Unfortunately, this isn't an update, and I know you all are waiting for one, but I don't know what to do. I just don't feel like writing anymore, even if I do love this story. Honestly, I prefer to read fanfics more than I like writing them now. So basically, what I'm saying is, I think I might have to quit. I really tried to write more, but I'm just coming up blank. If anyone wants to adopt this story, send me a PM or something and I will consider it. I'm probably going to be very picky about who I let take this story over, and will insist on being the beta reader and I will want to help with the storyline so it doesn't go into some crazy direction. I know some of you will be angry about this and probably won't read the rest of the story if someone decides to finish it for me, but I will be helping with the story...I just can't write it anymore. So, is anyone up to the challenge?

- kfoster2519