When you look at the ground as you are moving in a speeding vehicle, it all becomes a blur, the brown ground, loses all of its details and it becomes a long line of blur. Normally you are experiencing this phenomenon in the comfort of a car safely secured by a lap and shoulder belt, sadly for our hero he was currently grasped firmly on the frame of a van door, glaring at the blur of ground; unluckily for him his ground had a 80 degree slope and the "ground" was a half mile away.

"You know… you military men are fucking twisted."

Our hero looks at the person in charge, Nick Fury just smiles at the man in front of him, reminding himself that besides the shape shifter Mystique this man was just as good.

"What are you talking about? We have our soldiers do this all the time…"

The other person in the moving van was a red haired, voluptuous woman, who looked at the Colonel with doubt.

"I have a hard time believing that they roll down a…. FUCKING MOUNTAIN SIDE!"

Colonel Fury chuckled at the man, he was showing his age more and more when he was aggravated, and Nick estimated that the man was in fact a teenage kid, but without seeing the man's real side there was no proof.

"Think of it as a science test."

The man looked at the hill behind him and noticed that the drop point was coming up.

"FUCK YOUR SCIENCE, I like magic and the mystical instead, your science has a habit of causing people bodily harm."

Fury laughed hard at the man's words and placed his foot on the man's chest. The man looked down at the foot and then back at Fury.

"Just know that when I have everything settled with my life… I will find you, and I will make your life a living hell."

The look on the man's face gave Fury the added comfort to do what he needed, applying pressure to his thigh; he kicked the man out of his van and slammed it shut. He stuck his head out of the window and yelled at the rolling man.


Fury just turned and sat comfortably in his seat in the van, he was quickly hit with inspiration, and locked his seat belt secure.

"Always wear a seat belt."

The red haired woman glanced at her commanding officer and grimaced slightly, Fury had a satisfied look on his face.

"You know you might of pissed off zhe devil."

The woman's Russian accent grated the Colonel's nerves a little.

"I know."

The woman continued to drive away from the hill not knowing they were currently being flipped off.

The man had reached the bottom quicker then he wanted, and luckily for him his arrival was unnoticed. He watched as the van drove away and he flipped it the bird.

"I'm serious once I am done, I am going to make that man's life hell…maybe I should locate him and tell the authorities…or maybe strap him to a chair and electrocute him….ugh…decisions, decisions."

The man, Zachary, was in fact a teenage blonde hair boy who had the techniques to disguise himself as anybody he wanted. His name was Naruto and he was on a mission for the dick that kicked him out of the van. Naruto had seemed to have already made his name in the covert military, if Colonel Nick Fury's appearance told him anything. People in the underground seemed to have discovered that Naruto had taken care of the Drug Kingpin of the southern Brazil. Now truthfully, all the large people understood was that there was a new player in the game, not that the player was Naruto, Naruto however found it suspicious that Nick Fury had found him, or knew that he wasn't Zachary. Naruto at first suspected a mind reader, but again his mind had so many barriers he doubted lauded telepath Charles Xavier could pierce it. That just left the one possibility that Naruto didn't like; that the government had inject an operative into the company and his "Zachary", was that operative. This left a bad taste in Naruto mouths, if the "spy" was innocent, his plan for him was going to lead to his death, and even more so that the government approved it.

It was with mindset that Naruto dug into the life of "Zachary", he had indeed learned that Zachary was Fury's operative, but he was a reputed criminal, and he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and was caught, what they had on him could mark him as a traitor to the United Kingdom, and the government dangled a deportation in front of him.

Some how, they were able to track "Zachary", a thought that concerned Naruto. He didn't like the idea of someone knowing where he was at all time, something Naruto was not going to allow, his plan was simple have Zachary place the "Head Honcho" in a illegal problem, and leave Zachary as the fall guy, how that was going to happen, Naruto didn't know yet. Naruto made sure to do his homework on his target, and his cover, he did so much homework, his reality started to blend with "Zachary's" a situation that Naruto knew was dangerous. This would be Naruto last black op for any clandestine government; Naruto knew he was an asset that needed to disappear. Luckily Nick Fury was a wanted traitor of the US Government that still had clout, so he knew he was going to get out of his asset marker sooner then later.

Naruto looked around the area of his drop point and found it on the strip of resorts for the beach front city of Cancun; this city was a destination for a lot of tourists, and with that brought large revenue that the drug cartel wanted to sink their teeth in. The Head Honcho was Miguel Ferrer, Naruto was told that this was not the actor, which Naruto laughed at, Miguel had made his life working with the Kingpin of the United States, and when he saw an opportunity he became the Kingpin of South America.

Naruto was read in that the man was a very connected individual, and he had his hand in almost every government, the only place that was not touched was the CIA, FSB, and MI-6. However Zachary a big time drug runner for all the cartels, was Miguel's number one employee, yet their relationship was not deeply personal, Zachary was paranoid individual, and he never had friends, and he was not going to make one with a drug kingpin. Naruto was told that all drug agencies were watching the man, and once Naruto arrived he would be too.

Naruto watched the beach as he arrived to Miguel's residence, it was a simple beach front property, single story, but it was spacious, and currently there was a party going on. Zachary arrived at the front gate to the property, and was stopped by the guards.

"(Hold it, you can't just come in, you need to be searched.)"

Zachary heard the Spanish and sighed slightly. Zachary saw the man advancing into his personal space, and when the guard got to close, Zachary sprung, the outreached arm of the guard was grasped and in a spin into the guard's guard, Zachary was behind him bending the man's entire body against his, the opposite way and holding his throat and applying pressure. The other guard was stunned by the speed of the man, and angered by the results of his actions. The guard pulled out his gun and aimed it at Zachary. This scene however was stopped when a husky man arrived in a white t and track pants placed his hand on the guards' shoulder to calm him down.

