Bella Swan has a lot on her shoulders and is expected to be someone she just isn't. While she has some friends no one knows the true her…except for one person. Her only true friend is a boy online whose name she doesn't even know but has told all her dreams and secrets too. When she moves from the sunny shores of San Francisco to the small town of Forks she finds she doesn't get along with her new neighbour, Edward Cullen. She seeks solace once again with her online friend as she continues to clash with the boy next door. It is here she finds that her online world and offline world begin to collide.

Ok when they chat online the typed words will be in italics while any thoughts or spoken words will be normal front. I hope no one gets confused. Slightly OOC. This story contains poetry.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything! Stephanie Meyer created these wonderful characters, I'm just borrowing them haha

Chapter 1: Curve Ball

POV: Bella

Five minutes, thirty two seconds to go. Five minutes, thirty one seconds to go. Five minutes, thirty seconds…

"Bella, what do I mean by limited liability?" Mr. Segal, my business teacher, asked and I turned my attention away from the ticking clock behind his head. I sighed quietly but answered.

"Corporations, limited liability partnerships and other specific types of business organizations protect their owners from business failure by doing business under a separate legal entity with certain legal protections." I recited the memorized words in a dry tone, just wanting to go home. I knew all of this material frontwards and backwards and rarely paid attention in this class anymore. Usually I just spent it in a daze or day dreamed though I hadn't been caught yet.

"Very good Bella. Now Joshua what does that mean for…" I choose that moment to blank out again and I returned my gaze the clock as it taunted me. Four minutes and forty five seconds before school was over. My leg began shaking impatiently under the table as my eyes watched the clock over head. Everyone once in a while my eyes would shift as I surveyed those around me, some looking as dazed as me. I began tapping my pen on my binder when finally I heard the loud bell echo in the hall way. The scratching sound of chairs being moved filled the classroom as my fellow students quickly began to get to their feet. It was Friday and everyone was dying to get an early start on the weekend, myself included. I followed suit as I brushed a lock my brown hair out of my face and threw my bag over my shoulder.

"Don't forget presentations start next week so if you haven't started I suggest you do so." Mr. Segal shouted over the children rushing to the door. Images of a heard of Gazels in the Savana running from a preditor ran through my mind at the sight and a little chuckle left my lips. I was about to walk into the crowded hall when I heard my name and I began cursing internally. I was so close to freedom.

"Bella, could I talk to you for a second." Mr. Segal asked politely, his tone giving no indication whether or not he was angry. I racked my brain thinking about what he would want or if I did something wrong but I couldn't think of anything. I was a model student. I slowly turned around and walked up to his desk as Kristina Hobbs brushed past me. He was sitting in his chair calmly, looking through several papers while I waited.

"Is there something wrong ?" I asked. He looked up and smiled, allowing me to relax a little.

"Of course not, on the contrary I just wanted to talk to you about your first assignment." I looked at him curiously as he grabbed a large folder and withdrew several papers stabled together. He handed them to me silently and I scanned the front page.

"Wow, ninety-seven percent. Thank you." I said surprised and curiously began flipping through it. I know mom and dad will be pleased and while I'm happy I never had much enthusiasm for business. Good grades do not equal passion though other's seemed to believe other wise so I played along and allowed them to delude themselves.

"Don't thank me, you did all the work." He said kindly. He continued to stare at me and I started to get a little uncomfortable, I never liked being the center of attention.

"Ummm don't get me wrong I'm glad for this mark but why are you giving it to me now and not with the rest of the class." I was confused to why he called me aside. I had gotten good grades before. Maybe something was wrong. Please tell me he wasn't about to bring up some bogus charge of plagerism or something.

He leaned forward slightly before speaking but didn't look like he was about to interrogate me. "Because I want to discuss your future. Bella you are without a doubt the best student in class and have been the last four years and it's not just your written work. Your presentations, ideas and discussions are all superb. You have a knack for business, you're a natural." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Being a natural had nothing to do with it, I had been submerged in this world from the time I was a small child. It was a classic case of nature vs nurture and nurture played the dominate role in my business performances. "I have contacted some friends of mine who are interested in possibly giving you a summer internship in their companies once you graduate this year. Would you be interested?" He sat on the edge of his desk and surveyed me, though for a moment I was at a loss for words.

