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A Not So Merry Christmas

By: Nee-Nee Nia

Sydney sat at her desk with tears in her eyes when her husband,Gage, along with Walker and Trivette came in. Walker and Trivette went to their desks and Gage went to his desk afraid to go over to Sydney because of the big fight they had about 30 minutes ago.

Last Night Sydney and Gages Home Flashback

Sydney sat on their bed while Gage was taking a shower when she heard the shower water stop. She layed on top of their bed hoping Gage would get the idea and come join her so she could give him the big news she had found out about. He walked out and put on some sweat pants and layed down next to her he rapped his arms around her tiny shut her eyes as Gage did this. Gage than smiled and kissed her on the nose and she opened one eye and smiled. "Gage, can i ask you a very important question?"

Gage hesiated and said "sure, honey you can ask me anything."

Sydney sat up straight and looked Gage in the eye.

Oh great what is she gonna say? Gage thought

" you...think...about having...children?"Sydney asked as she looked down at the floor.

Gage swallowed, as he tilted his head so he could tempt to look in Sydneys eyes but with no luck he tilted her head so he could look into her chocolate eyes."Weve only been married for about a month."

"So no kids?"

Gage grabbed her wrist and said "not no forever but can we adleast wait till we have been married a little longer."

"Sure whatever i was just making a suggection. We need to be at work in about 30 minutes."

Gage got up trying to get over that weird conversation he just had with his wife.

End of Flashback Back at Headquarters

Gage looked up and saw the tears in his wifes eyes, which is very unusual since they were at work. So he walked over and put his hand on Sydneys shoulder and turned her around. Syd. looked at Gage and whispered "Go away."

"No Syd. im not going away i want to know whats wrong? Is it because i dont want children right now? Gage asked

"NO, yes i just want you to leave me alone!" Sydney cried.

Walker and Trivette were watching the young rangers trying to figure out what was going on with the couple. Seeing that they were normally laughing and joking.

Around one o'clock Walker, Trivette and Alex were going to for lunch. Once they left Sydney got up and walked over to Gages desk and said "Im sorry."

Gage looked up "for what?"

"lll explain if we can go to lunch."

"Sure baby" Gage asked as he got up from his desk."is everything okay?" With a nod from Sydney he asked where she wanted to go.

"Can we just go home and have sandwiches or something? Sydney answered "i want to talk privately."

"Sure" Gage said as they walked to their car.

Sydney and Gages house

Gage opened the door for Sydney and they walked in and into the kitchen to make sandwiches and salad once they were done they walked to the couch. Sydney put her head on Gages shoulder and whispered just loud enough for Gage to hear "okay when i tell you this please, please dont, dont get mad at me."

Gage looked down and she raised her head as he said" I could never be mad at you." Still trying to guess what she was about to say.

Sydney took a deep breath." I know you said you didnt want children but..but..."

"Come on shorty spill it."

"Im sorry but but were going to be parents, im pregnant!"

Gages eyes were big and he looked a little mad.

" I know you said you didnt want kids, and i would have told you sooner like when we were talking this morning but i thought you would get mad at me..."

Gage looked at Sydney tha smiled " Your really pregnant? How long? Is it mine? Syd its to soon i cant be a father.

Sydney looked shocked but soon found her voice "Yes im pregnant, about 6 weeks along, and as for the last question duh its yours."

Gage looked at her and smiled. Sydney than said "I know you will be a great no amazing father and yes its very soon but i love you and I married you and now were going to be parents.

"Gosh Shorty i love you and now were going to be parents." Gage said as he picked her up and repeatedly kissed you.

"So your okay with this, im guessing."

"of course i am, why dont you go lay down and ill call walker and tell him we cant come back in today."

"Okay just dont tell him why."

" I wont now go lay down."

"Gosh hes already ordering me around" Sydney said just above a whisper.

Sydney layed on the king sized bed waiting for Gage to get off the phone with their boss. When Gage come in he layed next to her and told he " Hes okay with it since its been a slow day but you get to explain to him why, And that he will see us Monday."

"I can only wonder what they think of me now i was practiclly crying in the office..."

"Well it got us till Monday off so its all good."

"Alright whatever..." Sydney started but Gage had picked her up and she was now laying ontop of him "What are you doing"

"We do need to celebrate dont we..."

"yes we do she said as she reached over and turned the lamp off."

About 6:30 that night

After they both had enough snuggling and love making they decided to get up and go make dinner.

"You just stay put ill go make dinner." Gage said

"No ill make dinner you can help but i dont feel like toast right now... no you know toast actually seems good."

"How bought we have toast for breakfast, and..."


"Guessing you want pizza."

With a nod from Sydney he went to the dresser and put on some sweats and headed to the kitchen. Sydney came into the kitchen once she showered and changed.

"So you wanna watch a movie."


They sat down on the couch and watched a movie for about 30 minutes and the door bell rang, Gage answered the door and walked back in to the living room and sat down on the couch. Sydney scrunch her nose and put her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom.

" So the mornng or should i say night sickness come, oh joy." Gage said as he walked into the bathroom and held her hair out of the way.

" Oh gosh morning sickness."

"It'll be okay."

"speak for youself."

They than walked back into the living room and finished eating and watched the rest of the movie, by the time the movie was over Sydney had fallen fast asleep and curled closer to Gage. Gage picked her up and carried her to their room and layed her down and covering her up. After making sure all the doors and windows were locked he walked back to the room and layed down also, Sydney automatically curlling up to him.

Sydney than turned towards the wall and Gage had put his hand under her shirt to feel her flat stomache. Gage smiled and than too was fast asleep.

Around 5:30 a.m Sydney started to wake her eyes than shot open and she darted to the bathroom, Gage moaned "and the morning sickness begins."

After Gage helped Sydney, Sydney asked Gage if they wanted to just stay awake?

"Syd. its Saturday." He wined

" Yeah your right." She said as she ran back to the bed.

"Your so confusing." He said as he joined her.

"Thats why you love me" she mummbled as her eye closed and was soon asleep.

"For someone who wanted to stay awake you sure are tired" He said as he pulled Sydney closer.

"What are we gonna do today?'' Sydney asked as she came out of the bathroom. When she saw Gage sittng up in the bed.

Looking at the clock it read 10:00 A.M, "I Dont know what do you wanna do?"

"Im really not feeling good, lets just stay here and i dont know watch a movie or something?"

"What ever you wanna do."

The next day on sunday.

Syndey and Gage had gotten a phone call from Alexs. wanting to know if they wanted to get together at CDs with everyone. Deciding that that would be the perfect time to tell them about the baby.

Around 5:30 the partners had arrived at CDs.

"Ready Shorty."


Walking into the doors they say all there friends walking over and taking a seat, they had ordered and was now waiting patiently.

"Are you feeling better Sydney" It was Walker asking te young female.

"Yeah thanks."


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