chant, without worry of their spell being negatively affected, and it makes sure a mage will not drain to much or too little of their magic to cast a spell. The basis of all modern and old magic, historical records of how magic worked before it are all but lost.

Latin was the latest addition to the seal, and as such, has the weakest connection, typically reserved for the most mainstream of spells. Its flexibility and elaborate word structure allows for more uses however. Greek was the second addition, and thus it has a stronger connection over Latin, it is generally reserved for higher powered spells. Its structure isn't as flexible as Latin, so its uses are more limited.

Norse is the language the seal is written in and it is the original language of binding. As such, this guttural and rigid language has the most power behind it. Its usage word structure wise is the most limited however. Each language, older than the last, has less proper word structure to work with, but less power. It is apparent that as the time passes, the power each language holds in controlling magic increases, or, at least, this is how it is supposed to be.

Gunther Penhorace - A thousand years vampire who originally turned Evangeline A.K. McDowell. He harbors a regret for letting Eva go, mainly for what she has become. Wishing to add her to his clan of vampires, he finally pinpoints her location after Eva had broken down the barrier once during her original fight with Negi. He was killed when Negi, Kago, Issac and Jasnin ganged up on him, preventing him from reaching and capturing a weakened, delirious Eva.

HeartBreaker - An artifact created with the remains of a broken sword and a bloody staff, the mage who created this artifact hundreds of years ago melded it for a single purpose: revenge. Its power was to be used to destroy all of the family line that killed her husband and partner, a family line that just happened to be her sister's own. Negi was a part of this line, but he calmed its blood lust for his own with his pure ability, he was one well equipped to wield the weapon, and the weapon chose him. It was shattered when Jasnin sought to use its power to kill Negi's father, Nagi, only to be stopped by Negi himself. It has a multitude of powers.

Immortal Rosary - Said to have been the necklace of the angels, given to them by God himself, these items can work wonders in the hands of those legendary warriors, such as increasing their vitality, endurance, strength and speed, allowing them to purify shaded souls and harm demons upon touch. In the hands of a mortal, these items shatter upon attempt to use, thought they still have incredible use. Legend holds that they can bring the dead back to life, or purify a demon once mortal back to their original state.

Ingus/Fire Form (Complexio)"Prominence/Salamander Spirit" - The magical form induced by absorbing two instances of Primal Prominence into oneself. Boosts strength immensely and gives the caster a body of intense fire. (Used with Magica Erebia, the added ability to absorb an opponent's power and use it against them, along with a slight boost of other attributes besides strength alone.)

Issac Akaito - A male swordsman of high birth, he was shunned by his family for being born without the ability to use magic. He is an exemplary swordsman and can supplement his weakness with chi... He is very protective of his fiery sister, of whom, when compared to him, is quite brash and belligerent. Although they look like night and day, they are all the family the other has.

Jasnin Akaito - A female mage and swords woman of high birth, she is one member of a Special Ops team on a permanent installment mission. Covering as a student in Negi's class. Her genes are almost completely that of an old race called the "Snow-walkers." She often travels in the company of her older brother, Issac Akaito. She is loosely related to Negi through an old royal line.

Kago Masato - The grandson of Kagashi Masato, otherwise known as the mage of the beginning, he harnesses the secrets of the code and knows of the dark spiral his grandfather was sent in due to his zeal to save the world. A Vicused battle priest from the magical world, Kago is a level headed individual who does not mind self sacrifice in the name of a greater good.

Ketsuksensōi – The unique fighting style Negi has coined and uses. Mainly takes use of high kicks and uppercuts, as well as tackles and the concept of making an opponent lose their ground. Mainly focuses on leg strength and ambidextrous arm use. Grappling and controlling the opponent as well as anticipating their movements is a prime lesson, and this style is generally started with a lunge forth to close distance. It is attack centered and likes to apply the principal of "necessary loss." In other words, sacrificing an opening, a quick way to do damage, or a more favorable position, for a set up or larger pay off later on…This style comes with its own set of moves as well.

-Leaf Shield: The use of the blade in a double rotation technique to rid it of aerial resistance and act as a shield to attack.
-Aerial Disc: The blade is covered with chi before spun at high speeds to become a disc of shredding metal to be thrown boomerang like, slicing through a target before returning.

-Cricle Slash: Purposely Named "Cricle". This is a use of chi to rid the blade of resistance in an odd pull push form of a slash, which can change direction in an instant, as long as that direction is not directly backwards. The blade glided through air without any trouble like this for as long as the pull-push and chi is maintained.

-Bestial Atrophy: A technique in which the user makes their blade insubstantial, slashing through the opponent's bodybefore the tip solidifies, ripping apart vital organs with little to no resistance at all.

-Central Guise: Not quite perfected, but this covered the user in a concentration of their own chi, concentrated into a pure solid armor akin to a and structure is up to the user.

