Chapter 39 Back At Work

Many hours later

November 3, 2009

It is 7:30 a.m.

Oliver is hoping that his first day back at work will be great. He knows the people at work will say its great to have you back.

Seconds later there is a knock at his door.

Oliver: Come in!

Seconds later Layla comes into the room

Layla: Hey!

Oliver: Hey!

Layla: I just wanted to ask what you want me to make you for breakfast.

Oliver: Nothing! I'll get something at the Buenos Diaz Café!

Layla: Okay! Are we going to leave at the same time?

Oliver: No! I have to drop off Bella at Doggy Day Care!

Layla: Okay! I'm cooking dinner! Is there anything special that you want me to make?

Oliver: Anything!

Layla: Okay! I'll see you at the Police Station!

Oliver: Okay!

Seconds later Layla heads out of Oliver's room.

A couple of seconds later Oliver goes back to getting ready for work.

Around 8 a.m.

Oliver is about to head out of the apartment with Bella, when Layla says something.

Layla: How about I take Bella to Doggy Day Care? You have to see Bo before you start work.

Oliver: Do you know where the place is?

Layla: Yes!

Oliver: Okay! Thanks!

Layla: You're welcome!

Then he heads out of the apartment without Bella.

Twenty minutes later

Oliver is in Bo's office.

Bo: You look great!

Oliver: Thanks! How long will I be doing desk duty for?

Bo: Probably a month! Will that be okay?

Oliver: Yes! I'm just glad that I'm working again!

Bo: That's good! If you need help with anything don't be afraid to ask.

Oliver: I won't! Also, I want to let you know I'm attending therapy.

Bo: That is good. Has it helped?

Oliver: Yes!

Bo: Okay! You can go get started on doing work.

Oliver: Okay!

Then he heads out of Bo's office seconds later.

Meanwhile Layla is at the Doggy Day Care dropping Bella off.

Dawn: Welcome to Doggy Day Care! How can I help you

Layla: Yes! I'm here to drop Bella off!

Dawn: Can I have the name of who the dog belongs to?

Layla: Yes! The name is Oliver Fish. .

Dawn: Okay!

Then she goes to check the list that shows if any new people joined recently, and in a couple of seconds she sees Oliver's name on the list.

Dawn: His name is on the list. There is the packet that we give our new members. I can give it to you now.

Layla: That would be great! Do I have to sign anything?

Dawn: No! Will you be picking Bella up?

Layla: No!

Dawn: Okay! Bella is going to love it here.

Layla: Okay!

Seconds later she gives Bella to Dawn and then seconds later she heads out of Doggy Day Care.

About 8:30 a.m.

The Police Station

Layla: Bella is being well taken care of.

Oliver: That's great!

Layla: How did your talk with Bo go?

Oliver: It went good.

Layla: Okay! Did you bring lunch with you?

Oliver: Yes!

Layla: Good! We'll eat lunch outside!

Oliver: That would be great!

Layla: Good!

Then she goes to her desk to get started on doing work.

A little time later

It is about 10:30 a.m.

Stacy is thinking of what will be done for Thanksgiving. She thinks of deciding what she should make. A memory of something that her mom used to make for her and Gigi comes back.


The year is 1996.

Kate: Stacy, what are you doing up so early?

Stacy: I wanted to help make the brownies.

Kate: We'll make them in a little while! Go back to sleep for an hour!

Stacy: Okay!

Then she heads back to her bedroom.

(End of Flashback)

Stacy: I'll have to make extra! It wouldn't be fair to anyone else if they didn't get to try them. Maybe I'll make a very special one for Oliver. I'll have to find out from his Mom how he likes them.

Sometime later

It is about 12:30 p.m.

Layla and Oliver are eating lunch outside on the table with the bench in the back of the Police Station.

Oliver: What are you eating today?

Layla: A turkey sandwich!

Oliver: I'm having chicken salad. Do you want to switch?

