Full Summary: Bella Swan is a 23-year-old single mom with a daughter who is 3 years old. Edward Cullen is a 27-year-old single father with a son who is 4 years old. The two meet one night at a get together with friends and family and hit it off. They end up talking about their kids and end up setting up a play date for them. What starts off as setting up a friend for their kids, turns into something totally different for the two parents. A/U, A/H, Canon.

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Bella Swan

"Lucy, it's time for your bath!" I called.

My daughter, Lucy, was sitting in front of the TV watching Dora the Explorer in her pajamas. She was trying to ignore me in order to avoid her bath.

I sighed and jogged toward my terrible three-year-old, tapping her on the shoulder.

"Do you want to have to take a bath in cold water, Lucy?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Then come on, silly goose! Let's get you clean!" I exclaimed, scooping her up and racing toward the bathroom. I quickly stripped her from her pink pajamas and gently placed her in the tub. She glared at me from the water.

"Mommy, I hate baths!" she squealed, attempting to stand up. I made sure she stayed in the tub.

"It will only take a minute. Don't make me get Uncle Emmett in here."

She pouted and settled down in the tub. She loved her Uncle, but ever since he accidentally used body scrub instead of shampoo on her hair, she hated getting baths from him.

I sighed and poured some warm water over her head, her blonde hair turning about five shades darker now that it was wet. She had inherited her hair color from her father, my ex-boyfriend Mike, but she had my brown eyes and mouth. I grabbed the shampoo and rubbed it into her scalp and hair before rinsing and continued on with her bath.

She was out of the tub and dry about ten minutes later. She was wiggling the entire time I put on her clothes for the day and it ended up taking ten more minutes until she was dressed.

Once I opened the bathroom door, she stumbled out into the living room in search of my brother, Emmett, and his girlfriend, Rosalie. Emmett and I had lived together since Lucy was born. I didn't have enough money to live on my own, and there was no way I would live with Mike. Emmett didn't mind having Lucy around, he adored her.

"Hey Goosey!" Emmett's booming voice rang out when he saw Lucy coming toward him. He had given her the nickname Goosey about two hours after she was born and it had stuck. He called her it simply because Goosey rhymed with Lucy.

Lucy grinned up at her muscly Uncle before reaching her arms up, an indication she wanted to be held. He bent down and scooped her up, Lucy giggled.

"Morning, Uncle Emmy," she said in her high voice. Lucy was the only one allowed to call my brother Emmy. He hated the nickname, but didn't mind it when Lucy called him that. He said it was because she was just too damn adorable.

Emmett smiled down at my little girl before glancing at me. "Were you giving your mom a hard time earlier?" he asked, faking annoyance.

Lucy pouted and batted her eyelashes at my brother. "No," she mumbled.

Emmett simply chuckled and set her down; tickling her before she scampered off back into the living room to watch some more cartoons.

I stepped into the kitchen where Emmett was standing now eating an apple and watching me. I tried to ignore his gaze as I slipped a Poptart in the toaster for Lucy and grabbed an apple for myself. I leaned against the counter and locked eyes with Emmett.

"What?" I asked.

"What are your plans for tonight, little sister?"

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, I don't know, taking care of my daughter and sleeping."

He smirked. "No you're not. We are going out with Rose and her brother. He wants us to meet his girlfriend."

"And what am I supposed to do with Lucy? Bring her to the bar you probably arranged to have us go to?"

Emmett shook his head, an amused smirk on his face. "Of course not. I called Mike yesterday; he agreed to take care of her for the night."

I frowned. I wished Emmett had talked to me about this. I knew that Mike had all the right to see her, she was his daughter too, but I didn't know what he was like when he was with her. It was hard enough for me to give Lucy up for the one weekend of the month that he got to see her. Could I give her up for an extra day?

"I don't know, Emmett," I mumbled, taking the Poptart out of the toaster and putting it on a piece of paper towel, letting it cool off for a little bit before giving it to Lucy.

"Bella, she will be fine. Mike loves Lucy; he'll take great care of her."

I bit my lip and studied the counter before glancing back up at my brother who was now pouting in the most pathetic way. I tried desperately not to smile.