I eventually regained my composer and spoke, though I could feel the faint blush in my cheeks. "That is very kind of you and your associates but I will most likely being working for my parents company this summer." Which was the truth, I was expected to take over the family company in the future so I would be working there this summer. I didn't have a choice in the matter.

"I suspected as much but some of these companies can offer you a broader scope of learning. I don't mean to pressure you and this is of course your decision but I would like you to consider it alright. This could be a once and a life time opportunity." He smiled kindly and I nodded. He got off his desk and walked over to his bag and pulled out a piece of paper. "Here is their contact information, if you change your mind." He held it out and I took the paper from his hand, placing it in my back pocket.

"Thank you , I promise to give it some thought." I lied and he naturally bought it. I was always an excellent liar because I had a lot of practice at it. He nodded and took his seat behind his desk as he started to pack up. I gave him a tiny wave and practically ran out of the room. When I was sure I was no longer in his line of sight I pulled the piece of paper out, balled it up and threw it into the garbage. I felt a bit bad since he went to the trouble of doing that but I quickly pushed it aside.

The halls were almost empty now and I hurried to my locker to grab my things, mentally tabulating what I needed this weekend. I had finished zipping up my bag when my friend Jessie came over and leaned on my neighbour's locker. While I was not particularly close with anyone here she was the one I most associated myself with. She had straight shoulder length hair that was dark brown, almost black in colour. She was smaller than me, only about 5'1 but you would never know it. She was very confident and outgoing giving the impression she was six feet tall.

"Hey Bella! Sarah, Linda, Kelly and I are going to the movies tonight, you wanna to come?" She asked casually. She was a very kind person and always made the effort to befriend people, even Bella Swan miss anti-social. It was because of her that I ever went out with people my own age.

I smiled politely. "Sorry Jess I can't tonight, my parents and I have plans. How about next week?" Normally I wouldn't have minded, the other girls were pretty cool, but my parents said they wanted to discuss something important with me tonight. They wouldn't tell me what but it seemed pretty big and therefore I have been going insane all day with curiosity. They have never kept anything from me before and frankly that made me a little nervous. I kept assuming the worst like one of them was sick or something. No surely they wouldn't wait to tell me something like that. I pulled myself out of my hypothesis and look at Jessie.

She frowned slightly but nodded her head, understanding. "That's ok. Next week sounds good though, I'm sure the others will be down. I guess I'll see you on Monday, have fun tonight."

"You too." And at that she gave me a little nudge before running down the hall towards the exit. I closed my locker door and followed her down the same hall way, passing the cork boards already filled with bright coloured paper and announcements. I pushed on one of the heavy double doors and the brilliant sun met my eyes. I snatched my sunglasses and car keys from the side pocket of my backpack and made my way quickly across the parking lot.

My red 2007 Volkswagon Passat was one of the few cars left and I quickly pressed the little red button on my key chain to unlock it. It was a nice and simple car, a gift from my parents for my sweet sixteen. While my dad tried to tell me about its features I had never understood car talk so naturally I tuned out for that discussion. When I opened the door I threw my bag onto the passenger seat and started the engine, cranking the AC.

Soon I was sailing down the many streets of San Francisco to my home, about a ten minute drive from the school and was singing along horribly to the radio. It was a beautiful day and the sidewalks were filled with a few tourists and locals enjoying the various out door café's and attractions. My building came into view and I smiled in relief, ready to get a start on the weekend. Soon I pulled into the underground parking of the condo complex where I lived and parked in the first of our two parking spots. The other was empty since parents were at work and always car-pooled.

I stepped out of the elevator onto the sixth floor and walked down to my parent's condo at the end of the hall. I quickly unlocked the door and immediately went to my room to deposit my stuff. Since it was such a nice day and I had little homework this weekend I planned to walk down to Aquatic Park to spend some time on the beach. I switched my skinny jeans for a pair of Capri pants and replaced my running shoes with my favorite black flats. I retrieved my notebook, my own personal bible, from my backpack and grabbed a beach towel from the cupboard. After writing a quick note for my parents in case they came home early, though that was highly unlikely, I locked the door behind me.