"(Pablo, lower your weapon…that's Zachary)"

The guard lowered his weapon and Zachary slowly let the guard in his grasp go. Zachary looked the man over and found that it was his target. Miguel Ferrer was not a very tall man, it was probably average height, 5'6, his husky build was more muscle then fat, but still had fat around the stomach, the man and a road map for a face, scars littered his face, but not a single piece of stubble was located on his face, the man had strong features, his nose was blocky, and his brow protruded slightly, Miguel was aesthetically trimmed, hair was not too long or short, and his eye brows were not bushy. Zachary when done with his estimate knew that Miguel was a man that handled his own business.

"(Welcome back Zachary, how was Brazil?)"

Zachary looked around the front yard of the house and found that the people were going about their business, and seemed to know better not to listen in to the conversation.

"It seemed that our Russian was not appreciative of your son's hospitality."

Miguel smiled at Zachary, he always liked that the man was smart; he knew that the people here could not understand English so he spoke in it so people didn't hear, but he also spoke in a type of vague wording, and you would only know if you were privy to the information.

Miguel had a pained smile on his face and gestured Zachary to come in. Zachary did but he kept his distance from everyone, he would stay just arm length of people, and when it came to a crowd, he jumped over everyone. People in the crowd awed the feature of skill and clapped at Zachary, Miguel just apologized for Zachary's cold attitude and followed him into the sliding glass door, this door was to his personal study, as he walked in he patted the guards on the shoulder.

The inside of the office wasn't as extreme that Zachary expected, it was scaled down to what he assumed it would be. All the walls were covered in books and the only gaps there were of the bookcases were the doors and windows, a simple corner desk was positioned away from all the windows the desk was an "L" Shape desk that hugged one side of the wall and had an opening for him to enter, his chair was facing the wall at all times and was positioned to see everyone come in through either door, but safe from any would be snipers. No alcohol shelves were in the office, just an office for a straight worker, albeit a drug kingpin worker.

"(You should really have your walls reinforced; any .50 cal slug can tear your walls to shred.)"

Miguel chuckled at Zachary and directed him to a chair near his desk. Miguel also smiled at the Spanish dialect Zachary was speaking in.

"(Your time in Brazil has taught you a new language.)"

Zachary just looked over his shoulder and scanned the room.

"(I suspect that we have five minutes before they are able to get a translator.)"

Miguel nodded at Zachary and seconds later the floor moved away from the ground and a staircase going down was inside. Miguel walked down and Zachary followed, the walk was not far but it was dark. The two men entered into a room that was sparse in furniture but had maps and charts, property sales, and progressive growth trackers. Miguel sat down on the lone table and offered Zachary to stand.

"(We are secure down here you can talk.)"

Zachary let his shoulders sag slightly but kept it tense still.

"(Your son caused a clusterfuck in Brazil, it all started when he assassinated Roman's son.)"

Miguel seethed his teeth and shot off the desk in a matter of seconds, anger rolled off the man in waves.

"(Fucking Idiot…Roman was my best muscle, not just strong but brilliant…we had a contract, I left his son out of the equation, and he would be loyal to be…and then that…)"

Zachary saw that Miguel was genuine in his words regarding Roman, something that Zachary would hold onto for later.

"(What else?)"

Zachary shifted a little and dropped his arms more, an action that Miguel picked up, Miguel knew Zachary very well, and knew that the man was become loose and calm.

"(The local police had an officer in your son's crew, a body guard; they learned of your sons plans and were planning on taking him down.)"

Miguel did not seem as upset about that for some reason, Zachary didn't understand why but hoped Miguel would explain it.

"(This I already know, my son's blunders down there were starting to reach my ear, and then my contact in the DEA told me that they were making a case against him, the drug trade sadly in a poverty stricken city can be traced back, so I decided that it was time that the city in Brazil get a new facelift.)"

Zachary pondered on Miguel's reasons for a revamp on a city, Zachary quickly thought of the ideal that was the city in Brazil. He knew that it was not on any Teutonic Plates, so there was no fear of earth quakes, no major natural disasters were recorded of hitting the city, and the city itself was on the coast, Zachary's mind then shifted radically in thoughts and came out to one.

"(You wish to make the city a tourist destination.)"

Miguel knew that Zachary was a smart individual, but he never gleamed how smart he was, how could he think of a reason for his pulling out drugs of the city, and how could he think of the correct plan.

"(Why do you think that?)"

Miguel knew better to insult Zachary's intelligence, it made sure that when he answered not to confirm or deny his theory.

"(First and importantly, the city is known for the rampant drug trade and the crimes that result from it, if you suddenly cut the drug vein, the result crimes would decrease to a manageable level for the law enforcement in the city, and if you were to increase the effectiveness of the law enforcement, you will find that the city is a great place to vacation, close to the water, beaches, no major natural disasters to hinder tourist growth. Also seeing how you control the drugs you can make it as safe as possible for families, but the city would also need a complete redevelopment, and you have clout in many construction companies, you could plan to own many of the business, bring up your revenue. Tourism is a billion dollar trade, New York City make nearly 30 Billion dollars in tourism, and if you could make a city like that, that would increase your revenue intake and take you out of the drug and into legal business.)"

Miguel was amazed when Zachary was finished, it would appear that Zachary had more smarts then Miguel would have realized.