"Fine," I said in defeat, grabbing the Poptart off the counter and leaving Emmett to do his victory dance in the kitchen.

At around seven in the evening Mike stopped by to pick up Lucy.

"Hey Bella," he murmured when I opened the door. He knew by now not to try anything with me. I was so over and done with him it wasn't funny. It took him about two years after the birth of our daughter to realize this.

Lucy ran up from behind me and smiled brightly up at her father. "Hi daddy," she said.

Mike grinned down at Lucy before picking her up. I had explained to her earlier that she would be going to her daddy's tonight. She had been pretty excited.

I handed him her diaper bag since she had yet to be potty trained, and gave him a small smile. "Thanks for doing this, Mike."

"No problem. I miss my little girl."

I nodded. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. He was the one who only wanted to see her once a month. "Anyway, uh, I'll probably pick her up at 11 or 12 tonight. I know it's late, but I hope you don't mind," I said.

"That's fine. She is welcome to spend the night at my place though."

I frowned. "No, I'll pick her up," I said quickly. He nodded.

I leaned forward and gave Lucy a kiss on the cheek. "I'll pick you up later, baby."

"Bye Mommy."

"Bye Lucy."

Rose arrived at the house shortly after Mike had left with Lucy. She insisted on dressing me up. She had even brought a dress for me to wear.

"Seriously, Rose. I can dress myself," I said, rolling my eyes as she emptied her makeup bag on the bathroom vanity.

She snorted. "Bella, you've never been able to dress yourself," she said, "Now let me do what I do best. You just sit down and shut up."

I gave in with a groan, sitting down on the toilet seat and letting her begin the makeup process.

I had never been one to wear much make up. Usually I would just use some powder and mascara and call myself good. Rose, on the other hand, loved working with make up. She had even went to school for cosmetology before deciding she wanted to work with cars. It was a pretty big switch.

Twenty long minutes later, Rosalie had finished my make up and shoved me into my bedroom to change into the dress she brought. I had to admit, it was a beautiful dress. It was a strapless midnight blue cocktail dress that hit right above the knee. It fit me perfectly too.

I slipped on some ballet flats before leaving my room. I knew Rose would be annoyed I didn't choose to wear heels, but I didn't care. I wanted to be comfortable. As I predicted, Rosalie rolled her eyes when she saw my shoes, but didn't say anything.

"Alright, I'm ready," I announced.

We were on the road within minutes, Emmett and Rose in the front of the car, and me in the back. I gazed out the window thinking about what Lucy was doing at that moment. I glanced at the clock; it was 8:30, so she was probably sleeping right now.

My thoughts of Lucy were broken when Emmett parked and turned off the car. We were a little ways down the road from the club Contour. I rolled my eyes, Mike used to try to get me to go there when I was pregnant. He was such a freaking idiot. A pregnant woman in a club? Yeah, right.

I climbed out of the car at the same time as Rosalie and Emmett and pulled the coat I was wearing tighter to my body. It was September in Seattle and it was already freezing. I looked over at Rose. She was on the phone probably with her brother to make sure he was here. I had met Jasper, Rosalie's brother a few times over the two years she had been dating my brother. They tried to set me up with him, but he really wasn't what I was looking for.

"You ready?" Emmett asked, grinning at me like an idiot.

I smirked and shrugged my shoulders. "I guess."

A few moments later, Rose told us that her brother was there and we headed off to the club. I kind of felt out of place when Rose walked right up to the bouncer, he took one look at her and let us in. Rose was a knockout, she knew it, I knew it, and we all knew it. She had long blonde hair that was slightly curly, it was always styled perfectly. She had icy blue eyes and pouty lips. She had the body of a model and stole hearts just by walking in a room. Her heart, however, belonged to my brother.

I walked behind the perfect couple, snickering at the stares Rosalie got from both men and woman and enjoying being totally ignored. I almost ran right into Emmett's back when he and Rose stopped abruptly in front of a table.

"Hey Jasper," Rosalie said. I heard Emmett greet Rose's brother as well. Rose quickly looked behind her and saw me standing inches from my brother basically shielded from view. "Bella, what the hell are you doing? Get over here." She grabbed my arm and pulled me to her side, between her and Emmett.

