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--- ---

Morning rolled around and Hakuren woke to coldness beside him. Teito was gone. For a moment or two, Hakuren debated whether he should go looking for his lover, or leave him be so he was sure not to smother the poor boy.

Teito laid in the warm grass of the garden, a sigh escaping his lips. His body hurt, but his heart and stomach were fluttering. Mikage bounced over to Teito with a flower on his head, making noises as he spun around in circles.

"Mikage, you're silly."

"Pya~!" Mikage bounced away after a butterfly then rolled down the hill.


"Burupya!" the small pink ball of fluff fell into a hole.

"Mikage!" Teito scurried over to where he was, seeing his friend poke his head out of the hole.


"Please, please be careful, Mikage..." Teito frowned and picked him up, brushing the dirt from him.

He laid back in the grass, taking in the sent of the fresh air that somehow resembled the sent of fresh laundry drying on the line. This made Teito smile, he was comfortable and no one could mess it up.

"Hey, brat."

...Except for Frau that is.

"What is it?" Teito rolled over onto his back and looked up at Frau.

"You and Hakuren? Quite funny that is." Frau sat down and lit a smoke.

"H-how did you know?! Did he tell you?!"

"Ah ah, I saw you two. Next time, consider closing the blinds?"

Teito blushed heavily and pouted. Teito didn't really want anyone to find out, especially not Frau.

"Teito-kun, you may not know it but Hakuren is a perfect match for you...Last night, your auras were in sync...same as yours and Mikage's were..."

"Our auras were in sync? What's that mean?" Teito cocked his head to the side.

"It can mean many different things...depending on how you look at it. I saw it as that you two are compatible and will have a long and happy life together, even as just friends."

"So...then it's right what we're doing?"

"I suppose in some way it is." Frau placed his arm around Teito and pulled him close, "Hakuren loves you very much, try not to lose him..."

"I wont...I promise..." Teito closed his eyes and relaxed, eventually falling asleep.

"Teito? Oi! Teito!" Hakuren straddled over the sleeping boy, trying to wake him.

"Nng, Hakuren? Where did Frau go?" Teito rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"Frau was here? Hm, I dunno then."


"Tei-" Teito sat up quickly, throwing his arms around Hakurens neck and planting a kiss on his lips. "What was that for?" he smiled, "Not that I'm objecting to it.

"I...I just, wanna be with you forever..." Teito nuzzled his face into Hakurens shoulder and blushed.

"I wanna be with you forever as well, Teito..."

--- ---

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