Hey guys, The Markster is back. I'm writing a crossover this time. And I'm not combining just two stories; I'm combining ten. All of the characters were chosen by popular demand. If you don't know what that means, it means I asked all of my friends their favorite two characters from any of the books or movies that I'm using, they told me, and I counted up the most popular characters. What craziness shall now ensue? Read and find out. Also, spoilers will be everywhere in this story, so don't yell at me if you find out something that happens at the end of a book you haven't finished yet. I warned you.
This story is going to be taking the form of a TV show in words, one episode hopefully appearing every Thursday until someone decides the story is complete.

Bold Italics = Announcer/narrator
Italics = Camera action / visual

A dark screen.

Fade in on a large island. On said island, there is a beach, a forest, and several open fields.

Hello, all you of you tuning in on this wonderful Thursday, and welcome to The Currently Title-less Crossover! For our first episode, we will be introducing to you our famous - and infamous - cast of characters. Let's take a look.

Zoom in on beach. All looks ordinary. There are waves crashing, birds singing, a cool breeze blowing. Then angle shifts, and a large wooden crate is visible. Muffled voices can be heard from inside, and also screeching and deep barking.

Our character's first challenge will be to find their way out of the crate in which they've been imprisoned. Can they accomplish this task?

After a few more moments of these muffled voices, there is an immense pounding, and the door of the crate falls open, splintering into pieces. Eighteen figures fall out onto the sand of the beach.

Excellent! It appears they can perform the simplest of tasks they will face during this...ah...experiment. Let's zoom in and meet them, shall we?

The first people out of the pile of bodies are complete opposites. A tall, strong man with a skull-like head and what appears to be a tank around his collar, filled with blue liquid and yellow squirming things. The other man is short, with red skin, lopsided eyes, antlers, and seven other heads growing on the antlers.

Wonderful! These are our first two characters, and they're from the wonderful story of Abarat! The first man, the taller one, is none other than the infamous Christopher Carrion.

Carrion looks up at the sky.

"Excuse me! I have titles to be upheld."

Uh, Christopher Carrion, Lord of Midnight, Prince of Darkness, and recently deceased.

"That's much better." Pause. "Wait, deceased? What?"

Moving on...our second character from the Abarat is the world-wide known thief, John Mischief!

All seven head's on Mischief's antlers look up and shout indignantly.

"Oh, so we're just pieces of buttered toast, are we?"

"If you want to know, he would have been dead a long time ago without us."

"Yeah, we're not useless!"

"Except for John Serpent."

"What did you say?!"

"Shut up, he didn't say anything."

"Oh yes he did, I heard him."

"I'm the most useful!"

"Be quiet, Fillet."

And John Mischief's seven brothers; Johns Serpent, Fillet, Pluckitt, Drowze, Moot, and Sallow.

"And me!"

Oh yes, and John Slop. Now, our next two characters -

"Hold on a minute!" shouts one of the Johns. "We deserve more of an introduction than that!"

You're not even supposed to be able to hear me! I'm just the narrator.

"Well, we didn't make the rules, missy. Give us a better introduction!" shouts a different one.

Shut up! We have a whole episode to go through and I can't waste all the time on you. I can't believe I agreed to put you in this story. MOVING ON...

Two more people untangle themselves from the mass of bodies on the sand. A tall, sallow looking man, and a house-elf.

Excellent! Here our are two most voted characters from the enchanting series of Harry Potter: Severus Snape and Dobby, the house-elf!

Snape and Dobby apparently cannot be bothered with their introductions, for Snape wanders off to chat with Carrion and Dobby begins building himself a sand castle.

See? Why can't you be more like them?

"If you're talking to us," says one of the Johns (probably Sallow) "I would say we're not like them because we have some measure of intelligence of which to speak."

Sure. And look, our next two characters have emerged.

A tall, blonde male-type person has pulled himself out of the pile, and reaches back in to the sea of bodies to pull out a much shorter male-looking thing. They stand side by side, looking confused but not exactly angry.

And these are our readers' two favorite characters from the genius work of The Lord of the Rings; Legolas the elf and Gimli the dwarf!

"Huh! I should say," huffs Gimli. "Dwarves and elves will be some of the more respectable kinds here, next to some of the people who had their hands on my-"

"Hush, Gimli. Do you have any idea where we are?"

"None. Why don't we ask that mysterious voice?"

Legolas tilts back his head.

"Hey! Mysterious voice! Where are we?"

He receives no response, and so the two friends shrug and begin wandering off down the beach.

I love those two, although I'm not supposed to play favorites as a narrator. We'll just let those them and let you meet our next two contesta- ah, characters.

A small, furry creature, apparently the source of the screeching inside the crate, races free of the shrinking pile of people.

