Everyone on the street was telling me I was insane. I had refused him, just like that. Bye, bye Harry. No explanation whatsoever, not that he needed one. I just said a big no. I think he heard it fine.

And now that I'm free first thing I want to do is weep. But at least I'm free and nothing can get in my way of something. Thing is, where is that something?

He won't be sad, I hope. I see in me the smears of last years and I wouldn't like to stain the hero. Now I'm going to trace a new line for my feet. Do you know how much summer sucks out the sap of me? Just because it's there, with the sunny tree tops and the breakfast pancakes, mum's face on a window, just feels like home. And I don't want to feel like home, cuz then I'll be waiting for another year at Hogwarts and I'll try to be pretty and smart.

In fact, I'll be staying in the city for a while.

I'll probably have to find a job to pay for these hotel bills. Not that the landlord isn't sweet, but I'd like to do it on my own. I wouldn't want anyone to ruffle my hair.

Well, I refused him so I might as well wipe out my name and write something new.

I see Tom's face on every passer-by and even the grannies in the park. Now that he's dead this is harmless. I could even fall in love with the world.

I caught a vision of my face in a puddle.

Don't wake me up, cuz my dreaming seems so true.