Sam stretched the gauze over Danny's torso and he flinched, not out of pain, but of her fingers brushing his flushed skin.

"Danny, one of these days..." Sam trailed off, shaking her head. Discreetly, she let her pretty violet eyes trail down Danny's drool-worthy toned chest and torso. The blood rushed to her face.

"Sam, what's wrong?" Danny's soothing voice creeped into her faraway world.

Sam raised her eyes to meet his and his deep green gaze bore into hers, and Sam was falling into the depths. She didn't even notice that she was leaning forward until her hand slid from his shoulder down his bicep. His skin was warm beneath her touch and her heart pounded as his face slowly got closer to hers and there seemed no sign of stopping. His eyes were swirling with emotion, and she thought she even saw hope in those neon depths.

Her eyes fluttered halfway shut as their noses brushed and she thought her heart was going to flip out of her chest. When their lips touched, her eyes drooped shut as a medley of feelings overwhelmed her.

Pleasure, amazement, happiness. All these and more filled her belly and made the butterflies swarm inside. But what she most focused on was the fireworks that were exploding on the inside of her eyelids.

Sam squeezed Danny's arm and he lifted his hands to cradle her face, angling her head for a better fit. Their mouths softened and a sigh of happiness rose up from Sam's throat.

They stayed like that for a long while; at least it felt like a long time. Danny stroked his thumbs over her silk-soft cheeks.

Eventually they ran out of breath and had to pull apart. His face flushed, Danny rested his forehead on hers, and she shivered at his warm breath on her lips.

"Sam, I-"


Danny and Sam both jumped in surprise, since they had been wrapped in a silent cocoon only moments before. Their heads swiveled toward the still-locked door and heard Sam's mother climbing the stairs. Danny hovered in midair, pulling the top half of his ghost suit back on and zipping it up.

"Thanks for the first-aid." Danny whispered. "I'll see you at school."

"Samantha!" Pamela Manson once again called up the stairs toward her daughter's room. "It's time to get up!"

Hm, usually this early in the morning, at 5:30, Sam would be screaming at Pamela to let her sleep and that it was too early to wake up.

"Sammykins! Are you awake?" Sam's mother walked up the stairs, knocking on Sam's door. "Samantha?"

The door flew open and Sam stood there in a purple nightgown and bedraggled hair, yet with her perfect Gothic glare and her stormy face, the girl was actually frightening despite her appearance.

"Yes, mother, I'm awake. And just so you know, you woke me up at the WORST possible timing!" Sam's violet eyes were dark and her eyebrows were clinched tightly down over her eyes. She was nearly baring her teeth in a scowl.

"If you mean I interrupted one of your dreams about that Fenton boy, it's just as well. He is a bad influence on you." Pamela tittered, turning on her heel and stalking out of the room.

Sam rolled her eyes and trudged into the bathroom, her eyes drooping in tiredness. She hadn't gotten much sleep that night, what with bandaging up Danny, and her mother woke her up at the earliest time.

'Not that I would change a moment of last night,' Sam thought with a sweet smile, staring at herself in her bathroom mirror. Her lavender eyes were bright and glittering with happiness. Her cheeks were flushed and still tingled from Danny's touch. Her lips were red and slightly swollen, but curved up in a really, truly happy smile.

Sam giggled as she thought about what happened and she wrapped her arms around herself, twirling around a little. She felt so free, so happy. Danny and she had kissed! Danny had kissed her!