His And Her Relationship

Chapter 17: Byakuya's Reverie

Byakuya sighed in content as he enjoyed his afternoon tea in his favorite room. He glad he built the small garden just outside the room. Just a small traditional Japanese garden with an equally small pond. Just by hearing the water fickle down from the fountain made him relax. He often came here after work just to loosen his stress. And after Rukia's leaving to Tokyo, he spent most of his time there. Something the Kuchiki main house in Tokyo never had.

"Aah, this is what I call life."

Byakuya felt a vein popped on his temple when his company for the afternoon said that. He was in the middle of absorbing the positive energy released by the serenity of the garden when the bearded man decided to intervene.

He turned to the older man sitting next to him with his legs sprawled across the tatami floor, with a glass on his hand and a sake bottle not too far from him.

Byakuya cleared his throat and adjusted his sitting position. The black light kimono he was wearing only allowed him to sit with crossed legs. Besides, his upbringing would never allow him to sit the way Isshin did.

"Please try not to spill any sake on the tatami, it's a pain trying to get the stain off," Byakuya sipped on his tea slowly, feeling the warm liquid running down his throat.

Isshin scoffed, "This isn't the first time I drink here, but that was the first time you ever said that to me."

He glanced at Byakuya but the younger man had set his eyes back to the garden.

"Are you still mad about Ichigo?" Isshin grinned before refilling his cup.

Though Byakuya had tried to calm his senses, the question still nagged him.

"I…," he tried to said before he sighed and started over, "No, I am not. It's none of my business."

"You said exactly the opposite of what you did, you know that?"

But Byakuya once again, ignored Isshin's comment.

"But I never thought the two of them will end up like this," Isshin said with a dreamy voice.

Byakuya sipped on his tea before he answered, "Liar."

Isshin laughed, "I'm that transparent, huh?"

It took a moment before Byakuya let out a soft laugh.

"They both grown-ups now," Isshin said again.

"That, I know," Byakuya answered.

"Then why are you sulking here?"

Byakuya scoffed, "This happens to be my house, you know. Shouldn't you be asking that to yourself?"

Isshin laughed and took another swig from his glass.

"At least I still have my daughters."

"Oh, that's low," Byakuya put his cup down.

"Don't worry, I'll have Yuzu prepared meals for you everyday."

"That's not the problem, Isshin," Byakuya hissed, irritated.

"Or maybe you can stay with us? Ichigo's room will be empty," Isshin clapped his hands as the idea appeared.

"Listen here," Byakuya began but he stopped as he felt a pair of small and chubby arms wrapped itself around his neck.

He turned to see a pair of purple eyes staring back at him.

"Jii-san," the boy grinned.

"Kyo," Byakuya scooped the little boy and placed him in his lap, "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be sleeping now?"

"Tou-san said 'go bug jii-san'," the boy answered with his childish voice. His socks-covered little feet dangled over Byakuya's knees.

"Maybe what your dad meant was that jii-san," Byakuya nodded towards Isshin who began hiccup-ing.

Isshin extended his arms and slurred, "Come to jii-san, Kyo…"

But the boy frowned and held on to Byakuya's neck. He shook his head and pouted.

"Kyo wants Byakuya-jii-san!! Kuma-jii-san smells!"

Byakuya almost laughed as he saw Isshin's hurt expression being called bear and smelled.

"You're not even his grandfather," Isshing pouted and crossed his arms.

"I'm old enough to be one," Byakuya softly patted the boy's back as he snuggled deeper into Byakuya's arms, "And I am more like Rukia's father than a brother for her."

Isshin sighed and laid on his side, her head propped on one of his hand.

"I never thought you'd get along this well with kids," Isshin chuckled.

"Maybe if you brush your teeth and shave your beard, you'll get along well with him too," Byakuya retorted.

The two men fell silent as they watched Kyo's chest rise and fall in a steady pace, indicating that the little boy had fallen asleep.

It felt like only yesterday Ichigo came to his study room, hand-in-hand with Rukia. He remembered he had raised an eyebrow on the sight. The two of them looked pale and nervous, but he could see the determination in Ichigo's eyes as the young man stared back at him while his sister avoided his demanding eyes.

"I want to marry Rukia," was what Ichigo said before Byakuya had the chance to offer them to sit or even asked them on what purpose had them barged in on his study.

Byakuya still wondered how he could stay calm on the boy's sudden announcement. Yes, he knew it was an announcement. He wasn't asking for Byakuya's permission. It was the kind of I-don't-give-a-damn-even-if-you-said-no kind of statement.

