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Chapter 7 - Closets and Christenings



I had no idea why, but at that moment, my thoughts settled on my mom.

...well, my six-year-old boy understanding of her, anyway.

She'd be proud of me.

There were only a few memories left in my mind about her - they were all the same, playing in loops around my mind whenever I needed her.

Me, Billy, her and the twins at a summer festival.

Her zipping me into layers and layers of clothing, then into a massive thermal suit on the first winter's snow storm, me just itching to head outside.

Her mutton stew and fry bread.

Her shower of kisses on my face. I'd reluctantly accepted them, later wiping them off in the presence of Embry and Quil. I mean, I was a man.

Mostly though, I remembered my mom's smile, one that I've been told time and time again mirrors my own almost exactly. I like to think that every time I smile, I'm participating in my own little one-man memorial for her.

Those days were some of my best memories of her, though nothing life-changing happened, really. I'm still not really sure of all the specifics, blame it on time and my age then, but I am positive of how I felt; how she made me feel, and it was pure love and adoration.

The stretching road ahead and the overcast sky beckoned me to my new home. Glancing to the right of me - the halo of perfectly messy auburn curls blowing wildly in the wind, the small dimple dotting her left cheek, the tilt of her head as she looked out the passenger window deep in thought - my love for Ness actually intensified, if that's possible. My heart was so full at the thought she would be taking this journey with me, right there beside me.

More than that though, a pensive smile played at my lips and a realization settled in.

I was happy.

We'd traveled the majority of the drive to Seattle, towards my new Belltown loft and Ness and I were contently chatting about the things we always did. I glanced to her happily as trees and woods eventually gave way to concrete and buildings, and she took in her surroundings and hummed a song playing on the radio.

", I suppose you love her too?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Um, yeah. This is You Oughta Know," a choking sound rose in her throat as she looked at me with a teasingly disgusted look across her face. "Alanis and Fiona are like, legends."

"You've got to be kidding me Ness, I mean really," I said incredulously with a grin, "Fiona Apple?"

"I'm serious Jake," she said, amusement in her voice, "she was one of the most awesome chicks of the early 90s."

"Early 90s? You weren't even alive!"

"So?! And you were alive when that Monk guy was? Besides, I listen to Bella's CDs all the time!" she objected. "Excuuuse me, but I guess my favorite artists aren't as high brow as yours."

Yet again, she and I had fallen into a music debate. As wildly intellectual a being as Ness was, I just could not understand her musical choices. I'm sure she'd say the same about how the pack and I could spend hours playing Madden. Go figure.

"Ooookay," I chuckled glancing in my rear-view mirror. Alice followed behind us in Ness's car, followed by a car load of the Cullens, and behind them, Quil, Embry, and Seth in a small rental truck of my belongings. Pleased as I was to have everyone there at this huge moment of my life, I would have loved to have Billy there. I don't think he'd made it to the point of that much acceptance just yet.

I made a sharp left into the parking garage and pulled into the nearest spot to the elevator, the rest of the caravan following suit. I fished around in front pocket of my cargo shorts for the key card I'd need to enter this incredible building. This whole thing would only take a couple hours, tops. Between Seth and Quil, I'd found a home for most of my furniture, leaving just clothes and other odds and ends, like my keyboard, my TVs and desktop for us to move.

We entered the loft*, and, even though I'd seen it before, I felt excitement wash over me, coupled with a bit of nervousness. I was becoming increasingly aware of the enormity of this situation, of this opportunity, and, I'd definitely have to make this company feel good about the choice they'd made in hiring me and giving me this place. Hardwood floors, massive ceilings, and modern appliances. The entire space was furnished almost entirely, and decorated in tastefully masculine shades of deep brown, rust and lime green.

The view was what solidified my decision, though. The living room held a wall almost entirely made of glass, leading to a balcony that reminded me so much of home; you could see the city of Seattle for miles.

I had to head straight for the balcony.

