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A sound 'soul' resides in a sound mind and a sound body.

Prologue: Soul and Maka

A monster, a kishin, a human soul that has strayed from the right path and has sunken…and become a kishin egg…they devour human souls…and must be destroyed. Some of them may look human, but their instincts are purely animalistic, and they won't stop being created, not as long as there is one impure soul, one evil-minded person, and human souls to devour…

"Ah! Someone help me!" A young woman screamed. A kishin was following her; with each step it got closer until…Rip! A blue soul floated above the corpse, illuminating the monsters features. A white belt wrapped around its body like a snake, huge, mechanical claws attached to its arms at the wrists and again at the shoulders. Its face was covered by a mask that seemed to have stitches around the sides, its nose was long and pointed, and its eyes were demented and hollow.

A young girl wielding a scythe appeared at the top of some stairs behind the kishin. "Murderer Jack the Ripper," she paused, "I'm here for your soul." Her scythe made a slurping noise in anticipation. This is a top-class meister, Maka Albarn and her weapon: Soul Eater Evans.

Jack the Ripper just laughed and leapt at the girl. "Soul…he's a human." Maka said.

"Yup, Maka and I'm a scythe, but normally with a human shape. The form or shape doesn't matter…it's the soul!" Soul replied.

"Let's go Soul!"


"This makes 99 human souls!" Maka yelled as she sliced cleanly through the kishin, only leaving behind a red soul floating in the air.

Soul Eater turned into his human form, grabbing the soul and noisily chewing and gulping the kishin egg. "Thanks for the grub." He said with his hands clasped together.

Maka Albarn: Scythe Technician. Her brown-blonde hair is always kept in two ponytails. She normally wears a typical school uniform: white shirt, pale yellow sweater vest, a plaid skirt and a stripped tie that is green and white, and wears a black trench coat on top of it. She had large, green eyes.

Soul Eater Evans: Death Scythe. He has white hair that is swept to one side and blood-red eyes. He usually wears a yellow and black sweater, a sweatband around his head that has a sticker with his name on and a round logo featuring a red-lipped mouth bearing pointed fangs surrounded with the letters 'E-A-T', a pair of maroon pants, and yellow and black sneakers with a pattern resembling his teeth.

"Just one left! If I can eat a witch's soul then I'll become a Death Scythe too!" He stuffed his hands in his pockets, "Not to mention my coolness rep would go up big time!"

"C'mon, I have to make the situation report to Shinigami-sama." Maka walked down the street a little. "Ummmm…mirror…mirror. Oh! Here we go!" She stopped at a window and began to write through the grime with her finger. "Lessee, Shinigami-sama's mirror number is… 42-42-564…"

A ringing sound was heard… "Ah! Hello, Shinigami-sama? This is Scythe Technician Maka."

A dark figure with a white skull-like mask appeared on the window, a red-haired man dressed in a suit was behind it. "Ooh! Maka-chan! How are you? What's up?"

"We just collected out 99th human soul. The only one left now is the witch's soul." Maka explained.

"Oh-ho! Nice work! Maka-chan you're really a fantastic Scythe Technician, just like your mother!" Shinigami-sama praised. Maka blushed.

"Hey, Soul Eater." The red-headed man spoke up.

"Yeah!? Whaddya want!!" Soul yelled.

"You lay a hand on my Maka and I'll kick your ass! Got that, you moron?" Spirit shouted at the young Death Scythe.

"Shaddup! There's no way a cool guy like me would go for someone like Flack Chest over there!"

Maka glared at Soul.

"Why you little! Are you saying that my Maka has no charm, is that it!?" Spirit was in Soul's face now, "Just give 'er a little grab! Are you man or what!?"

Soul looked confused. "What the hell are you saying!? You-"

Spirit looked at Maka. "Maka! I love you."

"PFTH! I don't even think of you as my father, Papa. Quit saying 'My Maka' all father-line!" Maka looked away from her father out of anger.

"Maka!" Spirit cried.

"Er, c'mon…let's leave the family matters alone." Shinigami-sama sweat-dropped.

"Right-o!" Maka replied.

"If you collect 99 human souls and 1 witch soul you can become a Death Scythe for the first time…the problem is that last witch's soul." Shinigami-sama stopped for a moment, "I don't like seeing Scythe Technicians lose their lives in battles with witches. Be careful, Maka. Don't let the scythe your mother made beat you." He cast a glance at the semi-depressed Death Scythe behind him.

"Yessir!" Maka said.

"Just you wait Shinigami-sama!" Soul proclaimed.

"Bye-bye then!" The screen went black and Shinigami-sama turned around to Spirit who was holding a Maka doll.

"Maka…Papa…Papa's…" He mumbled.

"Give it a rest! Don't make me do a 'direct noggin shinigami chop' to you!" Shinigami-sama waved his hand threateningly.

"That's where the witch Blair lives." Maka announced. A large pumpkin house was in front of them.

"It's a pumpkin! Awesome, it looks pretty tasty." Soul slurped. "This sneaking around isn't very manly…I'm gonna walk right in there and meet my meal face-to-face!"

"Hold on, you can't do that! This isn't like the other ones!" Maka yelled. Too late, Soul had already started running to the pumpkin.

"Aw shaddup, Maka! Let's go!"

"Hey, listen to me! I'm the one who made you!"

"It's chow time!" Soul screamed as he crashed through the window.

"That idiot!" Maka sighed.

"Sh-She's naked!" Soul crashed into the bath tub and upon seeing the nude witch had a nosebleed.


The Big Fight!

"Nya-ha? You'll never beat Blair." The purple haired witch said.

Maka and Soul started bickering about the previous attempts. Blair watched in amusement before speaking up.

"Hey there, Scythe Boy? You two fight a lot don't you...? Why not come and join me? I won't scold you for anything."

"Ho-Hold it! This is my scythe, why don't you talk directly to the owner?" Maka gripped the scythe tighter.

"Hmmmm, okay…then I'll just get it after I kill you." Blair said, adjusting her hat.

After dodging a few of the witches pumpkins, Maka jumped up to slice Blair but only managed to chop the pumpkin she was recently on.

"Wh-Where!?" Blair appeared behind Maka.

"Pum-Pumpkin Pumpkin Smashing Pumpkin!" Blair chanted. Several large pumpkins flew down at Maka and exploded. Maka was blown back.

After that attack Maka was sent flying onto a roof. Soul went over to Blair, but it was just a feint so they could kill Blair.

A purple soul floated in the air, Soul grabbed it. "We did it Maka."

"Yup!" Maka cheered.

"The problem isn't the form or shape. It's the soul, right?"

"So if you eat this…"

"Yeah…I can become a Death Scythe too." With that Soul Eater ate witch Blair's soul. "The power! The surge of power…ain't there."


A black cat walked by.

"You aren't…"

"You can't be…"

"Nya? Blair never said she was a witch. You humans came up with it all on your own." The cat responded. "Blair's just a kitty with strong magic! 'The form or shape doesn't matter' right?"

Blair changed back.

"What? Does this mean I've eaten 99 human souls and 1 cat soul!?" Soul screamed.

"Does this mean…we FAILED!?" Maka yelled.


"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" Soul cursed.

"I can't believe we have to start all over again!" Maka said.

Sorry about the near end there, I got tired of writing all the dialogue, but anyways that's all for Maka's prologue! Next is Death the Kid! (P.S. All of the Black*Star freaks won't like me because I do not like Black*Star therefore I left him out! Sorry! DON'T KILL ME!)