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Chapter 1: Supplementary Lessons

"Tory! Get your lazy ass out of bed NOW!" An irritated Yuki scrambled around her room, grabbing various items, such as books and papers, and stuffing them messily into a bag while yelling for her friend to get up. She ran out of the room, heading down the hall and knocking viciously on Tory's door. "Either you get up, or I come in! You choose!"

Groggily, the blue haired teen opened the door. "Geez Yuki, what's all the rush?"

"Don't tell me you forgot about Shibusen!" Yuki snapped.

"Okay, okay, I'm going to get ready now." He walked back inside and closed his door.

"Finally," she sighed, "now I have to finish getting ready." Yuki strolled down the hall, back into her room, and opened her closet. She pulled out a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of red jean shorts that come down to her knees. She wore her gray sneakers and pulled her hair back with a black ribbon.

At that time Tory walked out of his room. He was wearing some blue jeans, a navy blue shirt with the number 17* on it, and an old, tattered pair of tennis shoes.

"We should get going." Tory stated.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Yuki grabbed her bag, a simple brown messenger bag, and her skateboard, and followed Tory out the door.

Outside of the apartment, Yuki and Tory had their usual race, "Okay, you aren't gonna beat me this time, Tory! I've got my skateboard!"

"Dream on, you couldn't beat me if you could fly!"

"On your mark…"

"Get set…"

"GO!" They screamed.

Yuki jumped on her skateboard and scrambled down the street while Tory sprinted in the other direction. Each had their own route of the same distance that led to the front of Shibusen.

In quick, swift movements Yuki avoided people, and other obstacles, and was just feet away from Shibusen's front steps. Tory, on the other hand, was already heading up the steps. They've been doing this each morning since they moved to Death City, although this is their first day at Shibusen, they've raced from their apartment to the school each morning; it's a way to build up their speed and stamina.

Yuki jumped up on the side wall of the steps and began to ride up to the front entrance and Tory was right beside her, racing up the steps. Just three feet…two feet…one foot…

"I WON!" Tory and Yuki yelled as they made it to the top. "NO YOU DIDN'T! I DID!" They screamed.

"C'mon Yuki, we both know I won."

"Yeah right! You're just too embarrassed to admit that I beat you!"

"Whatever, let's just call it a tie."

"Fine…" Yuki grumbled.

The two walked inside and headed to the Crescent Moon Class.

"So this is it, huh?"

"Yeah…well, let's go!" Tory said cheerfully as he opened the door.

Immediately whispers spread around the room like wild fire. Yuki caught things like "Death Scythe" or "Zombie".

"Ah, welcome to Shibusen Tory and Yuki Shiraga." A red-haired man said as he stepped behind them. "Please introduce yourselves."

"Um…Okay…" Yuki stared at the ground as she talked. "My name is Yuki Shiraga and I'm a meister. I like to skateboard and my favorite color is red…"

"My name is Tory Shiraga and I'm Yuki's weapon. I'm very competitive and I like to play sports."

"Very good, now go take your seats. Oh and Maka and Soul, Shinigami-sama wants to see you in the Death Room." He said.

"Heh, it's funny. As soon as Black*Star leaves she shows up." Soul mumbled to Maka as they walked out the door.

Class was going by slow for both Yuki and Tory. After Maka and Soul had left the red-haired man had introduced himself as Death Scythe and started talking about his 'darling daughter Maka'.

'That poor girl…" Yuki thought to herself.

'How is this guy Shinigami-sama's weapon?' Tory thought.

~Maka and Soul in the Death Room~

"NO FUCKING WAY!" Soul yelled.

"She is?!" Maka and Soul glanced at each other. If they hadn't screwed up then Soul would've been the new Death Scythe.

"Yes, Yuki is a special student, she doesn't have a normal family, her father is out to kill her, and Tory is her only family." Shinigami-sama explained.

"So they're brother and sister?" Soul asked.