It had a street view, and from what I could see, we were no less than 5 blocks from the water, which was good. I could smell the briny sea air, causing my mouth to involuntarily water, and took me back to my many times at First Beach. What wasn't so good, though, was that I couldn't find any wooded areas for miles. Hmm. Phasing may be tougher than I'd originally thought.

Draping my large frame over the balcony's metal ledge and resting my forearms I let my mind wander thoughtfully…. 3rd and Cedar; the cross streets of my building.

I glanced around my new neighborhood, noting a pretty grungy but cool-looking bar a block over. The End was painted neon yellow and black across the front of the building. It had what appeared to be all the local hipsters hanging around the front in their skinny jeans and scowls, cigarettes dangling perfectly nonchalantly from their lips. I chuckled to myself. There was a blond walking her small dog in front of my building in a bright red trench coat. She glanced around impatiently waiting for her Terrier to finish, and then up at the sky, catching my gaze. She smiled brightly at me and waved welcomingly, and I reciprocated.

"Jake," my ears perked and I took in her smell before bringing my eyes away from the woman. I glanced to my left to find Ness sliding the glass doors open to join me, resting her palm on the door frame and tilting her head to the side absently. "My parents and I are gonna head over to my apartment. It should only take a little bit."

Glancing upwards, I took in the looming clouds above head. While the early part of the morning was actually pretty clear for Washington, it looked like a storm was coming.

"You need me to come? Looks like it might rain."

"No, no. You stay and handle stuff here. Between Em, Jazz and my dad, we should be just fine. Shouldn't take more than a couple hours, tops."

"Okay, well, let me know. We brought up most of the stuff from the car, so this shouldn't take long either."

"Yeah, you know Alicia's moving up tomorrow, so, I'm trying to get somewhat situated before then; I think she wants to hang out a bit, so keep your calendar open…I think Reese may come with too, FYI." Alicia and Ness were in the same English program, and they'd been close since last school year. I'd hung out with her a few times with Ness, and she was cool enough, plus, having her around let Ness do her whole girl-bonding thing. Reese was her boyfriend; I'd only met him once; cool guy, though I'd thought he was a little strange, if I remember right.

I nodded crossing the space between us in a long stride, and pulling her to me in an embrace with a playful jerk. Giggling, she whipped her body back over-dramatically and landed in my arms, hands over my biceps. I placed a tender kiss on her forehead, nose and her lips. Sliding her hands and linking them behind my neck, she deepened it, giving me her tongue.

"Now remember," she mumbled into my mouth, "we have to christen this place tonight when we're all settled in."

Pulling her closer to my chest, I narrowed my eyes and grinned, groaning my annoyance. "God, that's gonna take forever," I continued, nibbling along her neck as she continued her playful giggling and whispered her love in my ear.

"Okay, okay, break it up," Emmett, interrupted, hanging his massive frame out of the door, "quit all that before Ed has an aneurysm. You know we can hear you…God."

Ness grinned, blushing red with frustration and desire and embarrassment, pulling out of my grasp reluctantly, "Damn… you guys are the worst!"

She stomped back into the living room, looking so much like Bella.

"Yeah, yeah, take it up with the judge," Emmett mused, rolling his eyes as she pushed past him, moving him barely an inch. I followed closely behind, hearing a familiar high-pitched voice coming from my bedroom.

Walking the length of the hallway to reach the master bedroom, Ness curled up on the large bed- sans bedding- and looked in the direction of the voice coming from my walk-in closet. I craned my head in, to find Alice directing Seth to put the last of the several pairs of shoes resting in cedar shoe stands that spanned the length of the closet.

"What the…" I said, dumbfounded. There were rows and rows of suits, dress shirts, slacks, blazers, all organized by color and intended dress – casual, business casual, business professional. And this shit was nice. Like, highendnamebrand nice. None of this stuff belonged to me. I realized that immediately – my idea of nice was khakis and actual shoes.

