"Can I help you?" asked Julie as the two gentlemen walked into the office.

"Yes," said the taller one with long shaggy brown hair. "We're from the FBI." They showed their badges to me. "Agent Lawrence and this is my partner Agent Perry. Is it alright if we see Mr. Jones?"

"He's in a meeting with the sheriff. You can leave a message or take a seat and wait for him to get out. He should be done soon."

"We'll wait, thank you," said Agent Lawrence.

Julie couldn't help but watch them from the corner of her eye. They seemed a little young to be FBI agents. The way they sat and the way they looked and talked towards each other. Julie has seen it before. She even acts that way sometimes, but they can't be hunters?

A beep came from my phone. "Yes?"

"Could you get the Sheriff some coffee?"

"Yes, Mr. Jones."

Julie got up and felt the two FBI agents following her with their eyes.

"This girl seems very familiar," said Agent Perry (AKA Dean) to Agent Lawrence (AKA Sam). Dean watched her rip open a new box full of sugar packets. The way she used the knife to cut open the box. The way she stood as if waiting or listening to everything around her. Dean looked down at her ass. And what a mighty fine ass. Dean thought to himself.

When she knocked the cup off the edge she quickly caught it with one hand while filled with coffee.

"Sam," said Dean as he watched her walk into the morgue. "I don't think that secretaries a secretary."

Sam arched an eyebrow at Dean. "What?"

I was watching her. The way she moves, the way she stands. Sam, I think she's a hunter."

Sam looked up at the secretary when she walked back into the room. She smiled at the agents which made Dean feel a twitch in his stomach. "Mr. Jones will be ready for you in a minute."

Sam and Dean smiled at Julie. "Thank you."

Julie and the brothers watched each other secretly. When Mr. Jones took the boys in his office, Julie left since her shift was over. When she walked out she noticed a black Chevy Impala parked right next to her 1970 black challenger. It couldn't be those agents. Were they working the same job as she was?! Julie felt frustrated and scared. Not knowing who those two were and if they were hunters they were working on the same case. No hunter liked working on the same case as others.

Julie drove all the way back to the motel she has been staying in for the case. Once she got there she saw the owner outside just staring at the sky. "Mr. Curr?" she asked getting out of the care. "Are you alright?"

He shook out of his daze and smiled at Julie. "Sorry Julie just thought I saw something."

Julie looked up and saw nothing. She smiled at Mr. Curr. "Have a nice night Mr. Curr."

She quickly opened the door to her room and looked for her bag of salt. Whatever Mr. Curr saw she didn't want getting into her room. Julie took off her coat and opened her laptop. Once she got to the towns site she was disappointed. "Shit." Another kid has gone missing. Stepfather says he's been threatening to runaway for some time now. Julie got out the town map. The map had four black dots on it. One for each kid and where they were found, but this one wasn't found, may he did runaway? In frustration Julie closed her lid shut. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water. She needed a nice warm shower so she could think straight. Before she got into the shower she heard an engine purring outside her room. She wrapped her towel around her and walked over to the window. It was the agents. The dirty blond short haired one pointed at her car. Julie quickly walked away from the window even more frustrated.

"Sammy, look it's that challenger from the morgue," said Dean. "She is a beauty. Dean looked at his car. "Don't worry baby, not as beautiful as you I would never cheat on you."

"Dean," said Sam annoyed watching him walk off.

"I'm going to find out whose car this is. I'll be back Sam. Don't get your panties in a twist."

"He's got a few months to live and he's worried about a damn car," said Sam walking into their room.

Dean came back to the room five minutes later. "Guess whose car that is?"

"Pamela Anderson," said Sam coming out of the bathroom.

"I wish. Julie Thompson."

"The Secretary?"

"She's been here for a couple months after the second kid was found."


"Maybe," said Dean taking his tie off and unbuttoning his shirt. "One hot hunter if you ask me." Dean remembered just a couple hours ago he was watching her walk and make coffee. The way she walked was confident; the way she moved was sexy.

"Are you even listening Dean?" asked Sam sitting on his bed.

"Huh?" Dean asked then smirked at Sam. "Sorry, Sammy."

"I said what are we going to do. You know how some hunters are about their cases. And if we run into each other we may hurt one of us or worse."

"Fine, let's go over and tell her to scoot her ass out of here. It's our turn." Dean put on a black shirt and jeans.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Then you're doing all the talking."

Julie was halfway dressed when there was a knock on the door. "Julie Thompson. FBI open up."

"FBI my ass," she whispered grabbing her knife and hiding behind the door.

Julie hear them breaking in, she watched as the door opened slowly. She watched as they both walked in.

"I don't know about this Dean," said Sam about to close the door. Julie kicked Sam down and then started fighting Dean. They both blocked each other's punches towards each other. The tall one grabbed her arms; she shot up and kicked him in both shins. She grabbed the other ones arm and managed to flip him onto the ground. She grabbed her knife while slamming his head to the ground. She straddled him and put the knife under his neck. She looked deep into his eyes then he had a smug grin on his face. For half a second Julie was confused but then she heard the click of a gun right behind her head.

"Drop the knife!" Sam growled.

She sat up straight and Dean too her all in. She was wearing a white baby tee and white booty shorts. He fought the urge to just grab her and screw her right there. He watched her drop the knife while she was breathing heavily. Her chest going up and down made him want her more. Her wet hair shining was hot. She was sexy.

"Dean grab the knife."

Dean erased everything he was thinking and grabbed the knife. He sat up with her still on his lap and put the knife under her neck. They stared into each other's eye, getting a feel for each other. Dean wasn't going to lie; this was turning him on a bit. "What do you want?" she finally asked.

Dean pulled Julie up with him. "You can get into a lot of trouble jumping FBI agents," said Sam.