I walked down the familiar sidewalks and after about twenty minutes I could see the cool blue waters in the distance. I stopped in Ghiradell square quickly to get a bottle of water before making my way to the beach, passing a visiting couple snapping a million pictures as they walked. I found a nice secluded spot and placed my towel upon the sand. After I sat down I slipped off my flats and glanced around for a moment, soaking the warmth from the sun. I loved it here and made these little trips often though you wouldn't know it. My skin was pale, a direct contrast to the amount of sun exposure I had but it never really bothered me.

Since this beach was on a bay rather than the ocean the waters were much softer and the sand easier to walk in. In addition it was not usually as crowded in comparison to others such as Bakers Beach, a tourist hot spot. It's hard to relax when you have people running into you, asking directions or asking you to take their picture. It's not that I wouldn't or hated helping it just gets a bit annoying after a while. These factors and its proximity to my home made it one of my favorite spots to come. Several boats were in the water and I saw a few small groups walking along the shores gazing wistfully into the water. Truly a picture perfect day, one I didn't plan on wasting.

I picked up my notebook and stared at its cover admiring the black and white floral design on it. While I did well in business and was expected to follow in my parents foot steps my true passion was writing, specifically poetry. This notebook and several others contained countless poems I had written as well as a few favorites from other poets. I kept this book with me at all times in case I ever had an idea or thought I needed to jot down. When I'm writing in feel like I'm in my own world and its extremely liberating. My parents didn't know this nor did anyone at school. They wouldn't see this as an acceptable or productive use of my time.

I sighed and opened the first page, as always, and read a quote I wrote down by Gary Geddes. "[Poems] are the products of an active imagination pressing against a hostile and continually shifting reality." For some reason this poem seemed more true than ever today but I couldn't think why, like something was waiting in the wings. I ran my fingers over the slight indentations made by the pen before flipping through the pages quickly finding a blank page.

As always my consciousness becomes submerged in the page before me and my hand moves slowly across the page as I wrote. Every once in a while my eyes would look past the book to the scenery in front of me, writing the words that come to mind in my surveillance. Sometimes I'm not even really aware of what I'm writing and am often pleasantly surprised when I read it over. Today my inspiration is the nearby couples and friends looking contently out into the sea. I can hear the sounds of seagulls flying around me and smell the fresh breeze air as it ruffles my hair, tickling my face.

Soon I finish and I close my eyes in contentment as I enjoy this moment of peace. When my eyes open I look down at the page and begin to read my latest creation and smile.

The people along the sand

All turn and look one way.

They turn their back on the land.

They look at the sea all day.


As long as it takes to pass

A ship keeps raising its hull;

The wetter ground like glass

Reflects a standing still


The land may vary more;

But wherever the truth may be—

The water comes ashore,

And the people look at the sea


They cannot look out far.

They cannot look in deep.

But when was that ever a bar

To any watch they keep?

- - - - - - - - - - Isabella Swan

I read it over a few times and eventually decide on a title. Neither Out Far Nor In Deep I scribbled at the top of the page and signed the bottom quickly. It's not the best poem I've written or the longest but I like it. It's simple and reflects the peace I feel in this moment. Besides, it's not like I'm ever going to publish it. I laid back for a moment on my towel and fanned my hair behind me, the sun creating a redish glow behind my eye lids as I closed my eyes.

After what I thought was a few minutes I glanced at my watch and was shocked to see that its quarter to five. Once again time seemed to slip away and I quickly put on my flats and secured my notebook in my hand. Once the towel was folded and tucked under my arm I began my walk home. My pace is slightly quicker now as I hurried to get home, knowing I had an appointment to keep. The only thing I did not enjoy about the walk back is the incline I have to trudge up the entire way. Soon the large white building comes into view and I pulled out my keys to the front of the building. I grabbed the mail quickly and flipped through them. Bill, Jenny Criag pamphlet, Bill, Pizza coupons and more bills. The usual. I placed them on top of my notbook and headed towards the elevator.

