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Chapter 1

Gohan had been enjoying a nice, peaceful dream until he suddenly felt something land on his stomach, jump off, and then land on it again. He immediately awoke from his dream to find his little brother, Goten, bouncing on top of him playfully.

"Gohan, mom said to wake up so you can get to school on time!"

Gohan checked his clock, noticing it was 6:30 in the morning. "I'll be down in a minu-SCHOOL?" He had completely forgotten that he was supposed to have his first day at Orange Star High today. He should've remembered, but was too busy sparring with Piccolo to even think about it.

His mother's voice could be heard from downstairs. "Gohan! Goten! Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes!" Almost as if on cue, Goten zoomed out the room, leaving behind a trail of smoke. Gohan laughed. His little brother was exactly like his father in every way. Goten had was a kind, innocent, naïve child who enjoyed food just as much as Goku; hell, he even looked exactly like a mini-Goku. He pushed the thoughts aside as he quickly showered and returned to room to look for something to wear.

On his bed were a set of clothes his mom had laid out for him: a white button-down shirt, a black vest, orange pants, and a pair of dress shoes. 'She can't be serious! There's no way I'm going to wear that!' He ignored those clothes and went into his closet. After a minute of searching, he decided to on wearing a pair of khaki pants, a green t-shirt, with a weighted shirt underneath, a black jacket, and his weighted training boots. He wanted to keep up with his training, so he decided to keep them on. [1]

When he finished getting ready, he headed down stairs to see his mom finish laying down all the food. She took one glance at him and started yelling.

"Gohan! Where are those clothes I put out for you, and why are you wearing that instead?" Gohan had to hold his ears to keep them from popping.

"Calm down, mom! Those clothes weren't comfortable, so I decided on something a bit better. Besides, I didn't think they looked to good on me."

Chi-Chi was still angry, but she let it slip this one time. "Fine, I guess it's not that bad. Now come eat before your brother wolfs it all down."

She quickly got a plateful of food and sat down, picking at her food at a human pace, while her two sons were both wolfing everything down. Chi-Chi sighed. It had always been like this. But even she was optimistic about the whole thing. She had used food as a threat several times, and it worked each and every time. To her boys, starving either of them from food was a punishment worse than death.

Gohan finished eating a few minutes later and got up from the table, preparing to leave for school.

"Gohan, I want you to be careful. Remember not to use too much strength!" Chi-Chi yelled as her eldest son leapt into the air.

"Don't worry, mom. I won't!" He took off towards Satan City. When he was out of sight from his family, he quickly turned into a Super Saiyan 2. It was his idea, not his mother's, to go to school as a Super Saiyan 2. In fact, his mother would have a fit if she knew. This was all part of his training schedule. Over the years since the Cell Games, Gohan had been working on controlling this form, and eventually staying in it for extended periods of time. [2] He had done it before, during the time in between the arrival of Cell and the Cell Games, but now he was doing it with the next level.

He'd had almost no time to practice it normally during the day, because his mother was still around, and she wouldn't let him transform with her there. Only when he trained with Piccolo or Vegeta could he do such a thing, and he could only a get a few days away from his mother at most. And it wasn't a problem if he all of a sudden lost control of the transformation; if so, he would revert back to the normal Super Saiyan state, and the difference in appearance between the two is small enough to go unnoticed.

Gohan sighed, and then sped up as he neared the outskirts of Satan City. He landed in an abandoned alley right inside of the city and then walked out, searching for his new school. He walked around the city, asking for directions, but none of the people gave them to him. Since no one was helping him, he headed for an abandoned alleyway, head up into the air, and search for it. He found in a few seconds, and then returned to the ground to walk there.

On his way to school, he heard sirens going off and decided to investigate. It turns out it was a bank robbery and the police that were there were doing absolutely nothing! 'Are these guys really that bad at doing their jobs? Oh well, might as well help them out. I can't go like this though. I guess I should just power down to my base form for this so I won't be recognized.' And he did exactly that. He powered down to his base form and rushed to the scene.

He stopped right in front of the group of six robbers, each of which were carrying a sub-automatic machine gun and had ski masks on. "You should stop right now," said Gohan is a calm, yet scary voice.

"Oh yeah? And who's gonna make us? You? "

"Yes, I am." He turned to the group and went after them. One second, he was attacking the guy on the far right; the next second, the guy on the far left was down. In only a matter of fifteen seconds, all the men were taken care of. Gohan failed to notice that every single face was staring at him in disbelief. He picked up all of the men and tossed them in front of them police. "Here you go." And he disappeared, not waiting around for any questions. [3] He appeared on the next street and quickly transformed into Super Saiyan 2, and took off his jacket. 'I should put this away. After all, wearing it will only make people more suspicious of me.' He then walked off to school.