-Hidden Conflagration: User condenses their chi into a tiny sphere which is forced into the opponent to explode outwards, wreaking havoc on the inside of the opponent in question, similar to Magical overload, only in high speed.
-Inner Fluids:
A rapid concentration of chi which swirls about the body in an attempt to heal outter injuries, increasing the natural healing process.

Libri per Scientias - Book documenting many of the magical discoveries of man, it is an ample resource into finding a way to increase intelligence, but it is just that, a simple resource. It has no special powers, and its value when compared to modern day uses is woefully decayed. Negi mentioned this artifact when questioned if he knew anything about a book to make a person smart.

"Magic/Magical Channels"- Term use to describe the pathways in which magic flows through a body. Similar to how chi flows, magic flows like blood through veins. The size and pressure rating of these channels directly measures how much magic a mage can push at one time. Smaller or weaker channels make for a weaker mage. Even if they have a large storage capacity, or a high pressure, they can only dish out as much as their channels can relay, and vice versa.

"Magical Pressure" - The base "pounds per square micrometer" an object can handle or deflect. Mainly used in shielding ratings, this measurement also is used to measure how much a magic a mage can place in an amount of space, whether it be in spell work to test the strength of their spells or in their magical tanks, documenting how much magic they can hold in the space they have. The higher compression rate, the stronger the magic, and the more magic they will have. Can only be permanently increased only through training.

"Magical/Magic Tank " - Term used to describe the storage facility an individual uses to contain magic within themselves. Each person has one, and it grows according to the original size as they grow older until they reach a "prime" age. It's size can also be affected by training and over-storage of magic, magical overload.

Magister Wand - Given to Negi as a show of his position as a true Magister, it is a traditional wooden wand without the customary kiddie star, housing a core of magical materials in which the magic can be channeled through. Negi tends to keep it in his pockets during the odd times in the day when he is up and about his daily duties, just in case.

Mortivis- The undead substitute for Chi, this is a kind of "anti-lifeforce" that keeps the undead animated and "alive". It gives them their abilities and works almost exactly like chi. It is usually called Mort for short.

"Non-Comp" – Taken from the book "Shaman." An expanded and rewritten version of "Dreamrider" written by Sandra Miesel in 1989. It is a term used to describe a person who had gone mad, insane or otherwise out of their usual norm to such a point that it becomes disturbing.

Pandora's Box - Not actually the Pandora's Box, but the concept is similar. A portable, slightly re-sizable trunk that can store just about anything that can get in between its opening. An adjustable portal space, its dimensions are immaterial, and thus indefinable. Negi had quite a large amount of junk in here...

"Poet" - A specific type of person who has dedicated their life to the documentation and advancement of knowledge, and whom has great power along with a hero's heart, a shining soul, one that maintains regardless of the hardship tossed their way. A poet understands the nature of a world deeply, and can use this understanding to shape actual worlds of their own. Poets create magic, and give life to magical spells through their words. A part of magic, they can use it without worry of restrictions placed upon others with Gramyre.

Room # 274 - Residence of Professor Negi. T. Springfield. A standard three person suite typical of the dorm room building structure. Negi sleeps in a room off to the side, while the twin beds in a separate room are occupied by Anya and Alma. The dorm includes the typical hallway/living room style format, with the bathroom on the wall where the twin bedroom is located, and the kitchen on the side the singular room resides.

There is no walking in closet in this dorm, as it is near a corner of the building and the space is occupied by the "chimney". This room is uncommonly clean and the furniture is arranged for optimal space and sitting room. It is used as an unofficial study hall for students wishing to get some extra help from Professor Springfield.

Royal Form – "Form of the Kings." In actuality, this is not a true "form" unless is it extremely powerful. This is just a term used to explain the phenomenon that occurs when a mundane person, mage or otherwise, incurs the wrath of one with royal blood. It is said that a true king will gain eyes of burning anger and his strength and endurance will be the key in rallying his armies into battle. Also known as a King's Will.

Royal Gift – Also known as the Royal Power/Ability. Every royal has access to royal magic, and this royal magic inside them has a more intermittent form than the conventional attacks, just like mundane magic. Mundane magic boosts a mages endurance and physical prowess when not in use, Royal powers instead grant certain powers. These powers only are effective as long as the mage is not drained. An example of this would be Magical Cancellation.

Royal Magic - A higher arch of "common" magic, it is closer to pure energy magic than average, and much denser. Its likeness is like milk compared to average light from common magic, and its power tends to over ride the former. Royal magic has several applications, most of them are originally defensive, but extensive training can unlock offensive applications of this type of magic...as per the name, normally only one of a royal line would be able to use this magic. This magic is also used without incantation.

Snow-walker - An ancient race whose power is not bound by language, in other words, they can use magic without incanting any spells. They have many odd powers, but among their most devastating is the ability to control and manipulate the mind of another and to steal, even crush, their soul.

