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When one door closes, another one opens

The grief and distressing news did not just disappeared and no one would say that the news was still not close to their hearts. The loss of a child whether it was the first or the third, it was going to put a sharp point on the outline of life. As for Sydney who would normally keep her cool whenever something bad happened, but now she was finally letting her guard down.

The nursery was the same as it had been; never changed nor touched since Sydney and Gage had talk about the loss of the baby.

"Sydney, you want something to eat?" Gage asked as he peek his head into their master bedroom. Sydney sat on the edge of the bed running a comb through her hair getting ready for bed, with nothing more than a blank stare on her face; he continued his way in holding a bowl of freshly cut strawberries.

"I'm not very hungry." She said as he sat next to her. Taking it upon him to remove the brush from her hands and continue to try to get her to eat the snack she had once always enjoyed at night.

"What's this?" He asked as he took the picture she was holding from her hands. A beautiful young baby girl was in the arms of a beautiful woman with similar features as Sydney. He studied the picture taking in details of the background a wood-made cabin with quaint atmosphere.

"I found that in the back of my old jewelry box. That's me and my mother." A slight hint of sadness was washed into the air. Sydney had never been one to open up about feeling or her family, and as the feelings began to come out when she had married Gage, the need to keep her family background private was just that going to stay private –until now. "I can't believe I have that, I thought I had burned all those stupid pictures."

"Honey, what is so wrong with your family? Why didn't you want them in our life?"

"Nothing, I guess. I just never realized how much having a child meant to one…"

"Syd…" He stopped her wanting to put this into the past and not in the present.

"No, let me finish. When I was told I was pregnant a spark went off inside me. The need to protect her or him, to hold her, to give my child everything I didn't have. It was a feeling that I have never had before,"

She wanted to tell him everything that happened about her childhood but her mind was coming to a blank. "My parents did not want me and they had made that information clear, I have two bothers and they were the joy of my parent's eyes. I was left out of everything. Family gatherings were nothing more than to praise my brothers on what they had accomplished, and me… well I was nothing. Always in my room crying myself to sleep, wondering what I ever did to deserve that." Sydney paused 'and then you came into my life and everything changed. Then you asked me to marry you and I couldn't stop smiling… then our baby."

"Sydney. Your past is nothing more than that, the past. You were not a mistake and I love you…"

She stopped him with her lips on top of his, slow and passionate until she stopped and pulled back with a slight smile on her lips. "I want to have another baby."

His heart leaped with joy. After the hard months of trying to get over the heartbreaking news of their loss, they were ready. They were ready to move on and start their new life, with a baby boy or a little girl. They didn't need a big family, because they already had a big family, their friends.

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