Kyuubi Talking

-Foreign Language-

Author Comments: I must give credit where credit is due, another author thought of this great premis I just don't remember the name, if anyone remember the name tell me I will give credit.

Now this story will be following CIVIL WAR, SECRET INVASION AND DARK REIGN, and will end with a final chapter, I will post when I want to and will not take pushing for a new chapter.

Naruto: Oh don't bitch

AU: Don't make me make you become lunch meat for the hulk

Naruto: Alright(Walks away)

AU: That's what I'm saying


AU: (Flies away and shines a star when hits space)

Naruto: Sucks to be you-ttebayo


He should have stopped before things got out of hand, the boy could feel the monster's power within him bleed over him, the original feeling of nature and calming aura around him was engulfed by the suffocating feeling of dread, the malice intent to cause harm to anyone and everyone. The boy standing tall knew something was wrong the pull in the back of his mind warned him of impending doom. The boy looked towards his namesake, the man who was the character in his godfather book, the power the man had was staggering, he character type was who the boy wanted to be, but in front of him was the shell of that man, but a glimmer of hope, foretold him of a chance and the boy passionately brought it to the surface, those concentric circles in his eyes hold a hypnotic force. The man visage held great shame, and pain.

"You are more powerful than I thought you would be, maybe just maybe, if things hadn't gone the way they did, we could have been friends…I have caused you more pain than necessary and I would like to atone."

The boy nodded his head, the pain in his abdomen told him of foreboding doom, the boy destroyed the seal, just to kill this man, and his father arrived just in the nick of time to halt the progression, but the boy felt it was too late, his seal was dissolving.

"I thank you, Nagato, but I have a request?"

Nagato's eyebrows elevated slightly, and Nagato nodded.

"It seems by tearing the seal, I have opened Pandora's box, I am not long for this world. Can you kill me."

Nagato eyes waivered slightly, the woman to his side, with the beautiful angelic facial features, and purple origami rose in her head, stood impassive but Nagato knew better, she was in pain.

"The Kyuubi is taking over?" the question held a large amount of restrained concerned.

All the boy did was nod. Nagato head fell slightly and looked towards his companion, there were no words exchanged, no look, just and understanding. Paper flew from the cavern that disguised their presence, and formed near the hand of Konan, the sword was only two feet, but it looked strong. The boy stood still eyes opened, he accepted death, he may have been stubborn, but the only person that would have been able to help with the seal was dead, killed by his long time student, Konan rushed, the boy accepted death, but the other didn't.

The blade sunk into the boy's chest, it resurfaced through the back, blood dripped from the blade. Drip, drip. The boy looked in front of him, the cage was pried open, claw mark scared into the surface of the concrete, there the boy saw it for all its glory and devastation, red haze was forced upon with every scaly breath the beast took, the red fur moved as though it was an ocean, and the teeth has teeth on them, like a chain saw blade.


The boy looked at the monster with nothing but pity.


The boy just sat down in the knee height water.


The boy looked to his left and found the kyuubi sitting on his hind legs and tail waving in the sky.

"So now we wait for death."


The boy sat waiting as a door of pure light appeared in front of him, the boy stood up and walked towards it.

The Kyuubi smiled and attacked, the boy fell into the door with the Kyuubi on top of him.


The boy struggled but felt something wrong, the muscle in his abdomen was acting up, the boy looked down and saw a scroll protruding out of his chest, a toad on top of the scroll, and hand protruded it self out of the toad and then a full body.

"Hello Naruto."

Naruto felt faint at heart, in front of him was the person he cared for the most.

"I never thought that you would die, however if you did, the scroll I placed inside of you before I left was a safety precaution, I had found out that the Kyuubi would be resurrected with your death, and you and I know the destruction it would havoc, so I placed a burden on you that I knew would be hurtful, I am sorry Naruto, I never meant to be like your father in this aspect. I love you."

Naruto felt his tears sizzle in the void that surrounded him, the vortex was red in color but the feature looked more like a mosaic, colors blended with other colors, Naruto felt the push of the kyuubi on his mind, the kyuubi would win this time and Naruto knew it. The Kyuubified Naruto was enveloped with black red chakra, a snout produced through the skin, five tails waved behind him. The portal opened and Naruto crashed through several floors of steel reinforced mahogany floors, the ground floor came and halted his descent permanently.