"Sol's Skeleton Key" - Pactio item number VMDCLXXXVI, 6,686. A permanent pactio type, beta class pactio created by Magistra Evangeline A.K. McDowell for Minister Negi Springfield. It is a key (Offensive: sword) shaped artifact that has the ability to boost physical and magical offense as well as reveal untruths. It has an additional ability to emulate any weapon Negi has ever owned/held, as long as that weapon is a magical artifact of any kind, however, the emulation is not perfect, as it is completely reliant upon Negi's knowledge of the weapon in question at the time of original emulation.

"Soup Pot" - The lame excuse Negi had given Asuna to cover the existence of his mixing pot stuck to its visage for good afterwards, as Negi's potions often fell under the name of "soup" by Asuna anyway. Thus Negi wasn't lying about what it essentially was after all. It is a standard issue brass pot spelled so as not to rust and to withstand above average heat. It is a simple, low budget and common item, but that fact that it is his gives it a bit of sentimental value for the mage. (He also used it once to whack a demon silly, but that's another story…)

SS Sanctus Enthoalis - Negi's ship, a stripped and re-engineered model of the legacy class Manta XS-15A, particularly deadly, as it was further improved on by the original engineer who stripped the Manta for mainstream continuation of the canceled line. Many flaws not fixed the second time around were brilliantly fixed here. It is currently the most technologically advanced ship in existence, and is thought to be space-worthy. However, there is only one specimen of its kind.

Terra/Earth Form (Complexio)"Golem Guise/Everlasting Petrification" - The magical form induced by absorbing two instances of Everlasting Petrification. Boosts the power of a mage's natural barrier immensely, adding the effect to cancel out all earth based spells that are below its power when they come in contact. (Used with Magica Erebia, the added ability to absorb an opponent's power and use it against them, along with a slight boost of other attributes besides barrier defense alone.)

Vampire "Taste" - A term used to describe a vampire's blood prefference. Each person had a mixture of hormones and chemicals/waste, magic and chi... that gives their blood a certain taste, reflected through their personality. Evevery vampire has a taste that they prefer. It is said that vampires are most attracted to other vampires whose human forms reflected their tastes. Eva has a taste for heroism, chivalry honed with pure power...something Negi himself reflects... Negi, apparently, has a taste for the vulnerable and innocent...something Eva once was.

VICUSED- An acronym for a priest that does not specialize when it comes to fighting the undead or demons. A Vampire, Inferi and Common Undead Slayer, and Exorcisor of Demons. Of all the people in the world, Kago Masato is the only known remaining specimen of this type of priest.


Complete Spell List Guide For "Young Negi: An Applied Approach"

These are all the spells used at one time or another in Young Negi, mind you; I don't own the rights to the original spells of Negima! I only own those I created...

+See Technical Usage Notes section.
~Spell created for the sole purpose of continuing Young Negi, although the storyline does not specify who created them. (For more in-depth explanations, see Technical usage section.)

Spells "Negi created" via storyline used to be in Teal, but for here, they shall be completely underlined.

Sagitta Magica, _#_ Spiritus_ELEMENT_! = Magical Arrows.

Locos Umbrae Regnans Scáthach In Manum Meum Dedo Iaculum Daemonium Cum Spinis _#_, Iaculatio _ELEMENT_! = Demonic Spears.

# Fulgor Concidens Noctem, in Mea Manu Ens Inimicum Edat! Fulguratio Albicans! = White Lightning Shots.

Veniant Spiritus Glaciales Obscurantes...Cum Obscuratione Flet Tempestas Nivalis! Nivis Tempestas Obscurans! = Dark Blizzard, Mid Level Beam Spell.

Veniant Spiritus Aeriales Fulgurientes! Cum Fulguratione Flet Tempestas Austrina! Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens! = Jupiter Storm, Mid Level Beam Spell.

Veniant Spiritus Terreteres Florentes! Cum Flore Somniali Sub Caelo Percurrant Una Tempestas! Veris Tempestas Florens! = Flora's Sea, Mid Level Beam Spell.

Veniant Spiritus Glaciales! Extentantur Aeri! Tundram et Glaciem, Loci Noctis Albae! Crystallizatio Tellustris! = Frozen Earth.

Vertatur Tempestas Veris! Nobis Protectionem Aerialem! Flans Paries Venti Vertentis! = Churning Winds.

~Crystallus Detonus = Frozen Explosives

Τό τεχος διερξάσθω! Δόρυ Πέτρας = Spear of stone.

*Aestuo continuo in nox noctis meus flamma incidere per obscurum valde levitas, convenio...ego sum vestri famulatus rip continuo, Abyssus Levitas! =Hell Pyre.

