The Message

The con had been working perfectly until Nate had introduced Elliot as his brother. The man had taken one gaping look at him and yelled for security at the top of his voice. The teams exit from the Marks mansion had been quick and bloody. The only damage done to the team itself however had been slight bruising to Elliot's elbows and fists.

When they arrived back at Nate's apartment The Message had been waiting on the answer machine. The whole group heard it; Nate hadn't realised what a bombshell he would be dropping when he stabbed at the flashing machine almost without thought. He couldn't have known what the message would hold. It was left by their Mark. And it left the group stunned.

"I know who you are." Came the Marks voice. "My father has a videotape of you. You were the one who hurt're're a monster, a depraved monster. Apparently you didn't recognise me even though I look a lot like him, or at least what he used to look like. Maybe this recording will jog your memory. I don't care how far you run this time, you'll see me again. And then you'll die. Count on it. Happy listening."

They heard the click of a tape being set to play. The voice on it was scratched and raw and each wheezing breath was obviously agony. Despite this the stone cold hate it held was loud and clear. And it was undeniably Elliot.

"One day I'll come for you. One day you'll pay for your mistakes. You'll pay in blood and pain and carnage. You life will be scorched earth. It will stand as a warning. People will hear your name and remember; remember you and be sickened. And they will learn to fear me, to fear my name. They will feel that shiver down their spine. And you will know what it is to be afraid, to cower. I won't kill you because your fate is to be much worse.

"I will have my vengeance. I will watch you burn..."

TBC? Should I? It's been a while since I've had the time or the inspiration to write so I'm a little out of practice!