Oh, how cute! It's Jack the monkey, from the excellent movie trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean! But where's our second character?

An arm suddenly shoots up out of the pile, holding a pistol pointing directly at Jack. Jack screeches in fear but can't get out of the way before the hand pulls the trigger and Jack is shot. Fortunately, he seems unharmed, because he merely scampers back to the pile. A tall, dirty man with dreadlocks pulls himself free of the pile.

"Blasted monkey!" he grumbled. "Why can't you ever die? And where's my hat?!"

Ah, yes, the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. Interesting, we have Jack and Jack.

"Hey!" shouts John Pluckitt. "You got his introduction right! What do you have against Abaratians?"

The other seven Johns all shout at him to shut up. Captain Jack can't be bothered with his introduction anyway because he is now searching frantically for his hat.

Moving on-

"No, I will not shut up!" shouts John Pluckitt. "We have just as much right as him to be introduced properly."

Shut UP, Pluckitt! I'm sorry for not giving you a good introduction the first time but we're on a very tight schedule here and if you haven't noticed I haven't even introduced half the characters yet because of your insistent babbling! Mischief! Can you shut him up, please?! Thank you! And for our next couple of characters, I see we have...oh, lovely!

A blond boy in a horrible pink and blue sweater and striped scarf begins to crawl out from underneath the pile, but is stepped on by a full-bodied, dark-haired girl who pretty much dances her way free of all the people. She steps on his head and then stops, looking horrified.

And these two are from Jonathan Larson's amazingly spectacular movie-musical, RENT! Let's give it up for Mimi and...Mark? Wait, what happened to Angel? She got more votes!

"She was busy," says Mark, raising his head to reveal that Mimi has given him a bloody nose. "I'm filling in."

"Mark? Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to step on your head."

"No, it's fine. Aw, shit, my scarf!"

Mark's nose has dripped blood onto his amazing navy and white striped scarf and he howls in anguish.

"Nooo!!! My scarf from Nanette!!!" (A/N: Thanks, Kassaremidybelllynn. I hope you don't mind me using your idea. Loves you!)

"Um...I'm sorry?"

Mark apparently doesn't hear Mimi because he is now sobbing.

"My scarf, my scarf, my beautiful scarf..." *sob*

"Um...your camera survived."

Mark's head shoots up immediately.

"My camera!!" he shouts happily, and snatches it out of Mimi's hands. "Yay!!!"

Mark now dances around in happy circles while Mimi wonders why Angel had to pick THIS weekend to visit a cousin in Pennsylvania.

Wonderful! We're more than half done with only 1735 words so far. Excellent. We're right on schedule. And for our next two characters...wait, huh? No two people were able to decide on the same character from this next movie-musical. Looks like we'll have to see which characters made it in...

There are only eight people left in what is no longer a pile. Two of them stand, while the others lay sprawled on the sand, apparently unconscious. The two who stand are a young boy and grown woman with a rather low-cut dress.

Superb! It appears our characters were able to make it through the dimensions without too much trouble. From the amazing work of Steven Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, we have Tobias Ragg and Mrs. Nellie Lov- wait, what's this? It appears we have some last minute votes coming in!

The form of Toby shimmers.

Oh no! It looks like Toby is being out-voted!

Toby looks like a badly-tuned TV, and then with a squeak and a pop, he vanishes. Three seconds later, exactly in his place, another character shimmers into view.

And Toby is gone! Replaced by none other than the Demon Barber of Fleet Street himself, Mr. Benjamin Barker!


He begins waving his razors around menacingly. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lovett squeals happily.

"Mista TEE!" she yells and flings herself at him in a smothering hug.

Ah, sorry. The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd. Sorry, Mr. Demon. And let us now turn our attention to the last six characters we have over here.

The camera turns and we see two pale, insanely beautiful people, a strange yet attractive impish creature, a wolf with blue earrings, an enormous rat, and a giant bat.

Okay, we're running out of time. I'm going to have to introduce you all at once.

"Hey!" shouts one of the insanely beautiful people. She is very small, with black spiky hair. The other is a huge, burly boy with curly dark hair and what looks like a permanent smile.

"Hey! shouts the girl again. "We deserve as much as an introduction as anyone! You don't get to clump us together with those weird animals just because the name of our book comes later in the alphabet."

The *ahem* alphabet has nothing to do with the order of introductions. However, if you insist...from the marvelous Twilight Saga, we have vampires Alice and Emmett Cullen! Let's give it up for the vamps, folks!!

"Wooh!" shouts Emmett enthusiastically, clapping for himself. "Go vamps! We're so much better than those stinking werewolves!" Alice just shakes her head and mutters that she'd rather go shopping.

Right, that was fairly quick. Good. Okay, next, lets zoom in on these two, shall we?