*Orbis Cum In Manum Meum, Spiritus o Centum meit centum levitas! Detonus Edat!= Buster Ruin

*Daemonium continuo valde nebula magica, concidens spiritus detonus! =Balstonrand

Omne Flammans Flamma Purgatus, Domine Extinctionis et Signum Regenerationis, in Mea Manu Ens Inimicum Edat! Flagrantia Rubicans! = Red Blaze.

Flet Une Vente! Flans Saltatio Pulverea! = Dancing Dust.

_ELEMENT OR NULL_ Exarmito! = Disarming Spell. [000]

Ad Summam Exarmatio! = Complete Disarming Spell.

+Aer et Aqua, Facti Nebula Illis Somnum Brevem! Nebula Hypnotica! = Sleep Spell. [001]

+Se Dissolvant Circumstantia Falsa! = Dissolves Illusion. [002]

~Permissum mihi animadverto quicumque est hic, ostendo sum verum ut mei oculus. = Spirit Sight.

~Effrego! = Break, Blast away.

~Continuo Flans Venti Nobis Protectionem Tempestas! = Circular Dance (Blasts enemies away.)

*+Reprobo inter mihi , impendo extrarius , praemium versus meus hostilis, ingus! Nova Contego!=Nova Shield. [003]

*+Perspicuus lux lucis sol solis of nox noctis adveho vultus vestri caecus hostes hostium Splendens Mico!=Blinding Light. [004]

*+Igneus Ambitus=Burning Circumference. [005]

Deflexio! = Shield.

# Evocatio Valcyriarum Contubernalia Gladiaro!, Age Capiant!, Contra Pugnent! = Mid level copies.

Elementa Aeriales, Venti Spriantes Cito Adieuntes Ab Inimicus Meis Me Defendant. Limes Aeriales! = Wind Barrier.

+_#_Fila Nigra Promissiva, Mihi Limitationem per # of days. Dies! = Spell of sealing. [006]

Pro unus quisnam est non a socius, socius in bellum tribuo vox of pactum pro # of seconds...NAME...Impiger! = Ally Contract Activation.

Sim Mae Pars! Per # SECONDS Secundās! GENDER TITLE PARTNER NAME! = Partner Contract Activation. (Minister for a male, Ministra for a female.)

Nympha Somnii, Regina Maeve! Portam Aperiens ad Se Nos Alliciat. = Devine upon one's dreams.

Mater Musarum, Mnemosyne! Ad Se Me Alliciat. = Let the dreamer draw us to themselves.

~Spiritus Phasmantis, Aperiens Portam Maeve! = Devine upon the soul.

~Memoir pactum, Ad se me alli musarum spiritus lucius, ego dictum, unum socius bellum portam maeve, solvum valde! = Mass Memory Sharing Spell

~Levo mihi , muto mihi. Juvenis, parumper dum, foris muto ut compositus mens votum , paulisper. Verrimus meus vox quod me change mihi, paulisper. Spell of aging. (Illusion Pill substitute.)

~Redimio lemma ut lux lucis, per lux lucis, pro lux lucis. Laqueus lemma in hic pupugiobscurum. Non in phasmatis, non in somes, non in mens, vadum lemma licentiapro totus vicis insquequo Ego dictum, redimio hostes hostium ut is locus. Nunquam ut ingredior solvo. Tantum per permission may hostes hostium vado solvo, tantum per dictum. Servo lemma, vivo in lux lucis. Disco in lux lucis...Infernus Scholacticus! = School Hell.

~Adeo mihi , Rex rgis per Levitas. vox superum , donatus unto mihi , vox of levitas tractus per vestri vena. Vestri vox non compositus , vestri vires un possideo. Ex plagiarius ut Sakuna sileo , vestri vox est altissimus mons montis. Adeo mihi , maioribus vernula per Thor!..Perkunas! Thunder beast summon.

~Confuto! = Halt.

Ex Somno Exsistat Exurens Salamandra Inimicum Involvat Igne! Captus Flammeus! = Ropes of Fire.

Ex Somno Exsistat Exundans Undina Inimicum Immergat in Alveum! Vinctus Aquarius! = Ropes of Water.

~Ex Somno Exsistat Tumbus Undique Inimicum Tectum Terreteres! Victus Humus! = Ropes of Earth.

~Ex Somno Exsistat Complexio Tumulus Inmicum Silens Fulgor! Lancea Fulgurans! = Ropes of Lightning.

Hexagramma et Pentagramma, Malos Spiritus Sigillent! Lagena Signatoria! = Sealing Bottle.

*+A universitas per pacis, per somnium, per vita, vultus inter mihi, adveho in res, Rectus of Decor.=Land of Dreams. [007]

*+Incendia Laques!=Cage. [008]

Κενότητος στράπσατω δ τεμέτω! Δίος τύκος! = Axe of Lightning.

