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May 9th 1993

"Albus? Minerva? What's going on?" Molly Weasley asked, as she emerged from the Floo with a concerned look on her face. "I'd literally only just walked back in the house when you Flooed. Was it the twins? What have they done?"

Minerva knew Molly Weasley reasonably well; she was a small woman with the same fiery red hair that her husband and all of her children shared. Minerva was dreading having to tell her that her only daughter was in mortal peril. She knew that Molly was fiercely protective of all her children, Ginny especially.

"Molly, please take a seat. Will Arthur be joining us?" Albus said soothingly.

"Not until later, he's on a raid at the moment. I can't contact him until he's returned to the Ministry," Molly replied. "I assure you, that any disciplinary matter I am quite capable of taking care of myself."

"Molly, this isn't about the twins, it is about Ginny," Albus stated.

"No, no. Ginny is a good girl, she wouldn't do anything," Molly replied. "You must be mistaken."

"Molly, you are aware that there have been several incidents during this school year?" Albus questioned.

"No! Oh no! Not Ginny, she's been Petrified?" Molly asked frantically, instantly making the connection.

"I'm afraid its worse than that," Albus said gravely. "Ginny has been kidnapped by the attacker and taken into a hidden chamber beneath the school."

Molly visibly sank down into her chair.

"Oh, Oh!" Molly began to sob. "Not Ginny, not Ginny!"

"We are searching for the entrance to the chamber as we speak, Molly. We are doing all we can and the Aurors are on their way to help," Minerva added.

"Who did this?" Molly asked, anger beginning showing through her tears.

Minerva hesitated.

"Who did this to my little girl?" Molly snapped, her eyes blazing.

"We believe that it was a boy. Adam Winters. There has been some suspicion of him during the year and he has also vanished along with Ginny," Albus replied.

Minerva glared at Albus; he ignored her.

"That boy! I even sent him a Christmas present because Ginny said he was lonely," Molly spat, her eyes now burning with fury.

"Some evidence points to him yes," Minerva replied carefully. "But nothing has been proven."

The next two hours were some of the longest Minerva had ever known. She Albus and Molly waited for news in the Headmaster's Office. It was all Minerva and Albus could do to prevent Molly from charging out into the school herself. Severus returned once briefly only to state that they had not yet found the missing students or the entrance to the chamber. This news only made Molly break out in a fresh sobs.

Minerva was sitting with Molly by the fire attempting to provide some comfort to her, when the door to the office burst open.

Adam Winters stumbled through the door, followed immediately by Ginny Weasley, who seemed to be supporting Adam. Adam was covered in blood and he was as white as a ghost. In comparison Ginny seemed fine, she was bloodstained but didn't appear injured. Molly emitted a furious roar from behind where Minerva was standing and she charged across the room, grabbed Adam by the throat and lifted him up.


"MUM!" Ginny screamed back.

Adam simply screamed in pain.

"MOLLY! Put the boy down!" Albus' voice rang with authority. "We need to determine what has happened here."

Molly stared alternately between Albus, Adam and Ginny. Ginny was desperately trying to put herself between her mother and Adam. Minerva felt a surge of hope, Ginny wouldn't be protecting Adam if he had just kidnapped her. Maybe he was innocent. Definitely there was more going on here than was obvious. Molly lowered Adam to the floor, where he promptly collapsed, moaning in pain.

Minerva saw Ginny rush over to Adam, with tears forming in her eyes.

"Mum, how could you! He saved me! He saved me!" Ginny cried as she tried to comfort Adam.

Minerva dashed over to Adam, intending to check him over.

"No! Stay back! You all think he did it! He didn't! He didn't!" Ginny cried, moving to block Minerva.

"Miss Weasley, will you allow me to examine Adam. I only want to check on his injuries," Albus said, trying to sooth the near hysterical girl.

Minerva watched as Ginny looked warily at Albus and herself. Before eventually nodding and allowing Albus to approach Adam.

