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Chapter 38 – My Dream Is Right Here

Six months later.

"So, you and Randy, how's it going?"

I stood with my back to the blonde woman, my eyes rolling as they scanned over the familiar table of make-up, trying to pick out the most suitable colours for her skin tone. I had been back to my old job for a few months now; somehow Randy had managed to persuade Vince into letting me have it back. I felt bad, messing him around so much, but apparently he was happy that I'd changed my mind.

It felt so good to be back on the road again, to be able to travel with Randy... especially now that we weren't just best friends anymore.

But, one thing that I hadn't missed when I was working for Elle was the Divas... although I suppose I could say the same about the models I had worked with before. With that said, the Divas were still as stuck up and drop dead gorgeous as they always were, and Michelle was right at the top of that list. Even though I did her make-up every single week, and each time I told her the same thing, she still didn't go one make up session without asking how Randy and I were.

"Good. Great, actually," I smiled genuinely as I span back around to apply her lip gloss. Although I hated discussing my relationship with her, and with any other Diva for that matter, I couldn't help but grin at the thought of how well he and I really were doing.

"Really? Well, that's... surprising," Michelle rose an eyebrow, "I guess there's still time for something to go wrong."

"Michelle," I spoke up, my temper thin as I threw the make-up on the table when I was finished, "As much as I appreciate your concern, Randy and I are just fine. In fact, things aren't getting worse with time, they're getting even better."

"I'm sorry, Ella," She smiled sarcastically, and I had to refrain from rolling my eyes. I think it was pretty damn obvious that she wasn't sorry about anything, "I'm just looking out for you... and no offense, but you and him, you just don't mesh. I mean, look at you," She eyed me up, her lip curling in disgust, "And look at him..." She sighed, staring off into space longingly.

Despite everything... despite the fact that she pissed me off like crazy and I wanted to slap that look off her face, despite the fact that she was ten times prettier and not to mention she towered over me, and worst of all, despite the fact I knew she was right... I didn't let anything she said go to heart. No matter how much I agreed with her with her last point, it didn't matter, because for some crazy reason Randy had chosen me. He was in love with me, no matter how different we were, and nobody, including some annoyingly plastic blonde, was going to change that.

"I know, dreamy, isn't he?" I smirked, folding my arms across my chest, "Speaking of that, we're done here, so I think I'll go spend some quality time with my boyfriend."

I kept the grin plastered on my face as Michelle disappeared for her match in a huff. I shook my head, wondering why she was so bothered about my relationship when she could have any other guy she wanted.

With the smallest of shrugs, I pushed the blonde from my mind and began to pack up the make-up quickly, eager to return to Randy's locker room. We were barely apart now that we were a couple, so when we did have to spend time away, even for short periods of time such as this, it hurt like hell.

Just as I clipped the bag shut and pulled it onto my shoulder, I heard the familiar buzzing of my mobile. I fished around in my jacket pocket for a few moments before I finally found it, a grin breaking out on my face when I noticed who was calling.

"Pierre?" I asked enthusiastically.

"Darling!" He cooed on the opposite line, making me giggle, "How is my favourite girl? We haven't spoken in a while; I thought I'd get in touch."

"I'm glad you did," I sighed as I secured my bag on my shoulder and began the walk back to the locker room, "I've missed speaking to you... and I'm good, thank you. How are you? And everyone at Elle?"

"I'm fantastic thank you, as for everyone else, so are they. It's extremely hectic at the moment; the spring range arrived only a few days ago so there's a lot to do."

I smiled sadly at the thought of Pierre and the rest of the people that worked for Elle rushing around getting ready for their next batch of fashion shows. Of course, I was much happier now than I would have been if I had chosen to work with them, but I still missed it.

"I'm definitely going to come to one of the shows. You'll have to blackberry me the dates and I'll see if I can get Randy and I a day or so off."

"That would be wonderful, darling. And speaking of Randy, how is your stud muffin today? Are things going well between you?"

"He's good," I grinned. I still couldn't believe that even after six months, I smiled when someone mentioned he and I together, "And we're great. More than great. Everything is just... perfect."

"I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well for you, Ella... especially after everything you sacrificed for him."

I nodded in agreement, even though I knew Pierre couldn't see me. I had put a hell of a lot on the line, my entire life, for that matter, on Randy and I working out. I was just thankful that it had.

"Speaking of that, have you heard anything else about, umm... Jesse?" I asked, spinning around another corridor. I was only a minute or so away from Randy now, and I really couldn't wait to crawl into his arms and fill him in on my not so fun day.

"I have, actually. That was one of the reasons I called you," He paused, and I cringed, hoping what I was about to hear wasn't going to be bad news. Pierre had kept me informed on Jesse as much as he possibly could, but once my ex-boyfriend decided to leave the fashion world, it was much harder than expected. Pierre had no idea how grateful I was for him bending over backwards to find this stuff out for me, "He's really good, Ella. I know this sounds strange, but I think what happened really did him some good. He's studying again; I think it's something to do with being a teacher? And, err, he's also found himself a pretty little girl. She's around the same age as him; I think he met her when he enrolled for his course."