I was studying the floor now, embarrassed that I was basically hiding. I didn't mean to hide; they just stopped so quickly I had no chance to react. Now Jasper and his girlfriend probably thought I was some sort of overly shy weirdo, which I actually was.

I slowly raised my head and smiled at Jasper. "Hey," I said softly before scanning the rest of their table and realizing that there was not only his girlfriend sitting next to him, but another man. The man and I made eye contact briefly before I looked down at the ground again, blushing as I did so. I couldn't help but notice that this stranger was extremely handsome and had the most unusual colored hair. It was almost…bronze.

"Hello Bella," Jasper said. I glanced up at him briefly and smiled. "Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Alice Brandon," he announced. I looked up and smiled at her. She was grinning back at us.

"This is my cousin, Edward," she said in a high voice, putting her arm around her cousin.

I looked over at the gorgeous man named Edward, and he was, again, staring straight at me. I blushed, but didn't look at the ground again. Instead, I opted to look at Alice. She was smiling a knowing smile in my direction.

Edward Cullen

"Jackson, your breakfast is ready!" I called to my son from the dining room. I heard rustling from the living room before hearing the sounds of his feet running across the hardwood floor before actually seeing the bronze haired boy enter the dining room.

"What did you make, daddy?" he asked, rushing toward the table to get a look at what was on our plates.

I smiled. "Scrambled eggs and bacon," I replied, mussing up his hair before taking my own seat next to the one he was pulling out.

Once he was seated, Jackson ignored the small fork by his plate and began to eat the eggs with his hands.

"Jackson, you're four years old, you know how to use a fork," I chided, giving my son the look that meant business. He frowned before picking up the fork and shoveling the eggs into his mouth.

As I helped clean up Jackson, my phone began to ring. I sighed and handed the towel to Jackson so he could dry off his hands before answering.

"Hi Edward!" Alice's voice rang in my ears.

I smirked. I loved Alice. "Hey Ali, how are you doing?"

"Great! What are you doing tonight?"

"I'm not sure. I'm thinking about renting Jackson a movie so I can catch up on work," I replied. Jackson's nanny was on vacation this week so I had to stay home from work until she got back. It was difficult to work from home, even if I did work for my dad at his magazine. I wrote a column on parenting in his magazine for entrepreneurs. It was called Cash. Original, I know.

"Call a sitter. You have to come out for drinks with Jasper and me. I am meeting his sister for the first time and I really don't want to be alone."

I chuckled. "You won't be alone. Jasper will be there," I teased.

"You know what I mean, Edward!"

"Yeah, I know. I'll see what I can do. Maybe Angela can take care of Jackson for the night," I said. Angela lived down the hall from my apartment with her boyfriend, Ben. She took care of Jackson from time to time when I needed her.

"Awesome! Let me know when you find out!"

"Alright, I'll call you in a bit," I said.

We ended the call after bidding each other goodbye. I searched through my contacts and called Angela next. After talking to her for a few minutes, she agreed to take care of my son for the night.

I sent a text to Alice telling her I could come out with her. She replied almost immediately saying she would pick me up at eight that night. She had also added a smiley face to the end of her message.

The rest of the day passed quickly. I spent most of my time with Jackson in the living room playing with Legos and watching cartoons. It was a lovely lazy afternoon. I didn't often have those.

I dropped Jackson off at Angela's apartment at 7:30 that evening. I explained to her that I would be going out and would be picking up Jackson later that night. She smiled and nodded before taking my son in for the evening.

I went back to my apartment to finish getting ready and before I knew it, Alice was calling my cell phone to tell me to get my ass outside. I chuckled at her choice of words before hopping on the elevator.

I slide into the backseat of her boyfriend Jasper's car before Alice bombarded me with…well…herself.

"How's Jackson, Edward? Was Angela cool about taking care of him last minute? Thanks so much for coming out tonight! Do you think Rosalie will like me?"

She had turned around in her seat before saying all of this. I simply stared at her and blinked. I wondered how Jasper handled it. He saw her more often than I did.

"Uh, Jackson is good. Angela was fine with it. You're welcome. Yes," I replied finally, hoping I remembered all of the questions.

She smirked at me. "That's good, and I hope you're right. I want her to like me."

