Just a short ficlet I came up with a while back. This takes place during the episode "Branch Closing" of Season 3 and takes place when Michael and Dwight are sharing their stories about their favorite Dunder Mifflin Scranton memories xD

It's a little bit bizarre and contains hints of past Michael/Dwight, therefore I will give it a T rating. There are also hints of Michael's mancrush over Ryan (of course), but that's just how I am, I guess! Haha.

It's mostly a dialogue fic, but I hope you enjoy!

"Hey, Michael... do you remember that one time?" Dwight asks meaningfully with a wide, dorky smile.

"That depends! Which time?" Michael is still giggling a little bit, a little delirious from the thought of his branch closing. He would talk or think about anything at this point in order to distract himself from that possible reality.

"On the day we found out that Oscar was gay… and you kissed him, and then I kissed him, and then later, you and I, we…" Dwight eyes the cameraman watching from outside the car and Michael sits up immediately in the driver's seat to block him from the camera's view.

"No, Dwight, no! I can't believe you just… Did you really just bring that up? I swear to God I don't remember that... !"

Dwight cocks his head at Michael strangely, confused. "You don't even remember the—"

"Nope. Nuh-uh. Can't remember a thing. I don't know what you're talking about."

"C'mon, it was a one time thing, we both knew that, so I don't see what the big deal is..."

"The big deal is that it's not important, Dwight."

"But you do remember…"

"No, no. ... Not in front of the cameras, I don't."

"But it was just—"

"Just... just drop it, Dwight."



After a few minutes of silence, the camera crew sits Dwight down for an interview out on the curb while Michael snoozes in his car. They are a little bit unsure as to whether or not they really should ask, but when they do, Dwight eyes the car to see if Michael's watching and whispers secretively,

"Experimentation can be... enlightening."


The next day, after all of the fuss over the branch closings and mergers, when Michael's away from Dwight, the camera crew asks Michael about the incident and tries to figure out what Dwight was talking about.

"What happened? Nothing happened, it was hardly memorable…" He seemed less irritated by the mention of it now, and spoke of it casually, wistfully. "Dwight and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and we 'experimented' with their hottest sauce: Blazin'… and um, that's all we did that night. It was very hot, by the way.

"And I didn't want to talk about it because… I'm more of a Mild sauce person and, well, let's just say that the Blazin' didn't quite agree with my stomach… Not at all…

"I'll never do it again... that's for sure. Except maybe with Ryan."

Please let me know if you liked it (or politely if you didn't and what I can do better)! Thanks for reading!