"(It pleases me that you have so much knowledge on this situation, part of the reason I asked you back was I needed someone to broker my next deal, and seeing how you know so much, I think you would have my best interests at heart; but that can be ironed out after you get back…recently it seems that someone has been working the business classes at the resort at the key, you know we have had trouble of pushing our reach on that area, I want you to go find out who it is, and persuade them to cut us in, if you have any trouble, bring him to me.)"

Zachary understood and stood up and walked away, he was stopped by a paper airplane hit the cork board near the door.

"(Time and place for my meeting, be careful though, the people involved are people that have more power then you and me.)"

Zachary paused and turned his head slightly to look at Miguel, the man's outwardly appearance showed no emotions, but the slightest twitches told Zachary more.

Zachary nodded and grabbed the plane. When Zachary was gone and Miguel assured it he pulled out a phone.

"He is on his way, you should be able to see him soon, remember once you have him, place everything you have on me on him, he has used up his usefulness."


Resort Hotel – Bar


Zachary entered the bar with a quick eye, the place was partially empty, except for a couple of elderly people, and a few young men and women. Zachary walked up to the bar and as soon as he was close enough the bartender exclaimed largely at Zachary.

"Zach…it's been long time."

Zachary cocked his head in confusion, anyone that knew Zachary always spoke Spanish at him, but the bar keep was speaking English, immediately Zachary understood the meaning, 'I am trying to catch your attention for a reason'.

Zachary closed up to the bar and grabbed the offered hand and was pulled in for a hug, once Zachary was close enough he whispered into his ear.

"(Give me a reason not to take your hand.)"

The bar tender pulled away and exclaimed again and brought him in, acting with full joy.

"(Lady here, asking too many questions, I think P.O.)

Zachary pulled away this time and smiled at the bartender.

"Can I get my usual and is my room open?"

The tender smiled and nodded and grabbed a key from under the bar and threw it at Zachary, who was already walking away, he caught the keys and walked up the stairs. There were many doors but all of them had no lock on the handle, the only door was straight directly from the top of the stairs, Zachary opened the door and walked in. As soon as the door was closed Zachary was enveloped in a cloud of smoke and standing there was Naruto. Naruto sighed harshly and walked into the bathroom.

'Playing this character is seriously messing with my mind, enveloping my self into a whole different person; especially someone my opposite is getting harder, I hope this ends soon, I need to be me dammit.'

Naruto's thought were ended by the soft knock coming from the door, Naruto grunted in aggravation and dawned the appearance of Zachary again. Naruto opened the door and found a woman standing in the doorway, the woman was stunning Zachary wouldn't lie, she was wearing a red dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, she had smooth long hair that was designed to cover the left side of her face, it rounded near the tips of hair, the design of the dress showed and amplified her cleavage immensely and the end of her dress was tight around her knees, the black heel wedges, plumped her ass that Zachary was able to see cause she was rotating left and right, she had beautifully shaped almond eyes, and the her lips were plump and coated in red lip stick.

"Can you help me by any chance?"

Zachary caught the slightest Hispanic accent but it was rasp and smoky, it was alluring to say the least.

"It depends on what you are requesting of me?"

The woman giggled slightly and Zachary let his apprehension lower slightly, the woman must have caught it because her body frame relaxed.

"Well I have been in the city for some time, and I had a friend that worked with you awhile back, Filipe, he told me if I ever needed something to make a party better to look for you."

Zachary smiled softly at the woman and ushered her in. Zachary watched the woman come in and when he closed the door, he saw the bartender peek his head up. Zachary shook his head at him and the bartender understood.

Zachary took the room in fully, it was on the second floor over looking the bar and the room below, the bar establishment was separated by a dividing wall, a wall that the overlook had in the middle, and the room on the other side of the wall could be looked upon as well, the room had security televisions with live feeds on them, all on the wall, it was a wall of TV's. There was one couch, plush and leather, a lone coffee table and a large refrigerator, and then a door to the bathroom which Zachary went to first.

Zachary noticed the woman standing in the middle of the room taking everything in, with a fake enthusiasm.

"So what can I help you with sweetheart?"

The woman stopped slowly and turned around quickly a gun pointed at his chest. Zachary angled his head in amusement and then laughed.

"So which agency sent you, FBI…CIA?...NSA…DEA?"

The woman held a calm visage on her face, something that told Zachary that she was a professional.

"So your not going to tell me, but you also haven't disclosed your identity, making me assured that your actions are not sanctioned and this arrest, if it was an arrest is not…legal."

Zachary said this with a point in fact tone, something that made the woman's eyebrow twitch.

"I don't make it a habit of telling criminals my name, I am here because after three years of investigation on you, my superiors tell me to drop it and the case is being picked up by major drug crimes unit, I just want to know why a simple drug smuggler like you warrants such a big audience?"

Zachary surveyed the woman and noticed that her form was steady; there was no hesitation or nervousness. This just meant that she has killed before, and her appearance here was just more then information gathering.

"A sudden shift can mean anything, but in regards to who I work for, it means that my employer has thrown me under the bus and is using me as an escape goat."

The woman lowered her weapon a few inches lower and seemed to curse in her head.

"What do you think…he made a deal?"

Zachary smiled coyly and sighed.

"Miguel Ferrer doesn't take deals he makes them and makes you take them, he has someone in his pocket, Miguel cannot really be linked to any of the crimes that he is accused of, but I'm not worried about that…"

The woman came to a realization and realigned her weapon.

"YOU! You made a deal didn't you?"

Zachary smiled and nodded his head.