"…I know, right?" she said pleased with herself, an excited smile across her lips. "I just couldn't let you start work without appropriate clothing, so I decided to pick up a few things."

"A few things? Alice, my closet looks like freaking Bloomingdales!" I said, still thunderstruck, brushing my fingers across several of the suits, sweeping my gaze upwards to find even more clothing folded on the shelves.

"I know, I know… I got a little carried away, but, it's not every day you get your first job…oh, Jacob, your ties are all here, she said gesturing to a large mahogany chest of drawers, she slid one of them open, to reveal dozens of ties and socks, all rolled neatly into several rows. "…I just called over to Rico and he already had all your measurements, so, he went ahead and did this for me as a favor, don't you just love it…."

She continued chattered on and on about tie bars and cuff links and handkerchiefs. Ness, sat chuckling and shaking her head, as Seth quickly made his escape back into the living room. I faintly registered the conversations of the visitors of my house, mostly Quil and Embry now though; it sounded like they were attempting to get my XBox hooked up so they could settle an ongoing score.

"…and that second space upstairs will be for Ness's things, you know, a girl needs to have her own place for her things…" Alice insisted upon preparing the second bedroom upstairs for Ness, complete with an additional closet of clothes 'just for emergencies.'

"…oh! and that hair…." She began, eyeing my head menacingly.

That got my attention.

"Wha… whats wrong with my hair?" I said defensively, running my hands over my head and tucking my hair into the collar of my t-shirt.

"Oh, nothing, if you're running though the woods half-naked, Jacob. You need to cut it."

"No Alice," Ness popped up, running her fingers through my hair lovingly. "I love his hair! I hate it when he cuts it! You can NOT do that to me again."

"Ohhh no. No. No way are you cutting my hair."




I can't believe I let that vampire cut my hair.

I stood staring into my brightly-lit bathroom mirror running my palms over the perfectly product-induced, yet messy peaks and sighed. I guess it was all for the best; it was getting too long for my phases anyway. I had a whole Josh Dumel/Chad Michael Murray thing going on, and girls dig those guys, right?

Around dusk, Ness and I were all moved in and Bella had made an emergency run to the grocery store to fill my empty kitchen with food, plus other human necessities-like toilet paper.

"It really does look good, babe," Ness stood in the doorway, eyeing me approvingly, "she's never cut it like that before."

"Sure, sure, tell me anything," I said reluctantly, pulling my slowly drooping shorts to sit higher on my hips, and searching for a new t-shirt to slide into. Well, I wouldn't have trouble with that, what, with my new wardrobe and all. Ness didn't look too happy with the addition of clothing on my bare chest.

"Um, what are you doing?"

"Uh, putting on a shirt," I said sliding the thin tank over my shoulders.


"Well, everybody isn't as appreciative of my random nudity as you are, dear," I mused with a peck on her lips.

"Fine, rob me of my free ogling," she said patting my ass cheek playfully. I poked my index fingers into her ribs, causing her to jump away from me.

I heard the clanging of pots and pans coming from the kitchen, "Bella cooking?"

"Yeah, she says she'd be happy to feed your bottomless pits of stomachs, now that she doesn't have to worry about taking a second mortgage out on the house to handle you guy's monthly food expenses anymore."

"Ha, ha," I responded wryly, which brought a bright smile across her face.

"Come on, I'm actually hungry, and I'm definitely not in the mood to hunt tonight," she said dragging me into the living area where my packmates were engrossed in a video game with Emmett and Jasper, while Bella and Edward were doing their, ew…. decade-long honeymooning thing in the kitchen. Bella grinned and quickly parted their embrace to continue preparing some kind of meal involving a massive lamb shank.

Ness grabbed a bag of pretzels from the cabinet and began munching them hungrily, joining the guys on the sofa.

I dipped a finger in the large pot on the stove... "Looks good so far, Bells… ow!"

...only to have Bella swat my hand away.

"Get your grimy hand out of there and go sit down. It'll be done in a minute."