Albus crouched over Adam and began speaking softly to him. She saw him click his fingers in front of Adam's face. The room was silent as Albus seemed to stare at Adam.

"Albus..." Minerva said softly.

Albus simply raised his hand, signalling for Minerva to wait. He stared at Adam for what seemed an age.

Albus suddenly stood up. "I think, Miss Weasley, that you should tell us your side of the story," he said.

"It wasn't Adam!" Ginny sobbed. "It was me! It was me all along!"

"Miss Weasley," Albus said softly. "You're saying you are the one who has been attacking students?"

"Yes!" Ginny replied, at this Molly gasped. "No! It was my diary, its been making me ill. I've been having black outs. Its been controlling me! I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to!" Ginny wailed.

"The diary?" Albus asked with sudden intensity. "You have it? Show me."

Ginny pulled a battered book with a massive hole in it out of her robes and handed it to the headmaster. Albus immediately began examining the diary, when he had finished he returned to his desk and sank down into his chair with his shoulders slumped.

"This is the key," Albus said in a low voice, shaking his head.

"Albus?" Minerva questioned hopefully. "Adam is innocent then?"

"Later, Minerva. The most important thing now is to get these children to the hospital wing."

Madam Pomfrey was summoned and she soon arrived, along with Filius, to take Adam to the hospital wing. Ginny insisted on going with him.

"Molly," Albus said. "Would you like to go with them?"

"I will, she will be safe with Filius for a moment." Molly replied sharply. "Because, I want to know what happened to my daughter."

Albus sighed. "While I examined Adam, I..." he hesitated. "I also examined his memories."

"Albus!" Minerva chastised. "That's highly unethical."

"Minerva," Albus replied gently. "I had to know," he paused. "Regardless of the morality of my actions. What I saw in Adam's memories confirm Miss Weasleys testimony, and the diary lends further support to this."

"I'm not following you, Albus," Molly interrupted.

Albus moved his fingers over the diary. When his fingers reached the hole, he froze for a second before continuing to examine the book. "I can feel traces of dark magic still here," he said softly.

Albus seemed to visibly sag in his chair. "I'm almost certain now. Based on what your daughter has said, that this diary has been forcing her to release the creature that has been carrying out the attacks."

"So that means!" Minerva began enthusiastically.

"Yes, Minerva, it seems I owe Adam an apology. This new evidence all points to his innocence."

Minerva saw the colour drain from Molly's face, she had, presumably, just realised that she had nearly attacked an innocent boy.

Minerva herself felt incredibly guilty. It seemed even after everyone in the school, including her, had lost faith and believed he was guilty, Adam was innocent and most importantly he had saved Ginny.

"Albus, Minerva," Molly said faintly. "Can I go and see my daughter now."

"Certainly, Molly," Albus replied. "Minerva, would you be so kind so as to show Molly to the hospital wing,"

Minerva ushered Molly out of the Headmaster's office. On their way down the spiral staircase Lucius Malfoy pushed past them. He was on his way up, with his house elf. Minerva ignored him, that man gave her the creeps. Albus hadn't mentioned he was expecting Lucius but as much as Minerva disliked the man he was, unfortunately, a school governor and presumably had business with the Headmaster.

Minerva continued purposefully towards the hospital wing, with Molly following. She needed to check that Adam was okay.

May 10th 1993

When Ginny awoke the next day, the hospital wing was flooded with light. She hadn't slept so well for ages, it felt as if a massive weight had been lifted from her soul. Ginny sat up and hopped out of bed. She saw a nightgown lying on the chair next to her bed. She slipped it on. Gingerly Ginny pulled back the curtains surrounding her bed and stepped outside.

The hospital wing was silent. She could see several other beds that were surrounded by screens, one was the bed next to hers; the others were at the far end of the hospital wing. She poked her head into the cubicle next to hers; Adam was lying in the bed. He looked extremely peaceful and was obviously sound asleep, his breathing regular and deep. As Ginny looked at him she could see no visible traces of the injuries he had suffered. Injuries he suffered because of me, Ginny thought bitterly.