~Deus of aquilo, temerarius unto mihi vestri vox, orior oriri ortus aequora ut meus order, Malleus Aquilonis! = Hammer of the Ice God.

~Dea of igneus incendia, commodo mihi vestri spiritus, flamma ut tripudio ut meus terrenus, Verbero Flamma! = Whip of the Valkyrie.

~Senior Sanctus, commodo mihi vestri vires shafts niteo mei oris, tripudio super inimicus, Sanctus Lancea! = Lance of Light.

~Senior Obscurum, tribuo mihi vestri cruor, umbra assilio meus commodo, perussi inimicus!, Atrum Falx! = Dark Scythe.

*Of obscurum quod flamma ... adveho quod vultus mihi a telum et...Haurus...Abyssus mucro!=Sword of Haurus.

*κατατρώω ίσως από το διάστημα, O κεραυνός wrap τριγύρω όπλο O πάγοs! ριζώνω έξω my εχθρός , τσεκούρι του εκδίκηση, έκλειψη!=Eclipse Axe.

Fragrantia Floris, Meis Amicis Vigorem, Vitalitatem, Auram Salutarem! Refectio. = Refresh and Restore.

Tui Gratia Jovis Gratia Sit Cura = Cura. Not much else to say.

~Cocatrice ocululem Accusative, adveho unto mihi, trado vestri obtutus, levo vultus orbis terrarum skuew meus inimicus, Ortus Phasmatis! = Rising Spires

~Splendens thorns , tripudio super mei eyes ensare meus inimicus in vestri habitum , adficio lemma unto mihi , raptor vires , raptor vitality! Ortus Bona. = Garden's Blessing. [009]

*Coutlouce, Ego ingenero vos, cavo profundus in mihi. Vigoratus , Curo , restituo mihi universus. Ego scisco vestrum is, restituo!=Greater Healing Spell.

*Precor...lux lucis , signum vulnus , conforto vulnero Aceso... Achelois, lavo mihi in vestri lux lucis, succurro meus in meus vicis of postulo , restituo , Amplitudo Rememdium!=Grander Healing Spell.

*Abyssus Laques Captus Cruco, Levitas Crucio, Igne Phasmantis!="Sole" Betrayal. [010]

Τ συμβόλαιον διακοντω μοί, κρυστάλλινη βασίλεια! πιγενηθήτω, ταώνιον ρεβος, αώνιε κρύσταλλε! Πάσαις ζωας τν σον θάνατον, ς ταραξία! Κοσμικ Καταστροφή = End of the World, Eternal Glacier.

Το σθμβολαιον διακονετο μοι, βασιλισκ οθρανιονον. Επιγενεντηετο, απολεια κεραθνε ηοσ τιμεισ πτειρει. Ηεκατονκατισ και κηιλιακισ αστραπσατο. Κηιλιαρκοθ Αστραπε! = End of the World, Thousand Thunder Bolts.

*Τὸ συμβόλαιον συμβόλαιο και υπηρετώ εμένα βασιλιάs του φωτιά! έλα, τελείωμα φωτιά , πρώτος φωτιά! έναs φωτιά όλος ότι να είμαι ζωή όχι θάνατος φωτιά! τέλοs του κόσμοs!=End of the World, Primal Prominence.

Τ συμβόλαιον διακοντω μοί, ο τύραννε φλογός! πιγενηθήτω, φλόξ καθάρσεως, ομφαία φλογίνη! ευσάντων πρ καί θεον, πέφλεγον Σόδομα, μαρτωλούς, ες χον θανάτου! Ορανία Φλόγωσις! = Red blaze in the sky.

Βασιλισκ γαλεώτε μετά κκτ ποδν καί κακον μμάτοιν πνον τοο τόν χρόνον παραιροσαν! Πνοή Πέτρας = Breath of Stone.

Βασιλισκ γαλεώτε μετά κκτ ποδν καί κακον μμάτοιν τό φσ μ χειρί καθίασ τ κακ δέργματι τοξευσάτω! Κακόν μμα πετρσεως = Evil eye of Petrification.

Τ συμβόλαιον συμβόλαιο και υπηρετώ εμένα, ω μητέρα του γη, έλα γη κουνώ τρεμούλιασμα. στέλνω πάνω thy πέτρα, διάλειμμα όλος αυτό είναι όλο ολόκληρος Un τελείωμα έκλεψαώρα! = Undying Petrification, End of the world spell of Stone/Earth.

