October 30th 1981
Unknown Location
Lord Voldemort watched as his servant shuffled into his chambers. Wormtail's shoulders were slumped and his head bowed.

"M-Master," he squeaked, falling to his knees in front of Lord Voldemort in a useless gesture of submission.

"Do you have news for me Wormtail?"

Wormtail hesitated as if he was unsure how to respond. He really is a pathetic specimen thought Lord Voldemort. Wormtail stood stooped in front of the Dark Lord trembling as if he wished the ground would swallow him up so he could escape the Dark Lords notice. It was incredibly amusing to Lord Voldemort that Wormtail actually thought that by betraying his friends he would be granted a place in his new world order.

"Who is the secret keeper Wormtail?" demanded Lord Voldemort.

"My Lord, it will be easier than we could ever have hoped!" Wormtail paused as if savoring the moment. "They made me the secret keeper! Black thought they could outsmart you!"

Lord Voldemort let out a low hiss. "Excellent, so tell me; where are the Potters?"

Wormtail hesitated again. Lord Voldemort moved his hand to his wand and glared into Wormtail's eyes. Wormtail gulped and shrank back. Lord Voldemort made eye contact with Wormtail and stared at him. He stared into the depths of his pathetic mind, weakening his resolve, encouraging him to tell his secret.

"Master; the Potters live at number twenty five, Mill Lane, Godric's hollow," gasped Wormtail as he sank to the floor trembling.

Lord Voldemort's laughter echoed through the chamber. The Death Eaters that lurked outside the chamber approached and with a gesture from their master they removed the trembling Peter Pettigrew from his sight.

October 31st 1981
Godric's Hollow
The streets of Godric's Hollow were alive as children magical and muggle alike celebrated Halloween. They moved from house to house in their search for candy. It amused Lord Voldemort that tonight was the one night that he could blend easily into muggle culture; some of his followers could have had so much fun here tonight. However he was on a mission. The most important mission of his life so far; one that he dare not trust any of his followers to even know about. Tonight the hopes of the light would be crushed and the last remaining individual that could defeat him would die. It was ironic Lord Voldemort mused as he strode across the town square, that the only person that could defeat him was a small child, a small and soon to be dead child he corrected himself. The prophecy that Snape had overheard and reported had scared him in a way that Albus Dumbledore never did. True he respected Dumbledore's skill, but the old man could not kill him. He had taken precautions against that. The prophecy however did scare him, but it was so much simpler to remove this threat before it could challenge him. After all, a child could not stand against him.

He was disturbed from his thoughts by a young girl crashing into his legs as she tried to keep up with a group of muggle children that were running across the town square.

"Nice costume Mister!" she exclaimed at the sight of him.

Lord Voldemort stared at her. Her eyes widened and she gave a frightened squeak as she looked into his cold eyes. Lord Voldemort began to reach for his wand; however the child had scampered off. Lord Voldemort paused, there could be no mistakes tonight and attracting attention before even reaching the cottage would be a mistake. He decided to leave the girl alone.

Lord Voldemort strode confidently down Mill Lane. Cottages peeked out from behind the hedgerows that bordered the road which was dimly lit by sparsely scattered street lamps. Finally he reached his destination, number twenty five. It was situated at the very end of the row of cottages. Lord Voldemort stepped through the small gate that marked the entrance to the property. Beyond the gate a path lead up to the cottage, the lights were on. The Potters were home. Lord Voldemort drew his wand and scanned the area, surely Dumbledore had not been naive enough the assume that the Fidelius charm alone would keep them safe but the grounds were silent, no Aurors, no members of that annoying Order of the Phoenix, only a quiet skittering noise coming from the hedgerow behind him.

A quiet skittering noise, almost like the sound a rat would make.

"Come out Wormtail. I do not recall requesting your presence tonight."

"Master I...I only wished to ensure there were no problems," replied Wormtail his voice shaking.

"So, you doubt my competence Worm?!" snapped Lord Voldemort.

"N-No! Master, it's just I, I thought it would be wise..."

Lord Voldemort interrupted him. "Silence Fool! This task is for me and me alone. You will wait here. I will deal with your insolence when I return."

Lord Voldemort strode up the path towards the house; he could not risk the sound of Wormtail's punishment being overheard by the Potters. He approached the door, through the window he could see the two adult Potters, James and Lily sitting on the sofa in the living room. They had not noticed him. He scanned the room searching for the boy. He was sitting on the floor in front of his parents. As he watched, Lily Potter picked up the boy; taking one of his hands she made the child wave to his father before carrying him out of the room, presumably taking him to bed. Now would be a perfect time for him to strike, the two Potters were separated.

As he approached the door to the cottage he briefly considered Snape's request that he spare the woman, he would attempt to do so. After all, a loyal servant deserved a gift occasionally. However if she were to die, well other women could be found to please Snape.

He raised his wand to the door and said "Alohomora."

The door burst open and Lord Voldemort stepped inside the Potter's home. He heard a shout of alarm from within. Victory is mine thought Lord Voldemort as he strode to meet James Potter.