"Wait!" I called out when I saw the doors closing on me, increasing my pace. A small wrinkled hand shot out and prevented the doors from sealing themselves shut. I rushed in and pushed the button for the sixth floor, the number five already alight. I looked to my right at the woman beside me and smile. "Thanks Mrs. McCabe." I said politely. Mrs. McCabe is a seventy-eight year old widow and lives in the apartment directly below us. She likes to organize all the little condo get-togethers during holidays and summer months. She's also a fabulous cook and often helps to cater said events. I could live off her homemade fudge, truly the everyday Martha Stewart.

"No problem dear." She replied in a small voice. She got off on the fifth floor and gave me a small wave which I returned before the doors close. Once in my apartment it is clear that my parents aren't home yet. Normally I would start cooking dinner, since my parents often don't get home till 6:30-7, but Fridays they bring home take out so I went straight to my room. My walls were a light brown with one chocolate brown accent wall where my window is. My bedspread is simple and consists of several medium sized squares that contain four different colours; Baby blue, chocolate brown, light brown and beige. I took me the better part of the last four years to get my room the way I wanted it, I found it very warm and safe. In the corner was a small bookshelf that contained some school books but mostly my favorite novels including the complete works of Jane Austen. I was a big fan of the classics and I read often, my parents could handle that much.

My laptop was on my desk and I quickly sat down in the chair and turned it on. My bedside clock read 4:58 and I found myself getting excited. Since it takes a minute to warm up I walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple to hold me over till dinner. As I sat back down and took a bite I can see everything has loaded and I immediately sign onto my instant messenger. My eyes scan the very short list and a large smile appears on my face when I read the expected user name.

The only person who knew the true me, the writer/poet/die-hard reader, was a boy I have never met. I don't even know his name nor does he know mine. We decided from the beginning to keep such details secret, you never know what crazies are out there. I know he lives in a place that doesn't have the best weather and has an older brother though I don't know his name either. He has a best friend who he often refers to as "The psychiatrist" and his father is a doctor. We met randomly on some chat group a year ago and hit it off right away. Both of us are being led into professions and worlds that neither of us want by our parents and both of us are creative. While I make art through words he does so through music. He is the only one I have ever shared my poems with and he constantly records sends me his compositions. My Ipod had an entire file just for his music though I was too embarassed to admit that to him. We'll talk into all hours of the night about our days, random thoughts or our dreams and fears. I never understood how I could be so comfortable with him so quickly, sharing things with him I have never told anyone, including my written work.

He is my closest friend yet my furthest. We know the most intimate details about one another yet the very basics are kept secret. While I sometimes lie awake wondering what his name is or what he looks like I still wouldn't trade our online exchanges for anything in the world. With him I don't have to pretend and he's the only human outlet I have and sometimes not even my notebook can replace human companionship, even if it is through a electronic medium.

The time on my computer says its 5:00pm and a pop up appears on my screen as he messages me, right on time. I open the screen and read his message.

ECmusic: HEY!

Bclassics: Hey right back.

ECmusic: How's my favorite girl? How was your day? Do anything interesting? I always smiled when he called me that. Just through his words I can tell he was charming and he always made me laugh. Though for all I know he could be a creepy old man sitting in a bean bag chair naked eating Cheetos right now but I like to think that he told me the truth when he said he was seventeen. I shook my head as I answered his list of questions.

Bclassics: I'm good. School was boring as usual but my business teacher pulled me aside to talk about my future in business, oh joy! I did take a walk down to the beach though since it is such a nice day :) I was able to write down another poem. It's not amazing but I like it. How about you?

ECmusic: I'm sure you were happy with that talk :P Well your day was more exciting than mine. School, of course, and then I had to start an essay for English. Unfortunately it's the not best day here, raining again. :( Other than that I'm good

Bclassics: Awwww that sucks, sorry to hear that.

ECmusic: Haha thanks but I'm used to it. Oh guess what.

Bclassics: What??

ECmusic: They sold the house next door. EC's former neighbours, an elderly couple he referred to as Mr and Mrs Cottonball (we often substituted in ridiculous nicknames for the people in our lives), retired and decided to move somewhere warmer. Their house seemed impossible to sell for some reason despite its excellent condition.

