The Truth about Heaven

A/N: this is a little one shot that came into my mind last night when I was listening to Armor for sleep's "the truth about heaven" Thank you very much to my awesome Beta fearie kitten!!!! Thank you for posting this and looking over it!

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The Truth About Heaven

"Edward… Edward wake up! I need to talk to you." Was that Bella I was hearing? But that couldn't be, she…

When I woke up I saw her. Standing right in front of my bed. "Bella? How…? Why…?" I stuttered.

"I came here to tell you that I love you one last time. And heaven isn't that great anyway…" I starred at her unbelievingly.

I was just beginning to cope with her death and now she stood here, telling me that Heaven sucked. "Have you gone nuts? Heaven is supposed to be the best place a human could ever go to…"

Bella laughed. "The best place I have ever been to was taken from me when that 18 Wheeler hit my truck. I'd rather lie here in your arms than be bored to death in heaven. I mean it's fun for a while hanging out with all these famous, dead people, but it gets boring after a while. The only time you get to hear new stories is when someone new joins the party. And weirdly that rarely happens in the part of heaven they put me into," she rambled, or at least so it seemed to me.

What the Hell was my subconscious trying to tell me? I was sure by now that this all must be a dream. Bella, or what I thought was her, seemed to guess what I was thinking. "No Edward this is not a dream. I am really here talking to you about how much heaven sucks. Seems like Armor for Sleep were right after all."

When I began to speak again my voice was bitter. "Why are you here Bella? I just started coping with your death, and tomorrow I'll have to start over again. Do you know how much it fucking hurts that you are gone? You took my heart with you when you died…" my voice broke, I was trying not to cry. I hid my face in my hands and shook. Suddenly I felt two familiar, yet strange arms wrap around me. Even without looking up I knew they were Bella's. I remembered the feeling of her holding me all to well.

"This Edward… this is heaven," she whispered.

She held me closer and while I still felt her arms around me at the same time I felt myself fall back onto my mattress.

Suddenly Bella felt more solid, more real to me. And I knew I was home, where I belonged.

~ 200 Miles away ~

"Alice are you ok?" Jasper asked me. I had woken from my restless sleep and got up so I wouldn't disturb him. I didn't turn around to him but kept staring out of the window. "I know why I couldn't sleep in the last few nights. When Mom enters Edward's room tomorrow morning he won't be there."

I could see Jasper's confused face in his reflection in the window. "What does your restlessness have to do with your twin? And what do you mean he won't be there?" he asked.

"Edward has gone where he belongs, Jazz. He is back with Bella." I turned around and let Jasper engulf me in a hug. He understood the unspoken meaning behind my words. My twin was dead.