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"Tokuchi Toua?"

"You mean you haven't heard of him?" The store clerk couldn't believe his ears. Who in their right mind hadn't heard of the famed pitcher? The young lady standing in front of him was holding a small packet of baseball cards, intent on buying it. It was odd for a lady her age to be buying cards, she should have been studying for college, and on top of that, most women didn't even like sports.

"If you don't know who he is then you must not follow baseball much, do you?" The lady nodded her head once, curiosity written in her still young eyes.

"I'm buying these for my nephew, today is his birthday," she smiled and set the cards on the counter to pay for them. "I even bought him tickets to the game!"

The store clerk smiled and rang up the price before sending the lady on her way. He shook his head, people these days, to lazy to turn on a TV.

The young lady's name was Lucy Revilian. Half American and half Japanese, she moved to Japan with her mother and sister when she was eleven. Today was her nephews eighth birthday and she wanted to make it one he would never forget.

Lucy was 23 years old and had a good job and was studying to be a fashion designer. She drove a car and had a small apartment in the city where she could relax and enjoy some quiet time. She also had a dog, a dalmatian named Rex. As she drove to her sisters house with the large bag of gifts for her nephew AJ a chin of events that would forever change her life began to occur.

"Lucy~, Aunt Lucy~! Are you in there?"

Lucy sat in a plastic blue seat with a very dazed look in her bright green eyes. She couldn't help the fact that the game didn't catch her attention.

"Lucy, I think Toua is going to come in soon, he so cool!" Lucy blinked and looked down at the small brunette, his bright blue eyes sparkling in excitement.

AJ jumped up in his seat when, just as he predicted, the tall spiky haired blonde walked onto the field.

The game ended some time later, well after sun down, and had been packed full of action. As usual, Tokuchi used his brain and sharp tongue to win. The team met him at the pitchers mound and they all cheered. They were making their way towards the championships quickly, all thanks to the prodigy that was their ace pitcher.

The stadium began to empty and the team was heading towards the dug out when they heard a small voice shout.

"Wait!" They all turned to see a small boy running towards them. It wasn't odd for someone to come running for an autograph, however, the Lycoans were completely unused to it.

The little boy pushed his way through the group and stopped in front of Tokuchi, not at all intimidated by his cool stare.

"Can I have your autograph mister?" He held out a pad of paper hopefully.

Tokuchi didn't know quite what to do. He stared down at the small child in confusion; this was the first person who approached him since joining the team. He had to admit though, seeing all his fans wearing his jersey did have its good sides.

There was a long silence; every one grew nervous, wondering what the man would do, when finally he opened his mouth.

"Do you have a pen?"

The team was shocked, they had thought he would refuse; he was a cold hearted gambler after all. The boy gasped and looked down at his empty hand, then the ground around his feet.

"AJ, I asked you to wait," Lucy panted, she held out the pen to the small boy.

"Oh, sorry aunty," AJ took the pen with excitement.

For the third time in minutes the team was stunned by the girl who stood in the midst of them. She had straight bright red hair and bright green eyes, a wonderful figure, and a dazzling smile.

Lucy examined the famed pitcher with slight interest. He gazed at her with an air of boredom, there was an awkward silence. She seemed perfect in every aspect, except…


Lucy's cheeks turned the color of her hair and her eyebrows knit in annoyance. The men all gasped and took a step back from the trio. Toua stood coolly, Lucy had her fists clenched and fire in her eyes, and poor little AJ was caught in the middle of it, still holding the pen and small pad of paper.

In the end, Tokuchi bent down and took the pen and pad from the boy, signed his name, and walked away. AJ jumped up in down in joy, holding the pad over his head as if it were the holy grail while Lucy fumed in anger.

Tokuchi watched them leave from the dugout, his eyes lingering on the girl as she left.

Lucy drove AJ home so he could eat the rest of his cake and babble on to his dad about how cool Tokuchi was. Her sister, Cassie, invited her to go out clubbing with the gang and she agreed to it, figuring she could sulk around at the bar nursing her hurt pride.

"So, tell me, what exactly did this guy say?" one of the girls asked. A group of them sat at a large bar. The place was pretty popular and big, at the moment there was probably 200 people on the ground floor alone.

"He said I was flat," Lucy said in a depressed tone.

"He was probably some random perverted jerk off who's never had a girl friend," Cassie stated while taking a sip from her drink. Lucy nodded in agreement.

"I bet he can only get his fill by paying girls to go out with him," another girl said, black hair was pulled up into a pony tail. Again, Lucy nodded, her pride slowly healing.

"I bet his mom didn't even like him," Lucy grinned.