I shook my head, sighing in relief as another smile grew on my face. Even though Jesse and I hadn't ended on the best of terms, I still cared about him, and part of me felt responsible for the man he had turned into... so it was amazing news, hearing that he was doing so well. It was great to hear that he was doing something that he had always wanted to do now and also that he was settling down with another girl. I wished them the best.

"Really? That's great," I added enthusiastically, my smile growing even further as I turned onto the corridor where the room was.

"I know, although I've got to admit, it isn't the same around here without his perfectly formed self," Pierre sighed, making me giggle, "Anyway darling, as much as I would love to stay and chat with you, I really should be going. I have so much to do, it's insane. I'll send you the dates in a few days, you better be at one of them!"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," I shook my head, "Bye Pierre, love you," I cooed, before the pair of us hung up the phone and I pushed it back into my pocket.

Barely seconds after I did so, I reached the room I was looking for, and without hesitation I opened up the door and slipped inside. I grinned as I leant against it, taking in the all too familiar view of Randy bent over as he laced up his boots. I had no idea how many times I'd stood checking him out while he got ready for his match, but at least now I could do it without any problems, or any secrets.

I sighed ever so slightly as I watched him stand up straight and flex his shoulders, his muscles rippling, making me shiver. I still couldn't get over how beautiful he was, or that he belonged to me.

"You know, it's rude to stare," Randy spoke up, causing me to giggle. I wasn't sure how he always seemed to know I was watching him, but I didn't mind, either way.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, I skipped over to him, dropping my bag on the sofa, before I closed the gap and wrapped my arms around him, my eyes closing as he cuddled me back.

"I missed you," He whispered against my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"I missed you too," I smiled, pulling away to kiss him sweetly. Even now, six months in, his kisses still drove me insane.

"Hmm," He smiled against my lips, "Now that you're here, will you do me a favour?"

"That depends what this favour is," I smirked, kissing him one last time before I pulled further back. I watched as he walked over his bag and began rummaging through it, and a groan escaped my lips as I realised what this favour he asked was going to be, "Do I have to?" I pouted as he brought out the baby oil and wafted it in front of my face.

"You know you love it really," He rolled his eyes, shoving it in my hands.

"Yeah, that's the problem," I mumbled with a glare, making him chuckle.

I sighed as I looked at his amused expression, not being able to keep up the act when he was looking at me like that. Within seconds my face had softened and a smile had replaced my frown. I walked over to him, squirting the oil into my hands as I did so, before passing the bottle back to him and rubbing it into my palms slightly.

I rolled my eyes at him playfully, before I began to massage the oil over his skin. Apart from biting my lip to keep me from losing control, everything was different now from when I used to do this for him before. For starters, the blush was gone. I didn't rush to get away from him; I took my time, teasing him with my finger tips, running my hands over his stomach, his shoulders, as slowly and seductively as possible. Hell, now that he was mine, why wouldn't I?



"Aren't you going to tell me about your day?"

I smiled ever so lightly, realising that for the first time in a long time, I hadn't brought up my conversation with the Divas the moment I'd walked in. Maybe I was getting used to it? Or maybe I just didn't want Randy to take it the wrong way...

"There's nothing to tell," I shook my head, answering far too quickly. I tried to hide the look on my face as I bent down to oil up his legs, but it was to no avail. Randy knew me far too well.

"Michelle bothering you again, huh?" He sighed, his hands resting on my shoulders.

"A little," I shrugged, trying to make it look as if it was nothing, "But it doesn't matter."

"Of course it does, Ella. You're not happy here..."

I looked up from oiling up his absolutely huge and extremely sexy thighs to see him staring down at me, his brow furrowed. I rose an eyebrow in confusion, taking the towel that he was already holding to wipe my hands before I peered into his eyes.

"Randy..." I began, taking a hold of his hands.

"Do you regret choosing me?" He asked, his eyes sad as he looked down at me, "I wouldn't blame you if you did. You had everything before... you had Pierre; you're family were a lot happier with you, and not to mention the job of your dreams."

"No, Randy," I replied without hesitation, shaking my head back and forth as I lifted my hands to hold both of his cheeks, making sure that he didn't break eye contact, "I didn't have everything, because I didn't have you. I may have wanted to work for Elle, but it wasn't my dream," I smiled ever so lightly.

"What do you mean?" Randy frowned.

"Working for Elle wasn't my dream, because my dream is right here," I smiled, pushing myself as close to him as I possibly could, "With you," I whispered, our faces only inches apart.

I stared into his beautiful blue eyes, and my smile grew wider as his gaze softened and that patented smirk grew across his face. He must have been crazy, thinking I'd choose anything over him.

"I love you, Ella."

"I love you too," I smiled, before I closed the gap between us and pressed my lips to his.