Bclassics: Really? It took them long enough, it's been on the market for what seven months?

ECmusic: Eight months. Ya I came home after school and saw the sold sign out front. I thought they were never going to sell that place.

Bclassics: Well I knew they would eventually find a buyer capable of withstanding you. I must send them a good luck note. :P Do you know whose moving in?

ECmusic: Very funny B, I'm irresistible and you know it ;) If only he knew how true that was. I was practically addicted to our conversations and him. But no I have no clue. Probably some stuck up rich folks, we get a lot of those around here. Trying to "find themselves" away from the big cities. I give them 6 weeks before one gets eaten by a bear :P

Bclassics: LOL! Now now, don't judge them just yet. Maybe your one and only will move in and you can live happily ever after lol

ECmusic: Don't hold your breath, you know you're my one and only B ;) So newayz do I get to read your latest poem?

Bclassics: Not a chance

ECmusic: Why not!

Bclassics: You still owe me a song, remember? No song no poem :P

ECmusic: C'mon, you know how long it can take to compose and I have less and less time now. Plus I've been working on something special and I refuse to send it until its perfect.

Bclassic: Sorry I'm not budging but I am curious about this special project. Why is it special?

ECmusic: Hmmm, I don't know I want to tell you since you refuse to send me your work. Though if you were to send it I could give you a clue ;)

Bclassics: Are you blackmailing me!

ECmusic: Maybe…So are you going to send it? I stared at the screen for a moment contemplating. He was clearly playing dirty and normally I wouldn't give in but I was terribly curious to know what he was working on. I sighed heavily and started grumbling to myself, my fingers hitting the keys maybe a little too hard.

Bclassics: FINE! Ugh give a minute to type it up.

ECmusic: Take your time, I can wait.

"He can be sooo annoying sometimes!" I said angrily but I could feel the smile creeping on my face. I grabbed my note book and flipped to the last page. I opened up my Microsoft word and began to quickly type it up. After a minute it was finished and saved. I opened my mail and attached it to his email before pressing send. I waited another minute, making sure it arrived, before returning to our sonversation.

Bclassics: Check your email, it should be there. I hope you're happy.

ECmusic: Ecstatic :P

Bclassics: Soooo, tell me what you're working on.

ECmusic: I've changed my mind

Bclassics: WHAT! I held up my end of the deal!

ECmusic: Calm down I'm just kidding. Ok my latest composition is based off one of the poems you sent me. I couldn't help but smile because my work gave him inspiration and he called it special but then I realized the problem in this clue.

Bclassics: But I've sent you dozens of poems! That doesn't give me much to go on. Which one?

ECmusic: Nope, that is all you're getting. I said I'd give you a clue and I did. Now you must be patient and wait for the finished project.

Bclassics: You fight dirty do you know that?

ECmusic: Yes but I'm the one with the poem :P EC= 2 B= 0

I was about to respond to his smartass comment when I heard the door open. "Bella, we're home!" My mom called. It was only 5:26, they were an hour early. Suddenly I remembered they wanted to talk to me so I assumed this must be the reason. I was suddenly nervous so I quickly turned back to the screen to say goodbye.

Bclassics: sorry g2g, my parents are home early and I'm starving. I'll try and come on later. See ya!

ECmusic: **sighs** alright I'll ttyl. Bye B.

I logged off and shut the lid on my computer before leaving my room. My parents were in the kitchen placing the various dishes on the counter, Chinese tonight. They always came home together since they ran the company together. They owned a large chain of stores that sold outdoor recreational items and made a very decent living off it. My mom, Rene, was president and she had inherited the company from my grandfather when he died, before I was even born. She was only twenty one at the time but she did very well and soon fell in love with my dad, Charlie, who began working there. He was now the vice president and while his title is below that of mom it was an equal partnership.

I began placing some egg rolls on my plate. "You guys are home early." I said conversationally. I could see my parents exchange glances every few seconds though they didn't seem concerned just wary. What was going on?

"Ya, we decided that since it was Friday and such a beautiful day that we would end early. How was your day sweet heart?" My mom asked as she walked into the dinning room with her plate. I shadowed her and soon heard my father behind me as he followed us.