"I have been working with a government with close ties to… no I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I am just biding my time, I am not going to die in prison, not for anyone."

The woman lowered her weapon in full, knowing that different agencies were like small children when it came to protecting there assets and toys, and if Zachary was one, they weren't going to let anyone interfere.

"I thank you for lowering your weapon, you were making me anxious…but don't fret, I can give you something else."

The woman's ears perked up when she heard this.

"Someone has been selling to the uppercrusts that frequent this bar; you can take in one of them or the seller themselves, after I am done with him."

The woman contemplated the deal and waited awhile before she made her decision.

"I am going to wait until I see this person, then I will make my decision."

Zachary smiled and nodded at her decision.

"May I have the name of the lady that held a gun at my chest?"

The woman walked away and opened the door.

"Just call me Agent."

Zachary pouted slightly and smiled back at her, Agent left the room and closed the door, as soon as she left and was gone Zachary walked to the door and locked it, Zachary was replaced by Naruto and he sighed. It seems that Nick jumped the gun to quick, he wasn't expecting a response so quickly, to be honest Naruto had no idea that there was anyone at the agencies scoping Zachary out, a fact that Nick choose to leave out; Naruto also didn't expect a gambit like telling her that Miguel had screwed would work. Naruto planned with Nick to give Miguel the opportunity of a lifetime, give Miguel a way out of his life by having a patsy take his place, Nick knew Miguel well enough that they couldn't use a nobody, and they couldn't have someone enter the organization and gain enough respect to get close to Miguel. Naruto didn't want to use Zachary he just wanted to get rid of the persona and let the man free, but Nick wanted everyone involved with the organization. Why he did Naruto didn't know.

Naruto knew that Nick kept his eye on the superhero community seeing how they had honest to goodness superpowers that were dangerous, but how Miguel Ferrer tied in with that was unknown; Naruto only went after Estaban, because of the man's choke hold on the city and to get a powerful ally like Roman. Naruto and Nick spent the last six months straightening out this plan, and he wasn't about to let Nick's over-eagerness screw him over. Naruto hadn't been sleeping well over the last six months in Nick's hide away bunker, mostly because the man was a spook and you didn't turn your back on a spook. Naruto let sleep envelop him and waited until he got the call about the seller.


Around midnight Naruto got the call, the bartender had seen the seller talking it up to some high roller that came in, it seemed he followed them in, Naruto turned into Zachary and walked down to the bar; once he was he saw the bartender jerk his head to a direction and Zachary saw the seller. The man was an angelic looking man, blonde hair and blue eyes, he was in a power suit and tie and was walking with a cane, mostly for decorations sake. The man had a strong build if how he filled out that suit said anything; his facial features were strong and angelic at the same time. Zachary walked up to the group and over heard their conversation.

"You all are sitting on prime real estate, Cancun has a large tourist attraction and the city alone makes billions in American dollars, there are plenty of opportunities around the city you just have to get in on the ground floor. I can help with that, but enough about business you men are here, your young, and I have a lot of women waiting to see you with a little gift."

The way the man spoke was a man of intelligence, he understood the men's wants and he supplied with a scratch for that itch, Zachary was watching intently until the men were gone.

"That was a great pitch, a little dated and used, but the basics kill."

The insult that Zachary placed in his talk got the attention of the man, when he turned Zachary seemed to see something that sparked into the man's mind, mind you it wasn't something that Zachary wanted to see.

The image was of a bound and gagged little girl, stripped naked and beaten.

'What the fuck was that…shit have to deal with that later.'

"How would you have dealt with those men if you are so smarter?"

Zachary chuckled at the opening that the man left for him, and Zachary knew intimidation worked wonders for an idiot.

"Well, first I wouldn't be pushing product on Miguel Ferrer's property."

The man's smug look transformed into a look of pure fear.

"Look…I was trying to get those men to buy into what I am selling, I wouldn't knowingly push product on that man's property."

The fearful smile was shaking on the man's face, Zachary smiled warmly at the man, something that brought the man's defenses down, but as soon as he did Zachary struck with a punch that lifted the man off his feet slightly. Zachary pulled his arm away and waited for the man to stand back up.

"You think when I say his property, you think I mean his turf, this establishment is owned and run by Miguel, and that bartender, so is he, but you got to understand Miguel is more upset that you didn't inform him of what you were doing, and he feels insulted you didn't do business with him."

Zachary heard the man squeal under the sound of the music blaring, the man began looking around for something and Zachary sighed before he kicked his leg at the knee, making the man lose his support and kneel to the ground.

"I got to know, what is your name? So I can tell Miguel you were being non-responsive to his request."

The man gulped in fear and began to stutter.


Zachary paused slightly and looked at the man in depth. Inside his head Naruto was cursing up a storm, Logan made sure to give Naruto a download of the people he could trust if he ever came into contact, Warren Worthington III was one, but Naruto was told that Warren was an only child, and his father had been on deaths door for a while now.

"So you are the bastard child of Warren Worthington II?"

Erik was still to afraid to speak so he just nodded. Zachary cursed and pushed him away from him.

"You could become a problem if Miguel had ties to you…leave…NOW!"

Erik didn't have to be told twice and rushed away in a hurry, a puddle of liquid was located on the ground where he was kneeling, Zachary groan a little and sighed, he got up and walked to the bar.

"(Contact Miguel, tell him the person would have brought to much notice to him and he is not worth the trouble, he has learned his lesson though.)"

The bartender nodded and at that moment the phone ringed and he picked it up, as Zachary was walking away the bartender called him back.

"(A lady on the phone for you.)"

