So it almost kinda sucks. I finally adopt out one of my fics and think, 'oh hey! I only have one left', and then this idea pops out of nowhere and hits me over the head. I considered ignoring it for some time, but finally realized it was impossible to do so. At least it's another Harry Potter crossover...I seem to do well with those. The timeline in one in which the wars are over so post EW, and it's during the summer after 5th year for Harry.

Now, as for a note: I always said I would never write slash or shonen-ai. Not that I'm completely against it, obviously, although my views on it are kinda complicated. However this is Gundam Wing. Now, I agree that the boys can be friends without being lovers, but that would mean I'd have to involve the girls. And heck...they're just creepy. I mean, really. Relena? Ew. Cathy? Hello, she's like Trowa's sister. Noin so totally belongs to Zechs. Sally and Wufei can't get along at all. Hilde and Duo are too alike to be compatible. And Dorathy? Heck, people, she tried to kill Quatre! Remember? So, yeah, this fic goes against what I always said, and it's 1x2x5 and 3x4. I draw the line at lemons though. I totally won't go there.

Anywho, enjoy.

Two for One Deal

Quatre Raberba Winner was a busy man. At seventeen and already in charge of his own company, one would say that he had a lot on his plate. However, he was also an ex-Gundam pilot, one of the leading terrorists in two wars, a Preventer's Agent, and the proclaimed Savior-Of-The-Wizarding-World.

Not that his friends knew that final piece of information.

Quatre had never given the other pilots any reason to believe that he was hiding anything of that great importance from them. They all had their secrets, and no one bothered to pry, but Quatre was pretty sure his secrets weren't quite like the others'. He got the feeling that Trowa suspected something, but he wasn't terribly concerned by his boyfriend's musings right now. Pretty soon Quatre would have to return to the world he had left behind, or rather, Harry would have to return, and he was sure he didn't want to have to go alone.

Call him a coward, but Quatre did not want to walk into a war without people he knew he could trust to back him up.

Which brought about the reason why he was currently heading towards Lady Une's office, hoping to get her on his side. She looked up at him when he entered, setting her glasses to the side. "Agent Winner," she said in greeting. Quatre gave her a small nod, seating himself in one of the chairs across from her desk, crossing his legs at the knee and placing his hands in his lap. He looked comfortable and casual, but anyone who knew him knew that he was just as dangerous then as he was on the battlefield. "What can I do for you?"

"I need you to explain to the others about the Wizarding World," he stated bluntly, for once deciding that mincing words would get him nowhere.

Une blinked and stared for a short minute before regaining use of her mental capacities. "What exactly do you want them to know?" she asked slowly. She was obviously still stuck on the fact that he knew about the hidden society.

"The current conflict," Quatre murmured. "Specifically Harry Potter's part in it all. You see, he went missing three weeks ago, and I figure I've delayed the inevitable long enough and I should probably make plans to head back."

Une's pencil, which she had been holding, dropped to the desk, rolling a short ways. Quatre watched it, as though fascinated the movement. "You're Harry Potter? How is that even possible?"

Quatre gave a soothing smile, blue eyes amused. "How about you explain to the others what you know, and then I'll divulge my secrets?"

Une paused before nodding, turning to her phone to call her secretary and get her to page the other pilots. It was fully by chance that all five of them were in the office today, as yesterday Barton and Maxwell had been out on a mission.

They didn't have to wait long for the others to arrive. Duo bounced into the room, grinning wildly. "Hey Une-lady! We had a mission yesterday! Surely you're not sending us off already." He caught sight of Quatre. "Oh! Q-Bean! You just get out of a meeting?"

"Astute," Quatre murmured with a small smile, although it wasn't all that difficult to guess. Quatre didn't often wear expensive business suits to PHQ, as while he was there he was tending to do more manual labor.

Trowa brushed a hand across his shoulder and sat down next to him. Wufei and Heero both nodded their greetings, also taking their seats. Duo dropped dramatically into a chair and they all looked up at Une in anticipation. She glanced at Quatre and then sighed, beginning the explanation.