Back at the scene, the police men were cleaning up and sending people away when a yellow jet copter landed behind them. The door opened, revealing a seventeen year-old girl with blue eyes and black hair tied into two pig tails. She wore an incredibly baggy white shirt and black biker shorts. Although on the short side, and appearing to be rather weak, this one teenager was one that criminals, and pretty much everyone else, knew not to mess with. Her name: Videl Satan, daughter of the 'World Champ' Hercule Satan, a.k.a. the man who defeated Cell. She had been known for her fierce temper and for incredible speed and strength. She walked out of her copter and went up to the police men. "Hey, who did this? It hardly looks like police work to me!"

One of the men turned to her to answer. "Oh, hey Videl! You should've seen it! Some guy came flying in here and took out all of these crooks in less than a minute, and we didn't even see him move!"

"Wait, did you say he was flying, and took out a group of criminals in less than a minute without being seen?" She was shocked. Videl Satan had never even heard of such a thing.

"Yeah, it was incredible!" Her shocked face turned to a scowl. That guy had been doing her job for her. 'That bastard! This is my job and I don't need the help! I am the daughter of the world champ after all. Why is this freak show stealing my business?!'

"What did this…man look like?"

"Well, he had spiky, black hair, black eyes, had on a black shirt [4], and khaki pants. He seemed to be about your age. Maybe he goes to your school."

"Well, if he does go there, I'll find him." She was determined to find out who this mysterious man was, and she would stop at nothing to do so. Luckily for Gohan, his badge was under his jacket.

Along the way, Gohan had somehow forgotten where the school was, so he spent an extra ten minutes searching for it. As soon as he saw the school, he ran inside, not wanting to be later than he had to. Once inside, he headed towards the office. The secretary looked up at him. "May I help you?"

"Yes, my name is Son Gohan. I've recently registered and today is my first day of school, so can I get my schedule please?"

"Ah, you're the perfect test score boy. Very well, let's see here. Son! Here you go!" She handed a schedule to him. "You're first class is History in classroom 205. I'll inform the teacher of your arrival."

"Thank you, miss." He headed out of the office and went upstairs. 'Hm…201…203…here we go! 205!' He knocked on the door.

Videl Satan sat in the second to last row, in the middle of her two friends, Sharpner and Erasa. As much as she enjoyed their company, she often found them annoying. Erasa never stopped talking and flirting with every guy and Sharpner always tried to hit on her, which always ended up with him writhing in pain. She was couldn't pay attention to anything because the teacher was too boring, and Erasa was blabbering on and on about some new student. All of a sudden…

Knock, knock

She jerked her heard up and looked for the source of the sound. She noticed that the teacher was walking towards the door. He opened it, and she saw the shoes of a person, but she couldn't tell who. The mysterious person and teacher spoke for a moment before the teacher turned his attention back to the class. "Students, today we have a new student joining our class. He made perfect test scores in all of his subjects. You all could learn something from him." The teacher turned back to the door, and said, "That's your cue, my boy."

She, along with the rest of the class, turned to the door to see a young man walk into the room. He was very peculiar according to Videl's standards, as well as the entire class. He looked mature for his age, like he has had too many bad experiences. His hair was extremely spiky and oddly golden. Sure, Videl had seen many blondes; she was friends with two of them. She had seen practically every shade of blond, yet this wasn't blond; it was definitely gold, and a deep gold at that. Next, she saw he appeared to have a serious face with defined features. His eyes were turquoise? That was another thing she had never seen before. He was wearing a green t-shirt that definitely showed his figure, although he seemed to be hiding a good percent of it, which Videl had found to be hard to believe. His khaki pants finished off her inspection. There wasn't anything suspicious about those, so she ignored them.

This new student was…peculiar, yet he was attractive. Even Videl Satan, a tomboy who completely ignored every boy had to admit this guy looked good, but she couldn't let anyone know that. It would ruin her. She didn't realize that the teacher was still speaking during her inspection. She listened closely to catch any more information on this guy. All that she heard was "Go find yourself a seat, Son" and saw him looking around.

Before she could stop her, Erasa stood up and said, "Hey, Cutie! You can come sit next to me!"