Zachary glared at the man and he placed the phone on the bar.

"That was a little excessive…"

Zachary turned to look at the bartender who notice the glare and moved even farther.

"Have to keep up appearances…you can go after the guy, he should have an arrestable amount of drugs on his person…also check his credit card statements and find a hotel, I think he has a little girl tied up."

Zachary hung up the phone before he could be questioned, Zachary left the bar and began running to his next destination.

'Why would I say that, I have no proof that he did, what am I saying I felt it in my gut that image I saw was real, but how the hell did I see that…'

Zachary ran for an hour until he was at the airstrip, and once he arrived, he saw the plane he was supposed to meet up with. Zachary felt it was strange seeing how it was a cargo plane, but once the cargo bay doors opened he understood why. Moments after the doors opened a giant of a man exited the plane, his was wearing and outfit of a brownish red, and he had the strangest bands on his bicep and knuckles, but the thing that caught his eye was the giant helmet on the mans head.

"Who the hell are you?"

Zachary cursed his break of character but was happy that the man took it as something else.

"Name's Juggernaut."

Naruto inside cursed his luck thinking of the definition of the word.

'I'm boned."


Zachary looked at the behemoth with something akin to fear, now this wasn't some ploy for Naruto, this man seemed to radiate power, and he had become akin to Nature's Chakra to gauge a person's strength to his, and currently it was telling him that this man could literally squash him. Naruto knew that another person had exited the plane, but common sense told him to keep his eye on this Juggernaut.

"Cain… your intimidating the man."

A silky smooth voice emanated from the next man, Naruto quickly looked over to him, and for some reason wanted to choke the man, the man before him wore an all white suit, with a purple suit and tie, and a red rose in his coat pocket, he wore light purple gloves on his hands and a light blue mask.

"So you are the one that Miguel sent, you are lucky that you are working for that man or I would kill you myself."

Naruto was lost, it seemed that Zachary and the man before had a past, a past that neither Naruto nor Fury knew of, or Fury knew and screwed him. Naruto panicked slightly, there was no way he was getting out of this, and knew that the time was right, and also who he needed to convince was still on the plane.

'Thank you nature's chakra.'

Naruto let the disguise fall as he stood his place, his commando suit that he wore in Brazil was in place, but this time he had on a skull cap and a mask to cover his lower face. The two's reaction was one that Naruto suspected, Juggernaut was poised to crush him, and the girly looking man had pistols in both hands.

"Let me explain before you go crushing me…if you kill me now your boss will never know how he can retain 100% of the deal."

Naruto kept his stance as a form of courage, but when fist the size of your upper body are speeding towards you, you flinch.

"Wait Mr. Marko."

Naruto sighed when he opened his eyes, he shivered when he saw how close the fists were; he could discern ridge patterns. Naruto heard the creaking of metal and looked towards the cargo plane.

A man about the same size as the Juggernaut had exited, his ligaments were proportional to his size, the man wore a white coat, and gray pants. Naruto wasn't one to comment on the size because right now his mind was in overload. The man seemed to be where a simple white "T" underneath the coat, Naruto wanted to laugh at the straw hat the man was wearing but he was to preoccupied.

"Let the man finish, if I find his proposition lacking then you can crush him Mr. Marko."

Naruto smiled smugly at the large man.

"First may I ask who you are?"

The large man looked at Naruto with no expression and then cocked his eyebrow.

"The name is Wilson Fisk."

Naruto paused just to make sure he wasn't crazy or he heard wrong; Naruto narrowed his eyes when the pieces started to come together.

'Oh Fury, you are fucking dead.'

Naruto cleared his throat and moved out from under the Juggernauts fists.

"Well Mr. Fisk, as you are well known, you probably know more about this situation that I have discovered but it goes like this. I have been asked to take care of Miguel Ferrer; I was approached by a very cloak and dagger government to handle this situation, seeing how my exploits in southern Brazil have come to light. How that man is supposed to be taken care of is up to me, but sadly the man's intentions have never been right, and I don't feel that he should be able to die. So I am setting him up."

Fisk listened to the smaller man and hmmed when he heard southern Brazil; Miguel's son was always a problem to Fisk and the smaller man had helped get rid of a pest.

"Sadly Miguel has big plans for that small city near the ocean in southern Brazil, they have somewhat good intentions but the results that would lead up to it are not something I can stand. So I propose this, I was able to glean that you are a financial backer for this plan of his for a fee, what I suggest is you help me take him down and you get all of the profit, with some contingencies."

The girly looking man stood silently listening to this man talk to his father…his employer. His name… was Rose; forever it will be since his rebirth. Yet he was confused of his father's intentions, normally an individual like the one in front of them wasn't given any merit, but yet his father…boss found him important. Fisk pondered on the man's words, it could be a bluff to backstab him, but as long as Fisk has been the one to backstab this person was trying to.

"Why should I listen to the words of a random stranger?"

Naruto paused slightly and smirked smugly, seconds later Naruto had transformed into a exact duplicate of the girly looking man.

"…because, I am a person that can be any person, and if I truly wanted to hide from you, you would never know that I was there."

Fisk grunted respectfully at the man show of power, and the hidden threat underneath it. Fisk knew of another shape shifter, but she could be bought, Fisk suspected that this person could not, making him dangerous, and seeing how he would never know if this person was who he appeared to be, he couldn't threaten him back.

"I will hear your contingencies."

Rose wasn't amazed that his boss would buckle, a person that could potentially infiltrate your home and assassinate you was a persuasive point, but for his boss to even consider the contingencies; well it taught him that sometimes you have to sacrifice.