Kids scattered away from the resulting crash other heroics, stayed and watched, and wait for the dust cloud of debris to subside, a giant of a man covered in steel walked towards the crash site.

"Vhat do you think it was comrads?" The heavy Russian accent permeated the living room. A blond bombshell surveyed the the site with her mind and screamed in pain.


Peter heard the fear but no matter how fast Peter was, he just wasn't fast enough, a faint yellow bubble covered Peter as a tail of dark red energy shot out of the cloud, striking him hard in the chest, Peter sailed through seven walls before he hit a steel enforced wall, everyone looked towards the cloud to see the hole that was created fill back up and the dust subside, there in its wake was a humanoid lycan-like person, covered in blood red energy and fur, everyone stood back, trying to escape the feeling of death they were feeling.

"Rahne?" A small young voice, filled the room and the creature looked at the girl and grinned, it lunged and the small girl and was about to succeed until a beam of red light blasted it through the wall an out into the front yard. A tall man in stature looked at the hole and walked out of the resulting hole of Peter.

"Emma was that Rahne?"

The man walked hurridly to his lover as she rested next to a destroyed sofa.

"God no, that is something else, it reveling in the pain it cause and wants to strike fear into its victims before the kill, its primal."

The man with the visor nodded.

"That sounds like-"


The man turned around to see a small statured man with heavy styled hair, and rugged features.

"Could it be clone?"

The small man shrugged his shoulders.

"Logan do you know about this?"

Logan chuckled and walked over to Peter that was just walking back into the room, and whispered something into his ear, Peter nodded and grabbed Logan.

"LOGAN do you know what that is?"

Peter shot Logan towards the opening where a figure was patiently waiting until a very heavy person was shot put into its chest.

The tall man looked at Peter and saw him shrug.

"Peter get the non-combatants out and into the shelter, Mercury and Surge, you're with me. Hellion and X23, go help Logan."

The group dispersed and Julian (Hellion) launched the couch that was previously destroyed at the creature, after Logan was batted away like a fly. The couch impacted the creature and sent him flying towards the sentinel that was protroling the area.


"What the hell was that?"

The outfitted man felt what felt like a earthquake shake his post inside the sentinel.

"Hey George, did you feel that?"

Another sentinel swung around and scanned the area, as his scan progressed; he scanned his buddies sentinel and found an anomaly crawling inside.

"Kent get out of there something is coming."

Kent's view was absconded by the tail piece that impaled through his chest, Kent felt the heat the ebbed off the tail, it was heating up his internal organs, Kent's last but unneeded sacrifice was destroying the sentinel with the self destruct button. The creature was blown back towards the enclosing victims, but that damn machine actually hurt him.

Mercury and Surge made it to the creature, before they were stopped by the strong grip of Wolverine.

"Stop don't kill him."

The girls were confused. They were about to vocalize there confusion but were beaten to the point.

"Logan why have you stopped them?" The lanky leader stood beside them.

"Its because darling that there is a boy in that beast who is being taken over."

The tall man turned to see his lover walking up.

"Like Logan is when he turns feral."

"Exactly Scott, but it is more like that boy has two conscious in his mind and one is overpowering the true owner of that body."

Mercury saw that the boy…creature…whatever it was was getting back up.


Noriko(Surge) heard Cassily(Mercury) and saw that the boy was trying to get back up, Mercury made herself into a loose liquid and jumped on the boy, and Surge had a moment of brilliance and shocked Mercury while she was on the boy. Mercury felt the fire of the power that was coursing through the boy, it was more powerful then the villains her and her team faced, but it was wild and out of control, the shock to her system was far less worse then what the boy was going through, the boy fell unconscious, and Mercury reformed back to her normal self but collapsed under the strain. She only spoke one word and it frighten the rest. 'Powerful' was the only thing she said before succumbing to darkness. Scott watched as the second skin that covered the boy reverted back into his body, the snout crunched back into place, the boy's body was covered in blood.

"Whose blood is that?"