Ness sighed, gracefully flopping - if that's even possible - herself onto the couch beside me in the darkness, hair still wet from her shower, beads of water still forming on the ends of the strands. I readjusted the towel around my waist from my own shower minutes before hers, as she climbed into my lap, straddling my legs and sliding the remote from my fingers, throwing it aside.

Her family and the pack had left an hour or so before, and we were exhausted from the day. Finally, with both of our houses unpacked and livable, I remembered what I'd been waiting anxiously all evening for.

A nearly sheer cotton tank was doing little to cover her full breasts, her matching boy shorts allowing the heat radiating off her body to seep onto my stirring manhood through the terry cloth covering my lap. Wordlessly, she covered my lips with hers, and passionately began kissing me. Her hands found my shoulders and chest, running over my scorching skin hungrily.

She threaded her fingers in mine, leading my palms behind her back. My already stiff erection hardened after she began grinding herself into my cock, creating a delicious friction between us. My fingers traced absent patterns across her back, fingering the hem of the shirt, and slipping underneath to the hot skin below. I buried my face in her chest, taking in her sweet smell intermingling with peppermint and honey body wash.

My fingers found her drying hair, digging and massaging her scalp, evoking a pleasured moan from her throat. Her eyes fluttered closed, enjoying my hands in her hair as she wound against my hardness.

"Mmmm," she purred, eyes, slowly opening, "…Jake, I need you..."

I licked my lips and snaked an arm around her narrow waist, pulling her gently onto her back. Rolling her tank upwards to expose her perfect breasts, my palm kneaded circles on her flat stomach, sliding to each nipple and squeezing. My thumb found the heated mound between her legs and her clit, rolling in circles through the thin material of her panties. She immediately responded, grinding her hips against my hand, eyes closing in pleasure. She looked so fucking sexy; I needed to taste her. Now.

We made quick work of getting her unclothed, and I dove my face hungrily between her creamy thighs. God she tasted so good. All heat and woman and sweet and brine. My tongue drug across the length of her, then drew circles around her stiffened and swollen clit.

"Oh God… Jake… wha...what are you doing to me?" She moaned loudly, arching her back and gripping the back of my shortened hair. Her voice was needy and raw, and it was almost enough to make me come before my dick even touched her.

Widening her legs and winding her hips in perfect rhythm with the thrusts of my tongue, her moans became louder. I could taste the heat of her clit, blood rushing just below its surface and throbbing with her impending orgasm. I continued my strokes, alternating with sucks and bites, sliding my index and middle fingers into her. She was dripping.

"Fuck..." she yelled, throwing her head back and arching once again; her hips thrashing, then vibrating violently as she came in gushes over my lips. I licked her clean, then threw my towel to the floor, not able to last another second outside of her.

"…baby… please…" I trailed off, resting my forehead against hers.

"Jake…oh God," she whimpered staring into my eyes, still in the midst of her release, "fuck me…" she said breathlessly. I squeezed my eyes shut, then forcefully, slid into her.

"Ness… shit, you feel so good…" her walls immediately gripped me in spasms.

"Jake…" she moaned, eyes rolling back, "I'm coming again, baby… please," she begged.

"What baby? Tell me what you need."

"…just…keep fucking me like that…"

So I did.

Deepening my strokes, I raised her legs to my shoulders, gripping her thighs. She was so tight this way; I could feel every inch of her slickness sliding along my hardness.

" up for me, baby… give it all to me, "I commanded breathlessly, flipping her onto her stomach and pressing my fingers into the softness of her hips. I slid her back and forth against me, searching, reaching for her center.

She moaned my name, along with various expletives, as I continued my search, stroking and grinding into her.

Oh, this was too good. I gripped her thick hair, causing her to cry out, and my dick to twitch within her.

"…oh, shit...fuck… just like that, just like that…it's all yours, baby…" she panted, and as if it was even possible, I could feel her become wetter around me.