"Number one, no drugs in the city, you would find that your revenue would increase if tourists knew that there was no real presence of drugs in the city. Number two, to combat any crime use a portion of your profits and recycle it back into the law enforcement, you could create your own little army down there to protect your little slice of pie, and number three help the community, Estaban's drug pumping in that city has destroyed the populace, clean it up and give the people jobs, you would be seen as a saint in brazil, even though you are consider the devil in New York."

Fisk stared at the man with respect, as clean and good his plans were, Fisk understood that the man knew that it wasn't that simple, and that told Fisk loads of what the man was.

"A demon that's also an angel."

Naruto bristled slightly at the comment, not a visual act mind you, but Naruto left it at an offhand comment for Fisk to identify what Naruto was and his intentions.

"So we have a deal?"

Fisk rolled his jaw as he weighed the pros and cons, the legal ramifications were staggering, but the clincher was one thing, if he became a benefactor for a country, they would not extradite him, because any business he has would be closely examine and operations would be halted, and if he had a hand in the operations of multiple business they wouldn't risk extraditing for fear of economic and employment collapse.


Naruto walked up to the man and knew that a handshake was the custom norm, but he saw the size of the man and he knew the man was going to try to display his dominance over him.

'Yeah fuck that.'

Naruto coat his hand and the anatomical points in his hands with chakra. When Fisk grasped Naruto's hand he found that he couldn't apply the power necessary to show dominance. If Fisk was surprised he didn't show it.

"So when should I expect the information… its not like you would carry that on your person…"

Naruto's exclamation was interrupted by the handing of a flash drive; Naruto looked from the flash drive to Fisk back to the flash drive, with his eyebrow raised in suspicion.

"So you have blackmail on everyone on your person?"

Fisk laughed and walked back onto the plane, Juggernaut followed closely behind. The last person was the girly man, and he stared at Naruto with expressionless features. Naruto felt uncomfortable and just nodded.

"Have Fisk call Miguel in one hour exactly."

The girly man nodded slightly as the plane kickstarted, Naruto never noticed the narrowing of Rose's eyes.

'It seems we have to keep an eye on that man.'

Rose turned away and walked onto the plane, as he close the cargo doors he watched the fleeing figure, and continued up to the point that the doors closed.


Naruto knew that he had a lot of distance to cover and that it may not be ideal with multiple parties looking out for him. Shield, O*N*E, and other groups he was not currently privy of, but sadly time was a factor. Naruto created a Kage Bunshin that immediately sat in a meditative stance, as Naruto continued his run, he could feel the natural chakra gather, and once it did… the clone dispersed. The world got clearer for Naruto as he felt the energy that flowed through him resonate and waft in the environment, currently Naruto was looking for one person, and that person was like a single water drop in a damn ocean.

'Damn, I should do more experiments with this chakra, it seems so much richer, untapped…focus…now how the hell am I going to find that woman, I only met her once and she had chakra running through her so… oh there she is… how the hell did I…never mind, I'm awesome.'

Naruto located his target and in a burst of natural chakra and the wonderful shunshin, Naruto disappeared in a yellow flash.


Rhythmic clicking was apparent in the room that the group was in, many people were bowing in front of a person sitting on a throne of sorts. The hand was adorn with a metal gauntlet of sorts, however its designed looked more for medical reason, the person stayed out of the light and only let their hand be seen. Suddenly the door to the room was harshly open, and a vivacious woman in a green uni-tard, with a draping cape, and black-green hair entered at a brisk pace. Once the woman was close enough, she kneeled at the person on the throne.

"Father! That energy signature we captured a year and a half ago."

The woman didn't look up after she spoke, she felt worried that she must have done something wrong because her father was still rapping his fingers on the arm of the chair.

"I know my daughter, I felt it the same as our energy receptors. You may cancel the search for the one responsible."

The woman was shocked at what she heard, the reason being was that the responsibility for finding the source of the energy was hers; she wanted to speak but to do so would be disrespectful to her father.

"Daughter Ophelia, my decision is not based on a failure to produce results; it is due to whom the person is that is the source. It has been some time since I felt that energy, I thought him dead. I am having you call off the search because sooner or later Naruto will make a public appearance, it's in his nature. He is the child of destiny."

The father's daughter Ophelia nodded at the wisdom of her father, she turned to lead the men behind her.

"Men, once Father has given the information we need you pursue all sightings, contact all our spies, and find this NARUTO!"

The men stood from their kneeling position and move into a pose, the arm extended in front of them and at a slight upward angle, it appeared slightly silly with the men dressed in an outfit that covered their entire body even their head, where only their mouth was uncovered. The outfit was a dark olive green and they wore yellow boots with a yellow utility belt.


Yet as silly as they looked not one of their victims would tell you that, Hydra was a terrorist group, with roots in Nazi Germany. They were lead by a cloaked figure and his biological daughter, and they ruled with a dangerous ideal.


Naruto stopped a mile out from his targets location and transformed into Zachary, Naruto was happy that in a few hours Zachary would be no more. Zachary moved with expert speed and appeared at the van that was set up out side a local motel, Zachary knocked twice. His actions caused a flurry of actions to happen inside the van, and before he knew it the door opened and Zachary saw the person he wanted to see.

"Good Evening Agent."

Agent glared at Zachary and pulled him inside the van, Zachary was forced to sit down, but optioned to hold his hands in the air. The reason being was the three automatic pistols aimed at his body.

"I won't ask how you found me, seeing who you are, but what the hell are you doing causing a scene on a active stakeout?"

