The year has gone very quickly for Donna and Sam. They we've been married for a whole year now and they were still as happy as on their weeding day. For their anniversary they decided to invite their closest friends; Rosie, Tanya, Bill and Harry.

The day was very hot and sunny. But it's not that surprising in Greece.

Donna was riding in her old, blue jeep with Sam.

"I'm so excited they are coming" She said with a smile.

"Me too" He said looking at Donna lovingly "You've planned a wonderful evening, darling" he squeezed her hand delicately.

"I hope" she smiled softly ""But I still can't believe Tanya is with Harry… I mean… He's just confessed to be gay and now… it turned out his not and his in love with my best friend." She laughed.

"It's nice they are happy. Wasn't Bill and Rosie a surprise for you?" Sam asked

"Not at all. I could see something between them from the moment they clapped eyes on each other" She winked at Sam.

Sam nodded laughing. Donna saw people getting off the ferry.

"Oh!" She screamed pointing to the decking "I can see Tanya and Harry!"

"And there is Bill and Rosie" Sam added pointing to the group of people standing on the decking. They were waiting for Tanya, who was trying to gracefully get on the decking.

They parked the car and Donna immediately jumped off running to her friends.

"You're here!!" she shouted to them

Rosie and Tanya got closer and stood with their back to each other.

"For one night!" screamed Rosie

"And one night ONLY!" Tanya screamed putting her hand up pretending it's a microphone.

"Donna and the Dynamos!! They shouted together and started to run towards Donna.

They hugged each other and started to jump around laughing. "Dynamos, Dynamos sleep all day and WHOOPOO all night!" They hugged again.

"What about us?" asked Bill coming behind them.

"Bill!" Donna said happily and hugged him.

"Careful or my girlfriend will be jealous" he said playfully hugging her back.

"I would be more afraid of Sam if I were you" said Rosie laughing.

Donna laughed and went to say hello to Harry.

"Harry! How are you?" she asked.

"Very well, thank you." He answered smiling.

Sam, Harry and Bill took the entire luggage and girls went off towards the car.

"So… how is married life going?" Tanya asked with a smirk.

"Great, but I'll tell you everything when we will be alone" Donna answered and winked.

They got in the car after few minutes of squeezing everyone and everything.

"So, are you excited about today?" asked Donna looking at Rosie and Tanya.

"Well…" started Rosie "I'm happy to be with you on your anniversary, but do we really have to sing… I mean every one of us has to do a solo?" she asked a bit nervously.

"I thought it would be great to do a "love night". And every one has to sing a song for their love" Donna answered and smiled at Sam, who looked at her with a frown.

"When you say every one, you mean us guys as well?" he asked

"Of course, darling! It wouldn't be fair for us girls to sing our hearts out and you men will just listen, don't you think? I want to hear a song you picked specially for me?" she smiled playfully.

"But Donna" Harry caught in "You know I'm not really fond of singing. I mean I'd love to hear you sing, but I'm not sure you want to get through listening to me singing?" he said with disbelieve in his voice.

"I want to hear you sing for me, darling!" Tanya exclaimed.

Harry sighed, while Bill just shook his head with a smirk.

"I think we don't have choice, guys" Bill said smiling at Rosie, who was stroking his hand. She shook her head slightly and smiled.

After some time they finally made it to the hotel. Sam, Bill and Harry took all suitcases, while Donna, Rosie and Tanya were walking up the stairs.

"This stairs will kill me one day" Tanya said out of breath "Why did I put my stilettos again?!"

"Because Tanya, you are a person, who usually is not learning on mistakes." Rosie said playfully, trying to catch her breath.

Soon Sam, Bill and Harry made it up the stairs as well, putting the entire luggage on the ground.

"God!" Harry exclaimed "What have you put in there, woman?" he asked Tanya.

"Some things." She smiled innocently "I'm sure you're gonna love it later" she winked at him.

"I'll show you your rooms." Donna said getting up from the bench.

"That would be great!" Rosie expressed "I'd love to freshen up!" she got up as well and followed Donna.

Sam, Bill, Harry and Tanya did the same.

"Here is Bill's and Rosie's room" Donna said opening the door on the right. The room was blue, like most of the rooms in Donna's hotel. It was very bright with a big bed and a lovely, small balcony.

"Thank you, Donna." Bill said putting the suitcases down.

"It's lovely" Rosie added sitting on the bed.

"We'll leave you alone for now." Donna smiled "Lets meet up in two hours, ok? You'll have some time to freshen up and to think of a song for tonight" She smiled mischievously.

"Right, right!" Bill called from the bathroom. Rosie nodded and waved to Tanya and Harry.

"See you!" Tanya called walking out off the room.

Donna walked passed Harry and Tanya to take them to their room. She opened the door on the left.

"Here we are." She smiled turning around towards Harry, who was dragging the luggage to the room.

"Thanks Donna" Tanya said walking in.

"And thank you, darling for bringing the luggage" she patted Harry on the back affectionately.

"So, see you in two hours" Donna smiled and closed the door behind her.

"Lets go to the kitchen and check on the dinner, ok?" she asked Sam, who was waiting for her in the corridor. He nodded and took her hand leading her down the stairs.