A/N: I'm back! Ah, it's good to be writing Robin Hood again. :) Anyway, this angsty little drabble is from an abandoned story I found on my laptop and rescued. Editing and adding to it was more fun than studying for my nursing test. :P And easier than starting a new story. :-D Anyway, enjoy, and please drop me a line. I'd love to hear what you thought.


The sun shines brightly on the faces of the condemned, almost as if it wishes to cheer us one last time. Or perhaps it is glad it will shine no more on us. I am more keenly aware of the cool morning breeze than I have ever been before. Every sight before me is sharper and clearer than anything I have ever seen. Every sound is louder, from the uneasy murmur in the courtyard to the call of a bird, flying freely above our heads. It seems almost cruel, soaring just above us, taunting us with freedom. I can feel the cold cobblestone, rough on my poorly-shod feet. Each of my senses tingles, drinking in the world for the last time.

It is strange the things you notice just before you die.

I want my last thoughts to be of my family—those whom I love more dearly than life itself—my father, so strong, even now; my precious baby brother who is trying so hard to be brave; and my mother, gone from this earth, but who I shall soon see.

A bag is thrust roughly over my head—a last, cruel gesture, almost completely cutting us off from the world. We are no longer part of this world; the world where we first drew breath, nor are we part of the next. We are cruelly suspended between the two. It is the waiting to die that is the worst. We have accepted our fate, prepared all night for its cold grip. In the dungeon, our senses dulled by the damp, dank darkness, it is all too easy. Here and now, though, waiting in the sunlight that will continue to shine tomorrow and the day after, on and on without us, it is hard to say farewell.

I hear the ploys for our life—Father's cries, Robin's tricks—and I know no one is going to save us. The inevitable has come at last and we have not the power to bargain with death. I wish they would all be quiet. They are giving false hope, making the wait more unbearable. I know that Luke must be grasping for this hope and it seems so cruel that one so young should have his hopes raised only to have them fiercely dashed.

I let my senses dull once more, putting all that ties me to this earth away.

In darkness and silence, I am ready to meet my end.

The floor drops from beneath my feet.

The End.