Joshua's Sweet Isabella.

Chapter Fourteen

Just Peachy


The silk chair covers that were lined neatly, leading towards the small alter at the end of the white carpet that sat perfectly between the two seperate sides of the aisle. Peach bows tied around every chair in a snug embrace as elegant banners of satin linked the chairs on the edge of the aisle together. Small bouquets of white lillies and peach roses were sitting every other row of chairs at the end of each row.

The beautiful alter, hand carved by the local carpenter, had been painted white then sanded to give it a timeless ancient look. The base of the alter was hexagonal, the points of the hexagon had columns winding up to the roof, delicate little roses and buds twisted up the beam to the pointed roof. The same banners that linked the chairs also hung delicately from each opening between columns with small bouquets inbetween each banner.

In the centre of the alter was a small table in the same white wash wood, a plump peach pillow sat in the centre with two rings of white gold seated atop weightlessly. The priest dressed in his usual black robes with white collar waited with God's book open in his aged hands, a charming smile creating dimples in his weathered cheeks.

The groom wearing a sharp black suit, hugging his figure flawlessly. The white waistcoat and peach tie sitting perfectly around his muscular frame. A single lily and rose pinned to his jackets collar to complete his outfit with black dress shoes. The smile almost breaking his face as his white pearly teeth sparkled almost as much as his eyes.

Leah walked ahead. one step, stop. the other foot, stop. The lyrics of Bon Jovi, Thank you for loving me, playing softly in the background. A deep breath and I hold it, almost forgetting how to breathe as my nerves kick in.

"Ready, Bella?" I look up, my brother and Alpha looking down at me with a kind smile. My eyes water, grateful for Sam being here with me, but missing the man he's replaced as I set my hand on top of his. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you. For everything, Sam. You've been my rock this past year." He wipes the tear that managed to escape down my cheek.

"We've helped each other. That's what siblings do." He grins crookedly as Emily walked after Leah. I take another deep breath and release. "Lets go." He tugs me gently and then we were moving. My hands shook in Sams and around my bouquet, but then as I looked up and met Jared's eyes, the tension melts away and I smile at the look of pure love he gives me, one I hope he could see returned.

His eyes flicker to my rounded belly and somehow the look intensifies. This was my perfect, happily ever after. My son growing healthily and safely inside of me. The man of my dreams waiting to become my husband. Our own little cottage on the cliff top near the tree line with no neighbours for miles and our energetic husky pup called Koko currently sitting proud at Jareds feet.

And as I close my eyes I can almost see my parents smiling down at us, their love surrounding our family and friends.

"Who gives this woman away?" I look up at Sam as he kisses my forehead.

"I do." Placing my hand in Jareds, he squeezes both our hands and kisses my temple once more he nods and sits. A tear or two trailing down his cheeks as he walks to his seat.

"We are gathered here today to bind these two people..." I tune out as I stare into Jareds eyes. 'I love you' he mouths. I repeat those three perfect words and feel his free hand rubbing the side of my engorged belly, yes, everything was just peachy. ' All of you' he says again as I bit my lip to stop my giggles and nod discreetly as the minister turns to me and asks me to repeat after him.

The End