~εγώ τιμολόγιο O σωστός του διαγράφω αστραπή, Θεόs του παράδεισοs, μεγάλος εμένα δικό σου τελικά μπορεί, υπηρετώ εμένα κάτω φώκια, φέρνω καταιγίδα σε τέλοs όλος καταιγίδα! αστραπή θυμός, όχι τελείωμα καταστροφή τελικά καταστροφή!" = ALPHA CLASS LIGHTNING

~εγώ καλώ επάνω αληθινός ελαφρύς. δικό σου πνεύματα είναι ακάθαρτος, δικό σου θεοί υπηρετώ όχι my χρειάζομαι. εγώ φτάνω βαθύς, στο ρίζα του ώρα. μόνο πρώτος δύναμη, εκείνοι ότι είναι μέσα κάθε κόσμοs, εγώ καλώ όλος τώρα. δίνω απερίγραπτος εμένα δικό σου καθαρόαιμος ψυχή. ελαφρύς the δρόμος σε αιώνιος σκοτεινιά. ενεργοποιώ ιερός σωστός, ξεκινώ, θεμελιώδης μορφή, ελαφρύς! = Light. That's it. (Cardinal Form, Provenance Grace. In norse, it is simply…"Ljós.")

Technical Usage Notes

[#000] Does not disarm completely.
[#001] Sleep Spell works on multiple targets. Exchange "Illis" with "his" for a single target.
[#002] Cannot break overtly elaborate or protected illusions.
[#003] Power and effective distance is proportionate to the power and effort placed into the spell. Base Distance: .5 Meter radius.
[#004] Blinding Light does not affect any allies.
[#005] Burning Circumference's power increases by Negi's power, another mage may find this spell advancing in power without their own power doing so.
[#006] The spell of sealing is used to bind one's own power, but by replacing "Mihi" with "Vos" it can be used as a weapon.
[#007] Land of Dreams creates an illusion dependent upon the desire of the caster. Detail and strength dependent upon mage's power and effort.
[#008] Very dependent upon the user's will. Great focus is required to cast and control this spell, very adaptable.
[#009] Energy drained is a small portion of the amount of damage dealt to opponent, spell generally takes a while to dispense energy to caster as well. If interrupted, all collected energy dissipates.
[#010] Pain inflicted upon opponent is also directly felt by the caster. What pain you dish, you must be able to take as well.

Frozen Explosives. = Creates a ball of ice to shoot forth, explodes on contact, shards can bounce off obstructions or shatter into smaller explosive projectiles.

Hell Pyre. = Fire and Lightning higher arch beam spell.

Buster Ruin. = Multicolored spheres of nondescript elements create a barrage upon the opponent, coming from all sides.

Balstonrand. = Creates a magical circle in front of the caster that shoots out lances of energy, lighting up until it is complete before shrinking down, forming a sphere to impact upon the opponent., throwing up a sparse amount of lances to come back down via gravity.

Spirit Sight = See spirits and hidden objects.

Effrego! = Break, Blast away.

Nova Shield = Condenses a shield of fire around the user that blasts outwards almost instantly. Blast radius and power is dependent on the user's strength.

Blinding Light = Creates a huge blast of light that only affects enemies.

Burning Circumference = Creates tiny spheres of fire to swirl around the hand, and charges the fist with magic for a powerful, three in one impact.

Devine upon the soul/ Mass Memory Sharing Spell = Both allow the user to enter into the other's mind and converse in depth with their mental image, their inner souls. However, only the Mass memory Sharing spell allows one to share memories across the link, and only the divine upon the soul spell allows proper control.

Ropes of Earth. = Standard binding ropes of earth.

Ropes of Lightning. = Standard Binding ropes of lightning.

Land of Dreams. = Creates an illusion sphere to encompass the opponent. Customizable and dependent upon the caster's power and attention to detail, also the prep time.

Cage. = Creates a constantly changing sizable cage of darkness ablaze with fire.

Hammer of the Ice God. = A ball of ice appeared in the user's hands to be slammed down upon the opponent. Since it tends to shatter upon impact, it is a one shot weapon class, but if it does not shatter, it can be used again.

Whip of the Valkyrie. = Creates a literal whip of fire for the user to lash about. Since the spell is essentially a weapon summon, it does not drain magic for its continued existence, but instead is summoned with a set resistance to damage dependent upon the user's power. It will go out if it exceeds that damage rating, or until the caster dispels it.

Lance of Light. = Creates a lance of light for the caster to wield. It follows the same constrictions as the Whip of the Valkyrie.

Dark Scythe. = Creates a scythe of darkness for the caster to hold. It follows the same rules as the two above.

Sword of Haurus. = Creates a sword of darkness and fire. Created by Negi Springfield, this sword's power is actually dependent upon the creator's power, not the mage who casts it. Like the end of the world class spells, which can go no weaker than a certain point before the mage is ineligible to cast them, the sword of Haurus cannot go below a certain strength, but can go higher if the caster is stronger than the one whose soul it is bound to. (That being Negi Springfield.)

Eclipse Axe. = Based off the Axe of Lightning, this axe has added lightning backup which dances upon the main weapon, an axe made of ice. Can be used until it shatters.