Logan stood next to the fallen boy and sniffed the air. Logan sighed and felt the boys neck.

"It seems to be the kids' blood."

Scott's visor shined with power, and he picked up the boy.

"Inform Beast to have the brig ready, and get Cassily to the med ward, Emma you need to inform O*N*E Director Valerie Cooper that there was an attack on the Mansion, do not state by what." The three knew their duties but Noriko(Surge) was confused, why was Mr. Summers so adamant not to state what has happened. Maybe time would tell.


Lucid dreams plagued Naruto's mind, Naruto knew that Kyuubi had killed a man, an innocent man for no reason; he also knew that he wasn't in his world anymore from the technological wonders that surround Naruto while Kyuubi was in control, Naruto wanted answer, and he knew that he wasn't very patient when it came to get what he wanted. Naruto eyes began to flutter awake but were blinded by the halogen light bulb that was right in front of him; Naruto could tell that someone has had training in interrogation. Naruto kept his eye closed and just listened, someone was breathing steadily, and calmly, and the vacant smell of tobacco smoke and wilderness filled Naruto's nose.

"-If you want answer just ask the right question-"

The chuckle that Naruto heard didn't surprise him, but the new sent did, it smelled of ladies perfume, and sweat.

"What did he say Logan?"

Logan seemed to shift in his chair.

"He said if we want question we need to ask the right question."

The women seemed to move slowly.

"Tell him…"

"-Tell me yourself, I may not know your language but I can understand it.-"

Another chuckle, Naruto was beginning to like this Logan.

"He says he understands the language just can't speak it, ask your question I'll interpret."

Another shuffle and Naruto hear the screechin of a chair on the ground.

"First question, where are you from?"

Naruto pondered the question and knew he should have paid more attention to Jiraiya when he was explaining science.

"-I come from another world, no name just another world-"

Naruto felt a tickle in the back of his mind, it was intrusive and he shut it out of his mind.

"He says that he comes from another world, it seems that the worlds primary language is Japanese."

Naruto felt the tickle in the edge of his mind trying to find a way in.

"-I would really like it if you didn't try and poke through my mind-"

Logan bottled his surprise as he looked at the kid.

"He says stop trying to pry into his mind."

The woman breathed an air of anger.

"FINE! Why did you come here?"

Naruto face grimaced and head fell.

"-This was supposed to be my second chance at life, I died in my previous one-"

Logan face was still, but his mind was running ramped.

"The kid says that he died in his world and this world is his second chance."

The woman sighed and left the room, another person seemed to come in and sit in the chair.

"Hello boy, my name is Scott Summers, what was that thing that took over your mind and body."

Naruto sucked a huge thing of air and calmed himself, he always seemed to get agitated when asked about Kyuubi.

"-The Kyuubi is my burden, a mythical creature, sealed into me to protect my village, I was given the task by my father, to keep the Kyuubi away from the world, because Kyuubi means destruction of the entire world. Kyuubi followed me here to torment me, I have a seal on my body that keeps him bonded to me, it also seems that my godfather knew that kyuubi was immortal and resealed it back into me. There are variations to the seal different from the other one, but I don't know what.-"

Logan heard every last word and reiterated it to Scott, Scott sighed and nodded.

"I am sorry for you burden, now I have another request a small one, but first you have to understand it, you have entered a world full of hatred for another race, called mutants, a while ago a human destroyed an island of a mutant population. However we have a standing rule with the U.S. government, mutants deal with mutant, if you are a mutant, we deal with you, if you aren't the U.S. government will deal with you, I just hope it is the first rather than the latter. We need to study your DNA."

Naruto mulled over what he had heard and just nodded, he didn't care what so ever, this was his second chance and he was going to make the best out of it. Naruto felt a pinch and then nothing.

A door hissed opened and closed, and Naruto just sat there listening to the heartbeat of Logan.

"How do you deal with the whisper in the back of your mind?"

Naruto didn't feel shock for the question, Naruto remembered what Logan said, he was like him, and he wanted to know the secret on how to deal with his demon.

"I remember what I am protecting from the demon."

Logan laughed hard and patted the kid on the shoulder.

"You'll be fine kid. You'll be fine."