"… I love you so much, Jake," she whined.

" you, Ness… so much," I moaned in response, feeling the familiar pressure building within me. I began pounding into her, rocking her small frame and edging her across the couch. She pushed back against me unexpectedly, meeting me thrust for thrust, until I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh, babe… I'm gonna come…"

"Come for me, Jake baby," she moaned, pushing her hips against me. I was teetering on the edge and her voice caused me to fall off a cliff with sensory overload. I slowed my thrusts, until I stilled completely, allowing her to thrust herself against me, rubbing her fingers across her clit frantically. Finally, I dug my fingers into her hips, and cried out in mind-numbing pleasure, emptying into her. She soon followed me bringing herself to release with her fingers.

As promised, Ness and I definitely 'christened' the loft, making love in every corner, surface and floor of my new condo for the next few hours. Insatiable, just as I'd finished bringing her to release, she'd rest for a few brief moments, then she'd be wrapped around me, kissing and sucking and biting expectantly, and I had to oblige her.

Around four a.m., I collapsed onto her back, sweat glistening on both of us, though I was sure it had little to do with my scorching body temperature.

She immediately passed out across the bed from exhaustion and I took one of the brief moments that she'd drifted off to run to the refrigerator to grab some Gatorade and a quick sandwich. I learned early on with Ness that I had to keep my electrolytes up.

Just as I was finishing up, not even twenty minutes later, I caught the outline of her body against the soft glow of street light pouring in from the window. With vampiric speed, she was on me, kissing and nibbling my neck as she stroked me.

"So, are you trying to kill me or…?" I said with a smile crossing my face. She was silent, raising my fingers to her lips and sucking them greedily.

She pushed me against the stainless steel refrigerator, and dropped to her knees. My dick immediately responded, which I still can't understand, because, at that point, I was running on fumes.

"…mmm Jake," she purred, taking me into her hand and licking the tip, "…please?" Her hand found my thigh and began running her long delicate fingers along my leg. She looked up at me with lust-filled darkened eyes, and the only response I could offer was a slight bob of my head.

"God, Jake...need you..."

Her soft purr soon turned into a low growl as she continued sliding her mouth along my length, in a perfect mixture of suction, softness and wetness, bringing me an incommunicable level of ecstasy. I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I wished to God it was more of this.

Sliding me from her mouth, but replacing it with her hand, she traced a trail with her tongue to my hip, then thigh, nudging my legs open slightly with her small hands. Lust and hunger in her eyes, she looked up at me cocking her head slightly, baring her teeth and darting her tongue across the front, causing them to glisten in the twilight.

I barely recognized the growl that escaped her throat, then, faster than I could ever have prepared myself for, she sank her razor-sharp teeth into my thigh, taking long, leisurely pulls from the stream of blood flowing into her mouth.

Then, she moaned the most guttural sound I'd ever heard from her, in pleasure.

My mind went blank at the feel of her stroking my cock and suckling my inner thigh together. Shit.

I mean, Ness had given me love bites while we had sex more times than I could count, but this? This was beyond description, immeasurable pleasure.

It was like… like sex.

Like, fucking hot, head-banging, toe-curling, heart-stopping sex.

A loud moan escaped my own lips as I fisted my hands in her hair, and laid my head back, unable to form any real cohesive thoughts. My knees buckled, perhaps from the rate that I was losing blood, but mostly because I was on the verge of coming so hard I knew I'd pass out on the kitchen floor.

Realizing she was enjoying my body a bit longer than she'd though was safe I'm sure, she slowly detached from my leg, running her tongue along the wound, sealing it.

"…fuck, baby… you taste so good," she murmured softly, licking her lips clean and starting toward my hardened erection. She took me into her mouth once more, sliding its entire length down her throat and began a merciless attack on my body with her lips.

I moaned again, chanting her name and crying out to God, as a wayward tear escaped my eye, and I knew I was on the verge of something so insane, it scared me.