Rising Spires. = Spires raise from the ground, skewering any below them and forming a barrier for a second or two about six to ten feet high around the caster before collapsing.

Garden's Blessing. = Quickly Ensnares single of multiple grounded / low flying opponents, and squeezes them, prickling them with sharp thorns. It then slowly drains a portion of the damage dealt to them and transfers it to the caster. However, if this drainage process is interrupted, the entire spell is canceled.

Greater Healing Spell = A spell that can heal minor to major injuries, but cannot heal severe burns, severed limbs/nerves or delicate organs, such as the eyes or lungs.

Grander Healing Spell = A spell that can heal just about any injury save for extreme ones in which the limbs are severed and far from the body, or death.

"Sole" Betrayal = A spell which causes the target to feel pain equal to an injury or memory you have experience, however, the pain is dealt to them as if they themselves were experiencing it, thus if the person has a higher or lower tolerance to pain, they will feel what you are making them experience to that effect. A side effect of this spell is that the caster feels the pain too.

Primal Prominence = Creates an immense blast of pure purgatory inferno, with temperatures reaching over 6,000 Kelvin. Lasts for about a minute's worth of time in full blast, and burns away all of the oxygen in the space it occupies, as well as quite a bit from its surroundings. After completion, it will instantly dissipate, making air rush in to fill the gap, carrying anything not tied down with it.

Fulmination Fusillade – Primal Destruction, Alpha Class Lightning. Creates a storm large enough to blanket an entire city, raining down tens of thousands of bolts pure lightning, each at least thirty times as condensed as that of the usual ones seen in Thousand Thunder. The storm lasts until the air calms, not necessarily before the magic does… meaning even after the magic has completed its run, the storm can continue. This spell was rumored to be cast by Thor himself, laying waste to his defiant underlings, raging over the land for a solid week in an enclosed space, forever scarring the ground.

Light – A powerful beam, roughly the diameter of a planet itself, such as the Earth, blasts from the user and destroy anything in its path with holy purification. The largest scale known light spell in existence, it is said that it, in vacuum, will continue on until it is completely used up, and has the power to destroy thirty such masses like that of Mars.


Deleted Scene

Replaced with the horde of demons fight, Eva and Negi all alone in the darkness after the ball…normally, when I delete a scene, I delete it, but this one somehow managed to hang on, so I give it to you...I'll put it in context too...here is where it was supposed to be after, in bold.

"The wind had stung at his eyes as he had flown... Silence, but for the rushing of the wind. Darkness, but for the brilliance of the moon. Empty, but for himself and Eva. Her hair had whipped behind them, if it weren't for the fact she was facing him in his arms, it would have melded with his. He was close enough, held her long enough, to feel that undying heart beat, so quickly...but none faster than his own."

Yet, his age. Damn his age, that wasn't the problem here. The problem was the feeling in general. It confused the hell out of him, even though he already knew what it was, what it probably was anyway.

Truth be told, Negi knew a lot of things, but he considered himself, still, to this very day, something incapable of being loved, and undeserving of giving it. He was a catalyst, right? What kind of life would he give the one who chose to chase after him, hmm? A short one, that was for sure.

They flew on, taking small turns every now and again until Negi was sure he had not only put a large distance between himself and that beast, but he was once again on course for Rakkan's home. Steadily growing darker until the sky was nearly pitch black...he set down upon the ground some hours after the darkness had become complete.

Eva landed lightly, for Negi had set her down so, but he himself leaned up against a tree, breathing hard. In the darkness, things stirred, prompting the boy to grit his teeth. He had not time, no strength, for this. Not when he was so close to home. He pushed himself off the tree just as a swish of a branch signified an unwelcome presence.

AltraCrolacri was out before he even realized he had drawn it, and he spun, slower than he meant to, but he still caught the blade of another. Darkness, a glimmer of light, the reflection off a pair of glasses. The other pushed him off, twirling around in a flurry of hair.

"Ahhh...Negi, Sensei...I was hoping I would catch you..."

Laughter. The boy twisted about, his blade flashing out expertly, only to find it blocked, and again he was thrust back. He spun, reaching for his short sword, pulling it out just in time to parry off the other's dagger. They broke off each other to stare.


He had already known, but here she was anyway. Tsukuyomi. He had no time for this pink Gumby. No time at all! Yet, she was laughing at him, and he noticed, even through his exhaustion, that she was stronger than before, faster. He gave her a grim smile. If Fate wanted to play like this, hiding behind his girls, fine. He'd give him corpses to marry off.

"Ahh, Sensei...you came...Setsuna sempai...you didn't bring her...but you, you fight... oooh!"

She seemed absolutely delighted to have him as a substitute for Setsuna. He remembered their last fight, and almost got his head sliced off when she shot at him, slashing out for his neck. He ducked easily, swiping out his foot to take hers, rolling away when she jumped over his sweep and tried to stab him.