Quatre didn't really pay attention, instead using that time to study his closest friends. The year away from the war had done them all well. They had all grown up, the last of their baby-fat melting away, their faces now more adult, to match with the old eyes they all had.

Trowa was still the tallest, at five foot eleven. He was still quiet, but not as much as he had been during the war. Quatre loved him anyway, or maybe even because of that. The blonde, though, was only five foot five, the shortest of the group and that had always disgruntled him a little. He had been the shortest of his friends at Hogwarts too.

Duo had hit a growth spurt during the last year, shooting up to five foot eight. He was the third tallest, only two inches shorter than Wufei. He was still lean, but no longer looking so malnourished. His street-rat tendencies were starting to fade as well, although they would return with a vengeance if something were to trigger them. Heero and Wufei were working on that. Wufei hadn't physically changed much at all, however, just gaining a little extra height. However, he was no longer obsessed with obtaining justice, and was quite pleased with just doing his job and spending time with his lovers.

Heero also hadn't changed much aside from looking older. The gene manipulation he had been through with Doctor J hadn't made any other changes possible. His personality had changed in the ways that he was now more open with those that knew him. He was only two inches taller than Quatre, but he didn't mind so much. In fact, he had once admitted it was the perfect height to snuggle up with Duo and Wufei with.

That had probably been the biggest surprise. Heero and Wufei had been a couple for maybe three months before Duo had been critically injured in a Preventer's mission. After that they were suddenly a threesome. Quatre knew it wouldn't have been possible with Duo and Wufei, or with Duo and Heero alone, but as three they seemed to even out perfectly. Although, there were times when it almost seemed as though Duo was expecting it to all just disappear, another one of those L2 tendencies that the other two were trying their hardest to demolish.

By the time Une had finished, she had a lot of confused agents and one seemingly apathetic one. It was obvious that Wufei and Heero didn't believe her, and therefore didn't know why she would go through the effort of telling them this, and that Duo wanted to believe her because that would just be awesome. Trowa…well, Quatre couldn't really tell what he was thinking at that time.

Une sighed and waved to Quatre, who stood and leaned against the desk, standing in front of his companions. "Three weeks ago, Harry Potter's residence was attacked by Death Eaters and he was killed. However, Death doesn't seem to agree with the 'Boy-Who-Lived' and he found himself catapulted through time and space and taking up residence in what was then empty body." Only those who knew Quatre well could pick up the sarcasm at the hyphenated name. "At the age of three, Quatre Raberba Winner got lost in the desert during one of his father's business trips. After two days, he died. After three, he was found and grew up to be me."

There was silence for a long moment and then Duo spoke. "Are you trying to tell us you're this Potter kid?"

Quatre hummed softly, tilting his head to one side. "In a way. I have to admit, Harry Potter and Quatre Winner, me, are two completely different people personality wise. It seems I've grown up a bit over my second-life."

Une rolled her eyes. "It'd be impossible not to," she muttered, although the others chose to ignore her.

"Magic isn't real," Wufei stated, sounding absolutely sure about that.

"I didn't believe it at first either," Quatre smiled. "Frankly, I needed proof."

Heero raised an eyebrow, glancing at Trowa. "Provide some proof, then."

Quatre grinned and shrugged. "You asked." There was a soft pop and Quatre disappeared, a large Golden Eagle standing in his place. The bird ruffled its feathers before spreading its wings to the impressive seven foot wing span, flapping them to fly into Trowa's lap. He was being extremely careful not to hurt the man with his talons, but got comfortable anyway.

"Quatre?" Trowa asked, smoothing the feathers along the eagle's back. The bird gave a trilling cry, changing back into Quatre with another soft pop. The blonde was looking rather smug seated in Trowa's lap, and he casually wrapped an arm around his neck.

"Dude! That is so cool!" Duo said, bouncing up and down.