How could she have been so stupid? She had trusted Tom and the whole time he had been taking control of her body to do evil things. She had hurt her friends, Hermione and Adam. They would probably never forgive her. Well that wouldn't matter much, she would probably be expelled anyway.

"Ginny!" her mum called, interrupting her thoughts.

"In here, Mum," Ginny called back.

Ginny watched as her mum entered the cubicle with a tray of food in her hands.

"How are you, dear?" Mum asked putting the tray down on a nearby table.

"Fine," she lied.

"Adam is going to be fine dear, he will just need to sleep for a few more hours and the Petrified students will be revived in a few days," her mum continued, sensing her obvious distress. "Ginny, dear, nobody blames you. It wasn't your fault, you were being controlled."

"I should have realised what was happening, Mum! I could have stopped it!" Ginny replied.

"Professor Dumbledore says that the diary was a powerful magical object. There was no way someone your age could have fought against it. It isn't your fault! Professor Dumbledore doesn't blame you. I don't blame you and I'm certain Adam won't blame you either," her mum said in a comforting tone as she pulled Ginny into a hug.

"Why don't we sit down, have some dinner and I'll tell you about what's been happening at home," mum said as she pulled up a couple of chairs. Ginny smiled; her mum always knew what to say. The last thing she wanted to do right now was talk more about what had happened.

"Your father has been really busy at work these last few weeks. He came to visit you last night, but you were already asleep. He was out on a raid all of yesterday and couldn't get here until late," her mum continued as they began to eat.

They sat there for a while simply chatting, Mum filled her in on all the goings on and gossip. Bill was still working in Egypt with Gringotts although he hoped to come home next Christmas if not sooner. Charlie was still working in Romania with dragons; to her mum's great annoyance she had been unable to get him to commit to a date to next visit. Ginny sat there enjoying her mum's company, she had always been close to her mother. They talked about inconsequential things. Ginny was just relieved to get her mind off the diary, and the Chamber of Secrets. She wanted to be distracted.

"Ginny," a faint croak from the bed attracted her attention.

"Adam!" she squealed happily. She dashed over to his bedside and asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Sore," he snorted.

Ginny felt her mum approach. Adam seemed to tense when he saw her mum, he must be remembering when she attacked him.

"Adam, I am so sorry for my actions yesterday. I was just so scared for Ginny and they..." Mum hesitated. "They told me you were responsible. You saved my daughter and I can never thank you enough for that, Adam."

"Erm, no problem, Mrs Weasley," Adam said as he blushed bright red at the thanks. He wriggled about on the bed attempting to move himself. "Could you help me sit up?"

"Certainly dear," Mum said, as she helped Adam sit up.

While Ginny was fluffing his pillow she saw a pained look on his face, obviously he wasn't fully healed yet.

"Now your up, you must be starving, I'll just pop off and get you some food," mum continued once he was upright

Adam remained silent until her mum had left.

"Ginny," he began.

"Adam, I'm so sorry! How will you ever forgive me? The whole year everyone has been accusing you and it was me the whole time. I was supposed to be your friend!" Ginny cried.

"Ginny!" Adam said forcefully. "It wasn't your fault. I still want to be your friend. That's if you still want to be mine," he finished awkwardly.

Ginny was overjoyed to hear him say this. She had expected him to tell her to go away and never talk to him again. Almost without thinking she grabbed Adam in the biggest hug she possibly could. It wasn't until she heard a hiss of pain that she realised she had may have overdone it. Even so he had a massive grin on his face as she released him.