"Alice, I told you, it doesn't matter if my picky sister doesn't like you; even though I'm sure she will. Just remember, I love you and that's all that matters," Jasper said, reaching across the middle console and grabbing my cousin's hand.

Alice grinned like an idiot over at her boyfriend. "You always say the right thing. I love you," she said getting all googly-eyed.

We surprisingly sat in silence the rest of the ride. Alice and Jasper kept glancing at each other with love in their eyes. I couldn't believe they had only been together for four months. I also couldn't believe they already said 'I love you' to one another.

"We're here!" Alice sang from the front seat, hopping out and practically jumping up and down on the sidewalk, waiting for Jasper and me to get out of the car. I wondered if she had a pot of coffee to drink before we left.

Jasper and I slipped out of the car and followed the energetic Alice to the front of the line to the bouncer who actually let us in right away. He must have thought Alice was gorgeous, because she was, or she had slipped him a fifty.

I followed the couple to a table toward the back and took a seat next to my cousin.

"They're not here yet," she explained even though I had gathered the information when we sat down at an empty table.

A waitress came over to our table to take drink orders. She shamelessly tried to flirt with me, but I ignored her and ordered a beer. Alice ordered some fruity chick drink and Jasper got a beer like me.

"I think that Emmett and Rose were trying to get Bella to come tonight. I guess we shall see if they succeed," Jasper told us as we waited for the waitress to return with our drinks.

Alice clapped her hands together and grinned. "I've been wanting to meet Bella too. Didn't they try to set you up with her?" she asked as the waitress arrived with our drinks, we paid her and thanked her. She stared at me for a moment before finally leaving to go do God knows what.

"Yeah, but Bella would have no part in it," Jasper said with a chuckle. Alice was going to say something, but a couple had stopped at our table.

The guy was huge. He looked like he should be a linebacker or something. He was grinning down at Jasper and Alice. The girl was gorgeous blonde that looked like she belonged on the runway, not in some club.

"Hey Jasper," the blonde, who I only could assume was Jasper's sister, said. She looked behind her boyfriend and made a face. "Bella, what the hell are you doing? Get over here!" she hissed before pulling a girl who had been hiding behind the large guy out and between them.

The girl, Bella, looked down at her feet for a moment, obviously embarrassed for hiding behind the large guy. When she did look up and greet everyone, my jaw dropped a little. She was gorgeous. She was that kind of natural beauty. She didn't even need to try to make herself look pretty, she just was. Her eyes bore into mine for a moment before she quickly looked back down, blushing slightly.

"Hello Bella," I heard Jasper say from the other side of my cousin. She looked up at Jasper and smiled slightly. My heart almost wept. I wished she would smile like that at me. "Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Alice Brandon."

Alice grinned before wrapping an arm around my shoulder. "This is my cousin, Edward," she said cheerfully. Bella's eyes met mine again and I smiled at her. She blushed and looked at the ground before looking back up at Alice.

The blonde smiled at us. "It's nice to meet you Alice, Edward. I'm Rosalie, Jasper's sister," she said, extending her hand out for Alice to shake, and then offering it for me to shake.

The big guy threw his arm around Bella and grinned. "I'm Emmett, Rosie's boyfriend, and this is my little sister Bella," he announced with a booming voice.

"It's nice to meet you," I said staring directly at Bella who wouldn't make eye contact. Emmett took the opportunity to shake my hand.

Jasper asked them to sit down. My eyes flashed to Bella, hoping she would sit near me so I could at least stare at her for a while. Luck was on my side because Emmett sat across from Jasper, and Rosalie sat across from Alice, which left Bella to sit across from me.

"Glad to see you could get away tonight, Bella. How is Lucy? Who's looking after her?" Jasper asked before taking a sip of his beer. I looked over at him confused, and then to Bella who had looked up from the drink menu she had been studying to meet Jasper's eyes.

She was about to say something, but Alice cut her off. "Who's Lucy?" she asked. I was glad my cousin actually interrupted her to ask a question I was wondering what the answer was as well.

Bella smiled and began playing with the napkin in front of her. "Lucy is my 3 year old daughter," she began. "She is fine. Thankfully she is out of the terrible two's stage. She's with her dad tonight." I noticed her forehead crease when she mentioned Lucy's dad and that just left me curious.

