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Luna's pov

I was back at school the morning after my conversation with Licentia. Typical schedule, getting teased by Taylor, yadda yadda yadda. Normal stuff.

I jumped on the bus and then walked the mile back to my house. Max and my Mom were there. I expected the usual hello and good-bye, but Max surprised me.

" Let her stay. She's 13 years old. Beside, you wouldn't want her running around in dark by herself." I heard him emphasize "by herself". Did he know my secret?

"I'm going up to my room." I said in my best monotone. I didn't want to raise questions. They probably assumed I had homework.

I flopped into my bed and the floor creaked. When we bought this house, I think the owners gave it cheap because they didn't want it to crash into pieces. We fixed it up the best we could. I even added a zipline since the balcony outside was useless. The supports were gone. So I put a zipline so I could zip across it and across the forest to a tree that I could climb. The only tree that was high enough to be majestic and give you a view of everywhere over the mountains that I could get to. I think I'd go on it after homework was done.

I could hear my mom and her boyfriend talking. I just starting working on my homework.

Licentia's pov

I was hovering around her house. I wondered if I should send a signal or something. Why hadn't we put a time to the next meeting? Oh well, I'd look around the house and... assume that the mother and boyfriend didn't notice the overgrown yellow millepede in their yard. That wasn't an option. Then what was, climbing the house? I can't climb. There was always the....

That's when I heard them. Most think that Taxxons have poor hearing. We do. But we can feel vibrations and whatever was coming was giving off a lot of vibrations. Plus the clouds of dust. A big truck. I ran for the forest. I saw i pull in the driveway. Then something big, something numerous, something resembling a cross between a dinousaur and swiss army knife jumped out of the truck,

A band of Hork-Bajir was running for Luna's house!

No time. I screamed. "Luna run!!" Stupid! Where would she run?

That's when she answered my question and threw open some doors. She was in the room with the balcony! I had to hold them off any way I could. I screamed and leapt toward them. Taxxon verses twenty Hork-Bajir is no match, but I had distracted them. But they just divided up, one half chasing me, the other following the call of "She's in the upper floors! Seize her mother!"

Max. Max was a Controller. I heard the mother screaming as she was seized. The hork-bajir were going up the stairs. But then I heard some breaking wood. Their claws and weight had been too much for the stairs. She had maybe 3 minutes. I had to get rid of the Hork-Bajir on my tail!

I ran toward a river and plowed through. I swam underwater. Hork-Bajir couldn't see well or swim, so I could get out on the other side, somewhere downstream, and they wouldn't know the difference. So I did that. I had bought myself only a little time before they figured it out. Enough to return to the house.

By now, the Hork-Bajir were upstairs. They were searching. Then I heard the screams that announced that she had been found. She threw open the balcony doors and ran out, her arms up from the looks of it. Three Hork-Bajir were chasing her. They would undoubtably catch her!

Then the balcony crumbled beneath them. The Hork-Bajir fell, but Luna stayed up. How?

Then it hit me. She was on a zipline. It was the only explanation. I ran after her, barely being able to track her. She began to slow, then stop on a tree branch. She pushed the thing back, then cut the line. Covering her tracks. She climbed sown and saw me. She almost went into shock. Then she regained herself.



" I saw you, charging those things. What are they?"

"They are called Hork-Bajir. "

" Did they enslave you?"


" What happened to Max?"

" It's kind of hard to explain..."

" When can we got back?"

I sighed. "Never."

" Why?"

" It's a kind of long story..."

" What happened to my mother?"

" It's not easy to believe.."

That's when she finally broke.

" You know what, you are just giving me useless stuff. I want to know what happened back ther and I want to know now, no matter how hard it is to believe. Just tell me!"

I sighed. " Luna, there's something I need to tell you."