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I am utterly unique. Which also means utterly alone.

When most people think of taxxons, they think of big slobbering worms, desperate for meat. All are voluntary controllers because they love to eat, and the Yeerks promise them food. Their hunger is so great that Andalites can barely control them, or not at all. That's pretty accurate, but wrong on one account.

I approached the pier. The Yeerk in my head was driving me toward the pool. I lowered my head, all the Yeerks writhing beneath me. Meat for the taking, if my hunger overpowered the Yeerk. I began to feed it, enrage it with hunger. If I broke out now, many Yeerks would be devoured. I would die, of course.

Not so fast, Taxxon slave sneered the Yeerk in my head. He held me back, created Taxxon hibernation. I couldn't get hungry enough to take control. He turned my head and dropped out. Now was my chance!

I raced at the Hork-Bajir, letting go of hibernation. I feed my hunger, making an irresistible urge to eat the Hork-Bajir. I opened my mouth, ready for the kill. The Hork-Bajir calmly raised his Dracon beam. TSSSEEEEEEWWWW!

I fell to the floor of the pier, paralyzed. They calmly picked me up. They walked over to the cages. They then tossed me in with a bunch of humans, who screamed and huddled against the opposite wall.

"Foolish Taxxon! You fight! Always darkap!" said one of the two Hork-Bajir. "Why not give up like others?"

People think Taxxons can't talk. They're right. But I did have a little chip in my head that made my thoughts into sounds, courtesy of the Andalites.

" I'll tell you why. Because I want my freedom." I responded icily. They gave me a dissaproving look. Then they marched away.

"You... can.... talk?" Said one of the women. "Yes." I replied. "Are you new?"

She broke into tears. "Yes! This is my first time in the cages! My daughter joined the Sharing weeks ago because she thought she needed more friends. She seemed happier... so I joined too. Now I'm trapped, and I can't get out and I live as a slave, working tirelessly to recruit more slaves against my will!" The tears soaked her face. I resisted the urge to try to drink them, for I would get the taste of her skin. She sat on the floor of the cage.

"Don't worry too much. There is hope." I said, trying to reassure her. "The Andalite bandits are working tirelessly to bring down the Yeerks. The Andalites fight elsewhere. One day, they will win, the Yeerk empire will collapse, and you will be free forever."

She looked up at me. "The Yeerk says that that will never happen. They have infested one Andalite. More will follow. Traitors to the Andalite race are aiding them." The tears had stopped, but she still looked depressed.

"The Yeerk lies. Or his superiors have lied to him. They have infested only one Andalite, by accident. The Andalite race are cautious. The also hold a very high honor. No Andalite will aid them of his own free will." (A/N As far as he knows)

She seemed to have cheered up. She got up and faced me. "Thank you. I will continue to fight and hope."

"Continue. Never give up. Never submit. The Yeerk can torture you. Stand the torture and remember that there is always hope."

She knelt down and hugged me gently. I went into hibernation for her safety. "I will." She smiled at me. " I will never submit." There were tears again, but tears of happiness.

The Hork-Bajir came and got her. She attempted to run out the open door, but they caught her and dragged her to the Yeerk pool. They forced her head under, and she rose, a Controller once more.

"You giving someone else ideas?" Snarled a taxxon in Galard " Just give up, will you? You're such a fool. These are friends. What is freedom for food?"

I snarled back, then I lunged at him, beyond the bars. My head collided and my eye stalks split, but my mouth ripped a gash in his side. The others closed in on him, them devoured him, not a thought for their comrade.

My name is Licentia. The Latin name for Freedom.

I am the only involuntary Taxxon on Earth