"He's probably really ugly," at this Lucy's smile faded in thought. She pictured Tokuchi in her mind and frowned, he had been good looking, very good looking. If he was that good looking then he had to have had plenty of girlfriends. His mom probably loved him too. She sniffled and dropped her head onto the table.

The girls seemed not to notice, "So who was this guy anyways?"

Lucy looked up with a sigh; she looked around, trying to gain some time. Maybe she could distract them, that way; she wouldn't have to explain how a famous baseball player had clearly stated that she had no boobs.

Sitting over in a booth were several people, a small crowd surrounding them. And in the middle of it was a very familiar blonde.

Lucy gasped and pointed, "Him!"

Cassie spat out her mouth full of liquor, "WHAT?"

Tokuchi sat at the table with a handful of other teammates, a cigarette between his lips and a glass of some ember colored liquid in hand.

Kojima sighed and sipped at his drink, which caused Ideguchi to blink in confusion. Didn't they just win a game?

The other team members were laughing and talking loudly as they took in alcohol by the gallons. Strangely enough though, Toua hadn't said a word. Not that he spoke much to begin with. Ideguchi looked over at the blonde and was surprised to find him gazing at a girl. The one they had seen earlier.

"Ho~ could it be, our prodigy is in love?" Ideguchi asked while waggling his eyebrows and leaning closer to Toua.

Tokuchi Toua glanced down at the man that was currently bothering him…and sighed. He ground out his cigarette and stood before heading over towards the girl.

As he made his way through the crowed his mind was filled with thoughts and ideas that for once, he didn't listen to. He had a plan, and he was going to make it happen. He was going to use that girl, he decided, after seeing the way the team reacted when she appeared.

With the thoughts in his head he pushed through the last of the crowed, he smirked as the girls pushed Lucy forward to confront him. She looked somewhere between angry and panicky and like she would take any chance she could to get away, even if it meant literally running away.

She got up the courage to say, "What do you want?" Her voice was strong and sounded annoyed, good.

Toua smirked and did what Lucy least expected. He sighed in defeat and ran his hand through his spiky blonde hair.

"May I ask you for a favor?"

Lucy blinked, surprised. He looked so sad it nearly broke her heart. Her hands twitched, as if she wanted to give him a hug. He knew her weakness for cute things. What could he possibly want from her? He didn't even know her first name.

As Ideguchi watched from their booth he rubbed his eyes to make sure of what he was seeing. Either Tokuchi was serious or he was one heck of an actor. He motioned for the others to watch too and soon the entirety of the team was watching from the other side of the room.

"What kind of favor?" she asked wearily, not trusting him even if he was sad and cute looking.

"I need you to come to all of our games," as Toua said this he couldn't help but think he should have taken up acting. The look of perplexed curiosity on her face made him want to laugh. He was having fun, maybe he should toy with girls more often.

"What? Why?" Lucy looked back at the small group of girls who were all blushing and clasping their hands in front of them as if they were watching a soup opera. Lucy sweat dropped and turned back to the famed baseball player.

"The team, they aren't very happy you see. Although they are rising to the top quickly, they just don't have anything to entertain them." He looked down sorrowfully.

Lucy blinked, before she turned bright red, her cheeks rivaling the color of her hair. The girls all gasped in surprise, but none of them made a move to help her, they still had that starry eyed fan girl look.

"You mean, you want me to h-have…" She couldn't finish the sentence.

Toua looked confused for a second with his eyebrows scrunched together before he said, "No, nothing of the sort, I just want them to know your there. Men generally try to show off for girls. Normally this ends up with them hurting themselves or looking like an idiot. But in trying to show off, they'll start to work harder and train."

Lucy looked doubtful, she crossed her arms.

"What's in it for me?" she asked.

Toua smirked and leaned against the wooden pillar that they were standing next to.

Ideguchi looked surprised; the rest of the team looked disappointed. From there position it looked like Toua was coming on to her. He was leaning against the pillar, his arm that was supporting him was resting on the pillar just above his head and his hand of the other the arm was placed on his hip. It was a very cool position for him but it also looked like the ones those jerks on the street who tried to pick up girls used. Lucy stood just under him; it was only then that they noticed how small she was.

"For every game we win I'll do you a favor, and for every game we loose I'll buy you a drink. Either way you win," he said smoothly, he looked down at her and wanted to laugh again. The look on her face reminded him of a kid. She was actually pouting while she mulled it over in her head.

"Alright then, it's a deal," She held out her hand for him to shake, which he did, gently. Toua sighed inwardly; he was going to be doing a lot of favors from now on.

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