She noticed that he looked like this was the last place he wanted to be. She didn't blame him, but he even seemed like he had much better things to do. He accepted her offer and sat down besides Erasa, and said, "Hi, I'm Gohan."

"Hi! I'm Erasa, with an 'E'" Videl was glaring at the kid now. He was very suspicious. It was like he was hiding something. Erasa continued her introductions. "This is Videl," Erasa pointed at Videl, "and this," she pointed at Sharpner, "is Sharpner." They all said their 'Hellos' and then everyone except Erasa went back to doing whatever they were doing before the new kid walked in. Meanwhile, Erasa decided that this boy was cute, and she was trying to hit on him.

It was annoying Videl, but she listened in, hoping to find out some information on him. "So, what do you like to do? You must work out a lot to get arms like those!" Videl rolled her eyes. Even though she found it quite odd to have a combination of brains and brawn in one person, she wasn't happy to have another annoying jock, like Sharpner, at school, even if he was smart as well.

She eyed him before he answered. He appeared to be thinking for quite some time before he answered. 'He must be thinking of lie…' Finally, he decided to answer her. "Well, I have been practicing martial arts for a long time, so I enjoy training a lot, and eating, and playing with my little brother-"

That part had sparked her interests, and before she could stop herself, she asked, "You practice martial arts?"

"Yes," he answered her, "I've been doing it since I was about five years old. It's become quite a hobby of mine." He seemed to be answering honestly, but it felt like he was leaving something out.

"Ooh, Videl, do you think he could give your dad a run for his money?" asked Erasa.

Sharper butted in. "Don't be stupid Erasa! No one could beat Videl's dad, especially some nerd-boy."

A look of confusion came across Gohan's face. "Who's your dad? From what I'm hearing, he's a great martial artist."

The three of them gawked at him, and Sharpner fell out of his seat. The three of them said, at the same time, "You mean you don't know?!"

"No…should I?"

"Of course you should! How could you not know Hercule Satan, the man who is the world champion AND defeated Cell?!"

Gohan didn't look like he even cared. In fact, it looked like he was holding back a laugh. "Oh, him. I just haven't heard about him in a long time, and to be honest, I'm quite happy to have it that way. So Videl, he's your dad?"

To Videl, this kid just got stranger. 'First off, he doesn't even know who my dad is! Then, he doesn't even care who my dad is or what he's done, and he is laughing about it! And how couldn't he have heard about him for a long time? After all, he's only on TV pretty much every day. You are one strange guy…'

"Yes, unfortunately. But how haven't you heard about him in a long time? He's literally on the TV every day."

He looked nervous. 'Good…I'm scaring him. Maybe I can get some answers from him this way.' Her thoughts stopped as he started to answer her. "Well, I kinda live far away, so I rarely hear about what's happening."

"Where do you live, in the mountains or something?!"

"Yeah, I live in the 439 mountain area."

"That's like five hours away! How do you get here?!" Videl exclaimed. She spoke a bit too loudly though.

The teacher heard her. "Miss Satan! Quiet down back there!"

She buried her face in her book, and replied softly, "Yes, mam." Videl turned back to Gohan, hoping to finish questioning him. "So how do you get to school?"

'I should answer this vaguely. I can't have her know what I can actually do, although it would be nice to put these powers to use.' "I fly," he answered cooly, and then went back to his work in order to stop the questioning. He knew that she would pester him non-stop for it. It wasn't really a lie, but still stretching the truth. 'I have a feeling I am going to have to do that a lot more often.'

Just as he had expected, Videl was about to interrogate him more, when the bell rang. Gohan left rather quickly, and she was dead on his trail. He could feel her eyes boring a hole into the back of his head as she glared at him from behind. He nervously sped up and got to class quickly, leaving Videl behind.

The rest of the first half of the day was mainly a bunch of avoiding Videl for Gohan. Videl, on the other hand, was getting very pissed off at Gohan. He was avoiding her questions, and if he did answer them, the answer would either be a poor excuse or an extremely vague answer.

After several hours of evading Videl, it was finally time for lunch. Gohan was starving, and so he hurried up to grab his special lunch capsule, which was able to hold enough food for five humans. It wasn't a whole lot for the hungry Saiyan, but if he brought enough food to fill him up completely, it would be a bit too awkward for him. He found a spot by himself under a tree and de-capsulized his lunch. In a few seconds, most of the ground was covered in food of all sorts. Unfortunately, this gained him quite a bit of attention. He didn't notice the eyes of pretty much the entire school on him as he started to devour the food at an inhuman rate.