May 11th 1993

As Adam awoke he felt for the first time as if he was healed. The dull ache that had permeated his body was gone as had the throbbing in his leg and shoulder. He wriggled his shoulder, it seemed to have the majority of its normal movement back, previously it had simply hung limply at his side while it healed. He attempted to lever himself up into a sitting position. He managed to get himself halfway there before his arm gave way and fell back onto his side. Rolling over back onto his back he huffed. Obviously his arm wasn't as strong as he thought. As he lay there staring at the ceiling he heard a sound from the other side of his little cubicle. Giggling.

"Do you want a hand, Adam?" Ginny giggled. "One of yours doesn't seem to be working."

Adam decided not to answer that and simply growled.

Ginny appeared from wherever she had been and helped him to sit up. Physically Ginny had come through the ordeal in the Chamber virtually unscathed. Once the diary had gone her colour had come back and she seemed livelier and happier almost immediately. Adam guessed Ginny was still feeling incredibly guilty about what had happened and what she had been forced to do. As Adam saw it, someone had stolen her body for a few hours and done horrible things with it but it wasn't Ginny doing those things.

"So how are you feeling?" Ginny asked.

"Better thanks, my arm is still weak as you know, but no pain anymore," he answered. "How are you Ginny?"

"Oh, I'm fine," Ginny replied. "I'll get you some water."

Adam sighed as Ginny left the cubicle. She obviously wasn't fine but she didn't want to talk about it. Ginny returned a few minutes later looking nervous. Her nervousness was explained when the Headmaster entered the cubicle after her. He waved his wand and conjured a large armchair and sat down.

"Do sit down, Miss Weasley," Professor Dumbledore said.

Ginny sat down on his bed, carefully ensuring she didn't touch his injured leg.

"Mr. Winters, myself and the whole school owe you an apology. I was wrong to believe you responsible for the attacks. I deeply regret my actions as result of this misjudgment," he paused. "This incident has been a wake up for me you could say," he paused again, waiting for a reply.

"Okay," Adam responded.

"I would like to explain a little about what happened," Professor Dumbledore said as he pulled the diary from his robe. Adam saw Ginny visibly recoil from it and he heard her squeak in fear as she saw it. "Do not worry, Miss Weasley, it is destroyed." Professor Dumbledore ran his fingers along the name on the front of the diary. "T. M. Riddle."

"He always told me to call him Tom," Ginny added.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle was once a student here at Hogwarts. You and he share much the same background Adam and I suppose that is why I found it easier to suspect you. He was always a disturbed boy, he enjoyed hurting others even from a young age. I see now you are nothing alike."

"Thanks," Adam muttered.

"When Tom left Hogwarts he took on a new name. He became Lord Voldemort."

Ginny gasped at this, colour draining from her face. Adam was confused, he had never heard of Lord Voldemort.

"Who is Voldemort?" Adam asked.

Ginny jumped.

"We don't say his name, Adam. We normally call him You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," Ginny clarified.

"So he was the one that you told me about at Halloween. He killed the Potters?" Adam asked, finally understanding.

Professor Dumbledore coughed suddenly. "Pardon, Yes, that is correct, Mr. Winters." Professor Dumbledore paused. "Miss Weasley, Tom Riddle was a powerful wizard who has manipulated wizards far older and more experienced than you. So you must not feel bad about what has occurred. It was not your fault!"

"How did I end up with the diary though?" Ginny asked. "It was in with my school things."

"At the moment I do not know, but I will be investigating," Professor Dumbledore replied.

"Professor, when I was down in the Chamber, Tom said I must be related to him because I'm a Parselmouth. That's not true, is it?" Adam asked, he didn't want to be related to Tom Riddle. To be related to someone who had done so much evil would be horrifying.

"Adam, I can say categorically that you are not related to Tom Riddle," Professor Dumbledore replied.

"How do you know?" Adam asked, his eyes widening. "The blood test!" Adam exclaimed suddenly. "Was it that blood test you did? What did it tell you?" Adam asked these questions in quick succession. He was relieved to know that he wasn't related to Tom Riddle, but incredibly curious about his past. Maybe Professor Dumbledore would find some long last family. Maybe he could go and stay with them.