Julie laughed. "You're no FBI agents. You two are hunters. Probably hunting the same thing I am. But this is my case."

"Sorry sweetie, but two more kids have been killed since you've been here. I don't think you're doing a great job," said Dean.

"Three actually, but the parents think he just ran away. I've been watching the pattern whatever is doing this."

"What pattern?" asked Sam.

"If you put the weapons down then maybe I'll tell you.""

Sam and Dean looked at each other and lowered their weapons. Julie turned to Dean. "Can I have my knife back?"

Dean went to hand it to her pulled back smirked at her then gave it to her. She walked over to the dresser opened the top drawer and dropped it in.

"Knife in the panty drawer, that's hot," said Dean. Julie rolled her eyes and grabbed her jeans. "You looked on the table at the map. You'll see where they were found. Sporadic dots if you ask me." Julie watched as Dean and Sam walked over to the table. Sam started at it and Dean watched Julie put her pants on. She had a great figure. She was well toned. Sam looked up to say something to Julie when he saw Dean gawking at her. Sam hit Dean. "Stop." Dean rolled his eyes. "You said the other one was missing. No body has been turned up yet?"

"Correct," said Julie walked over to them. She bent down and leaned on the table.

"Where did he live?"

Julie bit her lip and Dean watched. That drove him crazy. She walked over to her lap top opening it up. "Upper Hills area."

Sam grabbed a pen and put a dot on the map. Julie looked at it. "Wait." She got up and grabbed a ruler. She took the pen out of Sam's hands. She carefully connected the dots. Dean and Sam watched as she did this. "Shit." She looked at Dean and Sam. Dean walked over to Julie and grabbed the pen. He started outlining some of the structures. It was a binding spell for demons.

"So you mean to tell me this whole town is one control center for demons? They walk their trapped?" asked Dean.

"That's what it looks like to me," said Julie. "Who would put this town at risk?"

Sam grabbed his phone and dialed a number. He walked to the other side of the room.

"You said it had a pattern?" asked Dean.

"Huh?" she asked looking up at him. "Oh yeah, the kids would go missing after school. It only attacks children, now what only attacks children…and the Anderson kid was home when he went missing…" Dean watched as Julie went off in her own little world. She sat at the table biting her bottom lip and doing some research. Out of habit she grabbed a pen and started nibbling on it. She was so engrossed with her research she didn't realize what she was doing with the pen. Sam walked back over.

"I wish I was that pen," said Dean. Sam looked over at Julie and gulped.

"Uh, Julie," said Sam.

"Shh, don't make her stop."

Sam ignored Dean. "Julie, I have a lead."

Julie looked up while taking her pen away from her mouth. "There was a hunter who lived here. Instead of going after demons he waited till they were passing by. Then got stuck here he'd kill them. But as time went on the hunter died of old age. He had no children, no wife, no one to pass on what he did. Or to warn the town."

"That's sort of sad," Julie said looking back at her computer. "Leaving this world and not being able to leave behind anything, to keep you or whatever you did going." Dean and Sam glanced at each other. Dean knew what Sam was thinking. Dean leaving this world without a trace of him being here.

"Wait, who are you guys again?" she asked as she saw the awkward glance.

"Sam and Dean…" said Sam.

"Winchester," finished Julie leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms. "You know I'm one of the few that don't blame you for what happened with the devils gate. Even though now I'm even more alone than before."

"What do you mean?" asked Sam scrunching his face.

"I don't know who I am. Where I come from, who my parents are. I was abandoned when I was four. Caught shoplifting when I was five. Living on the streets, trying to take care of myself. One night a vampire found me." Julie lifted her shirt up to reveal a scar going down her side. "A hunter found me, killed the vampire. Took me in. Taught me everything I know now. I was about twelve when we found the other hunters. A spot where they lived. Some coming and going. I was passed around to each hunter teaching me different styles. Learning different ways. One man let me stay with him for a while. He was a nice man. Took care of me like I was his own. That's where I met John Winchester. He was a brave man, scary," the guys laughed a littler, "but brave. But I never had the chance to hunt with him. Probably one of the few." She glanced between Dean and Sam and smiled. "Anyway, when the gates opened they attacked us. We were not ready. Men, women and children were murdered that night. Only a few of us survived. But the pain was too horrible for us to even look at each other; we drifted away from each other, going our own way."

"I'm so…" started Sam.

Julie put her hand up and smiled. "Don't be. Like I said. It's not really your fault. Things happen for a reason. I was abandoned for a reason and that reason was to learn to be a hunter."

"So you have been hunting since you were five?" asked Dean.

"Around there, yeah. Grew up with it. It's the only thing I really know."

"Only thing?" asked Dean smirking.

"Well, " she said smiling and having some mischievous glint in her eye that made Dean want to know more, "Other than music, food and sex."

"I like her," said Dean smiling.

"Anyway," said Sam ignoring Dean. "You need help with this thing?"

"Sure, I'm guessing the only way killing it is cutting its throat."

"We have to find a way to keep this from happening again," said Sam.

"We can burn something down that connects the binding," suggested Julie.

"Good idea, while we kill this thing," said Dean standing up. "You go pyro and burn something."

"Excuse me," she said standing up and facing Dean.

"Look Sam and I usually do this together. We don't need you."

"Look, Dean, if I have to get this thing on my own, I will. Even if I have to knock you out to get there first."

Dean now stood inches from her. "I'd like to see that."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Knock it off," said Sam. "If she wants to come then let her come."

Dean and Julie kept staring at each other. He's bull headed. Arrogant. Agitation. A rash that is so annoying, thought Julie. Feisty little woman. Hot body and beautiful green eyes, thought Dean.

"Fine, but don't get in our way," said Dean giving her a once over before turning his back on her.