His mind was so focused on the food that he didn't notice three people walk up to him and sit down around him: Videl, Erasa, and Sharpner. The three teens were each there for a reason. For Erasa, she thought that Gohan was incredibly cute and wanted to flirt with him a bit. Videl was still very frustrated with him and was determined to find out answers, so she sat with him. Sharpner had no reason to be there, other than that he was dragged along by both Videl and Erasa.

When they first saw him, they were quite shocked to see him eat so much food. The sight just beckoned for them to ask, "How the hell do you eat so much food?!" and they did, each with a different variation of the original question, while trying not to puke.

Although focused on his food, his Saiyan hearing was able to pick up the questions, and so he answered them. "Well, it runs in the family. My dad had a gigantic appetite, so I inherited it from him." Once again, it wasn't a complete lie.

Videl was the first to recover from the sight. "Then how do you stay in shape if you eat that much food? Shouldn't you be getting fat for eating so much?"

Gohan swallowed a chunk of rice before answering. After all, his mom did teach him proper manners, and no speaking with your mouth full was a major one. "Easy. I train everyday for extended amounts of time, so it doesn't have much effect on me." 'Finally! A question that I can answer truthfully! Although I'm not sure if telling her that I did martial arts was a smart move or not though…'

Videl looked convinced. In fact, to her, it seemed like the only time that he was telling the truth, and not some dilated form of it. "If you train so often, maybe we should spar sometime. I could use a good match, and you seem like you could put up a good fight."

Gohan let loose a small chuckle. "I could do plenty more than that, but I'm afraid that I can't fight you. I'd rather not embarrass the daughter of the 'Champ'." He finished off the very last of the food. It wasn't near enough to fill him, but he was satisfied for the moment.

Now it was Sharpner's turn to laugh. "Who do you think you are? Videl is the one of the strongest people in the world, and the strongest in the school! Even though it hurts to admit it, she's stronger than I am, and I'm pretty sure I could beat you easily, so what makes you think you would embarrass her?"

Videl was confused at what Gohan had said. 'I have to agree with Sharpner here, but still, he seemed to be telling the truth, more so than I've ever seen him. And how dare he mock my father! Does he have no respect for the world's savior?'

Gohan cleaned up after himself and then went over to Sharpner. "Big mistake." With that, he gave an incredibly light (considering his strength, especially as SSJ2) flick on the blonde's chest, sending him flying towards a tree twenty meters behind the group. Needless to say, both Videl and Erasa were shocked, and Sharpner was…well, let's just say he's had better days. "Now, if you will please leave me. I have some things to do."

Videl may have been in shock, but she wasn't going to let him get away with that. "HEY! You can't just go around bullying people and then walking off as if nothing happened! Get back here!"

Without even turning his head, Gohan responded, "If I remember correctly, he enticed me and was practically asking me to show him what I could do. I showed him a bit of what of I could do, so I was just listening to him. If he asks people to beat him up, I don't see why I would get in trouble." He continued walking away. He was searching for a good spot to meditate without any distractions, such as the girl behind him.

Said girl was visibly angry. Partially because of what he had just done, and partially because he was right. 'Darn him! He's just too good!' She went to go check on Sharpner with Erasa.

Gohan was glad to have finally gotten rid of the group. He found a desolate spot and started to meditate until the end of lunch.

Lunch ended a while later, and the next two classes went by quickly, leaving only one more class left for the day: P.E. In honor of the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, the school was having Martial Arts as the sport. (A/N: I would've done Baseball, but I'm simply not into baseball, so I decided to replace it with this. I think it might be a better fit for this story.)

Gohan changed into a gi similar to his father's (with heavy weights as well); the only exception was that it had Piccolo's symbol on the back, stead of King Kai's. He walked out to the field to see all of the teens had on some kind of gi or comfortable fighting clothing; all the students that signed up knew martial arts on some level, and joined in for that reason. He did a quick ki check to see who was the strongest. 'No surprise there. It's Videl. Too bad I won't be getting any serious training done here.' He also saw that a large ring was set up, almost an exact replica of the World Tournament one.

The teacher walked out. He wore athletic pants and a muscle shirt, showing off his muscular arms. He had black hair and a black moustache. "Okay students, for the next few weeks, we will be studying the martial arts in honor of the upcoming tournament! Now, who here has more than a few years of experience with the martial arts?" All of the students raised a hand. "Good, now who here has had ten or more years of experience?" Gohan, Videl, Sharpner, and another kid stepped forward. "I see that I only have four of you. Now, state your sensei before we begin."