Tightening my hold on the back of her head, my orgasm ripped through me and stabbed in my chest and abdomen. It washed over me in waves over, and over, with me emptying into her hot, hungry mouth and calling out in every language my conscious mind knew.

My face grimaced in pain and pleasure and euphoria.

After what seemed like an eternity of after-shocks, I came down from what can only be described as an out-of-body experience, eyes resting on Ness, leaning against me with her cheek against my leg, finally satiated. She glanced up at me with a contented curl in her lips, standing, and kissing my neck.

I looked at her through hooded eyes, hoping my legs would get me back to the bed. Ness continued licking her lips, using her fingers to slide any bit of me that had dripped onto her chin.

"God," she said rubbing her body against mine, "I can't do that anymore..."

I couldn't even focus, not really, but I was curious, so I raised an eyebrow.

" taste too fucking good..." she said kissing me and nipping at my lower lip, "I might kill you."

What a way to go.



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Honey (TEASER)

I've been working on a Jake/Ness AU/AH O/S that should be posted soon. Here's a sneak peek, tell me what you think...

Summary: One steamy southern summer gives way to a sensual awakening Jake and Ness had never prepared themselves for after an afternoon and the sticky saccharine syrup unlock a carnal need in both of them. AH/AU Adult Jake/Ness. Rated M for Lemons and Adult Situations.


"Miss Ness," Jacob began, his voice dripping with humor. I turned, tilting my head slightly toward him, raising an eyebrow. "Do you like… uh… you been in the honey?" His smile broke into an outright grin as he allowed his eyes to drop to my mouth.

"…er, what?" I grinned, fully amused; had I missed the punch line?

"You have a little…" he said, slowly raising his hand to cup my face. I felt my heart banging in my chest at the wonderfully tender feel of his palm against my jaw. I saw his eyes drift to the rise and fall of my chest, and I was sure it wasn't lost on him. He paused briefly, looking at me to ensure he wasn't overstepping by touching me.

When I didn't protest, Jacob slowly dragged his thumb across the corner of my mouth, where a stream of wayward golden honey had obviously dripped, just a half inch from my lips. Oh my God.

I had to suppress the moan that bubbled up inside me, and without even thinking, I parted my lips and turned my head in one swift motion, capturing his thumb in my mouth.

...My mind left me, all senses eradicated, all sucked into the small place in the universe where my finger was in the warm wetness of her mouth, where Ness sucked and licked softly.

It was like heaven on earth.

I couldn't believe it; her perfect, pink lips wrapped around any part of me was what I couldn't rid my mind of for the last two months of summer. This is what I'd been craving.

My labored breathing slowed, and I realized I'd been holding a breath for the last few seconds, lips parted of their own volition, my tongue darting out to wet them. I had to have more fingers in that beautiful mouth, I had to have her lips on any part of my body. I was sure I'd die contently if Ness would give me that.

...Reluctantly, he withdrew his thumb, and initially, I thought I'd done the wrong thing, that I'd offended him. It was just, he looked so delicious, all those nights thinking of him and the honey on his lips was just so unbearable. I had to taste him. My cheeks flamed at the thought of what I had just done, though I would never take it back. His finger tasted just as delicious as his mouth had all those nights ago.

Jacob turned to one of the dozens of mason jars brimming with the newly-jarred honey, dipping his index finger slowly, the thick syrup parting, edging its way to the mouth of the glass jar. Once coated, he lifted his hand, honey beginning to drip onto his palm, to my lips once more.

Oh. Understanding flashed in my mind, and just as if he'd read every desire within me, I greedily took his finger into my mouth.

...It was too much, sensation overload, so I squeezed my eyes shut for just a moment, and just felt the warmth and slickness of her mouth, and the languid way she sucked and lapped at my hand. My eyes darted open finally when I felt her tongue slide from her mouth and lick at the honey that had dripped onto my other fingers and palm, and they widened in surprise and unbridled want.

I needed her. I needed her so badly. Now.