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title: mistletoe
rating: t cuz of paul's language
prompt: winter fic. and paul has to win her heart over kenny's. and kenny has to look like a prat. and emo paul. and at one point, ash and brock realize he likes dawn and there's a really cheesy scene where they all try to help him get together with dawn.
request by: master professor. my buddyyy. (pfft i've always wanted to say that about someone)
warning: ikarishipping. i couldn't fit in the emo paul thing. :c sorry.

It was the beginning of winter. Snow was already gathering on the ground; the gang plus Paul and Kenny were all outside, playing in the snow (or, in Paul's case, watching and making fun of them). Kenny grinned, looking at Dawn out of the corner of his eye; the blue-haired girl was giggling at Ash, who was making a snow angel and laughing with her.

"Hey, Dee Dee?" Kenny asked casually. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Dawn blinked. "Sure!" she chirped.

Paul twitched. How could she agree that quick?! It was so obvious what Kenny was trying to do, too! The light-haired male scowled. He'd have to save her.

"OH MY GAH!" Ash all but shrieked when Kenny and Dawn disappeared and Paul was just about to go after them. "WHAT'S WITH YOU, PAUL? YOU OKAY? YOU SEEM... TWITCHY."

... Twitchy. Twitchy. He, Paul? Twitchy? As if.

Paul frowned. "I'm not twitchy, you wanker. There's nothing wrong with me."

"Or is there?" Brock asked mysteriously, his forever-closed eyes glinting. "Is there something you're not telling us, Paul?"

"Of course not," the anti-hero spat. Why did they have to pester him like that? "Is there a reason you two are bugging me like this?"

"You just seem troubled, is all," Ash explained, sitting up. He fixed his hat. "... Wait." He looked at Paul intensely, making the more serious boy agitated. "You like Dawn, don't you?" When Paul stiffened, the raven-haired trainer grinned in triumph. "Aha! No wonder you don't like Kenny!"

Brock chuckled. "As if there's even any competition..."

Paul glared at him. "Are you saying that Dawn likes that twit?"

"No." Brock smiled serenely. "She likes you."

"... What."


Ash told Paul the plan.

"... Repeat that."

Ash repeated it.

"... Say it again."

Ash said it again.

"... I can only remember steps 1, 2, 3, and 67."

"Good!" Brock exclaimed, clearly fed up with Paul's inability to remember the plan in full. "Those are the only ones you need to know, anyway."

"You guys are just going to put us underneath a MISTLETOE. How many steps can you NEED?"

"... A lot." Brock nodded sagely.


"Look!" Ash whispered excitedly. "It's all going according to plan!"

Dawn and Paul were walking toward each other... Where they would meet was the mistletoe.

They arrived at the destination.

"LOOK!" Ash hollered. "A MISTLETOE!"

He smirked. "You two have to kiss!"

Dawn gasped, her entire face turning pink. Paul shrugged, though there was a rosy tint to his cheeks, and he leaned in, tilted his head to the side so their noses wouldn't smash together, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"... BEMYBOYFRIEND!" Dawn blurted out, pulling away.

Paul blinked. "... Okay."