Layla: No!

Oliver: Okay! Do you realize that Thanksgiving is not so far away?

Layla: Yes! We have to start planning what we're going to make?

Oliver: We'll have to have extra food since Stacy is not eating just for herself.

Layla: We'll need a turkey that weighs around twenty pounds!

Oliver: Or maybe not! Maybe we could make lasagna too.

Layla: That is a great idea. Should it be with meat or without?

Oliver: Good question!

Layla: We have time to think about that.

Oliver: Yeah! There's something that I want to talk to you about.

Layla: Which is?

Oliver: If I should find a new apartment for me and my child to move into?

Layla: Is that really necessary! There's another room in the apartment that would make a great nursery.

Oliver: Probably, but taking of a child is a huge responsibility. Will that be fair to you and Christian?

Layla: We don't mind! Besides you're like family to us.

Oliver: You and Christian are family to me too.

Layla: Just think about it.

Oliver: I will!

Layla: Good!

Hours later

It is about 3:30 p.m.

Barbara is on the phone with Stacy.

Stacy: I know this is probably too soon to ask, but I've already decided what I want to make for Thanksgiving.

Barbara: Are you going to having Thanksgiving with your family?

Stacy: My parents are not alive and my sister is probably going to be spending Thanksgiving with her family.

Barbara: I'm really sorry to hear about your parents?

Stacy: It's fine!

Barbara: Tell me about your sister!

Stacy: Her name is Gigi. She lives in Llandview with her son Shane and her boyfriend Rex.

Barbara: I know about Rex! Oliver told me what you told me.

Stacy: What I did was horrible and I'm sorry for that.

Barbara: I know you are. Everyone makes mistakes. Let's focus on the things that are important in our life.

Stacy: You're right! That is what matters the most.

Barbara: Yes! So, you're probably going to spending Thanksgiving with Oliver?

Stacy: Yes! I want to make brownies for him and I wanted to ask you how he likes them.

Barbara: That is very thoughtful of you. I'll have to come over to show you. I don't have the recipe with me.

Stacy: That would be great! I'll call you back to let you know what day will be best with me.

Barbara: That would be fine! Bye Stacy!

Stacy: Bye Barbara!

Seconds later the call has ended

A little time later

It is about 5:15 p.m.

Layla: Oliver, I forgot to give these to you.

Then she hands the forms to him.

Oliver: Thank you! I'm going to leave in ten minutes to get Bella.

Layla: Okay! I will see you at home! Bye!

Oliver: Bye!

Seconds later Layla heads out of the Police Station.

A little time later

It is about 5:30 p.m.

Oliver is at Doggy Day Care picking Bella up.

Keri: Bella was great!

Oliver: That is wonderful.

Keri: I'll be back with her in a few minutes!

Oliver: Okay!

Seconds later she goes to get Bella.

A few minutes later

Bella is with Oliver.

Keri: I'll be here in the morning when you drop her off.

Oliver: Thanks! Bye!

Keri: Bye!

Seconds later Olive heads out of Doggy Day Care with Bella.

Around 5:45 p.m.

Oliver is playing with Bella while Layla is making dinner.

Layla: How was she at Doggy Day Care?

Oliver: She was great!

Layla: That is wonderful. Dinner will be ready around 6:30 p.m.

Oliver: That is fine. I'll probably take a quick shower before dinner is ready.

Layla: Okay!

Seconds later she goes back to cooking.

A little time later

It is about 6:30 p.m.

Layla: Oliver, dinner is ready.

Oliver: I'll be right! Can you fed Bella for me?

Layla: Okay!

Then she goes to feed Bella seconds later.

A few minutes later

Oliver joins Layla for dinner.

Layla: What do you think?

Oliver: It looks good.

Layla: I hope you enjoy it.

Oliver: Let's eat!

To be continued

I hope you enjoy this new story. I hope to post chapter forty real soon.