"Not by blood. From what I understand, Tory's family adopted Yuki when she was little so they grew up together like brother and sister."

"Is that all you can tell us about her?"

"Yes. If you're still curious ask her yourself."

Maka and Soul walked out of the Death Room. They had to take supplementary lessons and on top of that protect this new girl from her crazed father.

"I can't believe we might get expelled!" Maka wailed as they headed back to the classroom. "I always thought I was a good meister like my mother…"

"Don't worry, we won't get expelled. That wouldn't be cool."

~Later That Night, Hook Cemetery~

"Where the hell is that zombie!?" Soul yelled. "C'mon out! I'm not getting expelled over some walking corpse! I never even paid attention in you class, so ha!"

While Soul shouted about Sid's boring lessons Maka was leaned up against a tree wailing about her failure. "This isn't happening." She cried. Suddenly Maka tensed up as she heard a rustling sound from a nearby bush. "There he is! Soul!"

"Right!" Soul transformed into scythe mode and Maka automatically swung at the bush, clearing half of it away, revealing two young teens.

"AHHHH!" They screamed.

"What the hell are you doing swinging that thing at us?!" The blue haired boy yelled.

"Hey, aren't you those new students?" Soul asked.

"Yeah, Yuki and Tory Shiraga," Maka relaxed a little. "the new death scythe team."

"Uh, right…" Yuki said. 'Great, the last thing we need is more enemies…'

A sudden shift of ground beneath their feet alerted the four teens to danger. Tory and Soul instinctively turned into their weapon forms and Yuki and Maka caught their respective partners. A hand sprang up out of the ground and latched onto Maka's ankle, throwing her around like a rag doll. Yuki expertly swung Tory at the zombified Sid who jumped above the blade of her scythe, in turn releasing Maka.

"Not bad girl, you aim for your enemy's weak points, is it that you don't like to fight that makes you desire a short battle?" He looked at Yuki. "Nevertheless, it's time for class; Ding dong, dong, ding. I was always the type to start class right at the bell."

"This will be fun!" Tory said enthusiastically.

"Don't waste your effort, your all going to die anyways. If you become a zombie the pressure of death disappears!"

"That's wrong! You were never the type of man to say that!" Maka yelled.

"You'll learn this way! Die for a while!" Sid swung his tombstone at Maka, she just stood there surprised.

"You moron! What are you doing spacing out!" Her partner scolded. Just before Maka was hit, a familiar scythe flew at Sid, knocking his tombstone from his hands.

"Not bad, but throwing you're scythe around like that could get your teammates or Tory hurt. What would you have done if I had caught him?" Sid said as Yuki grabbed Tory as he flew back to her.

"Heh, you may think Yuki's reckless but we do have strategies!" The death scythe replied.

"I'm getting impatient!" Sid yelled.

"Patience is a virtue, ya know!" Yuki smirked. She got back in her battle stance, holding Tory close to her and crouching down as if preparing to jump.

"I have always been that way!" The zombie swung his tombstone causing the resulting gust to send the two meisters back. Yuki, however, anticipated the attack and jumped up before she was blown backwards. Maka stabbed Soul into the ground to stop them from flying back a greater distance.

"Give up already, you can't beat me."

"He may be a zombie, but if I eat his soul it's all over." Soul said.

"Sid-sensei is so strong…" Maka acknowledged, "he's different from us, when he was alive he was in the highest ranking three star technicians…"

"So what, he's no match for me and Yuki! After all, I am a death scythe!"

"So you are death scythes, could've fooled me. You attack like one-star meisters!"

"What the hell!" Yuki yelled. "Tory is a death scythe and I am his meister, we've been through a lot together and for you to assume that we are one-star technicians is insulting!"

"He's just trying to make you angry so you'll be less careful." Tory concluded.

"Smart weapon you have, girl. Now then, lets begin the second deadline…When this deadline ends you'll be dead too."

"This term is getting worse by the minute…" Maka complained. "Let's get this over with, I want to take a bath…"