Videl went first. "My dad did for some time, and then I started training myself."

Sharpner and the other kid both said Hercule as well.

Gohan decided to tell the truth. "First was Piccolo Daimou, then my father, and I've been training myself for the past seven years."

"Many of you have the same sensei, and I don't know of the other ones mentioned." No one else recognized his sensei, and he didn't care. He was just proud to be wearing the symbol of the one remaining father figure in his life. Gohan growled quietly when the teacher said his last remark; if only the world knew that both of his senseis were the reason the planet is still alive, then they would show a bit of respect.

Gohan didn't take the class seriously at all. After all, he knew everything they would be teaching, plus no one could give him a good match, no matter how hard they tried.

The teacher wanted to test the four most experienced students first, so the rest of the class got to watch.

Sharpner was fully recovered now, and was glad to see who he fighting in his first match: Gohan. He still doubted Gohan's abilities and was willing to fight him just prove that he was a fake. That, and he wanted revenge.

Gohan could care less. He had already taught Sharpner not to mess with him, but apparently, the blonde didn't get the message. He walked into the ring and waited for his opponent.

Sharpner showed up a minute later and went to the center of the ring. Murmurs were heard throughout the class; they had heard what happened at lunch, and now they wanted to see if it was true.

"I hope you're ready for this, Gohan. I'm one of the top students at Hercule's academy. They say I'm close to how strong he is." Confidence rang throughout his voice as he slipped into his stance, almost a mirror image of Hercule's. That confidence, however, was destroyed when he heard laughter from the other side of the ring.

Gohan could barely control his laughter. He had seen some of 'Hercule's Finest' and they weren't very impressive. "Well, you have me shivering in my boots. Too bad for you that I actually had a real sensei; one that knows how to fight." He went into his stance; this one wasn't recognized by anybody.

'What did he mean by that? Is my father not good enough for this guy?! I should show him a lesson to not mess with the Satan family!' thought Videl.

The teacher blew the whistle, and the match started. Sharpner immediately went on the offensive, throwing punch after punch towards Gohan. To his surprise, each of his punches only seemed to go through Gohan [5] What he did not know is that Gohan was just moving too fast for anyone to notice. The class was staring in wonder as every single blow that would have connection to the new kid went straight through him.

Gohan decided to stop doing that, and try something else for having fun. Sharpner threw a punch, and almost squealed in shock as it connected…to an after-image. The after-imagine soon faded, and Gohan was on the other side of the ring now.

Videl joined in with the group staring at the fight. 'Whoa, that was strange! It just…disappeared. I guess he did have a good sensei after all. It still seems like a trick though!'

"HOW THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" Sharpner yelled. All of the people present were wondering the same thing. They had never seen a fighter of Gohan's caliber before, and quite frankly, they didn't understand the fight at all, other than Sharpner's apparent anger.

Gohan was getting bored quickly. "Well, what do you say we end this? As entertaining as it is to toy with you, it's getting boring."

"No one toys with me and gets away with it!" He charged again, only to have each hit dodged with ease. He put all his strength into one punch, and Gohan blocked it with one finger.

Gohan then decided to really end the match by giving him a nice punch to the gut. Sharpner was down for the count…and a few more minutes afterwards. The class just looked on in awe at Gohan, not even bothering to see how Sharpner was doing. Videl was especially surprised. She hadn't expected anything of the sort from the new kid, and the fact that he was just toying around the entire time didn't make her more comfortable.

Gohan walked up to the coach. "Well, as fun as this is, I am going to go sit over there and meditate. That will help me much more than any of these fights ever could." The teacher just nodded, still too shocked to argue. One of his best students, and one of the strongest kids in the school, just lost to an opponent who didn't look like he was even trying.

Gohan just meditated until the end of the day. It had been stressful, and he was positive that he would get questioned non-stop, mainly by Videl, tomorrow at school. But as stressful as it was, even he had to admit it was fun messing around with them.

Author's notes:

[1] The training boots look exactly like Goku's. Also, I'm not putting down how much they weigh, so just use your imagination on that one.

[2] Gohan had been doing this for a bit before the Cell Games, except with the normal Super Saiyan transformation.

[3] In this story, Gohan has learned how to use Instant Transmission through Goku instructing him through King Kai. And if anyone questions it, the answer is no, he doesn't use it to get to school because it could be too dangerous.

[4] The policeman thinks it was a shirt, but it was his jacket

[5] Imagine the scene where Burter and Jeice are attacking Goku when he arrives on Namek