Date: April 25, 1999

Location: Somewhere in the Amazon jungle

The sounds of monkeys hooting overhead filled the air of the rainforest, and insects of every kind imaginable buzzed in the undergrowth. An oppressive heat stifled the air, making breathing a bit difficult for the five figures that tramped through the trees. Had anyone been around to see them, they would have puzzled at their appearance. Most of them appeared, for the most part, to be ordinary backpackers and could possibly have passed as such, were it not for the dog-like muzzles that peeked from under their hats and the furry tails that sprouted from their backsides.

One of the figures pushed back his hat and took a swig of water from his canteen. His face was covered in golden fur, looking like Labrador. He smiled and looked back at the others who were trailing behind.

"We're almost there, guys. Just over this hill," he said.

Another of the figures looked up, her collie-like face looking somewhat tired.

"That's good to hear," she said, a British accent on her voice. "We've been hiking for how long?"

"I still don't see why we couldn't have taken the Sky Rover, Hunter," said a heavy German voice from the back of the line.

The Labrador looked down at his companion and said, "We're trying to be stealthy, Blitz. We can't exactly sneak up on them with a jet, can we?"

"Plus, hiking is good for exercise," said another of the group, his voice laden with a thick Russian accent. He looked up at the female in the group. "Comrade Colleen, are you dokey-okey?"

The collie's breathing was heavy as she stood at the top of the ridge. "I'm fine, Exile, just tired, and a bit hungry."

The last member of the group muttered something incomprehensible as he reached into his voluminous coat of white fur. He pulled his hand out, holding a bag of trail mix and handed it to the collie.

"Thanks Shag," said the collie, as she ate a handful of the mixture.

Another few minutes of hiking and the five cano-sapiens were peering though the undergrowth at a rather large and well defended base. The soldiers that patrolled the walls looked like the beings crouched in bushes, only bigger, thicker, and uglier.

"Cano-mutants," said Hunter, his eyes narrowed. "Gotta be Parvo."

"Hate to say this, Huntie," said Colleen, as she pushed a branch aside, "but ole' Parvo's still in the clink. We checked before we left headquarters."

"Well, who could get bread claws on new transdogmafier?" wondered Exile.

"I think he means meat hooks," thought Hunter. "My guess is it's someone we haven't seen before," he said.

"Enough with the talking already, I want to bite some cano-mutant tooshies," Blitz said, extending his claws in anticipation.

Exile glared at him with contempt. "Don't be weird boy," he said.

"We can't exactly rush in there, guns-a-blazin'," said Colleen. "After all, if it's someone we haven't dealt with before, we don't know how he operates."

"Okay guys, spread out," said Hunter. "Scout around, but don't let yourselves be seen. Meet back here in twenty minutes. And remember, Master and Muzzle are in there, and they're counting on us."

* * *

The Road Rovers returned to their original hiding place and conferred on what they had seen. After a bit of discussion, Hunter called for silence.

"Okay guys, here's the plan. Blitz, Shag, and I will take a frontal assault. We'll rush the main gate and try to break through. Our main purpose will be to distract the guards while Colleen and Exile sneak in through that drainage pipe Colleen saw. From there, you two will try to find the Master and get him out of there. If we can bust in through the front, great, but we'll try to keep the guards occupied as long as we can. Alright?"

The others nodded.

"Okay, let's roll, Rovers!"

Moments later, the three males were rushing towards the front gate. Hunter rushed in and clothes-lined a cano-mutant. He then grabbed another and spun around at sonic speed, before releasing him at one of the guard towers. A set of satisfying screams filled the air as the tower collapsed. Shag charged into the fight, baring his teeth. Some of the mutants turned and ran; those that stayed fell victim to his powerful punches. Blitz leapt into a bunch of mutants with a spinning maneuver Colleen had taught him. He had taken some martial arts lessons from the collie to sharpen his combat skills. He bit one of the mutant's blasters in half, smiling as others ran in terror. As Hunter punched another mutant into oblivion, Shag pulled a bazooka out of his fur and aimed it at the front gate.

"Shag, the other –" Hunter exclaimed, mostly out of reflex. He stopped when he saw the sheepdog did, in fact, have it the right way around.

The rocket's explosion blew a hole in the front gate and threw several mutants off the wall. Hunter patted his friend's shoulder.

"Good job, buddy. Okay guys, let's get 'em!"

As you can probably tell, this is a Road Rover fan fiction. I loved that show when I was a kid, and after rediscovering it my freshman year of college, this idea popped into my head. I've got the first story arc done with, so there will be about 10 chapters to start with, and then a break as I work on the next arc.