"It was fine. Spent some time at the beach after school." I shrugged and sat down across from her as my father took his place beside her. I didn't mention my online chats with EC because they didn't know about him, nobody did just like my notebook. He was my little secret and I planned on keeping it that way. There were just some things in my life I wanted to keep solely for myself. Plus I'm sure my mom would have a fit and I would get a long lecture on the dangers of the internet and it's numerous sexual prowlers. Ya thanks but no thanks. I'll take my chances with EC over a lecture anyday.

"Well that's nice, I'm glad you soaked up some sun and got a dose of vitamin D." My dad said lightly but there seemed to be more behind those words though I couldn't see what. We began eating in silence for a few minutes before he cleared his throat. "Ummm Bella we would like to talk to you about something."

"Ok…" I said cautiously. I guess this is it, what they wanted to talk to me about. I began chewing a piece of chicken slowly watching them as they did me, me secretly praying something wasn't wrong. My mom's eyes were always wide and while she was very mature they had a childlike wonder to them. My hair was the same shade of brown as hers but I had my fathers curls and his chocolate brown eyes, his own reflecting compassion and wisdom simultaneously.

My dad looked at mom for a second before turning back to me. "Well the company is opening up another store up north in the state of Washington, well buying out a smaller store really. It's quite the pleasant little town but it's been difficult finding someone willing to re-locate to run it. Therefore we decided to take care of it personally but that means moving." He said this all very quickly. It reminded me of ripping off a ban-aid quickly to reduce the pain but it failed to have the same effect.

I began choking on the chicken and I pounded my chest trying to get it go down. When I managed to painfully swallow it I stared at them with wide eyes. "Moving! You can't be serious! School's already started and I'm in my senior year. I don't see why you can't run it from a distance." My voice had risen almost to the point of shouting at the end. I couldn't believe this. My life was here and while it wasn't much it was stable and comfortable.

My mom spoke gently. "Honey it's only late September. You'll easily catch up, you're a smart girl. We've decided we need a change, get away from the big city and find a more peaceful spot to live and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You'll see this is a good thing."

"I highly doubt it." I mumbled darkly under my breath. "Why didn't you tell me this earlier? And where are we moving anyway?" I asked, realizing that the decision was already made whether I liked it or not. Though it wasn't fair, I deserved a say in the matter.

"Well we didn't want to say anything until it was official. The town is called Forks. I think you'll like it and the house we bought is simply charming. We'll actually have large property so that should be fun." She said enthusiastically, obviously trying to cheer me up.

"We're moving to a place named after a utensil? Who are you and what have you done with my parents?" I said skeptically. They started laughing, though I found nothing funny about it, and began eating once more. I ate a bit but found my appetite was gone.

"When are we leaving?" I asked after a few minutes. Everything seemed to be happening to fast. I felt almost dizzy.

"In two weeks. I know its short notice but they really do need us up there soon. We've already starting getting you enrolled in the local high school and it seems they offer the same classes so you can have a similar schedule to the one you have now." My father smiled but I could only mange a grimace. Great, I was going to be the new kid in a small town. Fate is gunning for me, it's official.

We spent the rest of the night in the living room watching movies and occasionally exchanging a word or two. After a while I decided to excuse myself early. I got off the couch and made my way towards the hall. "I'm going to head to bed early." I said quietly.

"Honey are you alright?" My mom asked concerned. I debated on whether to tell her the truth, that I was miserable, but decided not too.

"I'm fine, just a little tired. Long day, see you tomorrow." I replied

"Alright, goodnight kiddo." My dad said cheerfully.


I walked down the hall quickly and retreated to my room, soon to be my ex-room. I immediately opened my lap top, which was on sleep mode, and signed on. He wasn't there I felt even more alone, I could really use a friend right now. I shut down my computer and desperate to relieve some of my thoughts, fears and questions I grabbed my notebook and began writing. While it did not take away any of my thoughts it felt good to see them on paper, to see them expressed in ways that I understand. I reluctantly closed the book and changed into my favorite sweats with an old t-shirt. I climbed into bed and tried to sleep hoping this was just a bad dream.

In two weeks my life would be changed and with that in mind I fell into a deep but uneasy slumber.

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