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Chapter 24: What Goes Around … Comes Around


After Emmett embarrassed the hell out of Bella we all sat around the living room talking, telling jokes, and basically just having fun. Peter, Kellan, and Jackson were discussing the game that was muted on the television. Alice, Victoria, Rose, and Charlotte were all convening around the coffee table with some kind of fashion magazine open in front of them.

Bella and I were just sitting on the couch holding each other. The circumstances that brought us all together weren't the greatest, but there was no denying that it brought all of us together.


Jasper and I were sitting wrapped around each other, when I got this sudden urge to get up and move. I knew almost immediately that it was the pain meds. Either they knock me out and make me a zombie, or they wire me up and make me want to jump and dance and yeah…

I was feeling pretty good, the pain in my ribs had gone to a barely there dull ache, and everything else felt fine as well. So I did the only thing I could think of to do. I got up and turned on some music.

Emmett grabbed me and started dancing me around the living room, much to the amusement of the rest of the people in the house. My sister grabbed Kellan's hand and made him dance with her. It wasn't long before everyone had partnered off and started dancing. I laughed when I saw Jasper dip Rosalie so low he almost dropped her.

After we all got tired of dancing it was time for the alcoholics in the room to play drinking games. I settled into the couch and got comfortable. Lord only knows what these retards are going to come up with.

"Ok people quiet down." Peter was standing on a chair so people would pay attention to him. Like that would help.

"Whaddayawant?" Emmett, so very eloquent, as always.

"We are going to play the Jerry Springer drinking game. Here's how it goes…"

And he proceeded to tell everyone the rules of this convoluted game. Boy was I glad I got to sit this one out. No one wants to see me under the influence of alcohol and pain pills.

An hour later and everyone was either passed out, or so shit faced drunk that they couldn't even slur their words. Poor Jasper tried to stand up and come over to me. I almost felt sorry for him when he went down like a well paid hooker. I said almost. As it were, I was hanging off the couch laughing so hard tears were pouring down my face and I couldn't catch my breath. I grabbed the camera off the side table and started shooting picture after picture.

I think my favorite shot was the one of Emmett passed out with his hand on Peter's ass, moaning about Rose's tits in his drunken sleep. Perfect. That one is getting framed.

I decided I would watch a movie, and found the remote being held to Rosalie's chest like it was a lifeline. These people are seriously strange. I settled down, and barely made it through the opening credits of S. Darko before I was passed out.

I woke to the smell of breakfast being cooked, and wondered which of those fuckers didn't have a hangover and could be up. A quick glance at the floor around me told me that every single one of them was awake.

"Hey fuckers!" I yelled. I heard every last one of them groan, and then I was assaulted by a massive ass in my face.

"Emmett, unless you want me to reach between your legs and yank really really hard, you'll move your big hairy ugly ass out of my face. NOW!"

"Sorry Bellaaaaaaaaaaalalalala."

I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was well past noon. No wonder the drunks were up and about. I walked into the kitchen and all I saw was mass chaos.

There were egg shells all over the counters, grease popping everywhere, and pancake batter that was actually honest to god rising over the top of the bowl it was mixed in. I walked over and shoved Jasper out of the way and took over. In no time I was sliding loaded plates in front of everyone.

"So what's on the agenda today?" I asked.

I noticed Vick give the boys in the room a strange look and decided to ignore it. I didn't want to know. In fact the less I know about what they have planned for the day the better.


Victoria had woken Emmett and me up around nine to tell us she knew where the douche bag Edward was staying. Turns out he was in the same suite that he and Bella shared when they came down here. I know what I wanted to do, and all it took was one look at Em to know he was thinking the same thing.

After the breakfast from hell, which Bella just managed to save, Em, Peter and I went out on the pool deck to discuss our game plan. We figured we might as well go rough him up a bit, make sure he couldn't stand on his own two feet, and then call Officer Kane.

We made our way to the hotel and somehow convince the desk clerk to give us a key to Edward's room, claiming that we were friends of his and wanted to surprise him.

Upon walking into the room, it didn't seem like anyone was there, but when we walked farther in we saw him. He had one of the local girls pinned to the wall, having his way with her.

I walked right over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"What the fuck are you doing here? Finally get tired of Bella?"

"Fuck you, you goddamned rapist." I let fly. He dropped the girl that was in his arms.

Peter walked over to her and helped her up. It was when Peter got my attention that I finally noticed the tears running down her face.

I started punching the jackass anywhere I could reach. By the time I was done, his face looked like it had been put through a meat grinder. I kicked him a couple of times to make sure he couldn't move, and whipped out my cell phone.

"Detective Kane."

"Officer Kane, this is Jasper Whitlock, my girlfriend was the one that was raped in the hospital."

"Yeah, I remember. What I can I do for you?"

"We found Edward Masen, and he can't really move much. Now would be a good time to come get him." The asshole was starting to move, so I kicked him as hard as I could one more time.

"We're on our way. Please tell me he's at least alive?"

"Yep, I wouldn't let him off that easy. He's waiting here on the floor for you."

"Alright, can you do me a favor, and stay right there."

"Can do."

It wasn't even five minutes before him and his guys were pouring into the room and escorting Edward out in handcuffs.