Glinda then began to prepare to return Tip to his former fleshy form. This time it seemed much easier since Glinda knew what she was doing and knew what to expect. It only took her a few days to cojure up a spell, with Boq's help of course. Glinda relished his physical presence ever so more, his warm hands, how his arms wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her in close to his own beating heart. Before his embraces had been so cold and painful, but she couldn't bear to tell him the truth; she knew it would ruin him. But it made his presence so much more rewarding, so much more satisfying. She was incredibly grateful for him, and she knew he was just as grateful to be back in his own body.

So it was about three or four days after Boq had been transformed back into a human that Glinda was ready with the spell for Tip. She instructed him to sit on her desk, and stood a few feet away, rereading her spell to make sure it was perfect.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Of course, my lady," he said. "Whenever you are."

Glinda nodded and took a deep breath. Boq was by her side for support. Glinda gripped his hand tightly and began to chant, the words flowing off her tongue smoothly and naturally. She felt her magic pour into the little Mouse, and she could see him suddenly burst into flames, but these flames were bright purple in color that gave off no heat or smoke. She watched in awe as the flames grew higher and higher until all at once the flames vanished, leaving a tiny brown-grey Mouse in the place Tip had once been. Glinda squealed with delight and scooped up the Mouse in her hands.

"It worked!" she cried.

"A thousand thanks, lady!" Tip said, nuzzling her cheek. "If there is anything I can do to repay you, anything, I'll do it!"

"Of course not, Tip, it was my pleasure!" Glinda said. "It was only the right thing to do after turning you in the first place."

Tip nodded, a huge grin on his face. "Well, I thank you once again."

Glinda was silent for a moment, thinking. "Actually, there is one thing . . ."

"Name it and it shall be done," Tip said.

"My friend, Fiyero . . . the scarecrow . . . I want to turn him back, too, but I don't know where I can find him," Glinda said slowly.

Tip thought long and hard. "The Emerald City is a very big place for a tiny Mouse such as myself . . . it will take quite some time to find him, but I will."

"Wait . . . he said . . . he said he will always be watching from the shadows . . ." Glinda said, her brows furrowing with concentration. "But what does that mean?"

There was a long silence, all three of them deep in thought. "It could mean anything," Boq said. "There's a thousand places in the city he could hide."

"No . . ." Ti said, his eyes going wide with a sudden revelation. "There's only one place in the entirety of the Emerald City where the sun never touches! It's a small building in the southeast section of the city! It was considered an engineering marvel that the entire building never saw a single ray of sunlight!"

"That must be it!" Glinda said. "Can you take me to it?"

"I'm coming with you," Boq said.

"No, Boq . . . I want to talk to him, alone. Please, try to understand," Glinda said gently.

Boq bit his lip, but nodded.

Tip took off down the Palace corridors, leading her outside. Glinda followed the Mouse as he weaved all throughout the city, down some busy streets, up a few alleys, making sudden turns and even looping back around a few time. Glinda quickened her steps to keep up with him. Despite his size, he was incredibly fast.

Soon they came upon a small one-story building, rather old and run-down looking, but it still shone with a sense of former-glory with its ntricate carvings on the sidings and ornate pillars. Glinda loked over it carefully. It was indeed engulfed in shadows; not a single ray of sun shone on it. The windows were broken and the roof was caving in, and most of the carvings on the pillarswere washed away to nothing. Glinda felt a pang of pity that such an exquisite building was slowly deteriorating away into dust.

"Well, this is it," Tip said.

"Let's go inside," Glinda said, stepping over the broken cobblestones and through the broken door frame. The inside was bare of any furnishings or decorations. All there was were dust and broken floorboards.

"Hello?" she called out nervously. "Anyone home?"

"I knew you'd figure it out," Fiyero's voice chuckled from the shadows.

Glinda sighed. "Well, you certainly know how to choose a dramatic setting."

"It suits my purposes well enough," he said. Glinda ould almost see him shrugging in his usual carefree matter. He stepped forward, where Glinda could see him. "I heard about your engagement to a Master Boq. Congratulations!"

Glinda blushed. "He . . . well, I love him."

He smiled widely. "And I am incredibly grateful and happy for both of you."

She smiled, her blush growing redder. "Yes, well . . . I found a spell to change you back! Fiyero, you can be human again! You see Tip? The straw Mouse? Well, he's normal again!" She scooped Tip up in her hands and showed him off to Fiyero. His eyes went wide for a moment. "You can be normal, too!"

Glinda could tell from his expression he was extremely tempted with her offer, and remained silent for a very long time, carefully thinking it over. Glinda patiently waited for his answer.

"Glinda, if I go through with this . . . I can never see you again," Fiyero finally said.

Glinda's smile falter and she could feel her spirits sink into the pit of her stomach. "But why?"

"I can't risk you being seen with a traitorous prince," Fiyero said calmly. "Even if you did change my appearance . . . I'm afraid it might not be enough."