He managed a hazardous glance at Eva, but what he saw didn't reassure him. Tsukuyomi seemed to have brought along some friends, and these friends had ringed Eva, forcing her to pull out those ever rare dark strings in her defense.

Negi sprung to his feet quickly, slashing out his main blade while his short sword stopped her dagger, well, short. His blade met hers in a familiar flash of sparks. No less skilled, but she was faster, stronger. He wondered just how much of that speed and strength she had kept from him last time. She had taken her reflexes to what he thought were the limits of human possibility, but now, once again, she was matching him.

He pushed her off him, striking out with Altra, yet she twisted away. Her blade came dangerously close to her mouth as she stood at rest, and Negi wasn't surprised to find her eyes hungry, but the kind of hunger that was there...disturbed him to say the least.

To say the most, it frank out made him want to kill her...Oh, god, was this girl getting horny with her blade? The blade was being licked by her tongue and that pose...ewww, kill it! The boy quickly shifted his grip from right to left, his dagger swapping to his right. He exhaled powerfully, readying his eyes. His opponent smiled, ahh, this is what she wanted.

He lunged back at her, angling his blade to run her through, but ahh, she danced off the side, her own blade meeting his in a flurry of unwelcome sparks. This was giving little progress, and Negi was getting desperate…



Quotes I had put an absurd amount of work into, or ones I consider favorites. I cut the list to ten, but there are just so many more than this...ohh heck, I stuck in twelve. These are not my top favorites though…I can't chose a top twelve, story is too darn long…

"Well, you got it, meh' arse kicked off my damn body and handed to me on a golden platter to be stuffed down my throat so it could grow back again!"

-Negi Springfield, after hearing Eva say that she wanted him to get put down, just once, to placate him.

"Of-Of course. It is my duty..."

- Kago Masato, after being asked if he would have saved Negi...had he known the boy was a vampire.

"I found him, momma, can I throw him down the toilet please…?"
"...Woman. Your man is outside. Goddamn, sometimes I swear, you people have your wheels spinning, but the damn hamster is dead as a doornail…"
"I'm pretty sure this isn't the kitchen."
"Aye, it is, can't you see your girl's just come out of the oven? Damn...if brains were taxed...you'd get a friggin rebate. Thanks for falling out of the family tree, and just like the stupid one...you broke every damn branch on your way down."
"...You know...I almost thought that was funny, now if only I could get it."
"Don't try. You'll get a brain hemorrhage."
"...Ouch. Now that was rough."
"Oh no, it wasn't rough per say...you're just being a sissy."

-Negi berating Nagi and his mother before leaving them to reunite.

"The hell kind of pactio is this! What did you do, lay her to get it?"

- Elder Negi, after seeing the power of Negi's pactio with Eva.

So many people…need to feel pain. All to save a world. What truly makes a hero? I thought I knew…but now I am not too sure…I have lost my faith, and I realize that no matter what, I can never be more than just a man, a step from the edge of death, one that looms closer with every breath. Is Death…the true hero here?"

-Kago, before leaving the SS Sanctus Enthoalis.

"..Did you poison that thing that's in your hands?"

- Asuna after seeing Negi walking in, smiling and holding a pan of enchilada's.

"I don't think this wand likes me..."

- Anya, after failing to cast a spell, poking her eye.

"Zip it, you bag of fleas. Can't you tell it's time to play the quiet game?"

- Negi Springfield to Kotarou in an effort to shush him.

"…You can't be good at everything. No matter how hard you try. If you don't have a weakness, you can't be real. I'm not going to poke fun at it. I accept it. You are my son. I'll look at your flaws and your strengths, and love them all, no matter how much you try to push me away or hide them from me."

- Arika, after seeing Negi have difficulty healing.

"No Eva. Don't say it. I'll say it. You see, if you tell me I should go do this anyway, and I die, you'll have no one to blame, but yourself, won't you? In the end, your heart will say that I listened to you, no matter how much you curse my stupidity. So I'll say it. I'm going to do it anyway, Eva. Regardless if I might die, regardless of whatever, I will do it. I say this, and by saying it, I take all the blame... if I die, no one can be blamed but myself, and just like you couldn't stop Nagi, know that you cannot stop me. Blame me, no one else, because the last thing I want is to leave you with some stupid guilt."

- Negi Springfield, before deciding to take the immortal rosary in his hands.

"Missed me, missed me...but don't you dare try and kiss me!"

-Negi Springfield after Chachamaru failed to catch him in the air.


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Well, that's all the technical stuff and extras for you. *Shrugs* Stick a fork in this story, it's done. I hope you enjoyed it, it's the only reason I write it, besides my own release. So…for the last time…

~Finalage is out. I'm not Elvis, but I have now…officially left the building.

*Lights dim as the click of a lock from the back door is heard.*