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Quatre came to against cold stone, biting back a groan of discomfort. Blue eyes blinked open and took a moment to focus before sliding over to spy Duo lying limp and unconscious across from him. He frowned slightly, wondering what had happed before remembering his last few moments of consciousness. They had been in Hogsemeade, the pilots splitting up to watch different sides of the town. The Death Eaters had attacked while Duo and Quatre had been near the Shrieking Shack, and while the two had managed to take out a very good number of them, the dark wizards had simply overpowered them.

Duo wasn't moving, and Quatre crawled over to him, absently wondering why his back was stinging so harshly until he remembered the cutting curse that had managed to hit him. He bent over Duo, resting his head against the braided pilot's shoulders as he gave a small hiss of discomfort. "Zero-Two?" he murmured, lightly shaking the shoulder he was leaning against. Duo didn't seem terribly injured aside from the cut on his face and the one on his left thigh, which Quatre took a moment to bandage with conjured cloth. The Death Eaters had taken his 'wand' but obviously hadn't known that he didn't need one to do magic anymore. He had his limits, of course, but conjuring was relatively simple compared to many other spells.

"Mm…Quat?" Duo mumbled, shifting slightly.

"Yes," Quatre replied, moving back a little, so his weight wasn't leaning on Duo anymore. "Enemy territory, Zero-Two," he warned. "Closed cell, guarded. Unknowns about."

"Copy that," Duo whispered, turning to eye his comrade, purple eyes clearing as he frowned at Quatre's bloody form. "Status?"

"Angry," Quatre murmured with a small sigh. "And tired."

Duo sat up, pulling Quatre closer to examine the wounds. He winced at the torn flesh, knowing that there was nothing they could do about it now. At least it had quit bleeding. "Plan?" he asked, allowing the blond to rest against him for a moment's respite.

Quatre stared at the door to their cell for a long moment. "How capable are you with your Scythe skills?"

Duo's eyes flashed and he gave a frightening grin. "Gotcha," he whispered, just as the door to their cell opened. A blasting curse sent Duo sprawling away from Quatre, although the talisman around his neck kept too much damage from being done. Quatre groaned in renewed pain, not having the charmed talisman to protect him from the impact.

"Oh, is wittle baby potty cwying for his mummy?" Bellatrix cooed. Quatre, had he not been focusing on trying to stay conscious, would have rolled his eyes. That lady was completely insane, and her insults definitely needed work. Her spells, however, were perfectly fine.

"Zero-Two?" Quatre coughed, pretty sure that blasting spell had managed to break a rib or two.

"Copy that, Zero-Four," Duo practically purred.

Bellatrix turned to eye the 'muggle' who was glaring at her from a fall of chestnut hair, the long, thick braid unraveling. She took a startled step back at the sight of the glowing violet eyes and then smirked. Only to drop dead a second later to the sound of Duo's manic laughter.

Later, much later, Duo would admit that the feeling of ripping her soul from her body had been so completely gratifying that it scared him. And so amazingly easy that he nearly freaked out. Although that would have to wait until later, when he and his fellow pilot had gotten out of here.

Three more Death Eaters ran into the room, stopping at the sight of Duo crouched over Quatre, Bellatrix dead nearby. "Oh no," Duo purred maniacally. "You've seen my face…now you must die." Quatre smirked slightly from beneath Duo, waving a hand and conjuring a wicked looking scythe for his friend. Two deadly looking scimitars of gold and white appeared in his hands as well as he forced himself up. (Note: are they scimitars or shotels? I can't decide…)

The Death Eaters didn't know what hit them.


Trowa, Wufei and Heero were not happy. They were not happy at all. During the attack on Hogsmeade they had done their job, taking out Death Eaters and getting the children to safety, only to return to find that their two lovers had disappeared. Quite literally, if some of the students reports were accurate.

What really angered them was the fact that Dumbledore and his little band of merry followers weren't going to do anything. They didn't have enough intel, he said, and therefore would be going in blind. Apparently, they didn't realize that the Gundam Pilots were used to going in blind.

Besides that, Heero had managed to track down Quatre and Duo almost immediately after returning to the castle. The phone that Quatre always kept on him was linked to the laptop. They were at Malfoy Manor, a good two-hundred miles away.

Without the aid of the wizards, Trowa put a call in to Zechs. They would have a ride within the next two hours.


Slipping through the shadows was easy for Duo. It was a talent that he had always had, although the extent of which he had just recently found out about. Quatre, being in a rather foul mood, let ZERO take over. As it was, ZERO wasn't much for sneaking around and decided to just stroll down the hall, cutting down anyone that got in his way or that Duo didn't take down for him.

The Death Eaters were beginning to realize that they weren't going to win this fight and were fleeing before the glowing violet eyes and the angry blond with the avada kadavra green eyes. (Note: I know Quatre's eyes are blue…but Harry's aren't.)

They made it to the middle of the manor, where Lord Voldemort would be holding court, so to speak. The other Death Eaters were screaming and running and were sure to have caused the Dark Lord some amount of strife what with their behavior. Quatre gave an amused chuckle, eyes flashing from green to blue and back to green again. Beside him, Duo gave an eerie chuckle, the scythe blurring in motion as it cut through another Death Eater.

Voldemort scowled. "Potter. And a muggle."