Camera zones in on the imp and the wolf, who seem to have regained consciousness and are looking around, very confused.

Great! From the epic game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, we have famous characters Midna and Wolf Link!

"No! This is wrong! I'm supposed to be beautiful! I'm not supposed to be an imp! This is totally unfair!" howls Midna. Link barks in agreement.

Sorry. Imp Midna got more votes than Beautiful Midna. People seem to think it better fits your personality.

"Well, that's just wonderful. And just after I finally got my body back, too!" huffs Midna. She then does a midair flip to land comfortably on Link's furry back and scratches him absentmindedly behind the ears. Link seems to smile, but as a wolf, it's difficult to tell.

Well, now you all know what was barking inside that crate. Wooh! Almost done! Finally! And for our last two characters...

Camera moves to view the giant rat and bat, who slowly also regain consciousness as the camera stays trained on them.

And from the spectacularly written but little-known series of books, The Underland Chronicles, we have Ares the flier and Ribred the gnawer!!!

Ares jumps into the air, flapping his giant wings and looking around wildly.

"Gregor!" he shouts. "The Bane! Kill it now! Kill it, Gre..." he trails off when he realizes he is not where he thinks he is.

"Sorry to break it to you, Ares," says Ripbred, who is busy combing sand out of his fur while trying not to think of the jungle. "But you died. So did the Bane, so that's good for everyone, but you died."

Ares obviously can't be bothered much by the fact of his own death. "But Gregor!" he says in his bat voice. "What about Gregor? The prophecy called for his death. Is he alive?"

"Well, he was the last time I saw him. He went back to the Overland. But right now I don't even know if I'm alive. Maybe this is the island of death? No, if it were the island of death, Silksharp would be here..." He trails off, apparently lost in thought, which is very out of character for him.

Excellent! I have finally succeeded in introducing all of our characters to you, for those of you viewers who did not already know them. Now- wait, what's this?

Two humanoid looking forms have begun to shimmer into view.

What?! Two more characters! That's insane! That makes 20! I'm NOT getting paid enough for this.

The forms of two boys are now made visible. One is tall, dark-haired, and has two black feathery wings protruding from his back. The other boy is rather lumpy looking; like he's a bit muscled but not quite. All of his skin is slightly furry, his face looks slightly wolfish, and he also has wings. However, these wings are not proportioned to his body; they look rather like they were sewn on by a blind person.

Yeesh...and from the Maximum Ride series, we have Fang and Ari. Wooh. Awesome. Great. Let's move on. Okay, time to get everyone's attention.

Another figure suddenly flickers into view; a tall girl with bright blue short spiky hair, bright green eyes, multiple piercings in both ears, bright yellow Converse and black nail polish.

"Hey!" she shouts. "Everyone, look over here! And stop talking!"

Miraculously, it works. Even the Johns shut up.

"Okay," she says. "Let me introduce myself. I am the hostess of this show. Now, I know this will be hard for some of you to accept, but you are fictional characters. And some of you are dead. Okay. So, Carrion, Snape, Dobby, Mrs. Lovett, Mr. Todd, Ares, and Ari. You have all died. I'm sorry, but that's life. You have been handpicked to play in an enormous game of survival. All of you, stand by the person from your world. That means Carrion and the Johns, Snape and Dobby, Legolas and Gimli, and so on. You get the picture."

A few characters complain about the standing arrangements, but no direct argument is put up.

"Great!" continues the girl. "I hope you all like who you're standing with, becau-"

"Wait a second!" shouts one of the John brothers. "If we're all fictional, what are you from?"

"I'm not fictional," says the girl. "As the hostess, I have to be completely impartial. Therefore, I'm nonfictional."

"Well, that's hardly fair," mutters the same John.

"As I was saying, I hope you all like who you're standing with, because this is your partner for the game of survival you will be playing. The rules are simple: You cannot leave the island. You cannot team up with a person from a differnt fictional universe. You must find your own food. Killing and maiming is acceptable. Basically, the last team alive is the winner. Occasionally, we'll have votings. But I'll talk about that when the time comes. Goodbye, my characters, and good luck!"

She vanishes.

"Hey!" howls Snape. "Not faiiiiiiir! I want to team up with Carrion!!! NO FAIR!"

"Dobby will do his best to keep us alive, sir!"

As you viewers can probably tell, the diversity of the teams are very wide. Some of these pairings, like Link and Midna, Legolas and Gimli, and Alice and Emmett will do very well together. Others, such as Mark and Mimi, Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd, Ripred and Ares, and Jack and Jack will get along a little rockily social-wise, but can protect each other well enough if they try. And then the teams of Carrion and the Johns, Snape and Dobby, and Fang and Ari, who...might not do so great, but people can surprise you. That's it for the first episode. Let the games begin!!!