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Teito walked to one of the gardens that were located on the roof of the church; the flowers were of many colors and types, they shimmered in the sunlight from the dew that was sprayed on them. Teito sighed and sat in the flowers, gently caressing them with his hands.

Teito whispered silently to himself, "Mikage..."

The brunette boy laid down, nearly buried within the large field of flowers.

"Pyaa~!" The small pink dragon bounced on top of Teito's head and smiled, gently chewing on his hair.

"Mikage...What are you doing?"

"Buru-paya!!" Mikage hopped down to his stomach, "Purr-up-yaa!" The pink ball of fluff cocked his head to the side, seeing a blonde figure approach from over one of the hills.

Teito rolled over, onto his stomach and peeked through the field of flowers to see who was coming.

"Pyaa!" Mikage fell from his stomach and bounced away after a butterfly.

"Sorry, Mikage." The green eyed boy propped himself up on his elbows and smiled seeing his new friend walk nonchalantly into the garden.

Hakuren sat down a few feet from Teito, not noticing him. Teito smirked and crawled on his stomach through the flowers until he was beside his friend.

"Boo!" Teito popped out of the flowers and smiled as the older boy fell over with a scream.

"Teito! You scared me!" Hakuren placed his hand on his chest and took in a breath.

The emerald boy pounced on his friend and sat gently on his hips. Teito only weighed around ninety some odd pounds, so he was very light against Hakuren's hips. The two smiled at each other and sat in silence for a few minutes.

"So...What are you doing here, Hakuren?"

"I needed some time to think..."

"Oh, I'm sorry am I bothering you?"

Hakuren paused and sat up, "Actually...I came here to think about you..."

Teito jumped in surprise as warm arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him into a hug. The boy relaxed, taking in the warmth of his friends hug, and somehow, without realizing it, he returned the hug as he gently placed his head on Hakuren's shoulder. The hug continued for a long time, neither one wanting to break it and end the warm, caring moment. Teito took a deep breath, taking in the smell of his friend, he smelled of soft cologne and like how you would imagine your boyfriend smelling; indescribable.

Teito turned his head and nuzzled against the amethyst eyed boys neck as he whispered, "...What do you need to think about me for?"

Hakuren laid down with his young friend and held him tighter, "You know...just, our friendship...what you mean to me and all...and if I...like you or not..."

"You like me...?" Teito didn't move from his position of clinging to his friend.

Hakuren nodded slowly.

"I think I like you too..." Teito smiled, before quickly kissing Hakuren's soft lips. A blush formed across Tetio's light tan cheeks that was a softer shade than the color that formed across the blonde's face.

"Teito, I'm sorry...but I have to go meet Castor...But I'll see you later?" Hakuren smiled and lifted the boy off his lap and gently placed him down in the flowers as he nodded.

Hakuren walked away, leaving his crush behind, a smile still plastered on his face, but somehow a bit of doubt lingering in his mind about Teito's, and his own, feelings...

--- --- --- ---

Labrador approached Teito from behind, gently sitting beside him to caress the small pink dragon that was wiggling around in the flowers. Labrador pulled his knees close to his chest, a soft and caring smile forming across his face as he admired the flowers around Teito.

"The flowers are happy today, Teito-kun...There isn't any darkness around...Something good has happened?" Labrador smiled, placing a flower gently in Teito's hair, "This flower is especially happy for you, Teito-kun."

"Yes, something good has happened..." The brunette smiled to himself.

"Would you mind if I asked what it is, Teito-Kun?"

Teito blushed and picked up Mikage, "Buru-pya!"

"I found out...someone that I like, likes me as well..."

"There is something...in your thoughts though, Teito...Are you afraid that you're going to forget your friend?"

Teito nodded and nuzzled his nose against the little pink dragon, planting a kiss on his forehead, "Mikage was my best friend and I loved him...I would feel bad if I replaced him with someone else...I wish that his death never happened..."

"Teito, all things in this life that happen for a reason...The sun goes away when rain begins to fall, soaking everything in it's path...People consider rain to be depressing; but without rain, beautiful flowers wouldn't have a chance to grow...In the end, every human and living creature, under God, realizes that the rain must fall for ones life to flourish and also for the sake of human existence..."

"I understand...but, why does God cause things to happen like that? Why can't we all just...be happy..."

"Without some bit of chaos in the world, what would God do with his spare time? Life would be pretty boring for him if he didn't create problems for us to figure out; problems that will eventually bring us closer to him."

Teito nodded, sighing to himself, "I just wish I could have...changed what happened..."

"You can't change the outcome of life, Teito; life takes its course and there's no way you can predict what is going to happen, only our Savior can do that. Even if it means the fate of one of the beautiful flowers that you care dearly about..." Labrador stood from where he was seated and walked away with a smile.

Labrador's words ran through Teito's mind, over and over. Teito was no idiot, but sometimes things took him a while to gather before he could fully understand their meanings.

Labrador was the type to use metaphors, especially around Teito, or so he thought. Castor was very helpful with his training, and in Teito's mind, Frau was just an annoying perverted bishop that just enjoyed his porn and calling Teito a 'dammed brat'. But Labrador, he was sensitive. He cared about flowers and people. From Tetio's observations, Labrador never wanted to pick a fight, he desired nothing to do with violence and avoided it while he could. Labrador was also very adorable in his own way, his white hair had a hint of lavender that matched his soft lavender eyes. Teito stopped his thoughts, blushing as he thought of the older bishop that was walking away from him.

"L-Labrador, wait up!" Teito gathered Mikage into his arms and ran after the bishop, "Do you think that, God might have given me a new opportunity to be with someone that reminds me of Mikage and treats me just as well? And that if he's gone...he wont have to fight in any wars and be tormented by Ayanami?"

"Something like that; but it is also good to think that Mikage did die for you; out of love...He gave his life so that you could have the opportunity to live and bloom in your relationships with people and fulfill your life here in the world of the living...But remember, Teito, Mikage also had all three of his wishes given to him...We know for sure that one of his wishes was to die for a friend; but for some reason I can't help but feel that another wish was to meet someone, or fall in love with someone, like you..."

"Labrador, I want to thank you...I know I sometimes, if not always, come off as a closed off person that just doesn't want anything to do with anyone, but that's just how I am...I think because of you and everyone else at the church, I've begun to realize that there is a lot of good in this world...Also, your advise is helpful and I appreciate it." Teito smiled.

"You're welcome, Teito. But if it wasn't for your friend, Mikage being there for you, you wouldn't be turning into such a nice and caring young gentleman." Labrador picked some flowers by the exit of the garden, "Would you care to join me for some tea?"

Teito nodded, accepting the offer.

--- --- --- --- ---

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