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(takes place about a week to a week ½ BEFORE je ne regrette rien)

Matt stared up at the blonde, expression unreadable. And that was a feat those days seeing as Matt still hadn't replaced his goggles.

"So... we're leaving?" he questioned.

Mello sighed. "Yes. We'll be going to Wammys to help L." he said as he sat down on Matt's lap. Stripe covered arms wound their way around his waist and pulled him closer, though just shy of touching.

"When was this decided?" the redhead questioned.

"Today. When L called." Mello told him as he began to kiss at his neck. Mello ran his fingers up his shirt and scratched lightly at his chest.

Matt knew exactly what the blonde was attempting to do, but he didn't mind it. He didn't really have a problem with leaving the apartment and moving back to England, especially as the apartment didn't really feel all that safe anymore since the incident.

He just thought it was amusing that Mello felt he needed to distract him with sex. Hell, Matt wasn't going to complain. He grabbed a fistful of hair and dragged the blonde's mouth from his neck and kissed him fiercely.

Mello moaned, not having expected Matt to react so quickly. He had thought Matt would have had more of a problem with leaving. He broke away, though it had been difficult with the hand in his hair. "You're not going to argue?"

"Not really. Besides, who could argue with a sexy leather clad blonde sitting on their lap?" Mello snorted at him but gasped as Matt wedged his hand into the leather trousers.

"Fuck Matt, it's too tight down there for that." he groaned as Matt rubbed at his erection, though it was almost painful. Matt kissed him again, teeth worrying his bottom lip, as he undid the laces on his leather.

He sighed in relief as Matt finished and his penis and Matt's hand were no longer trapped in the tight leather together. Mello glanced at the clock across the room and groaned. They, as he hadn't exactly told Matt this yet, would soon be late with meeting a client for a new case.

One that he had just taken on only a few hours ago..

"I have to be somewhere in half an hour-" he hissed as Matt yanked his leather down to his thighs and though he made to get up to fully remove them he was held in place by the hands at his hips.

"So I assume you want to get this done quick? So much for romance." Matt laughed and spit in his palm and coated his erection with it. Mello quickly understood, as he wrapped his arms around Matt's neck, and slowly eased himself onto Matt's penis.

"Ahh.." he bit his lip as he adjusted to the feeling of being filled. He didn't allow himself much time, as Matt's hands on him were just too much, and began to move.

Matt loved the way Mello closed his eyes and moaned as he rode him, pressing Matt further into the couch cushions with the constant rise and fall of his body. He pressed his fingers harder into those slim hips and forced Mello into a harsher pace.

It was quick and dirty, and Matt loved every second of it.

He wrapped one hand around Mello's own erection and stroked it with quick movements. "Matt.." Mello breathed against his lips. He cried out and spurted against Matt's hand and rode out his ecstasy as Matt continued to push into him until his own orgasm peaked.

"Damn, I'm all sticky now." Mello gasped with a frown, still being kissed senseless.

"It's your own fault you couldn't wait until later." Matt told him with a slight jerk of his hips. He glared at Matt but it didn't stick as he watched the smirk grow on the redhead's lips. Damn he loved him.

"Let's go to work."

"What you mean 'let's' that implies that I'm going with you." Matt asked with narrowed eyes.

"That's because you are." he told Matt with a growing smirk of his own as he detangled himself from him.

Matt just sighed.

-End Special-

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