"The blood test," Professor Dumbledore paused. "Well, I'm afraid to say I have no answers for you. However, I do know for a fact that Tom Riddle was the last of his family and he had no children."

Adam felt strangely disappointed. He hadn't really thought about it much up until this point, he'd had other things on his mind, but the blood test was his chance of finding out about his family and there was nothing.

"So, how can I talk to snakes then? If I'm not related to Tom?" Adam asked.

"That is another mystery I will aim to investigate. Over the summer hopefully," Professor Dumbledore replied. "It may shed some light on your heritage,"

Adam felt a surge of hope. If he wasn't related to Tom, then his parents must have been able to talk to snakes. According to Ginny being a Parselmouth wasn't that common… maybe he could find any family he had that way.

"Well, that is all I wanted to say. Are there any other questions you two may have?" The Headmaster asked standing up from his chair.

"Sir, where I am going to stay over the summer?" Adam asked, remembering his conversation with Professor McGonagall. Professor Dumbledore's mention of the summer had jogged his memory.

"Ah yes, Professor McGonagall reminded me of this. With the recent troubles I have not been able to arrange anything myself. Normal procedure in these cases is for the Ministry to arrange something and they have have assured me that they will arrange somewhere suitable for you to stay over the summer," he paused. "Somewhere safe."

Professor Dumbledore took out his wand and made his conjured chair vanish.

"Good day to you Mr. Winters, and to you Miss Weasley. We are having a feast as soon as the victims of the attacks are restored." he smiled slightly. "Please make sure you are there," Professor Dumbledore finished with a slight twinkle in his eye.

He swept out of the cubicle leaving Adam and Ginny sitting on the bed together.

May 30th 1993

Today was finally the day that the Petrified victims were to be revived. Adam was waiting with Ginny just outside the hospital wing. According to Madam Pomfrey the revival process would be more or less instant and the victims would be back on their feet virtually immediately. So Adam and Ginny had decided to wait for Hermione once she was revived.

Adam and Ginny had rejoined the school the previous week, although there were still many suspicious looks thrown in Adam's direction. The story that Professor Dumbledore had told the school was vastly different from what actually happened. He had told the school that Adam and Ginny had been attacked and had managed to escape, identifying the attacker in the process. With the attacker identified Professor Dumbledore had been able to apprehend him. He had, however, refused to reveal to the school the identity of the attacker, despite the pleas of many of the students.

Once this announcement was made Adam received many apologies from the students who had previously accused him.

Mrs Weasley had, however, told the rest of the Weasley children about Ginny's involvement in the attacks and how Adam had rescued her. Adam had blushed at this praise. Once the story was told the Weasley brothers had all shaken his hand, thanked him and apologised. Ron, much to Ginny's anger, had shaken his hand stiffly, nodded and then stormed off.

The other development that had occurred and caused considerable whispering within the school, was the disappearance of Professor Lockhart. He had vanished while Adam and Ginny were in the hospital wing. Adam privately believed it was because he was useless. However, Professor Dumbledore had simply stated it was because he had a family emergency.

Ron and Neville had also just arrived outside the hospital wing to wait for Hermione. They sat down next to Ginny. Ron was still avoiding all attempts at conversation with Adam. Ginny suddenly let out a high pitched squeal and leapt up from where she was sitting. The door to the hospital wing had opened and Hermione had stepped out. She was walking a little shakily and was still wearing the clothes she had been wearing when she was attacked but otherwise she looked fine. Well other than the fact she was currently the unexpected recipient of a Ginny Weasley hug. Upon seeing Hermione, Ron and Nevile also got up from their seats and made their way over to her. Adam hung back and waited for the reunion to finish before he approached. Hermione gave him a smile and Adam waved back.

"It was a basilisk attacking the students," Hermione said quietly. "The last thing I remember was hearing a slithering sound in the corridor, so I took out my mirror to look around the corner and then I woke up in the hospital wing about an hour ago."

