AN: I didn't sign up for Kamerreon's 50 drabbles in 50 days challenge ... I have enough trouble getting a fic a week, if I'm lucky but I did take a look at some of the prompts and I was inspired by Kamerreon's own prompt for moon. I hope she doesn't mind but inspiration is a wonderful, unstoppable thing.

- Help me write more. Give me a word or a series of words and I'll see what pops out. I make no promises that I'll use yours but credit/dedication for the chapter will go to you if I do. I may write 10 words, 100 words or more. (not a true drabble, I know but what else can you call them?) It could also be in any fandom, be warned - You may post words hoping for a Harry Potter drabble but it may inspire me to write something in Doctor Who. It all depends what sparks.

*deep commanding voice* Send me your prompts.

The wind rushed through his fur as he ran, all four paws sinking slightly in the damp ground; glowing green eyes watched the trees blur past, lost in the feel of freedom but there, deep within the animal, a sense of loneliness.

A howl rang in the distance, the wolf stopped, black ears pricking up before his head tilted back, baying at the full moon above him. He wasn't alone anymore and neither was the other.

It may not seem like it, though I did try to give it away with the appearance, but the wolf is Harry - in his animagus form, and the one in the distance is, of course, Remus.

Anyone not get it? Come on, be honest, so if need be, I can be more descriptive next time.