It hardly ever snowed in the village of Konohagakure.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto were heading towards the lake, planning on skating for the rest of the afternoon. "please, I really don't want to do this" Sakura said. Naruto had her firmly by the hand and they walked. Naruto, as usual, was way too overexcited; heck, even Sasuke seemed excited, but Sakura, for reasons unknown, didn't want to skate. Naruto and Sasuke plopped down on a log by the edge, and put their skates on. Sakura just stood in the snow, her skates behind her back. Naruto looked up. "Aren't you going to put your skates on sakura-chan?" Sakura looked down, and slowly sat on the log. Her skates weren't brand-new like Naruto's and Sasuke's. she wasn't able to afford extras right now, and she had picked up the skates in a secondhand store. She sighed and put them on.

Naruto bounded onto the lake as soon as her had his skates on. Sasuke waited a little bit, then went on the ice. Sakura had never been skating before. She hoped she wouldn't make a fool of herself. Sasuke and Naruto were out in the middle, doing all sorts of weird tricks.

Sakura cautiously stepped out onto the ice. She wobbled a bit, but was able to stand. She pushed off one foot, then the other, And was soon skating.

Sakura made a few laps around, by then, Sasuke and Naruto were done.

"we're heading up!" Naruto said, skating up to her. "I think I'm going to stay here a bit" Sakura said. Sasuke and Naruto nodded and started back. Now Sakura had the lake all to herself. She started out doing a few more laps, but she made them graceful. Then, she started composing a routine in her mind. Spin, leap, triple Lutz. Sakura was lost in her own little world, leaping and spinning to her own music.

Sasuke and Naruto were coming up the hill to the village when they met Ino, Hinata, and ten-ten. "hey, who' that!" Ino said over Sasuke's shoulder.

Sasuke and Naruto turned around "that's sakura-chan!" Naruto said, bounding down the hill. Pretty soon, a crowd was gathered around the lake, watching Sakura skate. Sakura ignored them; she was lost in the rhythm of her skates. "Sakura!" she heard. Sakura stopped, and noticed all the people. She ran off the ice quickly, her face bright red. Naruto caught her in a big hug. "That was wonderful sakura!" she squirmed away, and ran right into Sasuke. "Come on sakura" he said, taking her wrists. "The people want an encore" at that, sakura turned bright red. But she got on the ice anyways and performed her routine one last time. As she was landing her triple Lutz, she slipped. She heard a crack, and fell on the ice, hitting her head hard.

Sasuke was the first to her. "Sakura" he said, turning her over. One of her boots was laying a few feet away, completely wrecked. She seemed okay. Then he noticed the puddle of blood. Sakura had a large gash in her head from falling. Sasuke picked her up, and skated off. He infused chakra to his feet and ran up the hill. He ran through the village into the hospital. One of the nurses checked her out. "She seems to be fine, just a sprained ankle, and a bump on the head" Sasuke nodded and the nurse left. After a few moments, Sakura woke up. She looked at him, and then winced.

"Hey" he said. "You were pretty great out there" she smiled. "I blew the lutz didn't I?" he nodded "I'm just glad it was the boot, and not your leg that snapped". Sakura's face fell. "So I don't have any skates?" she sat up. "Well, you totaled one, and unless you can skate on one foot pretty well, I would advise getting new ones" sasuke replied. sakura looked out the window. "Well, skating season's over for me" Sasuke came over to her. "You can use my skates any time" and with that,

he kissed her.