Glinda lowered her head. "I thought maybe . . . you could start over . . ."

Fiyero cupped her face in his cloth hands and wiped away a stray tear trailing down Glinda's cheek. "I can't risk that. I'm not going to. I want to be human, but I can't risk your life for that. You understand."

"Of course I do," Glinda said softly. "But I'm going to miss you so much."

Fiyero gripped her gently, his straw-stuffed arms crackling gently as her body pressed against his. "I will, too."

"Did you ever love me?" Glinda asked suddenly.

"No . . . and yes. I loved you as a friend, but never as a lover. Never as much as I loved Elphaba. But I have always cared for you."

Glinda smiled. "She deserved someone like you, may her soul rest in peace."

"I miss her so much too," he said, his voice cracking suddenly. "It hasn't been easy . . . but I know she is so very proud of you and everything you've done."

"Thank you for that, Fiyero," she whispered. "And . . . well, are you ready?"

"Of course I am," Fiyero grinned.

Still in his embrace, Glinda began to chant the spell. The same purple fires began to spread u his legs and arms, swallowing his body whole. The fire did not harm GLinda, but she took a step away, her hands still holding Fiyero's. The fire surrounded his hands and his entire figure, but eventually it faded, revealing Fiyero, in his human form. Blond hair, deep blue eyes, tanned skin . . . it was him again!

She lunged at him, gripping hi tightly. "Oh, Fiyero! You're you again!"

Fiyero laughed, squeezing her harder. "You did it! Thank you so much! I'm so proud!"

Glinda stepped back, admiring his form. He looked just the same as he had just weeks ago before he turned into a scarecrow, although he still wore the same rugged green tunic and patched-up brown trousers he wore as a scarecrow.

Fiyero took a few steps backwards, back into the shadows. "Thank you so much, Glinda, my lady . . . but now, I must go. Good-bye, and take care. I know you'll do wonderful."

"Thank you, Fiyero," she said quietly, tears of joy falling from her eyes. And just like that, he was gone.

Glinda wiped away her tears, and with a contented heart, picked up Tip and started to walk back to the Palace.

"You're letting him go, just like that?" Tip asked.

"He must go his own way. I'm not one to say what he must do with his life. But I know, wherever he goes . . . he will be happy, and that's more than enough for me," Glinda said. "Now come, I know my wedding is still a ways away, but I want to get started right away! Do you want to be the Ring Bearer?"

Fiyero was alone. The endless grassy plains were the only thing for miles, the Emerald City far behind him. Losing all his senses, even for just a few weeks, gave him newfound gratitude for them. He enjoyed the scent of the sweet grass in his nostrils, the stems pressing against his legs, the wind through his hair . . . it felt so wonderful to be alive again!

He kept walking, casting his gaze up to the clouds. The white fluffy shapes casually glided through the sapphire sky. Fiyero smiled. He was like one of those clouds. Just drifting. Wherever the wind took him.

Except he wasn't as careless and carefree. Although he could be at times.

And now, the wind took him to a small shack carefully hidden in a grove of trees, easy to miss if you weren't looking for it. The shack was modest, but well-built and sturdy, and big enough to house his needs and much more.

He entered the cabin. "Fae . . . I'm back," he said.

His precious Elphaba, his beautiful Fae, was sitting in a chair nearby and waiting for him. She didn't seem surprised at all that he was now human instead of straw.

"Glinda's doing well, I see," she smirked.

"More than well," Fiyero said, pressing his lips on hers and sharing a deep and passionate kiss. "She's getting married."

"To Boq, yes, you told me," she teased, gripping his hair and pulling him in for another kiss. "Didn't I tell you the plan would work?"

"I have to be honest, I did have my doubts," Fiyero admitted.

"Oh, ye of little faith," Elphaba smiled. "I knew Glinda would believe I was dead."

"But you took a huge risk giving her your magic," Fiyero pointed out.

"I knew she'd be able to turn you back."

"That's being a little manipulative, don't you think?"

"Not at all," she shrugged. "Think of it as charity. I gave her my magic. She needs it more than I do. She simply did what anyone would do."

"I still think we could have helped her some more than what we did."

"And what, risk having hoards of angry villagers after our heads?" Elphaba said. "Fiyero, we both knew full well what we were getting into."

"I know, I just wish things could have turned out better," Fiyero sighed.

"What, you're complaining?" Elphaba said, not unkindly. "We have each other, Glinda's back in power, she is in love with Boq, and both of you are human again. Everything's as it should be."

"But I feel . . . we should have told her . . ."

"I couldn't risk that," Elphaba sighed. "I risked enough having just you go out there. Nothing works out perfectly. But at least we're together. Isn't that enough?"

"Well, this is one thing I'm definitely not complaining about," Fiyero said, bending in for a kiss. "I love you more than anything, my Fae."

"And I you," she breathed as they kissed passionately.