Zachary just stared at Agent with no care in the world, and just fished his hand into his pocket, an action that made the other agents in the van register their fingers on their triggers.

"I have in my possession, documented proof of Miguel Ferrer's criminal dealing."

Zachary pulled out his hand and placed the flash drive on the desk like table mounted on the van wall. Zachary looked at the set up and found that Agent and the others were doing surveillance on a motel, Zachary tried to piece together the location or who might be involved and he could only think of one.

"So you are following my lead and you found a charge for this motel on Erik Worthington's credit card."

Zachary knew they were not paying attention to what they were saying; they were looking over the smoking gun that he just presented to them. Zachary scoffed and looked at the monitor on the wall; somehow the agents were able to get a camera into Erik's room. Zachary watched the monitor and watched the scene play out in front of him. The drug dealer Erik had entered the room, looking haggard for some reason, he could only imagine, seeing how he might have lost his clientele tonight. Zachary watched Erik stretch and yawn, and pause a little in the room. Zachary watched carefully as Erik's entire demeanor seemed to change from exhaustion to a dangerous look of lust.

"Agent, I think you should look at this."

Agent sighed at the Zachary's voice; he had given her a potential career started for the lot of them, yet it was what he said that brought reality back, and their current objective. Agent watched as the suspect Erik seemed to start masturbating furiously; Agent looked at Zachary with disgust, but he waved her off and pointed at the monitor. From out of frame a girl appeared, she was bound and gagged, the only thing that was unbound was her feet.

"Before we go, we need to confirm her age; do any of you see anything that could grant us probable cause?"

The agents had a hard time seeing anything it seemed; they couldn't really identify anything seeing how the girl's back was facing the camera. Zachary looked at the girl and knew that she was to young for whatever this was, he didn't know how he just did. Luckily Naruto remembered something that Jiraiya told him when he took him on his trip, once a woman hits a certain age they develop hips, Jiraiya even went into explaining why, but all Naruto remembered was it dealt with child bearing.

"The girl's hips haven't developed."

The agents in the van looked at Zachary with confusion.

"Look at the girl, what is the one thing that allures us to women."

The agents looked at the girl again and examined her more. Woman tend to develop curves at the hips that pulls men's eyeline towards them.

"If her having no child bearing hips is an indicator she just turned for a fraction of a second, she has no development on her breasts."

The agents froze and hurried out of the van, Zachary watched the monitor as minutes went by. Zachary watched the monitor as the agents kicked in the door of Erik's room, Agent must have said something because the little girl ran with pure fright into her arms. Erik in a panic jumped off the bed and left the camera frame. Zachary looked out the van door and saw a naked Erik being speared over the railing of the walkway near his door and into the pool below. Zachary cringed and laughed at the pain Erik must have experienced; minutes later Erik was being placed into the back of a police car, screaming about how they were going to kill him in prison. Zachary truly didn't care and waited for Agent to return; once she did Zachary looked at her with expectation.

"Good eye, we were lucky that you lead us here, it seems that Erik has a nasty habit of kidnapping little girls and raping them. However the girls tend to be found dead, we haven't been able to link Erik to their murders however,"

Zachary grimaced slightly and turned away.

"How soon can you get a task force together?"

Agent stared at Zachary's back as he spoke.

"It depends on what their needed for?"

Zachary turned around and began walking away.

"You have enough evidence to put Miguel away, and if you wait to long Miguel's friends in your agencies will tip him off. Just say that you received a tip that a drug shipment is happening at Miguel's house, and you are protecting an asset."

Agent found the plan sound but…Zachary was leading them to his boss and once they arrived, Miguel would kill him.

"I can't let you go; you would be putting yourself at risk."

Zachary turned and smiled at Agent and winked.

"Then you better catch me huh?"

Agent eyes narrowed and watched Zachary disappear in a inhuman speed, she yelled for her team to rally up and head to Miguel's home.


Miguel's Home


Zachary walked onto the property with some form of urgency; the guards surrounding the property seem to sense his demeanor and rushed to stop him. Zachary never faltered as he blazed through the guards, as Zachary reached the door all the guards were on the ground groaning in pain. Zachary walked through the house steadily, never faltering his pace. Once he faced the door to Miguel's study he kicked the door hard enough to rip it off its hinges and sail through the air out the backyard doors. The guard inside the office rushed Zachary but as soon as he swung Zachary was below the strike path and the guard's side was open, a quick yet powerful haymaker struck the guards ribs pushing all the air out of the guard's lungs and then collapsing unconscious. Zachary just stepped over the guard and stared at Miguel that was looking at Zachary's handy work with congratulations.

"Well done Zachary, I didn't think it would take you that long to take down my men, I imagine they were not that much of a challenge for you?"

Zachary stared at Miguel with a look akin to betrayal and disgust as he spoke.

"You sold me out!"

The force of Zachary's yell made Miguel flinch slightly, something that Miguel covered up by rolling his shoulders, and walking around his desk and opening the secret latch on the floor, and walking in. Zachary smirked slightly at the scene and followed, placing his hand in a side pouch on his hip and slipping a rolled parchment into his grasp.

Zachary followed but played cautious to his surroundings, Zachary sight caught Miguel sitting behind the table in the room.

"You call it betrayal Zachary, I call it evolution. The survival of the fittest; you cannot stand here and tell me that you have a purpose in this world; you're a drug peddler, drug runner, all around bad guy. Me… I'm in the gray area, I am a bad man that does good things, and does that make me a bad guy? Logic states that it doesn't. I can give back to my community; give back to my culture, my heritage. You can't…so what if I had to wipe the slate clean for a small nominal stake of the real estate in southern Brazil, and to do that I gave them you."