"Oh, Hermione!" Ginny said, her voice breaking a bit.

"I think we should go somewhere more private," Adam said, Ginny's involvement in this was still secret. Adam wanted it to stay that way.

The five of them made their way to the common room. It was packed with Gryffindors. They decided to go up to Ron's room as Ron and Neville's other two roommates were currently busy in the common room.

"Hermione! It was me! I released the basilisk," Ginny confessed as soon as they were in the room. "The diary was controlling me somehow. I would have this dizziness and memory loss. That must have been when I was releasing the basilisk."

"How did you stop it?" Hermione asked, beginning to pace.

"It was Adam who stopped it. The diary made me attack him. He was able to stop the basilisk," Ginny replied, they had decided not to tell anyone else other than the Headmaster about Tom or the conversation with him.

"How the hell did you stop a basilisk?" Ron asked. Obviously the story Mrs Weasley told him must have been very brief.

"Umm I-I-I remembered what Hermione had on the sheet of paper in her hand," Adam answered. "So when it came out I closed my eyes. It had me cornered and then something happened to it and it just exploded. It was all luck really."

"It's wasn't luck, Adam, you saved me!" Ginny said strongly.

"Where was Ginny while you were fighting the basilisk?" Ron asked.

"I was unconscious. After it the diary took me over and made me stun Adam, I guess it made me drag Adam down into the Chamber. Then it made me go unconscious," Ginny replied.

"This diary has been controlling you all year?" asked Ron. Adam couldn't quite decipher the look on his face. It looked almost guilty.

"Yeah, my first memory loss happened only a few days after we got here," Ginny replied.

At this Ron went bright red. Without saying anything he stood up and left the room.

"What's up with him?" Ginny asked.

"I think he's feeling bad because he wasn't there for you," Hermione said gently.

"Should I go after him?" Neville asked.

"I'd leave him sort himself out," Hermione advised. "We have to be down for the feast soon anyway."

The small group all dispersed to go and get changed for the feast.

The feast was spectacular, as all Hogwarts feasts were. Which meant that there was far too much food for Adam to possibly eat. Adam did his best though and was careful to save room for dessert.

"Ahem," Professor Dumbledore stood as the meal finished. The hall grew silent, waiting for him to speak. "This year we have been victim to many unfortunate occurrences at the school. Some of our own students have been attacked. As a result of this it is my pleasure to announce that all exams are canceled!"

The Great Hall erupted into a massive roar at the announcement. The entire school was cheering and clapping.

"Ahem," The hall quietened, waiting for the headmaster to continue. "There is one person who I must thank on behalf of the school. Despite being suspected of the attacks this young man was able to fight back against the attacker and alert the teaching staff. This allowed us to apprehend the real culprit. So please come forward Mr. Winters to collect a special award for services to the school and two hundred points to Gryffindor!"

Adam groaned, he didn't want the attention but he didn't really have much choice now. The entire school was cheering, with the exception of some of the Slytherins. The Gryffindor table was home to the most enthusiastic applause. Adam stood up and walked to the head table. Professor Dumbledore handed him a small plaque. Adam quickly grabbed the plaque and scurried back to the Gryffindor table. As he returned he noticed Ginny was also clapping and grinning madly at him.

"Did you know about this?" Adam whispered.

"No! Although I wouldn't have told you even if I did," Ginny giggled.

Adam was even more of a hero to the Gryffindors when it turned out his two hundred points had been enough to push Gryffindor into first place for the House Cup, beating Slytherin by only 20 points. However, the biggest shock for Adam at the feast was when Professor Dumbledore announced the return of Hagrid. Hagrid had apparently been removed from the school by the Ministry, having been somehow also implicated for opening the Chamber of Secrets. This news caught Adam and Ginny by surprise for neither of them realised that Hagrid had left the school. Adam saw Ginny's shoulders slump, she was obviously blaming herself for Hagrid's removal. He touched her elbow and tried to give her a reassuring smile, which she returned weakly.