"I admit," Quatre murmured gently. "I only just mastered the Animagus transformation. It would have been rather useful during the war."

"This isn't possible," Wufei moaned, rubbing at his temples.

Duo paused in his bouncing, looking down at the other pilot with faint amusement. "I think you broke him, Q," he stated simply. Wufei did nothing to refute that statement.

Quatre laughed. "Yes, it's shocking, I know," he said. But then his good humor bled away and he was left looking solemnly at his friends. "I'm going to have to go back to that war, and I'd rather not go alone."

Trowa's arms tightened around his waist, pulling him closer. Duo shook his head and Wufei and Heero looked at him, faintly annoyed. "Of course we'll help you, Cat!" Duo said fiercely. "Why wouldn't we?"

Quatre merely smiled, and Une sat back down behind her desk. "Good," the Commander said. "Because that is your next mission. It's about time our government got involved because frankly your Ministry is not doing a very good job."

"It's not my Ministry, ma'am," Quatre pointed out. "I haven't lived in that world for almost fourteen years."

"Dude!" Duo said, as though having an epiphany. "You're, like, old!"

Wufei rolled his eyes. "Quatre's the youngest out of all of us." Yes, that was true. Quatre had only turned seventeen a couple months ago, and medical examinations put Duo, Heero and Trowa at being at least a couple months older than him.

"Haven't you been listening?" Duo asked with a huff, placing his hands on his hips. "He died fourteen years ago at age sixteen. He's a thirty-year-old stuck in a seventeen-year-old body!" Okay, technically, that was also true.

Quatre sighed, snuggling deeper into Trowa's chest. "Try being sixteen at three," he countered.

Duo snickered. "Must have been sexually frustrating."

"Maxwell," Wufei groaned, grabbing hold of Duo's braid to keep him from bouncing around some more. Duo merely grinned at him, and he couldn't help but shake his head in fond exasperation. There was no way that Quatre was going to admit to what Duo had been implying, so instead he yawned and rested his head against Trowa's shoulder.

"Long day?" Trowa asked, burying his face in blonde hair. The part-time clown grimaced. "And why do you smell like fish?"

"I swear the fish-tank exploded by itself," Quatre said petulantly, as they all got to their feet and waved to their Commander. "It had nothing to do with me throwing a stapler at it."

Everyone snickered and Heero raised an eyebrow. "Long meeting?" he asked, changing the words of Trowa's first question to meet his needs.

"I'm not allowed to shoot them," Quatre pouted cutely. "Jezzy won't let me." Jezebel, one of Quatre's sisters, had taken over as his main assistant after Iria had died in the war. "But they're all just swindling old farts that have no sense of decorum."

Trowa smiled softly and shook his head. "Don't shook the members of the board, little one."

Quatre grumbled under his breath, decidedly not in English, and stalked off towards Trowa and Duo's office. As partners, the two shared just as Wufei and Heero did. Considering Quatre only worked for Preventers part-time, he teamed with both sets of partners, and had a desk in both offices. It confused all the other agents in the building, but the pilots didn't seem to care. IT made things interesting, Quatre and Duo both liked to say. It helped that the offices were right across the hall from each other.

"What do you think of all this?" Trowa asked quietly, turning to the threesome.

Duo bounced slightly, although instead of his customary grin, he wore a thoughtful look. "It explains a lot, doesn't it?"

"True," Wufei admitted. Things like Quatre's empathy were better explained when you added magic to the mix. How someone so famous could still manage to do undercover work. How he had always managed to heal quicker than the others, or how he had always known just what they needed to better heal themselves. "However much our world has been turned on its head."

Heero snorted in dry amusement. "Not the first time." He shook his head. "It's different, but we can manage. Quatre is too important to lose."

Trowa nodded, immediately agreeing. Quatre was his life and there was no way he would willingly give him up. Or unwillingly, for that matter. He looked up when Quatre called his name and smile in response. Thirty-year-old dead wizard or not, Quatre was still his and always would be.