He remembered how he reacted when the other man, Kaien, proposed to her during the dinner; he was… disturbed, to say the least. And the little… lecture he gave the man had left him pale and weak. The man didn't even dare to meet him for the second time.

But when Ichigo said that, all he did was leaning on his grand desk and entwined his fingers.

"And what will you feed her if you do? You barely finished your high school," Byakuya said in his usual cold tone, hiding his surprise, as he observed Ichigo. He noticed that the boy had squeezed his sister's fingers in his grasp as he asked that.

"I'm not saying I'm going to marry her now. I know I have nothing to offer her, but I will," he gritted his teeth, "I got a scholarship offer from the French Embassy and I'm going to take it. And when I got home, I intend to marry her."

"And what if I say no?" Byakuya's eyes turned to mere slits on his face.

"I don't care," Ichigo answered back even before Byakuya finished his sentence, "I came here not to seek permission from you. I just came to tell you this."

Just what I thought, Byakuya said to himself and sighed.

"Then what are you two doing here? If you two are so determined to do what you're already planning to do, then I have nothing else to say," he waved them dismissively.

He saw both of their expression turned bright and they both grinned at each other before turning back to Byakuya.

"Thank you, nii-sama," Rukia said, tears began forming on the corner of her eyes.

"Thank you, Byakuya," Ichigo said before they both turned to walk out of the room.

"Ichigo," Byakuya called out after Rukia exited the door.

The boy's facial expression turned hard once again as he turned to Byakuya, "Yeah?"

"You might want to consider calling me nii-san too," Byakuya cleared his throat.

The corner of Ichigo's mouth quirked as he grinned, "Yeah, right."

After the two young people who were definitely in love left, Byakuya reached for his late wife's framed picture.

"I did the right thing, didn't I?" he asked his wife.

And for the next four years he kept asking himself the same question as he saw his sister seemed to lose her direction. After Ichigo's graduation and he left for France, life never seemed easy for her. Many of the people who didn't approve her relationship with a younger man chastised her secretly behind her back. Ill words were thrown at her, bolder every time.

Byakuya once caught her crying on the porch after one of the yearly Kuchiki party when an old acquaintance said behind their back but loud enough for everyone to hear, "Oh, so this is the famous Kuchiki Rukia. I wonder whose boy she has set her eyes on this time."

Sure, Byakuya had chased the old woman out after that with a promise that they will have no means of association, business or otherwise. But the damage had been done, and there was nothing he could do but to curse the orange-haired boy and wished for his return anytime soon.

And return he had; and Byakuya couldn't do anything but thanked the younger man silently for Ichigo had brought her back to live. He had returned smile onto her face.

The young man did what he promised before his departure; he married her soon after. And the moment Byakuya handed his sister's hand to his awaiting hand, Byakuya knew that he made the right decision.

Soon after their marriage, Ichigo took her to Tokyo as he received a job offer there. And just a year after, Byakuya was glad he made that decision years ago when he held Ichigo and Rukia's fruit of love in his arms. A squirming black-haired boy named Kyo.

The boy grew up to be a cute and cheerful kid who, curiously, love being near him. Kyo had stubbornly called him jii-san instead of calling him ji-san no matter how much his mother telling him not to. She stopped trying after a while, and Byakuya didn't mind.

"I will miss him," Byakuya said softly as he brushed the boy's bangs aside and watched his sleeping expression.

If there was something Byakuya was thankful about, it would be that his nephew/grandson's hair was his mother's and not his father's. Though it was obvious for everyone to see that Kyo was indeed Ichigo's child for he resembled his father in all kinds of way except for his hair and eye colors.

"It's not like they'll never coming back. They're moving to Osaka, not the North Pole. Besides, you never complained when they moved out to Tokyo," Isshin sat back up.

"Well, Tokyo's just hours away from here."

"So is Osaka, by plane."
Byakuya sighed and adjusted Kyo's position. The boy squirmed and his thumb traveled across his chest before it stuck between his lips.

"What are they doing anyway, she should have taken him to bed by now," Byakuya frowned as he looked up to the general direction of Rukia's bedroom on the second floor. Rukia was packing the clothes she left behind when she moved out to Tokyo with Ichigo along with some toys Byakuya had stubbornly gave Kyo even when she said he shouldn't have.

Isshin shrugged and answered nonchalantly, "Maybe they're having a farewell sex in Rukia's old bedroom."

Byakuya's expression turned dark as he gently handled the boy over to Isshin and stood up, "Excuse me. I have an in-law to kill."

Isshin Kurosaki, at the age of 45 years old was holding his sleeping 1 year-old grandson while laughing at his 43 year-old-in-law Byakuya Kuchiki. Life was never boring since the Kuchikis moved to the neighborhood.


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