Adam hoped that Ginny would accept that none of this was her fault soon.

June 19th 1993

The day Adam had been dreading for weeks was finally here. It was the day he was leaving his new home, Hogwarts, to go and stay somewhere else for the summer. He was a little uneasy about where he was going to stay, but if the Ministry had sorted it out especially for him then it couldn't be that bad. He hoped he would be able to go and see Ginny towards the end of the summer.

As Adam and Ginny were leaving the castle to head towards the boats waiting to take them to the train, Professor McGonagall called him over.


"Yes Professor?"

"Before you go, I just wanted to say its been a pleasure to have you here this year. You have come on so much since I first met you," she paused as Adam felt his face flush. "If you have any problems over the summer you can always send me an owl and I will do whatever I can to help. I may not be at Hogwarts all through the summer, but if you need me I will come and help you."

"Thank you, Professor, for everything," Adam replied, he really did feel very grateful.

It amazed Adam how much his life had changed over the past year. He had gone from stealing food and sleeping in abandoned buildings to living in a magical castle. He had gone from having no friends to having the best friend he could possibly ever ask for in Ginny. He had gone from a freak that made strange things happen to a wizard able to perform magic.

Adam couldn't wait to come back to Hogwarts next year.

June 19th 1993

Ginny was staring out of the window of the train. She could just about make out Kings Cross Station in the distance.

"We're nearly there!" Ginny exclaimed, as she hopped up and down excitably on her seat.

"Oh," Adam replied. He sounded disappointed.

Ginny understood that Adam wasn't feeling anywhere near as enthusiastic about going home as she was. Well, he didn't really have a home to go to, did he. The Ministry was putting him up somewhere until he went back to Hogwarts.

"I'll definitely get my Mum to send you an owl, so you can come over towards the end of the Holidays! We can ask her on the platform if you'd like. I'm sure she will say yes," said Ginny as she bounced around the compartment tidying things from their trip away.

Once they had disembarked from the train Ginny and Adam strode across the platform.

"There they are!" Ginny shouted as she saw her mum.

Ginny ran over and her mum grabbed her into a big hug.

"Oh, Ginny! It's so good to have you home!" said Mum, obviously excited to see her.

Looking around Ginny saw Adam struggling through the crowd towards them with his trunk.

"Hello, Adam," Mum said as she saw him. "Are your parents here to pick you up yet?"

Ginny saw Adam flinch at this, she hadn't told her mum any of Adam's history. He hadn't wanted her to.

"Mum, Mum! Can Adam come and stay with us during the summer?" Ginny asked, hoping to distract her mother.

"Of course dear, we will just need to ask his parents and set it all up." Mum responded.

"Mrs Weasley, someone was going to be sent to come and pick me up today to take me home," Adam replied, he had obviously collected himself. "So erm, could you send an owl?"

"Oh, of course dear," she responded. "Who is picking you up?"

"I don't know. I guess they have some way to identify themselves."

"Could it be the man over there with your name on a piece of parchment, Adam?" Fred enquired with a wink.

"Oh," Adam replied. "I guess that means I should go, then. Goodbye Ginny, will you write to me?"

"Of Course!" said Ginny. She pulled Adam into a hug. She then whispered so only Adam could hear. "Good luck, I hope where they send you is okay."

Adam began to walk away towards the man who was holding the parchment with his name on it. He turned around and waved before the man lead him out of the King's Cross barrier. Ginny knew that Adam was really nervous about where he was being sent. She hoped he would be okay.

"My, my Ginny, your friend must be well off if his parents send a chauffeur to pick him up!" George commented.

"Yeah, I guess so," Ginny replied.

You have no idea how wrong you are George, Ginny thought as the Weasley family grabbed their trunks and began to make their way towards the barrier.