"Oh my gosh, you have a daughter? Do you have any pictures with you?" Alice squealed. I wished I had earmuffs. She was a pain to sit next to, especially when something excited her.

Bella nodded, pulling out her wallet, fishing in and producing two small squares, handing them to Alice. I leaned over Alice's shoulder to get a good look at the pictures.

At first glance, the little girl in the picture looked nothing like Bella. She had blonde hair and a totally different nose. When I studied the pictures longer, I found that the little girl had the same face shape, the same mouth, and Bella's big brown doe eyes. The little girl, Lucy, was gorgeous.

"She's adorable, Bella," Alice exclaimed, handing the pictures back over to her. "How old did you say she was?"

"Three," Bella said.

"That's close to the age of Edward's son," my cousin chirped. Bella's eyes moved from Alice to me.

"You have a son?" she asked.

I nodded, already fishing out my wallet from my jeans. The rest of the table had gotten into conversation about something else, leaving Bella and me to our own. Thank you, Alice!

I handed the pictures of Jackson over to Bella with a smile. "His name is Jackson. He's four."

Bella studied the images with a smile on her face, tucking a strand of her wavy brown hair behind her ear before handing them back to me.

"He's so cute. He looks just like you," she commented with a smile. She seemed to be opening up with this talk about our children, so I let it roll.

"So you're saying I'm cute too," I said, grinning at her crookedly.

Bella looked down at the table and blushed crimson before looking back up at me. "I guess I am," she said, surprising me by actually flirting back. Shit, I didn't even know if she was single and I was flirting with her.

"So, why isn't Lucy's daddy out tonight? Could you not find a babysitter?"

"Mike is the babysitter. He doesn't get to see her much so he jumped on a chance to baby-sit," she said, her voice going flat when she spoke of the father of her child.

"You guys aren't still together?" I asked, trying not to sound too curious. I think I failed.

Bella shook her head and I almost did a victory dance. "No, Mike and I haven't been together since I was pregnant," she replied.

I decided to drop the subject of Lucy's father since I got the info that I wanted. "So, when does Lucy hit the age of four?"

Bella's face lit up at the change of subject to her daughter. "She turns four February 19th."

I smiled and nodded. "Jackson turned four last month, August 3rd, actually."

"I bet you and your wife were proud," Bella said. Hmm, now she was the one fishing for information.

"Actually, my ex-wife wasn't in town to celebrate. She only gets supervised visits." I didn't want to tell her that my ex-wife, Tanya, was a recovering alcoholic and was still experimenting with drugs. She didn't need to know anything about that yet.

Bella nodded. "My ex-boyfriend, Mike, only sees Lucy one weekend a month. But he chose it that way."

I wondered why the hell Lucy's father would only want to see his daughter one weekend a month. I could barely handle a day at work without my son. I decided to change the subject to something lighter.

"Is your daughter obsessed with Dora the Explorer?" I asked.

She nodded. "She barely has any idea of what's going on, but she loves it!"

Bella and I spent the next half hour talking about our kids' likes and dislikes. Lucy and Jackson pretty much liked the same things.

"I'd bet they would hit it off if they met," I said, taking a sip of my second beer of the evening. I wasn't looking to get drunk or anything, but I still wanted alcohol. Bella stuck with water.

"I'm sure they would. We should set them up on a play date or something," Bella suggested with a laugh. I wasn't sure if she was serious, but if we set our kids up on play date, it would give me an excuse to see her. I wasn't passing up this chance.

"We should. I think a play date would be a great idea," I said seriously.

Bella blinked. "You really think so?"

I nodded. "Yeah, why not? Jackson isn't really ever really around kids his age and it would be good for him to make friends before kindergarten."

She stared at me for a moment, biting her lip as she thought about the idea. "Yeah, it would be good to get Lucy acquainted with someone her own age."

"Awesome! How about I call you sometime this week and we can set something up," I said with a grin.

She nodded and began pulling out her phone, handing it to me. "Put your number in," she said with a smirk.

I quickly added my number to her contacts and handed her cell phone back to her. "I can't wait for the play date."

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