Miguel expected to see Zachary's anger spike or frustration to overcome him, but it didn't. All Miguel saw was that Zachary was smiling, a smile that created fear in the pit of Miguel's stomach. Suddenly Miguel's cell phone rang; something that made Zachary smile even more if that was possible.

"I think you should get that."

Miguel felt the fear turn into something else, but what it was, was not something Miguel ever felt before.


A slight pause on the other end of the phone created enough doubt in Miguel that he smiled coyly at Zachary.

"Hello Miguel."

The voice on the other end of the phone brought fearful memories to Miguel, but most of all was the fear of the man on the other end.

"I hear that you go by a new epitaph, the South American Kingpin? I must say that I am flattered that you would emulate me like that, surprising seeing how you screwed my over and went into hiding."

Miguel had no idea why Zachary would know that Fisk would be on the other line, but he could guess and that frightened him.

"What- what ever could you be calling for Mr. Fisk?"

Miguel heard the sharp bark that was the laughter of his former employer.

"Still fearing me to call me mister, I am calling to inform you of our agreement with Southern Brazil."

Miguel's eyes sharply turned to Zachary with shock, something that made Zachary smile like a demon.

"You must be mistaken, my partner is Mr. Rose."

Miguel heard the chuckles of Fisk and in that moment his body lost its strength.

"You did Miguel, but what you were not informed of is that Mr. Rose works for me; however I am not calling you to tell you we are in business together, I am calling you to tell you that you are being absolved our your ownership, seeing how it states in the contractual agreement under the criminal clause, that if any of the partners were to be convicted of a crime all ownership will transfer to the partner, and the file that I gave to Zachary about your dealing in the United States, well lets just say it was nice doing business with you."

Miguel heard the line go dead and once it dead Miguel began to tremble, Miguel looked at the one responsible and looked at him with such doubt.

"A double cross, well actually a triple; you double crossed me first then I crossed you. I haven't been entirely truthful Miguel, well I never have but Zachary is a mole, a double agent so to say, but for the betterment of your understanding, he is an informant. However when you did that burn I had to be creative, and wouldn't you know your partner had more dirt on you then the feds. I would have to say that Zachary's chance of freedom is better then you."

Zachary laughed slightly and watched as Miguel shook violently, however seconds later the distinctive sound of law enforcement sirens told a much interesting story. Miguel hearing the sounds opened the drawer of his desk and pulled out a gun, Zachary quickly put his hands up in the air and smirked at Miguel.

"You thought you were smarter then me, but I know a thing or to about pranks and tricks, you have to be able to think ahead Miguel…"

"D.E.A, come out with your hands out, you have the count of five."

The voice was at the top of the stairs a distinctive female voice; Zachary looked behind him and smiled. Seconds later canisters of smoke erupted on the floor.

"It was so easy to kill your son Miguel, he just wasn't strong enough, isn't a son's strength a reflection of his fathers… that must mean you raised a weak son."

Miguel growled and aimed his gun at Zachary, who by now was covered by the smoke, and shot into the cloud. The sound of a large object hitting the floor was heard, shortly after four federal agents entered the cellar room rifles and sub-machine guns aimed at Miguel. The lead agent entered last and looked over the scene, Miguel Ferrer was holding a smoking gun, and her informant was lying on the ground bullet in his forehead, a look of pure confusion on his face. Sadly she and her team couldn't hear the conversation that Zachary and Miguel had, but whatever happened, or what was said shocked Zachary before death. The female agent sighed and walked over to Miguel who was clearly upset.

"Miguel Ferrer you are under arrest, for multiple count of racketeering, embezzlement, drug trafficking, suspicion of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, assault, and now the murder of Zachary Gordon Phillips."

Miguel heard the name of the person he killed and looked frightful.

"Please you have to get me protection."

The female agent didn't seem to understand why the man was so afraid.

"Take it up with the U.S. Attorney General."

The female agent pulled Miguel away from his spot and walked him out.


Zachary, or Naruto was rushing away at quite a hurried speed, he had traveled a far distance in that short amount of time and was nearing the border. Naruto slid to hide under a dune when a military vehicle drove near him; Naruto took a steadying breath and took out his phone, or whatever the hell this thing was that Fury gave him. Naruto placed it in his ear and pressed something.

"Sage to Fury?"

The other line clicked a few times before the gruff voice of Nick Fury came on.

"I hear that Zachary was killed during his conversation with Miguel, can I ask how you pulled that off?"

Naruto stayed silent when he heard the sound of an engine idling over him and watched as the tires parked over the lip of his dune. Naruto mastered his breathing and waited, the opening and closing of a vehicle door informed Naruto of his plight, steps could be heard and Naruto kept his body perfectly still as the footsteps stopped at the same lip right over his head. Naruto cursed in his head at believing that he could trick the Mexican government, it could have been that he left some residual energy that they tracked… Naruto's thundering mental berating was halted by the sight of a liquid stream passing over the lip and onto the ground a few feet ahead of him. Naruto became annoyed when he heard the sound of a pants zipper being moved and a rushing foot steps back into the vehicle and speeding off.

"I did a switch at the last second."

Naruto sighed and looked over the lip and noticed the vehicle's red lights.

"Is phase 2 ready yet Fury?"

Naruto waited until the clicks finished and Fury spoke.

"Just leave your comm. on and I will be seeing you soon."

Naruto smiled and took the comm. out and placed it on the ground. Naruto looked at the night's sky and smiled a mischievous grin.

"Let's turn in a traitor."


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