"Oh, Tom," Quatre said, his voice completely calm and cold. "There's nothing muggle about Shinigami." He gave a frightening grin, side-stepping a furiously cast spell from the Dark Lord. "Honestly, Tom, I've gotten pretty tired of your antics as of late."

Voldemort sneered. "And I'm quite tired of you!" he snarled, brandishing his wand.

Duo disappeared into the shadows and Quatre smirked. "Bring it on, snake-face."


Wufei gave a short wave to Zechs as he landed the helicopter in front of the school. Trowa and Heero were standing behind him, and the Order had gathered as well. Dumbledore, apparently, felt that they could take action now that the muggles had stepped up the game. He didn't want to look bad in front of them or something.

The Order was organizing to storm Malfoy Manor, but the pilots were already loaded into the helicopter and on their way. They all arrived at the manor at the same time, amazingly, as Dumbledore took his merry little time in getting there.

What they weren't expecting was for screams to be heard throughout the manor, or to openly see Death Eaters running from the place in fear. The pilots smirked at each other while the wizards all blinked in surprise. "What is the meaning of this?" Snape snarled, turning on the younger men.

Trowa stared blankly at him. "Riddle apparently angered Quatre and Duo," he stated calmly.

"Not his smartest move," Zechs added, brushing his hair over his shoulder and leaning against the helicopter. When none of the pilots made a move towards the manor, Dumbledore took a step forward.

"Are you not going to help your friends?" he asked, blue eyes twinkling.

Heero grunted, absently stripping his gun. "They don't need help." He cast a side-glance at the man. "And why do you care? You were quite ready to just leave them on their own until we said we were going to help them."

"Sometimes discretion is for the greater good," Dumbledore said seriously.

"Discretion," Wufei repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"Sometimes," Duo cackled as he appeared next to them. "Blowing up buildings is more fun."

Wufei turned and wrapped his arms around Duo, ignoring the pained wince the braided pilot gave. "Where's Zero-Four?" Heero asked, joining the hug after assuring Duo wasn't terribly injured.

"He's coming," Duo said, violet eyes flashing as he turned back to the manor. "I left after he chopped ol' snake-face's head off."

The Order gaped. "Cut off his head?" McGonagal asked, her eyes wide as saucers.

"Yeah," Duo pouted. "He wouldn't let me have a go at the creep."

Zechs and Trowa snickered at the looks the other wizards were giving the pilot, just then noticing the blood-slicked scythe. There was a sudden rumbling and the manor erupted into flames, startling everyone. They all turned and watched as Quatre strode out of the fiery mess, his own two blades at his side. "Miss me?" he smirked.

He turned to Dumbledore and scowled slightly. "Your war is over," he stated coldly. "And now I'm going to go home. If you or your people ever contact me for the 'greater good' again, then I will kill you." He turned, the scythe and scimitars disappearing as he buried his face in Trowa's chest.

The pilots got ready to go, ignoring the flames and screams and overall flabbergasted look of the wizards. Zechs turned to Dumbledore with a small shrug. "Quatre probably wouldn't kill you. He's just in a bad mood right now, but then again, you probably wouldn't like what he would do anyway." He jumped into the helicopter and then they were gone.


London's Preventers Headquarters was cast in confusion when Zechs Marquise suddenly ran out of the building and took a helicopter with him. They were even more confused when he returned with the five Gundam Pilots with him.

"Mission Complete," Heero snapped to Une as he and the others unloaded from the copter. Duo looked completely exhausted and disheveled, leaning heavily against Wufei. His braid, by this point, was almost completely unraveled, long strands of hair falling about him and dripping with blood. It was a disconcerting sight, however, not so much as Quatre.

The little blond looked entirely too smug, splattered with blood and other various bodily fluids. He looked tired as well, but there was a light in his blue eyes that spoke of vengeance. His clothing was shredded, his back torn up as well, but he didn't seem to even notice the pain.

"Get to Sally," Une ordered both Duo and Quatre, looking to Trowa to make sure they both made it there. Wufei and Heero would be the ones to recount the story, although they admittedly did not know much of what went on in that manor. And, frankly, with how Quatre had been acting, they didn't really want to know.

It was two days later that Une visited the boys at their comfortable Craftsman style home. Duo was outside working on a before-colony impala, Wufei absently watching him under the ruse of reading a book on the porch.

Inside, Heero was cooking something in the kitchen while Trowa worked on a laptop, Quatre sprawled out on the floor in front of the fireplace, sleeping peacefully. "Lady," Trowa nodded, seeing her standing in the doorway. "Is there something we can do for you?"

Une gave a small smile. "Just checking. I realize that that last mission had to have been somewhat difficult for Quatre. How is he?"

Trowa frowned, looking down at the blond. "He's doing alright. He gets some headaches every once and a while due to the sudden breaking of the link he held with Voldemort, and sometimes falls into depression over Remus's death, but he'll be fine."

Une smiled. "Good," she said. "Because there's a mission that I need you five to go on in roughly four days."


The End!

I was expecting to write more, but my life just gone insanely busy, so I decided it would be better if I just ended it. Sorry if you're disappointed, but finals are coming up people. *shrugs* School, what can I say?

Anywho, I am planning a GW fic that I may or may not write. If I do, it will be called Maxwell's Demon. So keep an eye open for it. I might write another GW/HP fic as well someday.

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